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Associate Consultant Resume Profile

Summary of Experience

  • Broad experience in decision-making, problem solving, and risk management. Excellent interpersonal skills coupled with extensive briefing experience. Comprehensive experience generating requirements and leading the development and delivery of computer simulation and simulator systems, and simulation support tools. Technical staff, project management, and business development experience in both small and large, dynamic organizations. Proven organizational skills managing resources and resolving conflicts. Background in statistical analysis of data collected during field-testing. Joint Staff exercise experience as senior Army observer-controller.
  • Broad knowledge of the Department of Defense Directive DoDD 5000 series program acquisition life cycle process. Extensive knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations FAR , Department of Defense DoD regulations, requirements, policies and procedures, cost and schedule estimating, systems disciplines, engineering specifications, and commercial practices relating to system procurement and production. Extensive experience in organization, direction, and requirements of contractual efforts, as well as interfacing directly with government representatives and supervising various task order activities concurrently.

Confidential President

Molnar Associates business consultants help clients solve business issues with technology, sound management principles, and ethical solutions. From day one, Molnar and Associates provides objective advice, expertise, and specialized skills by interacting directly with key client stakeholders to design and implement business solutions that help clients create value, maximize growth, increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve operational efficiencies. From strategy, structure, management, and operations of an organization, Molnar Associates, in close coordination with our clients, will identify options for the organization and suggest recommendations for transformation, as well as assist with additional resources to implement optimal business solutions.

Confidential Senior Director Simulation Programs / Business Development Manager

Led, supervised, and coordinated the software development life cycle SDLC activities supporting modeling and simulation programs as well as conducted business development activities to expand simulation and simulation related business opportunities. Led, managed, and directed all personnel, including program managers, reporting to Simulations Programs. Managed all operational, financial, and technical performance of six diverse corporate Simulations Programs. Responsibilities included, planning, organizing, directing, and tracking all aspects of operations and support for Simulation Program management, mentoring subordinate managers and other corporate team members, tracking all schedules related to Simulation Programs and directing Program and Project Managers in planning, directing, and overseeing all operational and support needs of corporate Simulation Programs. Worked with Program Managers software development leaders, and testing leaders to manage program schedules and the monitoring of all Profit and Loss P L costs associated with Simulation Programs. Directed and assisted in the establishment of requirements, objectives, plans, and program/project budgets. Additional responsibilities included, growing the Simulation Programs business portfolio, including managing capture plans and leading proposal efforts, monitoring business opportunities, and frequent customer interaction. Managed and monitored fulfillment of performance metrics associated with Simulation Programs. Provided strong leadership and promoted an atmosphere of teamwork and communication.

Program Manager, Confidential

Leader of Tapestry's Orlando corporate operations. Responsible for the daily operations of the Orlando office, and supervision of Orlando business functions. Responsible for the planning, direction, assignment, and supervision of corporate business development and contract operations in the Orlando modeling and simulation market. Developed business opportunities with the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force modeling and simulation communities in Orlando. Accountable for the planning, directing, and coordination of business development activities that lead to corporate growth. Provided leadership and guidance to assist the organization in determining and meeting its long and short-term business goals. Worked closely with corporate Human Relations, Finance/Accounting, Contracting, Business Development, and the Chief Financial Officer in meeting corporate strategic and operational objectives.

Confidential Director, Training and Simulation Programs

Leader and director of Laser Shot's Orlando corporate operations. Responsible for the daily operations of the Orlando office, and supervision of Orlando business functions. Led a team and staff of computer systems scientists, in the delivery of the Army's premier virtual gaming capability to worldwide clients. Responsible for the planning, direction, assignment, and supervision of corporate operations through subordinate supervisors and support staff. Accountable for the planning, directing, and coordination of business development activities that led to corporate growth. Provided leadership and guidance to assist the organization in determining and meeting its long and short-term goals.

Confidential Senior Military Analyst

Lead systems engineering and technical support contractor to the US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation PEO STRI providing executive, budgetary, engineering, and programmatic support to the Program Manager PM Constructive Simulation and PM OneSAF in the daily operation of assigned programs. Provided management and engineering support to the Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability JLCCTC system engineering multi-resolution and entity resolution teams. Provided business and industry best practices expertise to the government and contractors concerning cost effective requirements delivery.

Confidential Associate Consultant

  • Modeling and Simulation Working-level Integrated Product Team M S WIPT leader for the Distributed Common Ground Station - Army DCGS-A ACAT I Acquisition Program. Responsible for ensuring DCGS-A acquisition strategy followed Department of Defense DoD Simulation Based Acquisition SBA and Simulation and Modeling for Acquisition, Requirements, and Training SMART mandates. Provided modeling and simulation liaison with Aerial Common Sensor ACS , Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Trainer IEWTP , and TRADOC System Manager TSM Sensor Processors.
  • Senior consultant for integrating Army National Guard ARNG simulation training requirements with active Army simulation capabilities. Served as the ARNG representative and liaison to Program Manager Combined Arms Tactical Trainer PM CATT to ensure the contractor team of Raydon Corporation, ECC/Cubic, and AST delivered a dual boot M1 Abrams training simulator capable of operating either SIMNET XXI Raydon or SIMNET CCTT Core ECC/Cubic software configurations on a common computer hardware and trainer platform.
  • Project lead for integration of simulation systems with real world Command Control, C2 systems during U.S. Army Warfighter exercises conducted by the US Army Battle Command Training Program BCTP . Responsibilities included leading a team of hardware, software, and logistics professionals who maintain the US Army's Run Time Manager RTM . The RTM is capable of capturing simulated intelligence, logistic, maneuver, fires support, and air defense data, configuring that data into appropriate formats real world C2 systems recognize, and providing that simulated data in real world formats to the user, thus allowing operators to train using simulated data on their real world C2 systems.

Confidential Independent Proposal Consultant

Provided capture and proposal management services in environmental engineering and health services for the US Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Center AEDC omnibus contract solicitation.


Financial Planner, Registered Representative, Agent, Investment Advisory Representative

Built a successful business by facilitating client decision-making processes, and motivating them to take action concerning their financial well-being.

Confidential Project Manager and Business Development Manager

  • Project Manager Dismounted Soldier Simulation DSS . DSS was a research and development effort to immerse a live soldier into a virtual simulation environment. The resulting human computer animation simulation integrated state of the art motion capture, wireless head mounted display, graphics rendering, and three-dimensional sound technologies to capture human articulated motion and render the articulated motion on a distributed network in real time. DSS was developed as a Research and Development effort for US Army Simulation Training and Instrumentation Command STRICOM and demonstrated at I/ITSEC 1996.
  • Domain Engineer/SME on STRICOM's Functional Description of the Battlespace FDB Initiative. Responsible for the direction and leadership of up to 30 individuals consisting of computer hardware and software engineers, and other subject matter experts. The FDB initiative developed the initial set of objects and classes using object oriented programming concepts to describe the battlespace.
  • Business Development Manager. Responsible for generating over 7 million in revenue during FY 96/97, as well as establishing strategic alliances with other corporations and clients in and outside of the Orlando area.

Confidential Operations Research Systems Analyst

  • Led a joint government and contractor team in a Defense Science Board DSB Advanced Distributed Simulation ADS demonstration, SOFNET-JCM. SOFNET-JCM established the first ever linkage of networked virtual reality aircraft simulators SOFNET at Kirkland AFB, NM, with a joint multi-sided constructive wargame simulation, the Joint Conflict Model JCM , running at Hurlburt Field, FL, using a state of the art protocol architecture over a dedicated network communication link.
  • Implemented and supervised the Integrated Database Preparation System IDPS DOD program that developed a set of software tools that automate the building of computer wargame simulation databases and terrain databases for constructive wargame models and simulations. IDPS reduced database development times from weeks/months to hours/days.

Confidential Commissioned Officer,

  • Military experiences span a wide range of DOD assignments, from small combat units through joint duty positions. Additionally, served as a Design and Test Project Officer at the US Army Test and Experimentation Command, formally known as the Combat Developments Experimentation Command CDEC , Ft. Hunter Liggett, CA.
  • Extensive briefing experience at all levels within the DOD, as well as instructor experience at the United States Military Academy, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst United Kingdom , and the USAF Air-Ground Operations School AGOS .

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