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Rf Engineer Resume

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Hardworking Graduate student seeking to utilize skills and to pursue a career to expand knowledge & nurture interests and technical skills to a professional level. Currently seeking a full time job opportunity.


RF Engineer



  • Hands - on Experience in different tools - Business Object, ACTIX, TEMS Investigation, MapInfo, Path loss, Pilot Pioneer, Genex, DataPro, Asset, Spectrum analyzer, Pilot scanners STP, ISDN, LNA, Atoll.
  • RF Survey & Survey Reporting.
  • Drive Test in city & rural cluster.
  • KPI Analysis & Optimization.
  • 2G & 3G swap.
  • 3G SSV & Cluster Drive Test
  • Frequency Planning
  • Walk test survey & Installing Pico antenna,
  • Installing GSM antenna & commissioning GSM site
  • Hands on experience on RFID equipment, RF circuit analysis.



  • New site and DCS sites Single site verification (SSV).
  • Identification of faults and issues during the drive test e.g. Handover failures, Call drops, Poor Quality and low Rx level, missing neighbors, overshoots etc.
  • Analysis of Drive Test files for taking care of External and Internal Interference in the Network, which involves analysis of Rx quality, Rx Level etc, re-planning of RF parameters in problematic areas accordingly. Co-channel (C/I) and Adjacent channel (C/A) Interference analysis.
  • Perform walk test at the customer complain location and analyze drive test log and generate reports with recommendations for regarding poor signal strengths, poor quality, call blocking, one-way communication (silent call).
  • Preparing SSV and CMS report using TEMS Investigation 8.1.3 and Map info 10.5.



  • Performing the role of DT-Coordinator & Reporting Engineer for Huawei - Citycell (CDMA-1X, EVDO-Rev .A) NPM project.
  • Prepare report for throughput, DRC Rate, Rx Power, Tx power, PER Average by using Pilot Panarama v6.3.2.1, Pilot Pioneer v4.2.0.1 &Actix.
  • Have done Drive Test for CDMA-1X Voice, Data & EVDO Network.

RF & LOS Survey



  • Site survey / RF survey / LOS Survey.
  • Secure candidate for new site.
  • To propose Microwave antenna position and angle.
  • To measure bearing angle of MW links (uplink & downlink).
  • To take nearby Environment and LOS bearing Information & photographs.
  • To take existing co-shareable site information & picture.
  • LOS obstacle detection & information collection.
  • Secure the Microwave link. RF/LOS reporting.
  • GPS navigation/ Routing, etc


Simulation Software: Xilinx ISE, Aexio Xeus, Microwind, PSPICE, ADS, Praat, MATLAB.

Programming Languages: C, Python, VHDL etc.

Drawing Software: AutoCAD, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Development tool: Eclipse, Visual Studio.

Hardware tools: Microcontroller, Spectrum analyzer.

Documentation Tool: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

PLC: Mitsubishi, Allan Bradly.

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