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It Manager Resume Profile


  • A Management / Technology / Financial solutions professional that excels at simplifying, communicating, and presenting complex technical and business solutions for management understanding and action.
  • Experience that is wide and deep that can give your team the experience, stability, and depth needed for success in challenging environments.
  • A combination of skills that include business, engineering, financials, communications, and IT for a competitive edge.


  • I Managed 12 E2E security infrastructure projects at a Banking client. Projects averaged eight months with budgets of 4M and staff between 8 and twenty. Projects included standard desktop builds, Web intrusion control, detection, and forensics Network intrusion detection and prevention, large volume data capture forensic , Integrated Access Management and MFA, telecom network upgrade 10gig , External Data Sharing Cloud storage .
  • I managed the replacement of the Lear PLM Siemens PLM system to support the IAC NA transition off of Lear systems. Lead, developed, and managed the system resource requirements, budgets, and development teams to create a system for IAC to replace the Lear PLM system in eight months saving 250K per month. I negotiated the PLM software licenses, hardware, database SQL and web services hardware and software saving IAC 1.2M.
  • I identified unpaid shipments while analyzing customer JIT Shipment synchronization. Performed systems analysis and provided detail documentation to support customer invoicing and payment analysis to Sales, Accounting, and Manufacturing to identify unpaid parts recovering 6.5M in unpaid parts. I developed a JIT Shipping reconciliation process to avoid future missed payments.
  • I lead the strategic implementation of QAD ERP system in 17 plants to replace homegrown systems with a complete ERP solution, developed processes, training, accounting and inventory controls, procurement, shipping and receiving and Shop Floor processes. Generated client billings of 2M per year.
  • Lead the replacement of Delphi/EDS UAW contract HRIS Payroll systems for Lear corp. Post implementation System Manger through two contract revisions and installs 5 years . Replacement system saved Lear 6.4M in first year and 200k per month for the life of the system.
  • I manage and rebuilt the Plant data center to support on site processing of a 2 Plant payroll systems and support systems MS SQL , Timekeeping, Benefit programs, perimeter security and access systems. Developed replacement systems, environment, budgets ROM and Actual , selected and manage vendors for all components. Reduced risk to integrity of new plant hardware, security, and network systems valued at over 400K.
  • Architected, developed and managed inventory procurement, control, receiving, and production issue systems. I developed the use of bar coded tags, RF readers, and high value inventory tracking systems. Saving over 200k in excess inventory costs by streamlining inventory and procurement processes.


  • Over ten years of experience integrating QAD solutions with the shop floor, MRP, ECOM, JIT Shipping in the Automotive, manufacturing, and warehouse industries.
  • Multi-industry experience in automotive and high tech manufacturing, ERP Systems QAD SE/EE integration and implementation, healthcare insurance, medical administration, and data integration.
  • Far-reaching expertise in designing and implementing strategic solutions and successfully leading initiatives, strategic planning, budgeting, change management and process innovation, business case development, solution testing and certification.
  • Extensive hands on IT expertise in the design, development, and implementation of QAD, Progress, , SQL databases and Web applications, reporting tools, Share Point, ETL, Bar Codes, data analytics, and system migration process.
  • Expert in project management for ERP, PLM, HRIS/Payroll/Timekeeping, Application Development, and IT Infrastructure systems.
  • Fully support and readily apply PMBOK, AGILE, and SDLC for Application Development and Project Management.



Project Manager

  • End to end infrastructure systems, and security project manager implementing IT systems solutions to support customer security, communications, and security management infrastructure solutions.
  • Provided PM/BA support for implementations, upgraded telecom infrastructure, DDOS, Web Mitigation tools, Desktop Banding Apple , and Multi-Factor Authentication environment
  • Developed project metrics, reporting, and financial reporting using MS Office, Clarity, and SharePoint.


Program Management Process Specialist

  • BA supporting PMO Office Center of Excellence project best practices support development.
  • Provided work flow analysis and documentation and training for new corporate PMO Processes.
  • Developed SharePoint work flow tracking and analysis, and reporting systems.




  • Project Management / Business Analysis support for medical administrative support for Billing and Coding / IT Support / HRIS, HIPPA, SOX administration
  • Skilled Project Manager and Business Analyst with a bottom line perspective.
  • Provide consulting for local markets internet marketing, analysis and implementation support.
  • IT Requirements analysis RFQ, SOW , BPM, SOA, TQM Six Sigma Green belt trained .
  • Experienced in SDLC, SLA management, software and IT infrastructure management, team building, leading JAD cross functional teams.


IT Manager, QAD and PLM Systems


  • Operations management for QAD systems for operations support, quality, and reporting.
  • Business Analyst supporting QAD integration and analysis of JIT and Financial analysis
  • IT Manager for IAC LLC formerly Lear ISD, Division high profile IT infrastructure projects.
  • Project management of PLM Team Center systems conversion team code regression, data load, and integration of systems.


IT Manager, QAD

  • Managing projects to integrating QAD ERP system implementations, EDI infrastructure, consignment, and trade sales systems.
  • QAD Financial analysis of customer JIT shipments, found 6M in unpaid shipments.
  • Supporting integration of QAD ERP system implementations, EDI infrastructure, DRP, and JIT.
  • Business Analyst leading projects in QAD requirements definition, work flow, financial analysis, cost analysis PLM system evaluation, CAD integration requirements, and strategic selection of systems.
  • Project management of PLM Team Center selection and replacement project team
  • Managed, directed, and implemented replacement for Delphi EDS based HR, Payroll, and contract management programs with existing Lear systems, saving 24.5M.


Independent Consultant Business Analyst QAD

  • Lead consultant providing QAD BA and project leadership for integrating cross functional systems for all manufacturing operations.
  • QAD business analyst supporting system implementation for multiple clients supporting financial configuration, EDI infrastructure, DRP, consignment and trade sales systems.
  • Experience in Automotive, paper products Avery Dennison , medical devices Transitions warehouse Sykes McQueen , publishing and distribution, inventory control, ecommerce, DRP.
  • Provided implementation analysis and support for QAD materials management, planning, customer scheduling, and shipping, invoicing, accounting and financial systems configuration and setup.
  • Supported plant and corp. management teams in maintaining formal, plant specific project controls, system and program specifications, open issues, training and documentation requirements.
  • Created and delivered Business Analyst training programs to support, QAD accounting systems controls, and Lean Manufacturing.


Business Systems Analyst, QAD

  • Implementation team lead for QAD systems conversion for materials management and planning, customer scheduling, shipping, invoicing, and accounting.
  • Business analyst supporting providing process, work flow, accounting, cost accounting, and inventory control analysis for corporate and plant functional management teams
  • Developed and maintained formal, plant specific project tracking, system and program specifications, training and documentation.
  • Analyzed and defined change management Engineering impact and integration process for QAD Shop floor, procurement, distribution, and accounting.
  • Developed and provided QAD end-user training in Accounting multi currency , A/P, A/R, Cost, Entity, Inventory, Manufacturing, MRP, Shipping, and E-commerce
  • Developed and supported new Business Analyst training to expand QAD systems support.


Supervisor Systems Analyst

  • Designed and developed client server procurement and inventory systems using VMS, COBOL, CICS, VSAM and DB2.
  • I developed CASE Tool architecture and policies, project management tools, 4GL language implementation, and BPM processes.
  • Designed and developed mainframe Engineering Change Tracking System and in Cobol XE CICS .
  • Designed, developed and implemented an Engineering Program Management System PLM for manufacturing and stamping, product cost analysis, and engineering change control.
  • Managed and created a new development environment, policies, procedures, and design parameters for a team of five developers and contractors using a new 4GL UNIFACE development language, RDBMS, and client server infrastructure.


Programmer Analyst

  • Designed and developed COGS Analysis reporting system.
  • COBOL, VSAM, and DB2 development on both DOS and VMS IBM operating systems

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