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Project Manager Resume Profile


  • Over 20 years of experience as a talented and accomplished Information Technology professional.
  • 16 years working for various firms as a database/developer/analyst consultant/contractor.
  • 18 years of experience coding, testing, modifying, debugging, documenting, designing and implementing Access applications based on the business requirements, technical specifications and standards.
  • Over the years have created over 1,000 reports, forms, tables, modules, queries, macros - and modular, highly cohesive, loosely coupled VBA programming.
  • Well versed in creating features such as recycle bin, mirroring, auditing, archive, auto backup, advanced search, automatic import, user preference and manager security administration, etc.
  • Demonstrated creativity in utilizing strong database, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, VBA, Access, Word and Excel skills to extract, gather, manipulate, consolidate and analyze data with the purpose of translating business questions into information deliverables and reports.


  • Office and Database Development:

MS Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013. VBA/Office Macros. DAO/ADO. SQL. MS SQL Server. Oracle SQL Developer. PL/SQL. DOS. Crystal Reports. MS Project. ODBC

  • Sharepoint and Web:

Sharepoint WSS. Access and Excel Interoperability. InfoPath. Frontpage. HTML. XTHML. XML. JavaScript

  • Financial Applications:

Bloomberg APIs. Intex.

  • Business Intelligence:

ETL. Data Mining Excel Client. SAS. SAS Enterprise Guide

  • Data Modeling and Documentation Tools:

Visio. Erwin Data Modeling. Process Modeling. Data Flow Diagrams. Activity Diagrams. Work Flow Diagrams. Flowcharts. SnagIT.

  • Software Development Methodologies:

SDLC. RAD. Agile. Scrum



  • Created the Access/VBA application for the Care Management Department that nurses use to manage their cases on patient care.
  • Utilized Excel/VBA to automate daily Excel procedures and reports that the department had been routinely generating manually.


  • Created Access/VBA applications for the Global AML/KYC group. Features include auditing trail, username and passwords or automatic logon based on Windows credentials, recycle bin, etc.
  • Utilized Excel/VBA to integrate Excel workbooks, including Pivot Tables, with Access/VBA applications.


Clients: Diversified Real Estate, Union Fertility Center, PSEG, RF Project Consulting

  • Created the Access/VBA database that analyzes billing information - as well as automate certain accounting processes - in the accounting department.
  • Confidential
  • Provided data gathering and analysis logical design detailed design ensuring data security in the design and system evaluation, vetting, modification, troubleshooting, and optimization.
  • Completed the assigned tasks of database enhancements for the client's existing Access application used for administering AIDS treatment in the laboratory.
  • Confidential
  • Created the Access/VBA application, integrated with Excel, of RF Project Consulting, LLC that aggregates, analyzes, charts, graphs and projects budget data.
  • Created the FERC accounting Access/VBA application of PSEG. Wrote Excel/VBA for rearranging Excel report templates into a structured format for database import and reports.
  • Created the Access/VBA application of Union Fertility Center that keeps track of appointments and various forms.
  • Created the Access/VBA application of Diversified Real Estate, Inc. that manages real estate appraisal. Created certain data analysis reports in Excel to go with Access.
  • Wrote Excel/VBA to rearrange Excel worksheets for automatic import into Access.


  • Enhanced and maintained the Access based Deal Tracking System of the Asset Backed Commercial Paper and Mortgage Backed Securities department.
  • Migrated to SQL Server backend created stored procedures, views, tables, indexes, etc.
  • Created the Access based HR employee database to coordinate time sheets and training assignments.
  • Created the departmental sharepoint site and with lists.


  • Created the HR Employee and Salary Tracking database in Access/VBA.
  • Gathered and documented business requirements, communicated and met deliverables, tested and implemented the final application, and trained and provided documentation to end-users.


  • Created the Access/VBA database that enables the users to automatically import Excel files on a regular basis, then presents prebuilt charts, pivot tables, and lists in Excel via an Access interface.
  • Wrote Excel/macros/VBA to arrange and create coloring based rules and format on pivot tables and charts for interoperability with Access.


  • Enhanced the MS Access database that helps traders in reconciliation, portfolio management and operations.
  • Created a feature that imports stock prices into the database.


  • Created an MS Access database for the tax department the database takes text files whose contents go into various tables, and then presents prebuilt reports.
  • Identified, acquired, synthesized, and analyzed relevant data.


  • Enhanced the P L, Repo, General Ledger, Reconciliation Access databases.
  • Analyzed/reviewed/altered programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
  • Troubleshooted and resolved operations and application issues.


  • Created the Asset Backed Securities database and the Mortgage Backed Securities database in Access/VBA.
  • Created a feature that enables the user to take Intex data for automatic import into the database.
  • Created charts, pivot tables, lists, etc in Excel/VBA/macros that integrate with the Access database.
  • Migrated to SQL Server backend created stored procedures, views, tables, and triggers.


  • Created the HR compensation tracking database in Access/VBA with Oracle as a backend.
  • Assisted in creating Crystal Reports for a VB application.
  • Enhanced the HR intranet site with use of Frontpage, HTML, and Javascript.


  • Enhanced the sales and asset management database using Access/VBA.
  • Incorporated a third party software that prints barcodes.
  • Served as technical project lead provided leadership and work guidance to less experienced personnel.


  • Created an Access/VBA database that prints specialized labels to a biomedical printer, stores treatment information, and links Word documents to records.
  • Worked with client and management to resolve issues and validate programming requirements.


  • Created the clean up database in Access that ensures proper naming of values and entities.
  • Provided data extraction, manipulation and analysis.


  • Created the compensation tracking database in Access/VBA.
  • Wrote Excel/VBA to rearrange unstructured data for automatic import.
  • Led the project from start to finish, keeping documentation up-to-date.

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