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Data Coordinator Resume Profile


Energetic individual with over ten years' experience in customer service, business management, and working in team-based environments. Able to successfully interface with customers and coworkers as well as manage business operations effectively and efficiently. Passionate about learning, continuing education, and dedicated to helping others achieve their academic and career goals.

Work Experience


Financial Aid Officer/Federal Work-Study FWS Program Supervisor

  • Provide information, advise, and assist students regarding the various types of financial aid available
  • Analyze student applications and determine eligibility for financial aid EFC, COA, Title IV regulations, and SAP eligibility
  • Ensure compliance of the student's financial aid award package to fully comply with state and federal legislation Pell Grant, State Lottery, and Student loans
  • FWS program supervisor managing a 400k annual budget employing 50plus eligible work-study students
  • Process prospective FWS applications and conduct the necessary interviews with the hiring employer and Work-Study student
  • Procure employers for work-study students both internally and externally of the college
  • Manage the payroll of each student's awarded work-study budget, ensure the accuracy of each student's time entry, and make sure that all students are fulfilling their job obligations
  • Perform most job duties by maintaining Excel spreadsheets and utilizing Colleague Ellucian ERP

Data Coordinator

  • Provided tier one support and guidance for students, faculty, and staff in a high paced environment through primary software applications at Greenville Technical College Web portal GTC4me Learning Management System Blackboard , and email platforms Gmail and Outlook
  • Balanced work flow through various computer software programs simultaneously such as Colleague Ellucian ERP , Student Lookup database search tool , and Kace 1000 Management Appliance System to troubleshoot and resolve technical end-user issues
  • Responsible for daily reports that showed work load volume and identified technical issue trends


Special Project Leader:

  • Managed and trained temp workers in a collaborative team environment
  • Provided timely supply chain management SCM and logistics for high profile clients
  • Compiled and organized data for team assignments that documented exhausted supply rates and updated customer files to match current needs and agreements
  • Contributed and participated in a marketing strategy to optimize the Google keyword search tool leveraging analytics and monitoring metrics


Vendor Manager:

  • Communicated with third-party vendors to maintain and improve customers' website
  • Administered quality control to ensure that all graphic design and copyright met client specifications
  • Utilized Search Engine Optimization SEO principles to increase clients' web-site traffic
  • Provided detailed reports of analytical data which demonstrated Return on Investment ROI to clients

Production Manager/Business Manager:

  • Monitored the production process as it moved from Account Services through each department to Ad Delivery according to the production matrix
  • Produced reports for each department that compiled daily phone records, opened jobs, and closed jobs
  • Devised and implemented a standardized communication process that decreased communication bottlenecks between departments and increased production by almost 15
  • Utilized Just in Time JIT inventory principles to successfully implement supply chain management SCM , vendor management, and logistic responsibilities for all required office materials



  • Performed administrative and customer service duties
  • Conducted Business to Business B2B sales responsibilities that involved cold calling, networking with existing clients, and scheduled appointments to maintain and generate clientele
  • Cultivated strong business ties with customers that led to long-term relationships and overall client growth
  • Responsible for the recruitment, management, and development of personnel in a team environment
  • Established project plans and assumed responsibility for project profit and loss
  • Developed Excel spreadsheets that monitored and measured projects to limit waste and increase the bottom line
  • Utilized Just in Time JIT inventory principles to successfully implement supply chain management SCM , vendor management, and logistic responsibilities for all required office materials and job supplies

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