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Spatial Analyst Resume Profile

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Over 15 years of experience as a GIS professional across a broad spectrum of mapping specialties: Environmental Impact Studies data collection, creation and analysis atlas cartography and online map site development. Work closely with client to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of data to enhance decision making through detailed high quality cartographic products. Strong communication skills with ability to work as a team member or team leader. Utilize an array of software skills including online mapping desktop spatial analysis graphic packages databases to produce results. Accustom to large project pressure and organizational responsibility as Data Manager and liaison to project leaders. Experience includes projects in both public and private and military sectors.


  • Geographic Software: ESRI ArcMap 10.2 ArcGIS Online - GPS ArcPad Model Builder ArcPy Module Python Site-Package
  • Google Earth Pro
  • CAD Software: Bently MicroStation AutoDesk AutoCad
  • Graphics Software: Adobe CS4 including Illustrator, DreamWeaver - Javascript, Photoshop, Bridge
  • Database: SPSS Statistics MS Access ESRI Personal and File GeoDatabase
  • GPS: Trimble Geo-XH running ArcPad



  • GIS Analyst Online Mapping Developer
  • Develop ArcGIS Online sites for New York City Department of Homeless Services Law Project and Homebase Network.
  • Create data and design map layouts for Scorecard map series to support analysis of at risk neighborhoods to assist in homeless prevention.

Confidential Spatial Analyst - ArcGIS Online Developer

  • Develop online water system asset management geodatabase tool for Village of Cold Spring, NY
  • Geo-document trunk line water main cleaning / lining / hardware update project. Rt 301 / Main St. Nelsonville-Cold Spring, NY
  • Organize Historic District Architectural Survey data into streamlined AGOL Site Objective: Local Waterfront Revitalization Grant
  • Compile Hudson Highlands State Park trail feature reference database and incorporate into online position locator for ES.

Confidential GIS Team Leader Spatial Analyst

  • Data Manage and create GIS mapping for Tappan Zee Bridge/I-287 Corridor Project including Draft Environmental Impact Statement.
  • Data Manage and create GIS mapping for West of Hudson Regional Transit Access Study.- Stewart Airport Link
  • Liaison with New York State DOT on editing and updates for Tappan Zee Replacement Bridge project including web site development
  • Regulate, monitor, convert and integrate large volumes of Micro-Station Design files into GIS database feature class files.
  • Oversee and participate in mapping ArcMap graphic Adobe CS and web javascript aspects of major Public Outreach efforts.
  • Establish private and public sector geospatial personnel contacts e.g. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Shortnose and Atlantic Sturgeon Capture Reward shape files for Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Laboratory EIS
  • Map and manage cartographic figure production for Final Overseas Environmental Impact Statement for U.S. Navy's Undersea Warfare Training Range.
  • Maintain and expand Retaining Wall Database and ArcExplorer viewing tool for New York City Dept. of Planning
  • Automate geospatial analysis with ESRI ArcView Model Builder.
  • Organize and Implement GPS data collection program for archaeological team: Trimble Geo-XH running ArcPad 10.

Confidential Restoration Framework Plan GIS Project Leader

  • Manage, coordinate, and structure a nine 9 month grant project: GIS study of Flushing Meadows Corona Park FMCP
  • Produce comprehensive project geodatabase via extensive hard copy archival data research, GPS field collection, and feature editing
  • Network multiple personnel contacts among data holders and negotiate data acquisition.
  • Supply planners and consultants with solid geographic foundation for future FMCP development

Confidential GIS Technician

  • Create and maintain online GIS website for Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone using ESRI ArcIMS 3.1 now ArcGIS Server
  • Execute and manage survey effort of commercial real estate and prepare geo-data tabular and image to be served on site.
  • Network multiple personnel contacts among data holders and negotiate data acquisition.
  • Create map designs for City of New York City's Department of Sanitation's Solid Waste Management Plan EIS.
  • Update geometry and attributes of NYC Park's Dept. Brooklyn and Queens digital map files with ArcView and Adobe Illustrator

Confidential Cartographer

  • World Atlas and scholastic map figure production - process map element files using Bently MicroStation and in-house scripts
  • Lead cartographic segment of translation project: oversaw, coordinated and executed digital substitution/ translation of annotation files through Oracle database into Finnish Language
  • Created map designs for Hammond Atlas of the World 2nd Ed. And Reader's Digest Atlas of America.

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