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Project Manager Resume Profile

An experienced service management information systems specialist with broad knowledge to support and deliver solutions. Able to adapt, communicate and plan actions.

Objective: Looking for a service management information systems specialist position to utilize my skills and education.


  • Over 15 year experience leading and supporting DoD and NATO on service management information systems.
  • 10 years Knowledge Management KM experience monitoring and controlling People, Process, and Product/IT.
  • Able to perform Systems Analysis and Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation M S coordination, Remedy implementation, and Information Assurance IA process improvement.
  • Certifications in ITIL, PRINCE2 equal to PMP , Security , CCNA, Department of Defense Architectural Framework DoDAF , CAIS IAM Level III equal to CISSP , and Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI .
  • Training in VMware vSphere v5, SOA, Design for Six Sigma, PMP, JTLS, and GSLC IAM III.
  • Able to conduct Certification and Accreditation C A validation complying with DIACAP.
  • Able to implement the System Development Life Cycle SDLC .
  • Able to coordinate and implement Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming MS G events Federated level .

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

  • Received two Certification of Appreciation from Major General John Admire and Chief Warrant Officer Shawn Nadeau Canadian Forces Army for my work at JFCOM J9.
  • At CGI/Army HTS, implemented BMC Remedy Service Desk application and KM Plan.
  • At GD/JFCOM J9 and Loyola/TRADOC, implemented 4 Modeling, Simulation, Gaming MS G events collaborating with coalition, acting as the Knowledge Manager KM and Senior M S Architect, conducting Certification and Accreditation C A on site, systems, and data, and network implementation Class/Unclass .
  • At AERA/DISA, coordinated 27 contractors to deliver NMCI to 7 Navy Commands 7,000 active users .
  • At Hi-Tech/DISA, successfully transformed 80 of the Norfolk Naval Base's network infrastructure Old to New .
  • At SAIC/NATO, delivered an interoperability plan, a budget plan Mid-Term Plans , an SOA framework, and DoDAF artifact OV-1 , in addition, recovered 10MM from the budget.
  • At Unisys/Joint Staff J87, developed a SaaS application collaborating with Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, NATO, and various services Navy, Army, Marine Corps and various COI groups.
  • At BAH/JFCOM J6, delivered SharePoint, IA Plan, CONOPS, KM Plan, and Business Rules to JFCOM
  • Successfully gain 2 government contracts for Joint Staff J87, JFCOM J6, and USMC to deliver KM Processes and enterprise architectural artifacts DoDAF .

Work Experience:


  • Support Norfolk Ship Support Activity NSSA to implement 1 DoDAF Enterprise Architecture for the Information Assurance IA Certification and Accreditation C A Operation and 2 SharePoint Web Team.
  • Enterprise Architecture EA : Support the IA Manager IAM and Web Team through the development of DoDAF artifacts: OV-1, OV-2, AV-1, and AV-2 enhancing standardization, maturity and automating security and non-security processes across numerous customer applications: SAAR, MAC, .Mil, Service Desk, and SharePoint.
  • SharePoint: Support the SDLC of SharePoint. Initiate, plan, and execute sites, community pages, information management, search capabilities metadata, naming conventions , insights dashboards , and composites forms . In addition, identify permission access, account generation, and ensure IA compliance validation . Conduct User/Content Manager CM training, formulate instruction manuals, and provide daily incident support services.
  • Successfully delivered an As-Is process and provided recommendations.
  • Successfully introduced DoDAF, ITIL and Knowledge Management KM approaches.
  • Successfully generated and delivered inventory and cost and vender reports using MS Dynamics AX 2009

Resources: ITIL, IA, KM, SharePoint, DCO, DoDAF, Visio, MS Dynamics AX, CMMI.


  • Provide Department of Defense Architecture Framework DoDAF artifacts supporting USTRANSCOM JECC, Governance Board, and KM Working Group: All Viewpoint AV , Capability Viewpoint CV , Data and Information Viewpoint DIV , Operational Viewpoint OV , and Project Viewpoint PV .
  • Conduct KM Assessments for Acquisition and Procurement to deliver present-state and recommendations.
  • Provide KM process improvements, enterprise information sharing, knowledge capture, content management, communication and training to enable collaborative environments and improve business workflows.
  • Perform SharePoint 2010 site collection administration and owner functions, in addition oversee the overall structure and functionality of the portal sites and provide advice on content management of designated portals and provide assistance to all organizational elements portal site owners in the use and maintenance of their portal sites.

Resources: DoDAF, SharePoint, KM, ITIL, DCO, Pipedrive CRM, MS Dynamics AX


  • Manage the Service Support staff to support the Army's Human Terrain System HTS overseeing the Knowledge Management/Technology support services for both internal and external users of SharePoint for Sociocultural Content and BMC Remedy Service Desk application.
  • Initiate, plan, and implement BMC Remedy Service Desk for HTS users utilizing the ITIL approach in Service Management: Incident Management, Change, Configuration, and Release Management CCRM , and Problem Management, in addition, oversee the implementation of operational categorization OpCat and Service Request Management SRM .
  • Coordinate resolutions of various user related service events.
  • Oversee the development of end user manuals and training materials.
  • Coordinate and developed policies, processes, and recommendations as it relates to Service Management.

Resources: BMC Remedy, SharePoint, ITIL, KM, DoDAF v2.0


  • Support USMC in developing and completing the Quality Assurance/Quality Control QA/QC architectural process framework OV-5b Activity Diagram , in addition, the QA/QC AV-2 Integrated Dictionary mapping correlating with business processes and polices.
  • Work with NATO and coalition partners in developing and completing the architectural concept paper for Modeling and Simulation as a Service MSaaS and Modeling and Simulation as an App MSaaApp .
  • Continue to support USMC in developing and presenting Executable Architectures, transforming static DoDAF viewpoints and data into dynamic executable models to perform comparative analysis.
  • Work with Sentara Healthcare to develop a practice perfect modeling and simulation training model for classroom and online scenarios using Unity Simulation System.
  • Utilized MS Dynamics CRM and Pipedrive CRM to document and market SimIS services.

Resources: DoDAF, QA/QC, SOA, SharePoint, Unity, KM, B2G EA, KM , MS Dynamics CRM, Pipedrive CRM


  • At TRADOC, support Army's Future Warfare Division FWD to implement two 2 M S network systems classified/unclassified , Joint Theater Level Simulation JTLS application, and the Oracle database, in addition, conduct Knowledge Management KM approaches, and SharePoint content management.
  • Conduct Certification and Accreditation C A to ensure compliance validation of site, systems, content, and security requirements are meeting operational game environment.
  • Ensure the project plan, design M S architectural framework OV-1 is moving forward.
  • Monitor/Control 2 M S events, networks, JTLS operators, intellectual properties, SharePoint, and backup assets.
  • Produce metric analysis data for war-game adjudicators.
  • Work with working groups to map, gather and distribute authoritative content into SharePoint for JTLS operators.
  • Collaborate with Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Multinationals in the plan, design, and scenario development
  • Designed a KM Plan and initiated it to FWD which improved performance and business intelligence. Utilized SharePoint functionality and content management approaches for sharing and lessons learned.
  • Assure standardized data warehouse procedures for the storage, handling, transfer, release and destruction of classified and unclassified intellectual properties are being implemented in accordance with Army regulatory guidelines.
  • Support the development of war-game questions, ontology, and event goals and mapping them with existing gaming/exercise scenarios.

Resources: DIACAP, DoDAF v2.0, DFSS, KM, BI, Quality-Risk, SOA, SharePoint, Oracle, B2G JTLS


  • At Joint Staff J87, coordinate with MIT, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, NATO, and other community of interest COIs to develop the Command and Control C2 Core Information Exchange Data Model IEDM , a Software as a Service SaaS application: Formulate various network assurance architectures utilizing the Service Oriented Architecture SOA approach and Software Development Lifecycle SDLC .
  • Conduct data modeling, data mining, and mapping to deliver measurable metrics and status reports.
  • Support the service management operations, the Working Groups WG through their project plans: Information Assurance IA C A, C2 Core IEDM , Authoritative Data Source ADS , SharePoint, research endeavors, pilots SOA, SOC , and travel/training budgets.
  • Implement Information assurance vulnerability management IAVM notices alerts, bulletins, and technical .
  • Serve as an advisor for North Atlantic Treaty Organization's NATO C2 IEDM providing collaboration.
  • Successfully documented information content into SharePoint.
  • Utilized Pipedrive CRM to document and market Unisys services.

Resources: Data Modeling SemanticWorks/XMLSpy/MapForce , DFSS, ITIL, BI, SOA, SDLC, Pipedrive CRM.


  • From 2002 to 2006, founded, developed and implemented TakeOverPayments.Net TOPs , an online classified website to post take over payment content for Homes, Cars, Boats, Etc. for FREE.
  • Developed the architectural framework using DoDAF OV-1 and workflows. Coordinated with offshore coders and database administrators to implement a cloud network.
  • Manage security controls: Availability Functional , Integrity Assured Data , and Confidentiality Protection .
  • Successfully conducted analysis and metric reporting to mine customer content Names, location, needs, interest, etc. to promote alternative front-end and back-end affiliate offers.
  • 2005, TOPs gained up to 70,000 views and 3,000 posts a month with monetization through advertisements.
  • 2006, TOPs was sold to BBA, a division of Century 21 Real Estate.
  • 2008, the URL was purchased back, but cannot operate the same service as per contract obligations with BBA.


  • At NATO HQ SOC , supported the Section Heads, DCOS, and Working Groups WGs to develop an interoperable plan to deliver a Service Oriented Architectural SOA framework DoDAF OV-1. Delivered a mid-term metric analysis plan of each service. Achieved the delivery of a baseline processes across the DOTMLPFI spectrum and reduced the budget by 10M by delivering a budget analysis plan.
  • Using KM, improved performance by identifying interoperability within the COI so each COI can collaborate utilizing lessons learned strategies and practices , adoption of insights, and share intellectual properties within NATO.

Resources: SharePoint, KM, PowerPoint, DoDAF, SOA, DFSS, DOTMLPFI, QM


  • At NETWARCOM CARS SOC , coordinate 22 network engineers and Information Assurance IA analyst to provide and conduct Certification and Accreditation C A ensuring compliance validation of architectural frameworks systems , sites, and security requirements are meeting operational environment complying with DIACAP.
  • Developed a CONEMP objectives, roles and responsibilities and conduct recruiting and evaluations.

Resources: Eye Retina Network Scan, Harris STAT Guardian Vulnerability Management, QM


  • At JFCOM IO JMO J7 SOC coordinate war-games planning, design, and scenario development. Implemented a classified network M S environment using JTLS, Oracle, and SharePoint. Coordinate with working groups to gather content and conduct data mapping to populate the database. Monitor/Control the classified network system, intellectual properties, SharePoint, and backup assets. Coordinate 25 JTLS operators and 16 JTLS database administrators to produce metric analysis for adjudicators.
  • At JFCOM OCIO J6, plan and implemented SharePoint Sites, Forms, etc. and successfully implemented the project plans, IA requirements, and training solutions.
  • Produced follow-on work and contract engagements to deliver the following manuals: Strategic Communication Plan, KM Business Rules, KM IA Report, CONOPS, and Operational Process Overview.
  • Worked on compliance analysis for a National Guard Bureau proposal.

Resources: MOSS SharePoint, Excel, PMP, BI, QM, Business Development, B2G KM Training


  • As KMO at JFCOM J9 SOC received a Certification of Appreciation by MajGen John Admire for successfully conducting KMO actions for the Commander's Task Force Group. My actions delivered Command Group Chiefs and C2 COI Group unit data XML/Message base to the Commander to make positive impact decisions.
  • Successfully conducted Certification and Accreditation C A and authoritative assessments to various external classified networks and various software portfolios.
  • Performed quality and risk assessments to produce Live, Virtual, and Constructive LVC metric analysis on network systems, software portfolios, and processes for lessons learn analysis and war-game adjudicators.
  • Assure information content is documented in Xythos/SharePoint: Project Plan Schedules Milestones, etc.
  • As Principle Engineer at JFCOM J9 SOC , implemented 2 classified network systems using the SOA approach in a net-centric war-game testing environment MNE 4 and UR2015 .

Resources: Visualization COP/CPOF, Xythos/SharePoint, IWS virtual collaboration , SOA, BI, SDLC, QR, XML


  • At Fleet Forces Command FFC , successfully captured and documented the following network infrastructure schematics to produce an SOA solution to integrate 2 Command Groups NCTE and JNTC with 5 other command groups UWCOM, BGIE, MBGIE, Joint BGIE, and JETT for interoperability, collaboration, and sharing.
  • Successfully delivered the CONOPS and the following DoDAF products: AV-1 All View Executive Overview , AV-2 Integrated Dictionary , SV-1 System view of interface , SV-2 Communication description , and OV-1 Overview High Level Concept Graphic for NCTE adhering to JNTC.

Resources: DoDAF, Visio/Rational Rose, SharePoint, SOA, SDLC, PowerPoint, Word, Excel


  • Collaborate with technical and non-technical teams to elicit, analyze, and document requirements to develop the content data for the BRAC Closure Information Tracking System using SharePoint.
  • Drafted project scope roles and responsibilities, work breakdown structure for content collection. Designed and implemented simple workflows using SharePoint modules and email notification.

Resources: SharePoint, Project Version Control System PVCS , .Net, C , HTML, MS-Project, ITIL.


  • Implemented 3 classified and unclassified network systems to operate three 3 Testing and Evaluation T E Labs supporting Navy Marine Corps Intranet NMCI and Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information NNPI .
  • Successfully tested, modified, changed, and certified Commercial off the shelf COTs and Government off the shelf GOTs applications in the testing environment to operate in the NMCI and NNPI environments.
  • Mange the development of algorithms and conducted analysis solving complex programming, network and architecture issues to federate NNPI and NMCI networks.


  • Coordinate the deployment, implementation, and transition of a large scale NMCI Network project consisting of seven 7 Navy Commands with 7,000 active users.
  • Monitor/Control 27 various sub-contractors throughout the project implementation life cycle ensuring project milestones staff schedules, quality assurance, and deliverables are meeting project goals.
  • Collaborate with government clients to obtain 15 facilities to stage, image, and deploy passive and active equipment to 7,000 active users and close to 2,500 servers.
  • Ensure CLIN mapping documents and client product requirements are deployed to the correct user.
  • Support the NMCI Test and Evaluation Lab to deliver the NMCI approved passive/active equipment to the correct client complying with the Change Configuration and Release Management CCRM plan.

Professional Training:

  • Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge CCSK , In Progress, IT University ITU , Online
  • VMware vSphere v5, 2013, Tidewater Community College TCC , Chesapeake, VA
  • CompTIA Security Certification, 2013, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Joint Theater Level Simulation JTLS , 2012, Joint and Coalition Warfighting Center JCW , Joint Staff DDJ7
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA , 2011, PearsonVUE
  • Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program LEAP Federal Systems, 2011, Unisys, Reston, VA
  • Project Management Professional PMP Training, 2011, PMI Maryland Baltimore Chapter
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL v3.0, 2009, Loyalist, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI v1.2, 2009, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Design for Six Sigma DFSS , 2009, Core Solutions, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Projects In a Controlled Environment PRINCE2 , 2008, NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium
  • Federal Service Oriented Architecture SOA Institute, IBM, Washington DC, Mash-up and BPM Workshop, 2008
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MOSS , 2007, SharePoint Solutions, Norfolk, VA
  • GIAC Security Leadership Certification GSLC IAM III training, 2006, Core Solutions, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Department of Defense Architectural Framework DoDAF , 2005, EMA Inc, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Joint Innovation and Exp rimentation JI E , JFCOM J9, 2005-2006, Suffolk, VA : Information Workspace IWS , EXO: Portal web designer, Xythos Administrator, C2PC , WebTAS Timeline Analysis System : Visualization, Assessment and Predictive tool, CPOF Command Post of the Future : Real-time, V V, 3D sharing tactical tool.
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer MCSE , 2000, Rader Technology Education Center, Virginia Beach, VA

Key Skills and Knowledge:

Knowledge Management KM ,

Department of Defense Architectural Framework DoDAF ,

SharePoint Administration,

Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL ,

VMware vSphere,

Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming MS G ,

Projects In a Controlled Environment PRINCE2 ,

CompTIA Security ,

Certification Accreditation and Information Security CAIS IAM III,

Project Management Professional PMP training,

Joint Theater Level Simulation JTLS ,

Service Oriented Architecture SOA ,

Business Intelligence strategy and execution ,

Dynamics ERP CRM,

Pipedrive CRM,

Design for Six Sigma DFSS ,

Software as a Service SaaS , Modeling Simulation as an App MSaaApp ,

Executable Architecture,


Research and Analysis,

GIAC Security Leadership Certification GSLC IAM III training,

Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI ,

Marketing and Promotions,

Product and Process Management,

Adaptive Planning AP ,

Performance Management,

Business Process Management BPM ,


Sensor Web Enablement SWE ,

Information Exchange Data Modeling IEDM ,

Data Modeling / Data Mapping,

Net-Centric SOC environment,

Systems Analysis and Design,

Software Engineering,

Live, Virtual, Constructive LVC ,


Web 2.0 and Semantic Web,

Mash-up Technology,

Test and Evaluation T E ,

Network Engineering,

Cloud / Cyber Computing,

I-Bot Internet Robot ,


Capability and Strategic Planning,

Doctrine-Organization-Training-Material-Leadership-Personnel-Facilities-Interoperability DOTMLPFI ,


Blue Ocean Strategy.


BMC Remedy,

Unified Quest UQ 2012: Model Simulation M S ,

C2 CORE Information Exchange Data Model IEDM ,

NATO Mid-Term Plans, Implemented Navy Marine Corps Intranet NMCI , Certification Accreditation C A of CARS Project, BRAC SharePoint,

USJFCOM SharePoint,

Multinational Experiment 4 MNE4 ,

Urban Resolve 2015 UR 2015 ,

NMCI Network Implementation.

Communication and Networking:

Cisco Certified Network Administrator CCNA ,

Information Workspace IWS ,

Defense Connect Online DCO

Spreadsheet, Database, Portals, Repositories:

SharePoint, MOSS 2007,

Excel, Access, Xythos, Army Knowledge Online AKO .

Architecture Tools:

Visio / Rational Rose, Altova SemanticWorks, DoDAF. See Professional Training

Programming Tools:


Online Tools:

SEO, eCommerce.

Video Tools:

iMovie, Sony HD Camera

Call Center and Training:

Call Center Management, implementation and training experience.

Office Productivity Tools:

SharePoint, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project, Defense Connect Online DCO , Information Workspace IWS

Technical Documentation:

Mid-Term Plans NATO HQ , CONOPS NCTE , Business Rules, IA Report, OCIO, J6

Facilities Management:

Staged NMCI products to be pushed to 7 Naval Commands with 7000 users

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