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Terminal Programmer Tech Support Resume Profile

  • I am an Electronics Engineer with firm background in Silicon Technology, Computer controlled Robotics, Computer Networking, project leadership, Technical Support, Prototype design, QA test development with Broad knowledge of manufacturing and fabrication processes. I understand and identify engineering problems down to the design and Application level, and provide solutions to the complex issues. I have Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team and a fast paced environment with Technical experience in industrial electrical power systems and power generation and analysis.
  • I have a solid understanding of Technical support, consulting, customer needs analysis to determine product fit, and owning issues and driving them to resolution. Additionally my accomplishments have been achieved by improving my goals toward Prototype design, innovation and group leadership within my career. I am able to independently develop and implement product based test strategies, and able to direct other technical resources to accomplish project objectives, and ability to lead teams to bring project to completion and Project planning, management, perform multiple concurrent projects and having well developed interpersonal, presentation communication, and multitasking skills.
  • I would be happy to have a preliminary discussion with you to see if we can establish a mutual interest.

Objective: To hold a position as an Electronics/Electrical Engineer, to design, test, develop and evaluate prototype designs, create and execute test plans, and manage the Electronics engineering projects, assist in project planning, Test, Validation and execution.

Professional Experiences:


Sr. Terminal Programmer Tech Support

  • Electronic Payment System terminal programming, test, application developments and Project leadership.
  • Programming troubleshooting of wireless Terminals and electronic Payment Systems through GPRS and WI-FI communication Protocols.
  • Remote local Terminals programming, test, diagnosis applications download via IP and modem connection.
  • Develop action plans, corrects root cause of technical problems, lead escalations and customers technical support.
  • Assist in production scale-up of new products and solving related production issues


Sr. Project Engineer

  • Ensure the proper security model and posture for the network equipments within the Enterprise Domain Network environments.
  • In charge Project Management, deployment and support of Routers, Firewalls, switches and assigning the TCP/IP protocols, and sub-netting.
  • Design and support of wireless LAN/WAN technologies, and remote access solutions including traditional dialup, IPSec VPN and SSL VPN.


Sr. Electronics Test QA Engineer

  • In charge of Hardware Electronics Project leader and performed as a member of core team in the design and implementation of embedded systems.
  • Tested and modified the RS20 CPU board design for the Transportation Revenue Systems in the Application Engineering department.
  • Factory Acceptance Test FAT and configuration of the Slave adapters for proper functioning of the TRS Transportation Revenue System components along with test, debugging of Embedded Micro Controllers.
  • Created engineering reports regarding the procedure of programming both Encoder and Dispensers PC Boards for the Transportation Revenue System TRS in production status.
  • Hardware and Software application Integration activities and functional testing of Prototype machines, and executed Fault Analysis and quality assurance tests.
  • In charge of programming debugging Firmware with PLC devices and creating testing techniques for multi-layer applications.
  • Selected and integrated sensors, control devices such as temperature/motion/pressure, I/O modules, power supplies


Test Engineer

  • Worked as a Test engineer at the PSG Product Stress Group department and tested CPUs, Flash memories and Wafers internal circuitry Post-Silicon power-up and Validation.
  • Handled and configured the initial PGA tests to gather critical data in setting the BI Burn In process and modified the BI board design in order to comply with the new PGA devices coming to the PSG department for test.
  • Handled setup and configuration of the Automated Test equipment ATE system, which transmits and analyzes electrical signals to each IC for evaluation and verification of different packaged ICs performance.
  • Performed internal circuit fault analysis and created engineering reports for design modification and improvement of the Processors and PGA devices.
  • Supervised the CPU architecture, logic design, physical design, system software and hardware, and performance during the test validation.


Electronics / Robotics Engineer

  • Assembly and programming of superior electric motion control indexer boards, power amplifiers, Brush / Brushless DC-Servo motors for motion control Robotic systems.
  • Installation of multi axes motion controller card designed for different applications involving jogging, point-to-point positioning, electronic gearing and contouring, Linear and circular interpolation with continuous vector feed for the Computer controlled Robotics industry.
  • Programmed Motion Controllers with DMA channels for instant access to parameters and expanded non-volatile memory for storing programs and arrays. Developed and documented the manual tests for programming and testing the DC Servo and Stepper Motors installed in the motion Controlled Camera system.

Skills: Proficiency in proposal development and project management, Technical Presentation, Building, testing evaluation of prototype circuits, Strong Troubleshooting Experience customer support. Develop strategy to process qualification and Validation of Protocols and use queries to create test data and analyze the data flow, Digital Analog electronics circuit troubleshooting. Programming In C Language Auto CAD Design drafting. Servo Application experience.

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