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Plant Manager Resume Profile


Operations Expert successful at significantly increasing revenue and operational efficiency in the Plastics Industry. A strong decisive leader with significant strengths in manufacturing and distribution and a passion for inventory control, planning, and logistics. Champion of excellence in both safety and quality. A spirited coach that enhances the performance of multiple level teams.



Inbound Operations Manager

Started-up a brand new 1.5 MM sq ft. fulfillment warehouse with 100 new associates and managers

Designed training matrixes to ensure that personnel were developed to fill critical functional positions

Established protocol for inter-warehouse transfer of inventory maintaining effective utilization of available space


Plant Manager

Reconfigured the scheduling methods to increase on-time shipments to customers from 76.8 to an historic high of 98.9

Created and implemented a complete Quality Management System including customer specifications, standard operating conditions and process control procedures where none existed

Improved financial performance of the plant by over 1.9MM annually



Owner of a retail boutique specializing in high-end and couture dog accessories and premium foods.

Managed the business to maintain profitability each of 46 consecutive months of operation

Increased cash flow an average of 71 a year for the four years of operation


Plant Manager

Reduced OSHA Incident Level by 67 and achieved 1 million man-hours without a lost time incident for the first time in company history

Created a revolutionary scheduling and production planning system that resulted in a 40 reduction in finished goods inventory without any negative impact on customer fulfillment rates

Elevated the plant to become the second lowest cost producing plant in the company globally with cost per unit below Chinese and Mexican facilities

Pipeline Plant Manager, Confidential

Slashed manufacturing line retooling time for new product production start-ups from 4 days to 4 hours

Reduced major dimension change times by 40

Optimized performance of the BD-10 extruder resulting in 39 reduction in downtime, 57 reduction in product returned for poor quality and 41 reduction in scrap

Trained the plant staff level managers in coaching techniques


Plant Manager,

Implemented my Coaching for Success method of performance development that resulted in the turnaround of this failing plant within three months to one of profitability. This included gaining the acceptance by the union for employees at all levels to participate in goal setting and the accomplishment of corporate objectives

Utilized and mentored teams of hourly employees to develop workforce reduction strategies in all production departments resulting in a 13 reduction in headcount while maintaining or increasing current productivity rates

Plant Manager, Confidential

Led the turnaround of this facility from an average loss of 200K per month to an average profit of 400K per month

Broke a company record with profit of 1.0MM in a single month

Trained hourly employees in SMED methodology to reduce changeover time on coating lines from an average of 4.0 hours to 0.5 hours

Designed and implemented a model for high performance teams in this non-union plant

Pilot Plant Manager, Confidential

Increased productivity in the pilot plant by 100 by designing and implementing a comprehensive scheduling and personnel system including communication of performance data on new product development initiatives in a timely manner and cross training personnel on multiple pieces of equipment


Production Superintendent,

Led a manufacturing initiative to transform this old, established plant to high velocity manufacturing capabilities

Increased extrusion line uptime from a historical level of 80 to 95.3 uptime

Initiated and practiced with all subordinates a Coaching for Success model of performance development that was adopted with excellent results by my peers, subordinates and superior

As acting plant manager, completed the recertification of this plant in OSHA's STAR program

Quality and Productivity Engineer, Confidential

Decreased customer lead times from four weeks to two weeks through manufacturing initiatives

Utilized and facilitated the use of Kepner-Tregoe processes in determining root cause and corrective action for process and quality issues

Division Customer Service Manager, Confidential

Reduced order entry error rate to less than 0.7 of total transactions

Communicated effectively with customers, sales reps and manufacturing plants to ensure critical delivery dates were met during a period where demand exceeded supply by 30

Senior Distribution Analyst, Confidential

Reduced raw material inventories by 63 increasing cash flow

Computerized the resin supply and demand analysis system reducing the time to complete daily evaluation and adjustments from 8 hours to 1 hour per day

As a result of reducing the time to perform this function, I was selected to act as the company liaison to the Architectural and Engineering firm that was designing a Greenfield facility for us in LaGrange, GA personally designed the layout of the finishing department, office spaces, and the work-in-process warehouse.

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