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Gis Analyst Resume Profile

Senior Program Manager / Senior GIS Project Manager / DFIRM Expert Career Skills / Knowledge

  • Certified Floodplain Manager
  • Project Management
  • Planning Skills / Budgeting
  • Problem Solving
  • Staff Supervision / Development
  • Written Verbal Communication
  • Client Management
  • Change Detection Management
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Proposals / Presentations
  • Experience with small and large corporations
  • Experience with Federal, state, and local governments
  • Marketing / Technical Integrator
  • Telco, Engineering, Judicial / Legal, Emergency Services
  • Off-Shore Production Management
  • GIS software 14 and languages 4
  • Software Applications Development
  • Database Design Development
  • Process Improvements
  • Trade Show Participation
  • Seminars / Speeches
  • Customer Service
  • Procurement / Negotiations
  • Coordination Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Research Development
  • Trainer


  • Led migration of Fortune 100 firm's data to new Landbase with 100 client acceptance. Managed Landbase portion valued at over 14M for overall project.
  • Selected by client out of 10 candidates to lead the development of the mapping database specifications for Federal Agency.
  • Selected to take over project in jeopardy - 90,000 over budget and three months behind schedule. Within 90 days project was on schedule and had recovered 80 of budget. Transitioned project to new leader.
  • Requested to come back to project after transition that was again 7 weeks behind schedule and 130,000 over budget. Again, had project back on schedule within 6 weeks and recovered 65 of budget. Customer satisfaction resulted in an initial 800,000 follow-on contract.
  • Within 2 years of taking over Federal GIS services and disaster support contract, grew contract from 300,000 to over 900,000 annually.
  • Prior to taking over the mapping group, determined that company's GIS software support contract had not been paid in the 5 years - a near 80,000 bill from the software vendor. Negotiated the invoice to 0.00 zero along with free software upgrades as well as demo copies of development software.



Senior Project Manager

  • Senior Project Manager for Landbase Migration for Fortune 100 firm. Landbase portion valued at over 14M.
  • Secured client acceptance rate of 100 by reviewing all client reported errors against specifications and source data with client.
  • Responsible for negotiations with client, cost estimates, contract language development, assignment supervision of work at 7 production teams / subcontractors, invoices, and other basic PM duties for teams across the US and overseas.
  • Responsible for specifications development, clarification, and issue response between client and production teams. Last decision point for objections to quality review calls between internal quality team and subcontractors or client.
  • Responsible for client relations at all levels within client organization subject matter technical, IT, and senior executives.


GIS Project Manager

  • Project Manager for 60 projects ranging from Tax Map Maintenance / Updates Conversions to basic consulting services.
  • Responsible for negotiations with clients, contract language development, cost estimates, assignment supervision of work, invoices, and other basic PM duties.
  • Took over Operations Management within weeks of starting due to staff changes.
  • Responsible for management of office on day-to-day basis including workload management and assignments HR duties such as recruitment, interviews, discipline, etc basic paperwork such as timesheets, training plans, etc.
  • Assisting with recruitment of high-tech GIS staff to develop GeoSpatial Solutions Team to target States.



  • Technical Director for floodplain DFIRM mapping for Alabama Office of Water Resources.
  • Managed all subcontractor schedules and work products.
  • Performed final QA/QC review of all products for delivery to client to ensure FEMA G S were met.
  • Developed Flood Insurance Study report FIS and all components, Summary of Map Actions SOMA , and community letters for prelims Letter of Final Determination LFD .
  • Taught client staff how to perform graphics review, as well as prelim post-prelim issuance processes to meet FEMA and CFR requirements.
  • Assisted OWR at community meetings with community officials and technical staff.


President / Senior Technical Manager

  • Developed proposal responses, budgeting / costing negotiated teaming agreements and final SOW as well as costs with various clients.
  • Technical Lead supporting Titan and their proposal response team on FEMA DFIRM standards for mapping, database, library, and Congressional response requirements.
  • Technical Lead for Malcolm Pirnie, Inc on AL DFIRM production and QA/QC.
  • Lead development of new Mapping Solution for Nextel's Corporate Strategy Group.
  • Performed User Needs Assessment, Requirements Gathering, Design, Prototyping, Database Design, Final Development, and creating all documents which were RUP compliant for Nextel / Ventera.
  • Responsible for corporate accounting, invoicing, payroll, accounts receivables.


Director, Technology Division

  • Assisted FEMA on various Map Modernization Initiatives for defining Guidelines and Specifications G S for Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map DFIRM components.
  • Assisted FEMA with G S development for Cooperating Technical Communities CTP .
  • Assisted and trained numerous communities with DFIRM G S questions, map development, data transfer and submittal.
  • Selected by client FEMA from over 25 professionals to create presentation materials for client presentations at conferences and training activities and to assist in presenting and answering technical questions at conferences where client was presenting.
  • Taught DFIRM Database G S class at community and client locations as well as FEMA training center EMI for client including certified classes for CEC for ASFPM CFMs.
  • Developed alternate methods for estimating exposure and risk of multiple hazards flood, earthquakes, and wind and added a constant dollar series of expenditures for disaster events.


  • Took Map Production group that had not delivered on-time or on-budget in a number of years, and added two shifts to put projects back on-track and on-schedule.
  • Managed 50 staff members and budgets in excess of 6 million.
  • Began transition of map production from CADD based system to GIS based to allow for greater flexibility and forward thinking of where client was moving into future technologies.
  • Coordinated the development of client's FEMA LiDAR specifications for data collection.


  • Managed staff of 16 including 2 temporaries and 8 GIS reservists and budget of 2.5 million.
  • Grew GIS support contract from 300K to nearly 1 million.
  • Prepared SOW, cost estimates, proposals, and short list presentations for interviews.

Sr. GIS Programmer / Analyst


  • Developed first multi-hazard analysis for client FEMA using flood, wind, and earthquake information in addition to dollars expended per event.
  • Supported FEMA's Mitigation and IT Directorates with specialized programming in MapBasic, AML, and Visual Basic for GIS analysis and disaster support.
  • Customized mapping applications for disaster support.


GIS Programmer / Analyst

  • Clients Included: Department of Housing and Urban Development, Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index
  • Worked on-site at HUD for development of mapping portion of grants application software.
  • Worked on development team to move Windows application into the Internet. At the time GIS Web tools were still in development.
  • Developed prototypes of GIS Web interface for application of what is now called Community 2020.
  • GIS developer for redesign of the Consumer Price Index CPI .
  • Database liaison for mapping attributes within database working groups to ensure that connectivity between tables was kept with data required.
  • Designed, procured, and installed GIS servers, production machines, and plotters for mapping application.


GIS Analyst / Programmer

  • Clients Included: Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Federal Aviation Administration, EEOC
  • Worked on all ad-hoc court cases such as water rights, school busing, noise abatement with FAA , and employee rights with EEOC .
  • Created court exhibits and performed ad-hoc analysis using US Census data and other data sources.
  • Developed complex queries to determine noise levels near low-income housing.
  • Developed and presented Intro to GIS course for lawyers, legal secretaries, and admin staff.


Software: ESRI ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcINFO, ArcIMS, ArcSDE MapInfo MapInfo , HAZUS, Oracle, Sybase, Visio, MS Project, MS Office, Microstation, AutoCAD, EM 2000

Languages: ESRI ArcObjects, AML, Avenue , MapInfo MapBasic, MapXtreme, MapX , VBA, VB

OS/Hardware: MS Windows various , NT, UNIX Solaris , PCs, Sun, HP, IBM, Boxhill RAID , various plotters/printers, scanners, backup / media DLT, tape, CD, DVD

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