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Database Administrator Resume Profile



  • Expert knowledge within IT environments, to include programming, support, design, technical project management database administration
  • Well-qualified technology professional with extensive experience in information technology, leadership, strategic planning, customer service, research and analysis, technical project management, and integrated solutions. Unique blend of technical, business, and communication skills interact well with client, IT/executive staff, end-users, and internal/external support departments. Recognized for implementing reporting systems, improving and automating processes. Exceptionally strong background in database administration, disaster recovery, programming, analysis, support, design and performance improvements.


  • Emerging Technologies Business Technical Issue Resolution End-User Peer Training
  • Strategic Operational Planning Enterprise Applications System Integration Procedural Documentation
  • Troubleshooting System Analysis Database Design Modeling Product Service Quality



Nation's leading financial institution providing full line of financial services.

Vice President / Database Administration

  • Recognized as Subject Matter Expert SME for Disaster Recovery, new Project Engagement and Design, DB2 Utilities, Change Management, DB2 DBA Infrastructure, REXX and COBOL programming.
  • Implemented several new DB2 Database projects from the design phase through production installation, including an Oracle to DB2 conversion, a large partitioned Database with QREP, MQ Shared Queue Databases, a Database for an application that used SAS, Databases with Java front ends and JDBC drivers, Databases with Websphere, DPROP Database and a Linux DB2 conversion.
  • Served in leadership roles as Disaster Recovery Coordinator, Change Coordinator, Employee Engagement Champion and Project Manager overseeing design/implementation of DB2 DBA infrastructure and new projects/initiatives.
  • Recruited to build and support z/OS DB2 database repository, to include scripting, design/analysis, installation, monitoring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and tuning z/OS DB2 databases. Successfully resolved complex technical issues and assignments within mission-critical deadlines. Completed project and design for DB2 STI team accountable for change coordination, DB2 relational database design, modeling, performance monitoring/improvement, and implementation of run time improvements. Performed code reviews, mentored team members, and facilitated meetings.
  • Identified and implemented several large DB2 performance fixes and/or improvements for Application Databases supported captured 500K annual cost savings for MIPS and/or DASD usage.
  • As Engagement and Design DBA for Shared Technology DB2 Team, personally served as Technical Engineer to analyze new projects and/or initiatives. Attended design meetings, completed initial analysis, and documented findings details of impacts/changes to DB2 Database Objects, JCL, Job Schedule, security, Disaster Recovery, DASD space or DB2 performance . If I was not implementing the project, document was turned over to a build DBA to use as a script.
  • Successfully served as Department Change Coordinator managed and coordinated all Changes and Production Change Requests for Mainframe Database Department reviewed/approved new changes.
  • Designed/implemented DB2 IVP checkout for 100 DB2 subsystems. Project designed to be submitted automatically to evaluate all major components, Utilities, DB2 Catalog and Vendor Applications following upgrade/maintenance. Identified DB2 maintenance issues on test systems and prevented issue from propagating to production before IBM could create PTF to resolve the issue.
  • Disaster Recovery Coordinator successfully implemented automated processes to reduce Mirrored DR checkout time for DB2 from an average of 1 hour per subsystem to 5-10 minutes.
  • Designed/installed numerous internal DB2 DBA infrastructure projects to assist in monitoring databases, email and/or text pages. Projects included the DBA LISTDEF JCL Generator, Invalid Authorization Reports and paging alerts system, DB2 Object Counts Monthly Reports for all subsystems, RUNSTATS and Image Copy Monitoring Reporting, DB2 Tablespace space monitoring system and the DB2 dataset DASD Space monitoring/paging alert system.


Vice President / Apps Programming Technical Project Management

  • Directed technical duties for DB2 application and project management, to include DB2 relational database design/modeling, and DB2 performance monitoring/improvement for LINX DB2 application. Implemented run time improvements and performed code reviews. Partnered with DB2 DBA to address database issues and enhancements, mentored team members, and facilitated project meetings.
  • Served as Project Manager/Coordinator for MODEL and Non-Base Support initiatives. Performed analysis, programming, and end-user training. Prepared documentation/status, resource assignment, estimates, timelines, and budgets for all projects.
  • Concurrently served as Technical Project Manager successfully managed and coordinated technical aspects from inception to final implementation. Created in-house written DB2 system to replace original system. Coordinated DB2 database changes with Project DBA to ensure timely installation with zero impact to project timelines. Identified/resolved performance issues mentored/trained team members. Developed CICS online modules, implemented program code reviews to, and performed on-site training and support for Business Partners in Dallas and Phoenix.
  • Successfully initiated Run Time Improvements project to reduce CPU and DASD usage realized 100K annual cost savings.
  • Assumed Lead Technical role provided database modeling and design for integration of Collateral Tracking System into LINX DB2 application. Utilized ERWIN to create the database model and generate the DDL created new online and batch DB2 program modules. Completed performance monitoring/improvement, code reviews, and coached team members to create efficient DB2 SQL.


  • Provide qualified information technology staff for design and implementation.
  • Y2K Project Coordinator assigned to NationsBank/Bank of America
  • Provided analysis, consulting, and end-user training, as well as implemented batch job schedules/changes, and programming. Utilized several mainframe utilities and applications.
  • -Successfully coordinated technical aspects of KODAK Archive and Retrieval systems KAR Y2K conversion project. Provided project management during all phases of project. Completed analysis, to include research on Y2K compliance of utilities used in Batch jobflow, flowcharts of KAR systems batch streams, Excel spreadsheets, and detailed documentation to assist in coding phases.
  • See Addendum for Additional Career History, Position Details Additional Training Courses



DB2 10 for z/OS, DB2 9 for Z/OS, DB2 8 for Z/OS, DB2 7 for Z/OS, DB2 6 for Z/OS

Utilities / Applications / Facilities

BMC Tools for DB2 CATALOG MANAGER, CHANGE MANAGER, etc. , Platinum, Omegamon, DPROP, QMF, SPUFI, DB2I, QREP, DDF, Websphere, DB2 Data Sharing, CA7, CA11, TMS, ChangeMan, Endevor, PanValet, INFOPAC, NDM, Xpediter/TSO, Xpediter/CICS, ISPF, DCD III SPF, JCLPREP, IDCAMS, IEBGENER, UCC11, SORT, SyncSort, FILEAID, ABARS, PRODEX, SAR, TSO, TPX, ISPF and SDSF.

PC Utilities / Applications

ERWIN, Visual Studio DB2, Visual Explain DB2, DB2 Connect, Microsoft WORD, Microsoft EXCEL, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft PROJECT, VISIO, Maximo, WEBEX, VPN, MAS and EXTRA.

Programming / Coding

DB2, SQL, DDL, DML, REXX, COBOL, COBOLII, COBOL370, CICS, EZTRIEVE , IBM MVS JCL, VSAM, TSO Command, ISPF PANELS and Interface, CLISTS, GENER/OL, HP3000 MPE JCL, SpeedWare, HP3000 COBOL, Microsoft FoxPro, Microsoft Access and RMCOBOL/PC.

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