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Project Manager Resume

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To work as senior programmer/web developer or database administrator in charge of high performance application or large - scale web site design, high volume database administration.


System level development: Windows system programming. High performance search engine, multithreading programming, C/C++/C#, MFC, STL/ATL, ASP/ASP.NET/ ADO.NET, .NET framework, NQL, Internet Robot/spider/agent design.

System administration/database administration: Database administration and development(Oracle, SQL SERVER), PL/SQL, T-SQL, Oracle pro*c/c++, XML, MS SQL SERVER DTS, Data Warehouse, MS SQL ANALYSIS/OLAP/ADO MD.

Network Integration: Router/Switch admin/configuration, Linux, Windows server series based server setup(Email, DNS…), Load balance setup, firewall setup, IDS(Intruder detect system) setup

Other: Siemens Automation series, PDS/IBS Intelligent Building system.


Confidential, PA

Project Manager


  • Created, designed, developed, implemented and maintained Confidential, a well-established price.
  • In charge of all programming duties. Include developing high performance database solution and high performance programs using C/C++/C# language. Combine both low level and high level language and technologies to handle the complexity and the large volume data volume for Confidential: millions of products, thousands of manufacturers and categories and resellers, combining with their relative information. In charge of all database administration, maintenance and performance turning tasks. In charge of all maintenance, trouble shooting, turning, upgrading for all hardware / software / networking system.
  • Designed and implemented all Confidential programs. Implemented in c++ from year of 2000, using CGI, ISAPI and WIN32 share memory/virtual memory for fast search engine to big volume database. Started to move to Microsoft .NET platform since beginning of 2002 and finished it at 2003, redesigned and implemented all programs with ASP.NET, C#, SQL SERVER 2000 and Microsoft Search Service.
  • Designed and implemented new product sense system for Confidential . This system includes web Spider/Intelligent Agent with C#, NQL, SQL Server 2000, DTS and SQL Server 2000 Full text search. All products information, including image, spec, accessories, description, rebates and reviews on Confidential comes from the system.
  • Designed and implemented all internal management system. Finished on .NET platform.
  • Designed and implemented web track system and various event handling programs including ISAPI Extension/Filter and ASP.NET event handler applications. Built click-stream database to track and trace complex traffic data.
  • Director and designer of Confidential “cash back” program, the first Pay Per Sale system in the price comparison industry, providing automatic conversion rate/online purchase transaction report for many online resellers, also gave cash back to end users through the system. Implemented half coding task for this system. ( So far the only module that is not wholly implemented by myself. )
  • Designed and implemented reseller management system, providing real time statistics data with table reporting, bar chart, pie chart for resellers.
  • Designed and implemented cash back account management system, providing cash back balance management, notification, user information management function for online end users .
  • Designed and implemented hot deal/coupon system, including real time hot deal / coupon crawling system and deal / coupon internal management.
  • Designed and implemented auto suggest search function with new ajax technology, provide auto complete input system like “google suggest”.
  • Designed and implemented all database tasks: two tiers / three tiers structure modules, transaction management, store procedure, trigger, sql server DTS / JOB and performance turning.
  • Designed and implemented high performance search mechanism, including index optimizing, SQL SERVER full text index implement and auto turning application for SQL SERVE full text index.
  • Designed and implemented datawarehouse analysis system, using SQL SERVER 2000 analysis function and ADO MD/OLAP, providing report to any dimension of products, resellers, catalogs, manufacturers based on Confidential web and application history data.
  • Designed and implemented distributed database structure, replication system, and database backup/restore system.
  • Implemented all networking devices configuration for Confidential, including LAN/WAN system, CISCO router(DDN/Frame Relay connection configuration), VPN, Ethernet switches(vlan), firewall configuration, web traffic load balance system and related maintenance.
  • Built most of company servers and workstations.

Confidential, PA

Chief Software Engineer


  • Created, designed, developed, maintained Confidential, another price comparison site focus on non-IT related products and featured with free style listing instead of strictly comparison.
  • This web site is under another redesigning now and I have turned it off from July 2006. New version would be on shortly. I work as structure designer and director on this project. Another programmer is working on it and will implement this redesign.
  • In charge of all programming and web master duties. Include developing high performance database solution and high performance programs using Microsoft .NET technology to millions of products, thousands of manufacturers, thousands of categories, thousands of resellers and more huge volume relative data. In charge of all database administration, structure design, performance turning tasks.
  • In charge of all system administration, device management and maintenance.
  • Designed and implemented multithreading search engine application by myself. Using C# and .NET framework, searching multiple large volume distribution databases located in different database servers, dramatically improved search performance.
  • Designed and implemented all web applications, internal management system and reseller management system.
  • Designed and implemented MS SQL SERVE (2000) based database, including SQL server full text index implement and auto turning applications.
  • Designed and implemented B2B data exchange system, including data exchange and integration with other merchant affiliates partner like Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction, Performics and Newegg.com.
  • Designed and implemented Confidential Data synchronizing system to make all data consistent between two sites.

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