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Service Delivery Manager Resume Profile


  • Supported release management's software deployment life cycle activities using SharePoint for reporting and inputting requirements.
  • Fourteen plus years of I/T project management skills working in various business operations positions, within the infrastructure service delivery industry. The IBM data centers supported international internal accounts and large commercial customers who outsourced their information technology.
  • Delivered full life cycle project management methods and processes, specifically problem and change processes and tools, and business controls standards. Developed and implemented program and project level processes, procedures, and performance metrics.
  • Collaborated with the technical and applications teams in developing, implementing, and adhering to processes in order to, support corporate requirements and meet the customer's IT requirements.
  • Coordinated with the customer, application and technical teams to ensure a cost effective delivery of the agreed upon funded services. The technical teams included: mainframe programmers, system administrators, DBAs, storage, middleware, network, security, telephony, hardware engineers, operations, procurement, application teams, new business project managers, and management. Interfaced with Europe and Asia-Pacific teams.
  • Brought issues to resolution, escalating as necessary to meet timelines.
  • Created and delivered presentations to senior management on project plans and progress reports.
  • Prepared and presented charts and on-line reports in order to keep management fully informed of business activities and progress. Accomplished in using Excel, Microsoft Project, and company's on-line tools and databases to assess and document funding status and account issues.
  • Negotiated new business service requirements and budgets, and ensured funding and resources were in place to meet scheduled deliverables.
  • Advisory business level experience includes I/T business controls, account management, security coordination, product and project scheduling, and subcontracts.
  • Ability to understand how to work across functions and report in a matrix organization.
  • Industrious individual who is self-sufficient, analytical, adaptable, broad-minded, conscientious, and imaginative.
  • Skilled in these Application Tools
  • SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, Shared Drive, Remedy PAC2000, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project, Internet Explorer, Lotus Smart Suite, Safari, Firefox Ability to readily learn new application tools

Professional Experience


Release Coordinator

Supported the release managers by inputting items into the team's SharePoint site prepared release status reports for senior leaders, prepared and communicated exception/status reports, and documented and communicated meeting minutes. Supported release deployment activities and ad-hoc requests. Prepared procedures for release coordinator's activities. Proficient in using SharePoint, SURF, PIC, Change Control, and Shared Drive.


Business Process Analyst

Edited and formatted multiple business units' procedures to a standardized format in preparation for publishing and moving to a new environment.


Project Coordinator

Supported middleware engineers with documenting their change records. Developed improvement recommendations for a user-friendlier tool to effectively obtain necessary change information from the engineers.


Service Delivery Manager

  • Conceived, illustrated, and documented the formal IT severity 1 problem criteria process and procedure, root cause analysis RCA process for the newly formed STG IT team.
  • Formulated processes using the Lean concept of teaming with the technical team members, who would be using the process with resulting management approval. Supported the incremental process improvements of previous corporate approved processes.
  • Influenced the technical teams to follow the problem and change process, RCAs, and ensured audit readiness, to support passing corporate audits.
  • Organized and chaired technical conference calls.
  • Project Coordinator--Root Cause Analysis and Troubled Accounts Coordinator
  • Facilitated focus on IBM internal troubled accounts. Reviewed and identified several delivery's performance issues and ensured the troubled account leaders took the necessary steps to close issues identified in reviews.
  • Reviewed RCAs through creating actions items to identify and resolve problems in order to prevent re-occurrences.
  • Collaborated with peer organizational and global teams to investigate and analyze requirements for a new strategic RCA tool in order to meet the needs of the service management organizations worldwide. Partnered with support teams to create minimum requirements that would allow the tool to have a closed loop process and fix broken fields.
  • Organized and chaired biweekly conference calls.

Project Coordinator--Change Exception Process Owner

  • Advised the technical teams on the expectations and completing the change exception form. Administered the corporate quarter end change freeze periods and changes scheduled outside the standard maintenance window.
  • Counseled the technical teams while developing guidelines and criteria to maintain systems outside the standard maintenance windows.
  • Conceptualized and defined design requirements for a new change exception tool. Collaborated with the developer to ensure a global tool was user friendly, which created a 40 efficiency in time spent with the administrator and project manager in reviewing and completing the form.
  • Organized and chaired daily conference calls.

Service Delivery Manager

  • Facilitated the delivery teams during sev1 problems, ensured RCAs were completed, obtained customer financial information, loaded planned costs into the financial tool, and conducted weekly customer reviews.
  • Provided advice on service delivery center's processes and procedures, while working with development, project office, and service delivery teams to successfully deliver IT services to the customer.
  • Provided global project executive with business analyst support and reports for executive reviews and present and future budget planning.

Project Coordinator--Request for Services Coordinator

  • Advised the project managers in using the new business requirement's request for services RFS process. Conducted RFS process education classes to improve the implementation and use of the process with global and delivery project executives, account managers, and project managers.
  • Reported monthly status to management, to inform management the process was being followed and no longer needed special focus.

Project Manager--Delivery Project Executive

Managed funding interlocked with the global internal account's project office as a delivery project executive. Developed proposal to bring all of the account's applications to a single delivery site. Provided strategic direction with delivery issues between project managers and the project office. Negotiated with management to ensure appropriate resources were in place to successfully deliver contracted IT services.

Project Coordinator--IES Coordinator

  • Created a more efficient inter-enterprise services internet/intranet security process to provide more clarity for the technical team. The IES process was audit ready and reviewed by business controls.
  • Influenced the telephony team, as the team lead, to support the newly outsourced Ameritech team per the national contract. The internal technical team was required to take on a leadership role in their area of expertise due to the outsourcing.
  • Clarified and wrote the change management process for the telephony environment, in order to support the contract with Ameritech.
  • Documented the newly defined requirements, teamed with developer, and tested the new online security remote access services.

Project Coordinator--Vendor Relations Coordinator

  • Coordinated acquiring contractors between managers and procurement as the vendor relations' coordinator. Met the corporate policy of using procurement to negotiate rates with the contractors versus individual managers.
  • Recognized and encouraged finance to implement an automated on line hardware and software purchasing tool, resulting in a 90 efficiency to implement a purchase order before going to procurement.

Project Manager

Facilitated delivery of IT services documented in the statement of work with the State of Washington. Administered the State of California host development plan, which included updating the Microsoft project plan.


Subcontract Program Manager

  • Received Federal Systems Company Marketing/Technical Symposium award for leading proposal preparation and delivery to the Navy customer. Evaluated budget justifications for accuracy and appropriate basis of estimate.
  • Directed and administered the statement of work with the subcontractor and our internal teams during the development phase and delivery of unique government products.
  • Contributed to a quality improvement team to improve the FSC and IBM commercial invoice payments.
  • Tracked and updated program schedules with Microsoft Project.

Previous IBM Responsibilities

  • Scheduled product requirements for the large bank check processor and printer processor.
  • Analyzed requirements and ordered production parts as a production control analyst for IBM's largest bank check processor.
  • Received IBM Means Service Award for interfacing with and servicing the commercial customer's office equipment.

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