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Application Consultant Resume Profile


  • Deep knowledge of Oracle database development PL/SQL/Packages/Procedures/Functions/Types/Cursors ref inline /Data Warehousing and the CC B data model ci person, ci acct, ci sa, ci sa sp, ci sp, ci meter, ci meter read, ci ft, ci ft gl, ci bseg type cd, rates ci rs, ci rc, etc , interface DL and UL staging tables, etc, etc. - including the business information contained within.
  • Successfully combine business, functional, and technical knowledge over 18 years of enterprise software
  • implementations involving city/country governments, utility electric, water, wastewater, sanitation, and gas
  • companies, healthcare, and internet marketing businesses.
  • Successfully implemented full life cycle Oracle CC B system as an interface team lead via comprehensive
  • design of middleware infrastructure using BPEL/SOA/JDeveloper/PL/SQL, creation of interface and application spec documents, development of customer interfaces and applications, and post go-live support. This includes taking on added responsibility of some custom report development billing reconciliations and data cleanup conversions that other resources where unable to complete.
  • Build rapport among a diverse group of executives, managers, employees, project managers, team leads, business analysts, testers, and developers while insuring that the business objectives are reflected accurately in all documentation and development related to CC B.


To deliver software design, development, implementation support services accurately, punctually, and profitably.

Work Experience

Independent Contractor - Software Architect, Developer, Project Manager


Clients/projects are as follows:

  • Chief Architect/Developer: Designed, developed, marketed, and managed the development of a custom built multi-tenant recurring billing/payment system using a PHP/javascript front end and Oracle database backend. System includes the development of PL/Sql packages containing over 300 customer built stored procedures and views. All business logic contained in Oracle.
  • Since I understand the CC B data model, this system was built using the following billing model/tables:
  • Financial: CI FT, CI FT GL gl division, dst id, etc
  • Custom built this full scale billing system in the cloud to enable dentist offices to set up patients on financing agreements/payment plans, bill monthly principal/interest run credit reports, and process electronic payments.
  • The system automatically configures primary codes for each tenant e.g. Adjustment type codes, etc , bills principal and interest, feeds general ledger accounts, creates automatic payment schedules, credit card API, generates NACHA payment files, and collects payment /remits payments. Also cancels bills re-bills and cancels payments.
  • Includes rate setup, person/account/service agreement creation, monthly billing, payment transactions, adjustments, and dynamic program calls based on bill segment type codes and pay segment type codes, and flexible billing capabilities available for demo/showcase as well.


Oracle CC B Interface Lead/Architect, Development Manager:

  • 15 million dollar project to implement Oracle SPL, www.oracle.com, Customer Care Billing software. HRSD/HRUBS is a wastewater treatment billing service for multiple trading partners.
  • Highly complex business process, data conversion process, interface development EDI process completely built from the ground up. Provide Application Service Provider services to 6 municipalities and cities, including Suffolk, Norfolk, James City County Service Authority and 3 major go-lives within 30 days of each other.
  • All business technology replaced. This role involves designing, developing, unit testing, deploying applications interfaces handling well over 100 different electronic files per day using Oracle BPEL, PL/SQL, Warehouse Builder, Oracle XAI, Oracle CC B software.

Contractual responsibilities include:

1. Efficient use of PL/SQL to resolve incorrectly converted data. e.g packages, procedure, conversion scripts

2. Designed/Developed 2 Custom MWM/Wireless Field Activity Applications integrated with CC B. We replaced our first with a perfected second. This is a real time field order system that begins with a post CCB dispatch extract that populates outbound field activity staging tables. Software developed in javascript, Google Gears, and SQLite database.

3. Understanding of CC B business processes configuration and technical processes tables/interfaces/reports

4. Designed/Documented, Developed, Support Interfaces Credit/Collections, VA Debt Setoff, Payments, Meter Reads, Letters, Bills, IVR, GL, FTP.

5. 10 years utility billing/functional architect prior to becoming technical architect

6. Design/Spec Servers and Server Architecture

7. Establish Version Control and Development Tools

8. Oracle Fusion, JDeveloper, SOA Implementation of 50 critical enterprise class interfaces.

9. Managed a team of 8 developers while managing client at the same time.

10. Design and management of custom EDI application that edits, validates, and loads entire CCB account.

11. Provided core leadership in daily logistics of software implementation having 5 implementations in 1.

12. Managed the integration of Norfolk Newport News Waterworks concurrent billing projects.

13. Directly developed the data conversion of James City County Newport News Waterworks

14. Designed, Developed, Support Interfaces - Payments, Meter Reads, Letters, Bills, IVR, GL, FTP.

15. Designed end to end Electronic Revenue Assurance automated File Workflow System

16. Implemented SOA with Oracle BPEL software/web services as backbone

17. Designed Developed web based error handling, EDI file handling, SQL reporting system

18. Managed bill design/development, printer procurement, bill document archiving. Group1 Software.

19. Website design development including web payments, Bank of America EDI

20. Designed Developed Water Consumption Modeling - Data Warehousing Application

21. Designed Developed Cost Accounting Application Interface to Oracle CC B

22. XML, WSDL, SOA, AIA, JAVA, XAI, Oracle PL/SQL and web service based system.

23. Skilled SQL, PLSQL, Oracle developer, technical and business leader

24. Advised client on CC B Batch Control configuration

25. Advised client on Interface Dependent CC B Configuration

26. Provided direct conversion programming services when the Oracle team disbanded and HRSD needed o convert entire customer history and balances for James City County Service Authority who uses the system in their cloud. My knowledge of Pl/SQL, CC B business and data structure, and client business process enabled me to get this done for the client. This was a 6 to 7 week process after go-live where JCSA was not able to produce bills. Needless to say the pressure was on and I delivered the data.


Project Manager: Project Manager for Product Management managed software upgrade/release of IBM iSeries based software to 1200 clients. Project includes management/measurement of internal testing, client beta testing, version management, issue resolution/software fixes, and post release survey. Client serves city government, county government, utility, K-12, and public safety markets. Software applications include, Utility Billing, Building Permits, Code Enforcement, Tax Billing, General Ledger, Courts, Payroll, Purchasing/Inventory, Planning and Zoning, Work Orders, Fixed Assets/Continuing Property Records, Cash Receipts, Land/GIS, Public Safety Crimes, Fires, Computer Automated Dispatch , web user interface, document management system.


Professional Services: Implemented new Window network. Re-engineered business processes, documentation, flow charting. Configuration - Implementation of sales/lead generation software. Managed deployment of accounting software system.


  • Professional Services Consulting for Work Flow Management/Reporting Development Manager: AS/400 based Sungard/H.T.E. Fixed Asset/Work Orders/F.E.R.C. accounting software business process re-engineering/documentation. Retrained users and developed custom documentation. Brought client into Federal F.E.R.C. compliance standards for utility industry and helped city produce annual report. Developed custom web based reporting software. Converted Sungard/H.T.E. Purchasing/Inventory files to Lawson financial software. Converted Sungard/H.T.E. payroll data to ADP. December 2000 January 2002.
  • Business Process Management/Testing Team Lead/SQL Development Manager: Peace Software Oracle based Utility Billing software project, requirements documentation, gap analysis, user acceptance testing management, business process documentation, data conversion consulting. Included design of multiple, third-party interfaces Diebold, Powertrack, Radix, Lawson, Utilisales, Docucorp , and data cleansing via SQL scripting project team training. January 2002 October 2003.
  • Business process modeling and documentation for integration with Peace software.
  • Included interactive with Peace Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, and Project Managers
  • Utilization of customer care, periodic billing contracts, customer contacts, and bill design.
  • Development of a rate matrix to manage configuration of tariff tables in Peace.
  • Development and management of User Acceptance Testing Metrics


Consultant/project manager: Rescued a failing SunGard H.T.E. implementation. Successfully salvaged client's AS/400 based financial software project. Services provided include: configuration of Work Orders Continuing Property Records software, design consultation on integration of electric Utility Billing/Work Orders/Fixed Asset System to Graphical Information Systems GIS with wireless handheld devices. Also provided software knowledge/leadership resulting in a successful implementation. Designed integration of financial software with third-party systems such as telephone software, engineering software, and web applications. Created custom SQL reports.

Application Consultant


Consulted, implemented, trained municipal/county electric/water/wastewater/sanitation utility companies on AS/400 based software systems. Implemented Work Orders - Facility Management - Fixed Asset -Utility Billing systems. Consultation included general ledger, payroll, purchasing, and utility billing software. Participated in 50 implementations.

Responsibilities included:

  • Heavy travel to client sites for project management/training ensuring successful software implementations
  • Analysis of current processes procedures unique to clients. SQL Development.
  • Re-engineering of business process to fit client's unique needs and new software. Business Process Management
  • Implementation of processes such as crew scheduling, preventive maintenance scheduling, meter reader route management, utility service order management, interdepartmental billing, activity based costing, inventory management/scheduling, project accounting, F.E.R.C. accounting, estimating, fixed asset valuations, depreciation

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