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Program Manager Resume Profile


  • Active Federal Government Secret Department of Defense DoD background clearance.
  • Lead nationwide projects with budgets in excess of 50 million annually.
  • Over 10 years with experience in Project management consulting including finance healthcare programs.
  • Managed national projects with over 90 direct reporting employees at multiple locations.
  • Full Project Life Cycle experienced combined with MS Project, Bizagi, JIRA and other PM software tools.
  • Successfully used Lean Six Sigma LSS cost savings methods that reduced project costs over 80 .
  • Successfully lead Implantation and Deployment software driven global projects.
  • Process Improvement and Risk Management project experience.
  • Highly focused on client satisfaction and maintaining good customer relations.
  • Certified Project Management Professional PMP with the Project Management Institute PMI

Experience Overview

Ten years of experience in project management consulting with a focus in program management oversight, project growth development, financial and technical operational contracts. Managed a number of projects for several federal and state government agencies including DOD, DOJ, DHS, and DHHS. Varied experience includes managing project team leads, operation implementation planning, financial and healthcare management with a focus on earned value management, and incorporating various PM methodologies when needed. Experience effectively managing a diverse workforce at multiple sites on nationwide project and involved in managing projects that deployed internationally. Focused on creating unique business improvement solutions t meet client short and long term needs through improving project workflow, quality aspects and lowering overall program costs.

Professional Experience


This Agency was South Carolina's grant-in-aid program by which the federal and state governments share the cost of providing medical care. Most of the funding provided t Medicaid, the total budget of this agency exceeded 7 billion annually.

Sr. Program Manager

  • Lead a number projects that feel under the Project Management Office PM division of the South Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services. Managed critical projects under the Replacement Medicaid Management Information System RMMIS that the federal government help fund with the state of South Carolina.
  • Worked as a Project Manager managing multiple projects focusing primarily on IT and Healthcare that had both federal CMS, Content Management System and state mandated initiatives.
  • Lead as many as six projects that each ranged from 500,000 t 5,000,000.
  • Managed a major project for the implementation of data encryption/decryption agency state wide using the Voltage data encryption decryption tool suite.
  • Worked with multiple vendors and contractors that reported directly t me regarded project health status.
  • Created recommendations for the PM release management division for managing multiple project releases effectively in JIRA.
  • Created portfoli management framework for DHHS following the PMI and XLC methodologies.
  • Worked with senior management t scope and prioritize strategic projects.
  • Led and prioritized the work of other project managers and team members.
  • Mentored new project managers as well as provided tools for determining level quality for the PMO.


This small disabled veteran owned business primarily focuses on federal government related consulting and contracting assignments. This privately owned company is located in the Washington, DC area and has approximately 50 employees.

Project Manager

  • Worked within the Veteran Benefits Association VBA department under Veteran Affairs VA . VBA provides a number of benefits for all DoD Veterans.
  • Worked as a Project Manager overseeing process improvement with Veteran Affairs VA healthcare claims system on a document conversion process t a secure electronic database with proper physical document disposition.
  • Executed process improvements via Project Management Professional PMP and Lean Six Sigma LSS methodologies.
  • Managed project cost saving initiatives by utilizing Earned Value Management techniques and budget cost forecasting tied t the projected process changes.
  • Made improvements through re-engineered procedure steps by making changes t the streamline workflow requirements that decreased process time and cost over 15 nationally:
  • Conducted think tank group meetings with regional and division PM stakeholder clients t determine risk and necessary procedure constraints.
  • Updated IT health information exchanges HIE's solutions.
  • Created fail-safe measures in the procedure steps for preventative risk analysis.
  • Performed cost-benefit analysis for the each change in the process workflow t determine cost savings while evaluation these against quality level changes.

Project Manager

  • Consulting with Evoke worked for the Rapid Applications Development RAD branch under the Applications Development Division ADD that falls under the Department of Homeland Security DHS . Included in this managerial program oversight was over a 100 overlapping projects, including projects with key shareholders in various federal departments that teamed with the DHS.
  • Responsible for overseeing the status of the status of project risks and change issues in the Rapid Applications Development RAD branch.
  • Developed a dependency need program for the reporting of various individual project issues that can he handled in streamline fashion with in SharePoint among the divisional branch group.
  • Deployed a successful project risk management control system with specific managerial user role access with SharePoint. This tied int the DHS in house cloud Enterprise Resource Planning ERP system


HP Enterprise Services is the global business and technology services division of Hewlett Packard's Enterprise Business strategic business unit with over 130,000 employees in 60 countries. It was formed by the combination of HP's legacy services consulting and outsourcing business and the integration of acquired Electronic Data Systems. In 2010 it had over 25 billion in revenue.

Program Manager Deployment and Implementation Management

  • Provided oversight on national and global directive for Department of Defense DoD card purchase program t include processes with data mining, financial analysis, risk assessment, reporting, and additional software support. This ERP implementation initiative included all DoD divisions, Army, Navy, Air Force, and DoD Agencies. The entire scope of the system program included financial and accounting transaction data in excess of 500 million annually.
  • Provided oversight on national and global directive for Department of Defense DoD card purchase program t include process with data mining, financial analysis, risk assessment, reporting, and additional software support including Visi SharePoint.
  • Operated alongside senior leadership with the Project Management Office PM t establish project objectives, scheduled reporting, and strategic operational needs.
  • Worked alongside multiple teams t ensure proper documentation of status reports, workflow diagrams using Visio, and project objections.
  • Re-engineered processes involved in the global program t help establish and integrate more organizations and users in the overall network. The effectiveness of this new these procedures resulted in an increase in the rollout operational deployment of at least 15 more users in less than tw months.
  • Consulted clients frequently in order t meet their needs and solve operational issues and problems, s that all procedures followed project specifications.
  • Helped create IT networks solution plans at deployed sites that enabled secure information transfers t various remote locations.


Ruchman focused on provided consulting business, technical, finance, and administrative consulting personnel t various federal government agencies. Ruchman is a privately owned company with over 30 years' experience.

Program Manager

  • Lead Project Manager for Ruchman Associates largest overall contract. This contract had over 95 direct reporting employee personal at over 25 locations with various functions and duties for the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA under the Department of Justice.
  • Lead the national Ruchman DEA project that included employees at DEA locations in over 20 states and USA territories.
  • Improved procedures and controls, where necessary, t ensure that all services were met according t the contract requirements. This included:
  • Increasing employment overall task efficiency by 18 in the first four months on the nationwide project.
  • Improving inefficiencies in the project management Enterprise Resource Planning ERP system.
  • Working directly with local clients t specify that site needs were completed within the scope of the project.
  • Leading an HR directive t increase staffing needs by 24 t meet the needs of all the project goals and remain within budget.
  • Handled project managerial duties including project planning, capital planning, schedule reporting, and strategic operational needs for multiple projects including healthcare programs.
  • Created and utilized project management tools t effectively and efficiently manage software implementation and upgrade projects for many entities. This included:
  • Constructing plans in Microsoft Project for effectively managing resources and budgets.
  • Configuring SharePoint t ensure effective project documentation and issue resource management.
  • Building budget-monitoring tools t ensure that project resources were used according t budgeted hours and dollars.
  • Producing effective status reporting tools and meeting formats that enabled problems t be quickly identified and addressed t keep projects on track.
  • Effectively managed projects within the overall national program that included the Financial, HR/payroll, Healthcare, and IT consulting government services.


Nortel Government Solutions provided service consulting and mission-critical systems for a multiple federal government programs. In 2009 they became Avaya Government Solutions they continue t focus on IT products and services that are tailored solutions for federal government objectives. In 2012 Avaya Government Solutions revenue exceeded 5 billion and they have over 16,000 employees.

Program Management Specialist

  • Managed field of consultant team IT leads providing support for Transportation Security Administration TSA . Supervised approximately 20 employees wh reported various project updates, financial reports and client operational information.
  • Scheduled multiple overlapping deployment team plans t meet the needs for TSA.
  • Managed the procurement system ordering and receiving needs for projects within the project management center.
  • Handled project managerial duties regarding project plans, reporting and strategic operational planning.
  • Was responsible for all expense reports within the project center. This included all expenses reported and maintaining the program controls for all invoices and budget adjustments.
  • Evaluated project financial data, including monthly reports, burn rate charts and graphs.
  • Accurately updated and tracked Other Direct Cost ODC financial reports.
  • Managed various scheduling program controls and financial statistical reporting that tracked actual accrued costs that fell within the 8 range of the budget forecast cost goals.
  • Provided Financial Problem Disbursement Reconciliation support t the Naval Sea Systems Command Problem Disbursement Branch NAVSEA 01 under Department of Defense DoD .
  • Supplied budget and financial management support t the NAVSEA Comptroller's Office 01 and investigated program financial management information.
  • Reconciled contract and cases using program databases as well as consulting client sources.
  • Organized allocations t ensure cost effective postings of allocation entries int the appropriate financial database.
  • Successfully responsible for initiating Lean Six Sigma cost savings that reduced project costs over 80 that saved this project nearly 8 million.


This division of Fleet Banking provided over 750 million yearly in overall healthcare financing. This division has been sold and merged with Wachovia which later was acquired by Wells Farg in 2008.

Compliance Coordinator

  • Evaluated financial leasing requests for Lease Credit Department Healthcare leasing, submitted from various healthcare companies and hospitals t ensure that it is financially viable and that returns outweigh potential risk.
  • Monitored reviews t ensure its compliance with risk ratings financial exposure.
  • Analyzed past, current and potential future market conditions, in combination with client's risk and probable returns.
  • Linked progress int company's database, established cross balances with other departments.
  • Performed cost benefit analysis t ensure proper procurement-purchasing measures had been followed.
  • Worked with customers and lender companies frequently t create an accurate estimate of their property's value.

Technical Skills

  • Software: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Works, Access, Visi Windows 2000, StellarView, JIRA Atlassian , Bizagi.
  • Other: WinTotal 2000, Altaira, WyldFyre, FirstView, and NewsEdge
  • Procurement System Software: Deltek CostPoint.


  • Volunteer for Capital Area Food Bank, non-profit organization that collects and provides food for various charity partners in the Washington DC metr area.
  • Volunteer as a hockey coach for the Arlington Middle School Hockey Program, 2010 2013

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