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Software Engineer Resume Profile

Information Technology Professional

Extensive experience in object oriented software Design, Modeling, Analysis, Development Implementation of enterprise systems and Data warehousing. Demonstrated record of success in database design and performance tuning, project management, process improvement and problem solving for systems and business processes. Expertise in application of Microsoft and Oracle technologies within the in financial and pharmaceutical/medical device industries.

Requirements Gathering Specifications Writing

Systems Design Analysis

Application Performance Improvement

Process Improvements

Project Planning

Production Support



Principal Software Engineer

  • Conceived, designed and created the overall architecture of a mission-critical, highly scalable, n-tier web application, Abbott Point Of Care Configuration Manager ACM and web services needed to support the next generation i-stat system
  • Actively contributed to implementation using Visual Studio, ASP.net, C , CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Web application and web service security, Active Directory, Entity Framework experience, jQuery, various design patterns, etc.
  • Introduced and performed verification and validation tasks in highly regulated environment FDA
  • Served as the group's SQL Server 2008/2012 technical expert.
  • Standardized and automated data feed and delivery, eliminating issues in synchronizing with other satellite corporate applications in use


Software Lead/Manager Contractor

  • RVM, Inc provides legal technology consulting, data forensics and litigation support services.
  • Ownership of their most demanding e-discovery and e-data processing proprietary software by way of implementing new features and bug fixes to legacy systems
  • Provided design, development and implementation of critical business applications using N-tier architecture, patterns, third party controls, C , Ajax, workflow foundation
  • Worked single-handedly on Job Automation of FTPing data files to the vendors on a monthly basis i.e. creating data extraction Oracle 10g stored procedures, writing complex Korn Shell scripts, sending automated audit/error emails
  • Hands on approach including peer testing, code reviews, and leading by example in coding and responsiveness
  • Familiar with agile and scrum development methodologies
  • Organized and participated in team building activities
  • Led the weekly Development Meetings and provided accurate and prompt status reports to upper management


Manager, Development Technical

  • Sentinel is a secure online system developed to help automate query, approval and services reporting processes required by S-O legislation. Sentinel also facilitates Sentinel Lead Partners pre-approval for clients who require independence in accordance with SEC rules and preferred provider clients.
  • Displayed analytical and problem solving skills in diagnosing and performance tuning SQL stored procedure for SLP Client reports to show an improvement of almost 3000 , e.g., brought down production execution time from previous 26 minutes to 55 seconds for an enormous client
  • Lead technical designer for new development, enhancement and integration efforts using best practices such as Design Patterns Microsoft Application Blocks
  • Collaborated with business owners, business analysts, project managers, IS support groups and third party vendors to elicit and document business requirements for enhancements and new projects, defining scope of work, estimates, and resource plans and carry forth implementation
  • Authoring and debugging Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors and T-SQL coding with strong in-depth expertise in T-SQL debugger, Index Tuning, SQL Profiler, etc
  • Successfully defined implemented technical solutions, specifically application architecture design, working with the group architect, using ASP.NET 2.0/3.5, JavaScript, AJAX, VB.net etc.
  • Maintained strong relationships with internal customers Managed project technical design, directing developers in implementation of the product, providing troubleshooting assistance and conducting code reviews for T-SQL on SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Prepared and maintained related project technical documentation


Lead Analyst Developer

  • Designed and developed Reach Frequency / Exception Reports showing reach and frequency for a territory, indicating the number of targets who receive calls and the number of calls to each target for the Listerine Brand. Provided production support for Oracle jobs and fixed logical errors as needed.
  • Reviewed and tuned complex Oracle 10g objects, PL/SQL packages for performance leaks. Performance tuned Oracle queries using Explain Plans, SQL Trace, Parallel Query, Hints, shared pool, cache size, etc. to pin point time consuming SQLs and tuned them by creating indexes and forcing specific execution plans.
  • Used AJAX model - XMLHttp Object extensively to transfer data between client and server.
  • Worked single-handedly on Job Automation of FTPing data files to the vendors on a monthly basis i.e. creating data extraction Oracle 10g stored procedures, writing complex Korn Shell scripts and then scheduling them on Maestro, sending automated audit/error emails
  • Created robust reusable ASP.NET / ADO.NET, XML, XHMTL components / functions which were used in other applications across the board at J J.
  • Created various Documents, including Source to Target Data mapping Document, Data Migration Document and Class Diagrams using UML
  • Maintained version controls using PVCS Polytron Version Control Software and Visual SourceSafe
  • Led team meetings to resolve issues/conflicts and achieve target dates collaboratively


Architect Developer

  • Architected, developed and deployed Coverage Management Trigger Letter Mailing - an application which targets specified claims, accesses additional stored data to create a Mailing Record for each claim, applies business rules and data quality best practices to each Mailing Record , generates a fixed field data file for transmission to a print vendor, receives mail failure feedback from the print vendor, and generates user business reports.
  • Architected and developed a front end application tool to help Account Mangers manage a campaign to proactively notify patients about their prescription benefits / drug utilization reviews. Technologies leveraged were Microsoft ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, XML, Visual Studio 2005
  • Developed the Teradata 6.1 data-mart and built a robust ETL process using SQL to read the Corporate Warehouse for claims information
  • Constructed well-structured SQL queries to avert watch-dog complaints from MEDCO DBAs by applying best practices, choosing the best primary and secondary index for the tables
  • Developed a demo version of the product to solicit and incorporate feedback from business owners into the design such that it meets customer needs
  • Created extensive documentation to cater to MEDCO's CMI level 5 SDLC standards. These included the Technical System Design, Psuedo Code, Code Review Record, Test Conditions Template, and various design, development and testing Q Gates


Solutions Architect

  • Architected, developed and deployed a generic report engine, which interfaced with the Sales Force Automation System and generated custom reports based on complex business rules. Extensive experience with Control M, GECS, Oracle Scheduler using packages DBMS JOB to schedule and maintain automated data ETL jobs.
  • Spearheaded the project's analysis, functional requirement gathering, feasibility and gap analysis, design, development and documentation using Microsoft Visio MS Word
  • Created a complex yet generic report engine in PL/SQL on Oracle 9i using SQL PLUS 3.3, TOAD and SQL Navigator which read custom parameters for each report from the report master and delivered customized reports
  • Prepared design documents reflecting data-flow, wrote program specifications and then converted the same into robust stored procedures, triggers, tables, views, and synonyms for proper object orientation of the above
  • Dealt extensively with Materialized Views, Partitioned Tables, Query Re-write feature
  • Studied the star-schema logical design of the database and wrote highly optimized report queries using analytical SQL such as ROLLUP, CUBE, GROUPING, CASE expressions, etc.
  • Developed shell script programs in UNIX to run oracle packages for Control M and GECS schedulers
  • Enhanced and Supported the ROSTER and ALIGNMENT systems, a sales force and territory maintenance application respectively, interfacing with the SFA application...
  • Designed and implemented porting of ETL jobs from C to Oracle 9i
  • Created business classes and service components using VB.NET, ASP.NET web services SOAP to implement new business rules/changes to the ROSTER application based on user requests
  • Created test plans and conducted unit testing and regression testing during enhancement releases
  • Studied and reviewed complex code and provided successful and timely fixes for production bugs and modularizing/re-writing the legacy script in the process, as necessary


Sr. Analyst Developer Contract Consultant

  • Architected and Designed the versions 4.0/4.1/4.2 of Sales Lead Incentive System SLIM . The web based system provides added convenience for administering the sales lead program an opportunity for UPS employees to identify new customers and new sources of volume . Extensive experience with Oracle Scheduler using packages DBMS JOB to schedule and maintain automated data ETL jobs
  • Devised shell script programs in UNIX to run oracle packages to be used on CRON scheduler
  • Developed and deployed ActiveX objects, DLLs and EXEs in Visual Basic 6.0 / .NET to implement business logic on the Application Server Windows 2000 which formed the middle-tier of the system
  • Conducted Alpha/Beta Test of the processes and ensured smooth transition to Production and Support thereafter, troubleshooting customer defects and logged bugs using PVCS Merant Tracker
  • Explored various technical options like VB DLLs, FTP automation, etc. to achieve the business objective conducted feasibility study of the options, etc. as part of Retail Shipper ID Project
  • Devised parameterized FTP Programs to get multiple data files from FTP.UPS.COM and put back acknowledgements generated FTP log files thereof for auditing purposes Set up feedback mechanism to trigger emails for job failures using CDO.Message
  • Architected and developed the backend database on SQL Server 2000 using Enterprise Manager, SQL Query Analyzer for creating tables, views, stored procedures in Transact SQL, etc.
  • Coordinated the work-flow between the iSHIP, BIA and the users.


Contract Consultant

  • Implemented second phase of the Product Profitability System for the International Private Client Group. This system enables users to reconcile financially booked revenue with operating revenue, allocate the revenue and expense to the various products, and report on their profitability.
  • Programmed the front-end interface using Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, heavy Dynamic HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Active Data Objects ADO , XML, XSLT, CSS, Visual Studio 6.0, FrontPage, IE 4.0, IE 5.0
  • Developed ActiveX Components on the server side using various Object Oriented features of Visual Basic such as Class files and Collections
  • Architected and developed the backend database on Oracle 9i, using SQL PLUS 3.3, TOAD 7.x and SQL Navigator for creating stored procedures, triggers, tables, views, and synonyms for proper object oriented implementation of the functionality needed
  • Creating Oracle functions, stored procedures packages, triggers, indexes using PL/SQL scripts for maintaining data integrity, validating and crunching the feed data to derive at product profitability
  • Developed AutoSys Routines JILs for automating and scheduling batch processes
  • Performed Performance Tuning by conducting explain plans, analysis of tables, cost analysis of queries, code inspection, system test and getting varied test cases by querying the Oracle 8i/9i databases
  • Discussed requirements with senior managers documented functional requirements, design specifications, test plans test scripts using Microsoft Visio, MS Word and Synergy
  • Designed, developed, implemented and supported financial applications such as, the Weekly Estimates system - which enables business units to estimate profit and loss for each week and for the month, Forecasting - which was used for quarterly forecasts of the P L items and Client Profitability Reporting Data Mart CPRDM - which measures customer contribution with a Profit Loss Statement. The applications are integrated into the larger intranet the FINNET system.
  • Built the ETL process to load data from Flat files to Oracle 9i data warehouse environment on AIX using such tools as Informatica Designer, Server Manager, Repository Manager, Source Analyzer, Data warehousing designer, Mapping Designer Mapplet, Transformations such as Source qualifier, Expression, Aggregators, Connected and unconnected lookups, Joiner, Update Strategy, Filter Sequence, PL/SQL routines and UNIX shell scripting
  • Generated reports in Crystal Reports 8.5 which read the Oracle data warehouse using analysis SQL such as ROLLUP, CUBE, GROUPING, CASE expressions, etc.
  • Mentored Team Members in Oracle and Informatica related issues
  • Used change management system, such as SCCS, for documenting application/data base changes.
  • Successfully implemented Employee/FC Compensation Systems such Estate Planning Specialist Award Plan and Financial Consultant Capital Accumulation Award Plan FCCAAP system, which deal with rewards to the company's top sales force for significant contributions to sales
  • Played a key role in the implementation of the Advisory Division Election System, another compensation system which enables the FCs to elect themselves to various other reward programs, based on their eligibility



SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata 6.1, MS Access, DB2 on Mainframe, MS, Oracle RDB on Open VMS


OOPS, C , VB.NET, ASP.NET, IIS, HTML, Dynamic HTML, ActiveX Controls, VB Scripts, JavaScript, CSS, XML, XSLT, MTS

Hardware /Operating Systems:

Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, UNIX, DOS, VAX from Digital, Open VMS 7.2


Visual Basic.NET, PL/SQL, SQL Plus 3.3, Transact SQL, C, Shell Scripts, Dec C on Open VMS, HTML, C , HTML, Dynamic HTML, XML

Data Warehousing:

Informatica ServerManager, Informatica PowerCenter


Seagate Crystal Reports, Oracle Discoverer

Tools SDK:

IBM Rational Change, Synergy, MS Visual Source Safe, PVCS version manager

AutoSys, Maestro

Management Studio, TOAD, SQL Navigator, Teradata SQL Assistant Visual Basic 7/6.x/5.x, FrontPage 98, MS Visual Studio 2010/ 2012 Visual C 5.0 , Microsoft .NET framework 3.5/4


Microsoft Visio, Word, Microsoft Project

Other Software:

ODBC, Shadow Direct from Neon Systems, Developer 2000, Visual C 4.0, Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, Emulator Novell Terminal LanPro, Exeed telnet , WS FTP Pro

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