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Support Administrator Resume Profile


  • VISIO to prepare Business Technical Flows
  • EXCEL to formulate and document test conditions/results
  • ACCESS to analyze data and create reports
  • SQA to document and track system defects
  • Infomaker to validate data integrity
  • Lotus Notes to create status reports and store design documents
  • Object Oriented Training
  • Microsoft Office including Microsoft Project
  • Sharepoint
  • Data Warehouse
  • Change Management facilitator



Position: Project Manager

Duties: Manage software development projects for child support applications. This includes being a subject matter expert in child support rules and regulations emphasis on the Federal regulations. Design software enhancements for all child support areas: Establishment, Enforcement, Locate, Collection and Distribution. Also provide assistance on enhancements for the federal 157 34 A reports.


Position: IT Business Team Lead

Duties: Managing a team of five IT Business Analysts in software development. The team is assigned to government services interfaces and web applications. Current interfaces are with: Department of Labor, Vital Records, Clerk of the Courts, IV-A Public Assistance, Third Party Liability and State Payment Disbursement Unit. Supervising the preparation of the following system documentation: business requirements, functional flows, test plans, test scripts and release notes. Responsible for preparing project work plan, identifying resources, time estimates, risk assessment and implementation plans.


Position: Senior Business Analyst

Duties: Develop enhancements for the enforcement module within statewide child support computer system. Write requirement documents to re-design the IRS offset process and further automate the income withholding process. Perform analysis design to identify areas of improvement for each external interface. Create and execute test plans to validate the changes made to the application are functioning correctly and that existing functionality has not been compromised. Responsible for preparing and executing test scripts for all modules within the system. Report any issues identified during integration testing to the technical team and assist with resolution. . Develop on line help for the end users. Work with the training team to ensure the training material reflects how the new processes will function. Prepare release notes for field staff to explain the upcoming changes to the application. Meet with Management level end users to discuss the upcoming changes to the application and to discuss any outstanding issues that many arise as a result of the program changes. Trouble shoot Technical Service Request TSR on system problems and determine if a Project Change Request PCR will need to be created to correct the identified problem. Review existing PCRs to determine if the problem still exist within the application or has been resolved. Execute project work plans for system enhancement releases. Prepare and execute system conversion plans including: data mapping, data clean-up, and data integrity and impact analysis prior to implementation.


Position: Regional Site Manager

  • Duties: Managed the implementation of Central Operations to the Michigan Statewide Child Support System on 2/18/03, in addition to managing the implementation of eight counties to the same system. Prepared the State Disbursement Unit SDU to deploy full statewide customer services, this includes: collections, disbursement, receipt adjustment, suspense management, client calls and obligor out reach programs. Successfully managed the Support Specialist conversion in to the system. This group handles case initiation for the entire state of Michigan. Managed five Site Coordinators as they prepared their assigned counties for conversion to the new system. Monitored Managed the Site Coordinators work plans to ensure project milestones were met. Assist with resolving any county issues that arose including changes in their business processes as a result of the new system. Met weekly as part of the Change Management team to review all outstanding implementation issues. Managed a team of over 40 project staff and report any problems to Project Director Stakeholders.
  • Accomplishments: Successfully completed the conversion of Region Four to the New Statewide Child Support System on 9/2/03. This includes eight counties, 195,000 cases and 295 end users. MiCSES became PRWORA certified in 10/1/03 after successfully implementation of all counties. Confidential

Position: Wayne County Project Coordinator

  • Duties: Managed the Implementation of Wayne County Friend of Court to the Michigan Statewide Child Support System version 2.3 MiCSES . Wayne County has over 250,000 child support cases and collects an average of 750,000 dollars per day in child support payments. These duties also included assisting Wayne County with Bank Reconciliation as each county in Michigan was required to transfer all held monies to the State Disbursement Unit SDU . Assisted with the transfer of receipt adjustment suspense management duties to the State from the county. This required an audit of all financial transactions to ensure that the payments were allocated according to the federal distribution rules and arrears were accurate. Prepared the county for automated enforcement activities such as: Review Modification, Credit Reporting, Income Withholding and Show Cause Hearings. Assisted the county with the assessment of staff and the re-organization of each department to work with the new statewide computer system. Managed a team of 13 project staff to complete post implementation checklist and identify and report any bugs found in the system after conversion. Met with the Work Approval team to assess the impact of bugs found in the system to determine if an immediate fix was required. Responsible to report all progress obstacles to Project Director State Stakeholders and assist with the resolution of issues between the county and the state.
  • Accomplishment: Wayne County successfully converted to the Statewide Child Support System on 9/1/02.


Position: Implementation Manager

Experience: Responsible for the oversight of the project plan for post implementation support and technical assistance to the end user on the legacy CSES system. Resolved system conversion issues such as: data clean up, data integrity and post implementation task. Provided one on one training and ah hoc refresher training when needed. Managed project resource schedules for each county, which included: training, data review, practice lab, site support and post conversion task. Responsible for the creation of a structured escalation process to quickly resolve issues that cannot be addressed by line level support staff.


Position: Lead Business Analyst

  • Experience: Assisted with the development of the financial system PRWORA distribution and centralized payment processing within CHARTS Children Have A Right To Support statewide child support computer system. Prepared and developed federal financial reports, developed system specifications and requirements for state self assessment reports. Extract and sample data from reports to ensure accuracy. Validated the federal reports with Federal Auditors to ensure data integrity. Development of case management reports and requirement documents to meet FSA 88 PRWORA federal certification. Completed a data map from CHARTS database tables to PRISM a reporting software package developed by PSI . Worked on the system conversion plan including: data mapping, data clean-up and integrity and impact analysis.
  • Accomplishment: State of Nebraska obtained a 95 rating on the 157 federal report data reliability audit conducted by the Office of Child Support Enforcement.


Position: Quality Assurance Manager

  • Experience: Conducted compliance audits to ensure the project met Federal standards for operating the IV-D program. Conducted target reviews in the areas of: health insurance, establishment and enforcement. Prepared statistical reports for the Project Manager advising of the status for all program areas. Reviewed and rebutted all audit findings by the Department of Human Services reviewed all case closure activities and provided technical assistance to Case Managers, Supervisors and other Department Heads.
  • Accomplishment: Passed all State Federal audits for this project.


Position: Child Support Specialist

Experience: Conducted negotiation conferences to establish paternity and child support orders, court follow-up, prepared legal interstate documents and responded to client inquires by phone.


Position: Human Service Specialist III

  • Experience: Reviewed agencies for compliance with the Ohio Child Support performance program. The following areas were reviewed: establishment administrative judicial , enforcement, support, medical IRS intercept programs , and review and adjustment modifications . Provided technical assistance to agency Administrators and Directors provided training to all end users Investigators, Hearing Officers, Financial Clerks, Supervisors, Administrators and IV-D Attorneys on new rules and regulations going into effect.
  • Accomplishment: Served as Treasurer for the Ohio Family Support Association.


Position: Child Support Administrator

  • Experience: Supervised a staff of thirty-five employees including: Investigators, Financial, Supervisors and IV-D Attorneys. Established internal policy and procedures to coincide with the state and federal child support regulations. Monitored the productivity of all staff by tracking case activity on the child support system. Prepared state statistical reports and reconciled child support financial records. Resolved problem cases identified by the Director, County Commissioners or Child Support Supervisors developed all Corrective Action Plans, Paternity Compliance Plan and statewide system SETS conversion plan. Conducted Administrative modification, paternity and support hearings. These hearings included the calculation of support obligations.
  • Accomplishments: Established the Paternity unit and the Administrative process in accordance with new state/federal regulations. The Child Support Division rated 1 in Ohio for Paternity establishment under my management in 1994 and implementation of an automated file tracking system.


Position: Legal Assistant Enforcement

Experience: Prepared and filed wage withholdings to employers, financial institutions, unemployment and workman's compensations. Handled administrative modifications. Prepared and filed both incoming and outgoing interstate petitions, prepared files for contempt hearings, submitted and deleted absent parents for IRS intercept. Handled administrative termination procedures and interviewed custodial parents for their needs and updated information on the absent parents. Documented all case activity on the CSE child support system.

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