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It Analyst Resume Profile


  • Twenty-five years of experience in Information Technology with a strong emphasis on reporting and data analysis
  • Strong technical and analytical skills and an excellent understanding of programming logic adaptable to a variety of platforms, most predominantly Microsoft products such as MS SQL Server
  • Experience with Agile Development Methodology
  • Leadership and people skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrates initiative, organization and creative thinking


MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008R2/2012, MS SQL Reporting Services, MS SQL Analysis Services, OLAP Cubes, Visual Studio, C , SharePoint 2007/2010, Tidal, Team Foundation Server TFS 2008/2010, ColdFusion, Red Prairie WMS/LMS, Toad, Oracle, FACETS, Crystal Reports, MS Access, VBA, Visual Basic 6.0, SYBASE SQL, XML/XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, ASP, Digital Archaeology, MS Front Page, MS Project, MS SQL Server 6.5 Administrator and Developer , MS Excel, MS Word, Lotus Notes, Quicken, Advanced Revelation, DBase III/IV, Provide X, Focus, Mark IV, Basic


BI Developer Team Leader

  • Converted reports from a mainframe platform reporting system to a distributed data warehouse environment using Reporting Services and SQL Server stored procedures.
  • Went through a 4-year migration to a new Claims processing system and during this time converted reports from our Legacy system to the new third-party claims system using Reporting Services and SQL Server stored procedures.
  • Instrumental in developing the BI Team and processes such as developing a system to create unique report ID's to help organize the 1,000 reports the team supports.
  • Responsible for training new developers and mentoring developers from other teams wanting to use SSRS for their projects. Instituted a peer code review process, led a developer's tech meeting on a bi-weekly schedule, and created a comprehensive developer's procedure document to aid in training and offer a reference for current team members.
  • Trained in the Agile Methodology and a member of several Agile projects.
  • Supported several SSAS Cubes and made updates to them as necessary.
  • Trained on SharePoint development and administered several project sites.
  • Trained in C development to support some C processes created to help with report scheduling.
  • Worked with a team to set up and implement Tidal as the enterprise scheduler.
  • Confidential Programmer/Analyst
  • Responsible for part of the development team building a new company-wide custom-built application called Maverick. My main focus initially was to convert legacy reports to the new system using T-SQL and ColdFusion as the front-end. Roll-out for the first phase, Claims, was March, 2007.
  • Responsible for creating several OLAP Cubes to assist in data analysis of our Claims and our Policy data using Visual Studio and Analysis Services.
  • Wrote T-SQL stored procedures to create data set
  • In phase two of the roll-out, I was responsible for developing modules such as Commissions using ColdFusion. I created views to be used in Reporting Services by the business units to do ad hoc reporting and data analysis.
  • Developed front end reports using Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Created various Ad-hoc reports based on Business Units requirements using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Initiate and track daily code promotions for the development team. Assign report IDs and track report development and enhancement history.
  • Train and mentor contract employees and new developers.


System Data Analyst Logistics

  • Support ConAgra's warehouse management system, Red Prairie, at 12 integrated mixing centers throughout the country.
  • Lead analyst for the labor management system for all sites. This included cleaning up the data and making some modifications to increase the efficiency. Insure that data is accurately loaded each day.
  • Responsible for developing analytical reports/databases to give critical data to the team to understand where we need to improve processes and/or customer education to minimize help-desk cases from users.
  • Confidential Sr. Programmer/Analyst
  • As their first in-house programmer, I established procedures for desktop support, trained all users on basic Outlook functions including email and calendaring, and developed a help desk/inventory tracking database.
  • I developed MS Access/SQL Server applications for various departments linking to their lab information system. My first application replaced the need for manual filing of reports which saved four hours of manual labor a day.
  • I developed interfaces with the lab testing programs using MS Excel and MS Access to reformat test results and import the data into the lab information system.
  • Supervised one employee and one contractor.


SQL Programmer

Support the legacy system using SQL to write stored procedures for reporting, to attach to websites through Cold Fusion, or to perform analysis on the business as requested. Worked with Data Transformation Services to automatically format SQL query output into an Excel spreadsheet and email the finished report to users.


Programmer/Analyst II

  • Acted as Team Leader for the Reporting Team with responsibility for 4.5 team members. Managed all projects and provided technical and design help to the team as needed. Interacted with the Business Units to discuss their reporting needs and provided status updates to them throughout their projects.
  • Implemented the Digital Archaeology DA reporting platform, performed the DBA functions for this 2-server system, trained and supervised members of the report team and outside consultants as needed, provided design ideas to team and business units, conducted code reviews for all queries/reports before moving them into production, and led the efforts to create the intranet-based front end for the company reporting system.
  • Programmed stored procedures using Sybase SQL and MS Access databases with heavy VBA coding to create data extracts to send to the State of Kansas and the State of Missouri to prove legal compliance according to the state guidelines.
  • Programmed various systems and reports using Sybase SQL stored procedures and VBA scripts interactively with MS Access using the FACETS database as the data source.
  • Spent the last nine months working on conversion programs to move Mid America Health's data from Facets over to Coventry's IDX system using VBA and Digital Archaeology. This involved several trial runs and four simulations before the final data conversion was complete.


Project Manager

  • Project Manager responsible for the implementation of PolicyLink to administer a variables annuity product for the company. Analyzed all tasks involved, created and updated a project plan using MS Project, monitored resources to keep project on task, and updated the board of directors weekly on the progress of the implementation.
  • I/T Manager Windows Application Development November, 1998 January, 1999
  • Formed and led the Windows Development Team to do MS Access/Visual Basic/MS Excel applications as needed throughout the company, centralizing the desktop development in the I/T Department.


Sr. Applications Developer

  • Developed various reports and databases for the Accounting Department using data extracted from the MAS90 Accounting System, the ADP Payroll System, and/or internal systems.
  • Developed a system to determine a Systems Engineer's profitability based on the revenue generated and the costs involved. This information was updated nightly and available on the company's intranet site.
  • Assisted in setting up a SQL Server and acted as the administrator and developer for the system. Imported data from MAS90 and ADP to the SQL Server nightly. Databases, such as a Financial Summary System, accessed the summary data on the server enabling the system to produce reports and graphs analyzing the corporate business.
  • Converted several manual processes in Accounting and Human Resources to an automated system. These processes include tracking missing timesheets, tracking missing paperwork, uploading ADP information into MAS90, an insurance system that flags exceptions and then uploads complete/corrected data into MAS90, and various systems to help the users do their jobs more efficiently. Assisted in the development of a recruiter's database that enables the Triple-I recruiters to track all applicants and customers. All contact information, skills, resumes, and other necessary information is stored.


I/T Analyst II International Division

  • Developed a Visual Basic Retail Ratings System to be used in the France, Germany, and Australia subsidiaries. This system calculates a rating based on how well a greeting card sold in test stores during a selected time period.
  • Developed several MS Access, Visual Basic, and Advanced Revelations systems to help individual business units within the International Division.
  • Provided user support for all desktop applications to all members of the International Division. Helped to negotiate volume discounts when purchasing software for our international subsidiaries.

IT Analyst


  • Developed a system to create and track all export documentation needed to ship Hallmark product out of the country. This was previously a manual process. The system had the ability to connect to information located on the mainframe systems, to the warehouse, and order systems. This was a critical system to the International business and was my highest priority to maintain and enhance, train users, and supply support.
  • Assisted in installing a token ring network in the International Division and supplied the administrative support for this network.
  • Acted as consultant to users on technology issues. Developed systems in Advanced Revelations for the Legal, Properties, and other departments as needed.

PC/Mark IV Programmer


  • Designed and developed a dBase database to track the training needs of all employees in the Specialty Division. This system was used as a model to redevelop the company-wide training system.
  • Designed and developed a dBase database to track all expenses relating to a relocation of employees including selling their house, buying a new house, and all incidental expenses related to the move. All tax forms were created from this system as well as other reporting for management.
  • Created ad hoc reports using FOCUS for the Wage and Salary Department.

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