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Team Analyst Resume Profile


Proven history of providing technical, analytical, and managerial support to enhance business value and capabilities, with a focus on benefiting the enterprise as a whole and breaking down data and information silos. Expertise in multiple facets of tactical and strategic data and information management, with an emphasis on data governance, data stewardship, data quality, and process analysis and improvement. Equally accomplished at providing data and information management support through oversight, leadership, and strategic direction setting activities as well as by providing tactical technical and analytical subject matter expertise. Possess multiple project management certifications, including an active PMP. Also possess an active DoD Top Secret clearance, and a Juris Doctor. Outstanding interpersonal, management, communication, and facilitation skills. Experienced in CMMI, DMBOK/DMMM, NIEM, and Zachman practices and principles.



Director, Enterprise Information Management

  • Oversaw, developed, and implemented all aspects of KGS' internal Enterprise Governance Program, including governance charters, policies, processes, and standards. Oversaw, stood up, and chaired the primary governance/stewardship committee.
  • Responsible for improving data and terminology consistency and understanding within KGS.
  • Responsible for developing and maturing the KGS data/information management solution, including creating, improving, and training on all reusable data/information management artifacts, templates, and repeatable processes, for use internally and in support of KGS customers.
  • Responsible for developing, tracking and reporting on enterprise governance performance measurements and metrics.
  • Developed and implemented outreach and training on enterprise data/information management and governance.
  • Established strategic direction for KGS' enterprise data/ information/knowledge management solutions and framework.
  • Provided enterprise data and information management and governance support to KGS clients, directly and through reach back as the primary subject matter expert.
  • Provided proposal support, both as a team lead and technical subject matter expert.
  • Accomplishments
  • Improved accountability, collaboration, and decision making across the enterprise by overseeing the development and maturation of the first KGS Enterprise Governance Program, including a functioning multi-tiered stewardship framework.
  • Improved communication and understanding across the enterprise by moving the organization towards a common business lexicon, by overseeing the developing of the first KGS enterprise business glossary and process for adding, reviewing, and approving business terms and definitions.
  • Improved efficiency through more effective resource allocation, and reduced resource and project redundancy, by increasing collaboration, awareness of, and visibility into all projects and activities across the organization.
  • Enabled more expeditious collaboration, review, and approval of enterprise assets by overseeing and implementing an automated collaborative process and governance website.
  • Facilitated culture change regarding the management of enterprise assets through the use of performance measurements, dashboards, and governance-related performance evaluation criteria.
  • Carried out an information/knowledge management assessment and developed a resulting to be information/knowledge environment to meet required information/knowledge requirements.
  • Increased understanding and acceptance of enterprise governance and data/information/knowledge management within KGS through various repeatable outreach and training activities.
  • Developed a repeatable data management maturity DMM assessment tool and process that is CMMI and DAMA/DMBOK-based, and used it to conduct the initial DMM assessment for the FBI.
  • Established the infrastructure for an Enterprise Data Management EDM Office EDMO for the FBI, including creating guiding documents such as an EDM strategy, EDMO charter, and data stewardship charter.


Director, Data Strategy Governance

  • Oversaw the effort to implement and mature enterprise data/information governance and records/content management, including to develop, update, and implement information management policy, information management standards, enterprise data stewardship, and enterprise information management metrics.
  • Matured and chaired the primary enterprise data stewardship collaborative committee.
  • Managed and mentored a team of fifteen 15 junior staff members.
  • Accomplishments
  • Implemented and updated information management policy, standards, metrics, and a metadata strategy, and oversaw the enterprise data stewardship framework, including chairing the primary collaborative stewardship committee.
  • Improved accountability through the development and implementation of documented decision-making roles, responsibilities, and processes.


Senior Principal/Program Manager/Team Lead/Analyst

  • Supported multiple clients as a manager and primary technical subject matter expert establishing, implementing, performing, and maturing various elements of data management, including data governance and data stewardship, data quality, data analysis, and data modeling. Clients included DHS, US-VISIT, CBP, and FDIC.
  • Managed and mentored various technical support teams of up to ten 10 staff members of various skill and experience levels.
  • Analyzed, audited, created, and/or updated existing data management/data governance strategies, policies, processes, standards, guidelines, and artifacts for various government agencies.
  • Oversaw efforts to improve inter-and intra-agency data quality and data sharing/exchange.
  • Performed data management maturity assessments of various government agencies, and developed and implemented plans to develop the capabilities required to improve the maturity to desired levels.
  • Analyzed multi-system/source data, metadata, and business requirements, and oversaw, performed, maintained and implemented data modeling conceptual, logical, physical , data definition, data mapping and data standardization.
  • Oversaw and conducted various outreach and training activities to facilitate acceptance and understanding of data management/data governance program and its components for various government agents.
  • Accomplishments
  • Positioned agency success in enterprise data management by successfully advising and supporting the government lead over the data management/data governance programs on components of enterprise data management/data governance.
  • Established the treatment and management of data as an enterprise asset through the development and implementation of data management/data governance policy, assessments, and strategic and implementation plans for various government agencies.
  • Improved agency ability to understand and share data through the creation, adoption, and maintenance of enterprise conceptual and logical data models, information exchange capabilities, and data standards and business definitions for various government agencies.


Data Analyst/Programmer/DBA

Performed database administration activities, including creation and maintenance of enterprise databases and data models.


Data Analyst/Modeler, Application Developer/DBA

  • Engaged in all aspects of full system life cycle development and implementation of multiple systems, applications, databases, data marts, and data models for various customers.
  • Facilitated JAD working sessions and design presentations to analyze and document data, business, and functional requirements.


Lead Data Modeler DOD

  • Oversaw business/data analysis and user requirement activities, and developed and implemented business/logical data and process models.
  • Assisted in process model development, identifying business process needs and requirements and modeling into useable, business-driven data processes.


DBA, Data Modeler

  • Oversaw business/data analysis and user requirement activities, and developed business/logical data and process models.
  • Designed, created and served as configuration/quality assurance manager for all conceptual, logical and physical data models, and created resulting databases.

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