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Program Analyst Resume Profile

Summary of Qualifications

Over 25 years of experience in computer programming. Worked as a Project Manager as well as a Programmer/Program Analyst. Expert in the full lifecycle software development process from planning and designing phase to the project implementation phase. Extremely knowledgeable in developing and maintaining financial applications such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Inventory. Experience in identifying customer issues, written and verbal communication on all levels within the organization, problem solving, and technical knowledge. A results-oriented individual who works well independently or as an integral part within a team.

More than 25 years of leadership experience involving:

  • Program Manager
  • Project Management: Financing, Automotive, Medical Industries
  • Process Performance Improvements
  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Project Scheduling
  • Resource Planning
  • Budget Planning
  • Mentoring of employees
  • Training of new employees and end users of the applications
  • Programmer/Program Analyst
  • Wrote Design Documentation
  • Analyzed user requirements
  • Technical Support
  • Code Development
  • Visual Studio 6 Includes: Visual Basic, ADO, ASP COM, COM , and DCOM
  • Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2012 Includes: VB, C Sharp, XML, Web Service, VB Scripting, AJAX, ASP
  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • SQL Server DML, DDL, TCP/IP
  • MySQL
  • Crystal Reports
  • Web Development HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, Dom, CSS, PHP, Java Script, ASP.Net, AJAX
  • Microsoft Office suite of products
  • Microsoft Expressions
  • DreamWeaver CS6
  • Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95 98 XP
  • Java JDBC, Corba, Java Beans, J2EE, JSP
  • Apache Web server, IIS, Websphere
  • IRIS, IMS Basic, UNIBASIC, Universal Business Basic, BBxProgression/3
  • AIX Operating System

Professional Experience


Sr. Program Analyst:

Responsible for the management of the design, developing code, updating and maintenance of the Practice Management Software, Appointment Scheduling, EMR, and AppMed Inc's website. Several environments were used including Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio 2008, and Visual Studio 2010. Microsoft Expressions and Dreamweaver CS6 were also utilized for the website development.

  • Practice Management Software is the management of medical patient information for processing insurance claims. This software consisted of the following modules: Patient Demographics, Patient Insurance, Patient Encounters, Patient Ledgers, Patient Reports, Patient statements, Encounter Reporting, Insurance Claim
  • The practice management software was developed and maintained in Visual Studio 6 and programmed in VB6. XML and Web Service was included in the software development and either a Microsoft Access Database or Microsoft SQL Server Database was used. Responsible for over 100 windows forms and reports in the Visual Studio 6 environment using VB6 language. Rewrote automatic electronic insurance processing of claims saving valuable user time.
  • Processing paper and electronically , Insurance Claim Posting, Financial Reporting Daily, Monthly, Periodic , Scanning.
  • Tasked with development of the Electronic Medical Records EMR Software: This application is the management of patient health information. Developed application screens to allow the ability to enter patient information along with the patient health history. This information can include patient allergies, medications, order Prescription and labs and vital signs. This also includes a note entry screen for Doctors notes on patient visits that have pre-defined templates to allow easier note taking. This EMR software interfaces with Doctor First, a 3rd party software.
  • The Electronic Medical Records EMR Software application with over 100 windows forms and reports was developed and maintained in Visual Studio 2008 and higher environment and programmed in VB.Net. XML and Web Service was included in the software development and either a Microsoft Access Database or Microsoft SQL Server Database was used
  • Tasked with the developing the interface with the 3rd party software using XML and Web Service coding. This 3rd party software is used to transfer, from EMR to Doctor First and from Doctor First to EMR, the patient's information including their allergies, allergy reactions, other doctor's medicines that have been prescribed and new prescriptions.
  • Once the application the above tasked were completed tasked with making the EMR application certified under the Electronic Health Record government requirements.

Responsible for developing Appointment Scheduling for clients:

  • This software was developed using Visual Basic 6. The program allows the end user the ability to schedule appointments by provider or room number. The appointment scheduling software was developed and maintained in Visual Studio 6 and programmed in vb6. Either a Microsoft Access Database or Microsoft SQL Server Database was used.
  • AppMed.com is the company home website. Worked directly with the owner in regards to taking his ideas and using Microsoft Expressions and Dreamweaver applications using HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.Net, JAVA Script, AJAX and MySQL database under an Apache Web server to create an updated and refreshing new home website. Handled the development, maintenance, upgrades, and the technical support for AppMed Inc.
  • Confidential

Sr. Process Analyst:

Tasked to work with the Top Flight System users to improve the processes of the AppMed Practice Management Software.


Program Manager Owner :

Responsible for the Management of computer services to track the automotive repair industries businesses car maintenance schedules for their customers. Designed and developed the software system to generate the service reminder cards to the customer for the auto repair industry. Managed the testing of the system and the implementation of the software into production. Once the system went into production, provided training to the end users and the technical support.


Project Manager 1997-2001 :

  • programs for Mellon. Once the testing was complete, was responsible for the programs implementation into production. These systems include the initial application of the client, receivables, additional items pertaining to the lease, taxes involved per state and late payments and fees. Led the training of direct hires, conducted weekly team meetings, handled problem resolutions, delegated assignments to team members and provided progress reports to upper management and end users.
  • As lead of programming, managed staff of employees for the Leasing Management system. This system keeps track of the equipment leased to the Mellon clients. Accountable for the continued development of new programs and the maintenance and testing of the Leasing Management System, as well as, all
  • Tasked with creating a Cost-per-Copy system as an add-on to the main leasing system. This new system enabled the company to potentially generate hundreds of new types of leases per month thereby increasing revenue. Responsible for leading the team through the phases of design, development, design testing and through code implementation into production.
  • Tasked with creating a cash history program. Worked closely with the Vice President of Collections to enable the company to accurately calculate late fees on lease payments. As a result, the company was able to generate thousands of dollars more in revenue which was not previously calculated or collected. Responsible for leading the team through the phases of design, development, design testing and through code implementation into production.
  • Tasked with the development of a customized Program Management System. This system tracks the time line, resources and budget for all projects. The program allowed the team to go from a paper base tracking system to an automated tracking system. This increased productivity, efficiency and accuracy in meeting deadlines by providing team members with accurate project status information.
  • Tasked with the development of a customized File Management System. This enabled the programmers to go from a paper data file system to an electronic data file layouts for the leasing system. This enabled the saving of programing hours of development time for each project.
  • Tasked with working closely with the end users to create software development design documentation. Communicated and worked closely with end users to create the design documents, code designs, scheduling and coordination of user requirements, and to ensure all project deadlines were met and remained within budget.
  • Tasked with doing the data analysis for conversion for GE Capital. Developed the code to convert the data and tested the converted data calculations and data mappings in an Excel spreadsheets to confirm the Mellon data files can be read by GE Capital files

Programmer Analyst 1994-1996 :

Responsible for the design, maintenance and implementation of the leasing management system including Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger and Payroll. Responsible for providing technical support to end users as needed on the lease management system and PC based Microsoft Office products.


Solution Systems is a company, in which they build custom software for business solutions.

Programmer Analyst:

Responsible for the code design, implementation and maintenance of customized accounting software using UNIBASIC on a RS6000 with an AIX Operating System. Performed needs analysis and customer support for over 300 customers.


United Stationers is a wholesale office supply business.

Programmer Analyst: Responsible for the implementation of the financial system for the office products business as well as for the Office Automation System including the development of programs and provided technical software support.

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