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Project Manager Resume Profile


  • Project Management and Excellent Communication Skills in the Healthcare and Retail sectors as well as other business, government, and financial sectors. Corporate and Facilities Management experience. QA/Testing planning, management, and execution with all testing cycles.
  • Experience in both functional and technical roles with a variety of large scale applications and ERP products including but not limited to Oracle Retail Retek Versions 13, 12, 11, 10.1, 9.0 and 8.03 RMS, RA Allocations , RPM, ReIM, ReSA, BPEL, SIM, MFP, RWMS, RDW/AIP/RPAS, Replenishment, RIB, etc. HBOC HealthQuest, Metagon CSP, Plus 2000, FIS2000, D B/GEAC financials, Arthur Planning, EDI, HIPAA.
  • Full Life Cycle Analysis, Data Warehousing/Data Architect, Application Designer/Developer, Business Analysis and Process Review, JAD Sessions, Data Modeling, Functional Modeling, Process Modeling, GAP Analysis, Project Planning/Management including waterfall as well as Agile/SCRUM methodologies, Data Mart design, Project software implementation


  • Work History Confidential Oracle Retai Retek Version 13.1.54 Data Warehouse Architecture/Analysis and Design On Oracle Retail Data Into a Microsoft SQL Server 2008/R2 Solution Confidential Lead Data Architect/SME Subject Matter Expert , Business Analyst Transforming Oracle Retail Data For Modules ORMS, OSIM, OA, ORPM, ORESA, OREIM,OMFP to Microsoft 2008 SQL Server Enterprise Data Warehouse. Also provide business and data analysis for corporate BI based operational and analytical reporting. Confidential
  • Hardware: Intel, Compaq,Hitachi, IBM, HP, Data General, Unisys Burroughs , Convergent Technologies, Datapoint., IBM Risc 6000, IBM AIX systems, HP-UX, DG-UX, Dell.
  • Operating Systems: Windows including 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2003 Server. 2008 Server/R2, XP, Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8, X-Windows, HP-UX, DG-UX,Unix, AIX, OS/2, AOS/VS DVS, DOS/VSE/ESA, MVS/XA/ESA, OS/390, NCR IMOS/V, Convergent Technology, CTOS, BTOS, Netware, XENIX, RPS, VM, AS400, LINUX.
  • Case Tools: Oracle Designer, Metagon, ETL, Microstrategy, QMF, WBI/MQ, DataStage Director, Dataflux dfPower Studio 7.1 and 8.0, Embarcadero ER suite, etc.
  • Databases: Oracle RDBMS 7.3-12i , SQL Server including through 2008/R2, DB/2, MS-Access, Infos II, Informix, Vision ISAM, IMS, Teradata, Progress
  • Applications/Tools: SeeBeyond E Gate, IBM WBI/MQ Series, Together J RUP Test Case Tool, Inprise App Server ,ANT, PL/SQL developer, TIVOLI, TOAD, Microsoft SSIS and Administrator Console, PVCS, Crystal Enterprise, Microsoft Office, MS-Project, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Front Page, Lotus 123, JBuilder, Visio Professional, VI Editor, TSO, SPUFI Utilities, JES, X-EDIT, K-EDIT, Multi-Edit, UltraEdit, IMRA, FTTSO, INDFILE, JOBTRAC, Datastage, Endeavor, Panvalet, Librarian, Power, CA-Zeke, CA-7, Autosys, Appworx, MQ Series, Intertest, Smart Test, SharePoint, BPEL, Teradata SQL assistant, Business Objects WEBI 3 and DESKI 6, Microsoft BI/SSRS/SSIS, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle OBIEE, BI Xpress, Quality Center, Service Center, and various other applications and tools. .
  • Languages: PL/SQL, ANSI SQL, SQL Plus, Pro C, PL/1, UNIX shell, Crystal Reports, REXX, BAL Assembler AcuCobol, AcuScreens, Micro Focus Cobol, MBP Cobol, RM Cobol, IBM Cobol, Cobol-II, RPG, IBM Assembler, PL/1, Basic, CICS/VS command macro level, IMS/DB/DC, DL/1, C , PCS/ADS, DMS, CANDE, SQL server, Oracle Development Tools, , HTML, JAVA, Javabeans, J2EE, JDK1.2.2, Power Builder, EJB, Oxford Systems UFO, NETWARE, TCP/IP FTP, Python, APS Cobol generator, AWK, Perl, Datamerge, Progress, DCL, Solis, Dylakor DYL280 Now CA VISION:Results , Quikjob II III, FOCUS, , Access, Paradox, Visual basic versions 5 6, ISAM, VSAM, DB/2, , Cross Access CSP, Metagon ODBC middleware and ETL product, HL7 interface products such as Hublink, Datagate, CAI, and Cloverleaf, SAS, Easytrieve, Mark IV, Imagine, ASAP as well as other report writer 4GL tools, MUMPS, DATABUS, Medi-Tech menu system and conversion data formats.
  • Provide SME Subject Matter Expertise on Oracle Retail Retek suite applications for version 13.1 and data architecture design and translation direction on Oracle Retail suite primary operational data into format of existing EDW structure that is being converted from an AS/400 DB2 based Evolution/Intrepid based application including project plan and resource coordination. Also involved with evaluation/pilot of leveraging OBIEE reporting tools against Oracle Retail suite as potential EDW reporting solution. Also provided direction and design information on creation of additional needed information for long term future EDW reporting needs. As a part of design activities created data translation/mapping documentation with required metadata for EDW technical team to create new structures in the EDW and to also build necessarily ETL processes to pull in required information into the EDW. Jointly worked with various business key stake holders, business analyst and BI analyst on operational and analytical reporting requirements. Directed activities of other data analyst who provided specific mapping and metadata activities for EDW and operational reporting design and development. Aided in the direction and strategy on providing operational BI Xpress and MS SSRS reporting leveraging the Oracle Retail Suite application data in key business and financial areas. Also was involved with SCRUM project status tracking and cross team assistance with developers on resolving issues as well as working with the business various resources to clarify and aide with the creation of proper requirements to facilitate development and testing activities. Directly involved with reviewing data results in EDW applications as well as data required for BI report validation. Specifically created the QA testing data plans, test cases and detail test scripts for the unit, system, UAT and performance, and production validation. Coordinated with the in-house QA team providing validation results and technical details for development issue resolution using Microsoft Excel for test cases, result, defect, and metrics reporting. In addition, was directly involved with working with PM, management, and BI analyst team on data validation and testing needs to verify results prior to application implementation as well as project planning, resource and timeline planning. Directly involved with operational report testing and validation. Also worked with the in-house data architect on providing key direction on data points on existing Microstrategy analytical reports. Created business report data element definition online reference documentation and created primary data dimension and metric data dictionary online SharePoint based information. Provided a primary liaison communication role between the data services/bi team and the primary Oracle Retail integrator, OLR Retail. Provided strategic direction on key technical system interfaces related to the follow of data between POS based systems, supply chain applications, Oracle Retail suite and EDW data integration including data architectural design and recommendations for the enterprise data warehouse data enhancements necessary to leverage business needs from additional Oracle Retail based information not originally carried in the EDW. Worked directly with senior management on key project issues. Provided data source BI reporting documentation as well as created EDW data model documentation incorporating the new Oracle Retail source additions and existing EDW tables. Provided technical set up an installation of MS SQL Server Oracle OLE client in SQL Server 2008/2012 environments including production EDW server using Oracle 11i based 32 and 64 bit clients. Technology working environment includes Oracle 11i, HPUX, Windows based operating systems including 2008/R2 servers, SQL Server 2008 2012 including Management Studio, SSIS, SSRS,OBIEE, BiXpress, MicroStrategy, SQL Developer, Office 2010 suite, AS/400 DB2 table tools.


Hospital interface integration/conversion from Healthquest to AS/400 based Series 2000.

  • Performed project and data design/planning for interface/ETL transformation of Healthquest mainframe application data including patient electronic medical record, patient demographic, visit and encounter information, ICD diagnostic information, account billing and insurance information, basic clinical visit information.
  • Lead and coordinated team of consultants for data translation and conversion between Healthquest platform, Unix Cloverleaf interface engine ETL layer and AS/400 Iseries HBOC Series 2000 platform.
  • Created overall point to point system integration testing and UAT testing plans as well as drove coordination of defect tracking and resolution.
  • Worked with business team on identifying key data elements for translation between systems as well as testing requirements and production implementation plan/requirements.
  • Performed direct Cloverleaf development tasks on interface ETL layer including building all data transformation processes and translation tables.

Healthcare physicians practice management demographic, clinical/ electronic medical record EMR documents/imaging, and financial conversions into a Windows Progress database software application called Intergy.

Confidential Senior Business/Data Conversion Analyst Extraction/Transformation of a variety of healthcare POMIS applications.

  • Provide analysis of third party POMIS applications based upon HIPAA compliant business rules and application data definitions to facilitate extraction into a standard conversion file format and then import the information into the Progress database based Intergy physicians practice management software for standard patient demographic, billing, visit encounter data, diagnostic, and HER data including clinical imaging information. This includes analyzing third party applications with various data structures from other vendor third party applications like McKesson C-tree based Practice Partner application, Cerner practice management/HER Oracle based data, Cerner office EHR MySQL based data to determine approach to extract, transform into a proper format for conversion into the Intergy application. In addition, also perform conversion extract and corrections efforts on a number of in-house company POMIS applications such as Medical Manager, MENDS, Medware, etc. into the conversion formats required by Intergy. Also develop the actual custom data manipulation code to transform the data into the proper formats and/or to correct issues with standard data extracts on data that causes issues during the conversion load process. Various tools and languages were used including Python, AWK, Perl, Access 2003,2007 , SQL, and Unix related standard tools. The platforms where combination of Unix, AIX, Windows Servers, LINUX.
  • Developed strategic system conversion process in conjunction with primary product implementation project manager including the specific test plan development for initial unit and system testing of profile level data testing and UAT validation as well as mock go-live QA testing activities. Also performed final production implementation execution of data conversions and monitored user production acceptance of conversion data.

Oracle Retail Retek Version 12.10 Data Warehouse Analysis and Design Oracle Retail Data into a Teradata Solution, Lead Business/Data Analyst/SME/Project Coordination Confidential Project focus was transforming Oracle Retail Data For Modules ORMS, OSIM, ORWMS, ORPM, OA, ORDF/RPAS to Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse. Also for conversion of historical data from IBM MVS DB2 Cobol platform Provide SME Subject Matter Expertise on Oracle Retail Retek suite applications including RMS, RWMS, SIM, RPM, RDF/RPAS and Allocation for data/business rules analysis and design on Oracle Retail critical data. Provided mapping, data modeling, and design information on field level data to transform and load into the existing Disney D3 Disney Data Difference Teradata third normal form type 2 enterprise data warehouse solution to support mission critical business reporting. Coordinated activities and provided direction to Disney analyst team and data architecture team. Participated in detail field level mapping design, business usage rules, reporting design, business design, and data modeling support for the enterprise warehouse solution. Also coordinated key deliverables for the project with the project management team including aiding with timeline management and project scope change estimates. Used Disney standard LCM documentation for creation of required designs and project documentation as well as provide additional mapping standards through the course of the project. Provided liaison communications between the teams on key deliverables as well as project coordination efforts between business, IT, and strategic management. Used a wide variety of technology and tool sets including Oracle Retail application GUI, TOAD, Teradata SQL assistant tools, Datastage ETL, Dataflux dfPower Studio data analysis tools, Office software tools, SharePoint, Office Communicator, Oracle 10g forms and reports, Embarcadero ER suite, Business Objects WEBI 3.1.Provided systematic data validation tools for test result validation between source Oracle Retail data and target Teradata warehouse repository. Deeply involved in Business Objects WEBI universe design and Crystal Report design/utilization. Participated in the overall reporting design efforts including design review sessions and reporting template logical mapping and working with the team of efforts to map to physical data elements. Developed EDW data validation and user report validation test plans using HP Quality Center application. This included test case and test scripts as well as posting and monitoring of execution associated defects. Acted as a subject matter expert for the Oracle retail suite to facilitate the development and validation of mission critical business reporting. Also designed and developed key information SQL and reports as well as maintained reporting data mapping metadata information for the reporting project. Acted as a lead on in-house custom Sales transaction Log TLOG migration from existing Informix platform over to Teradata platform. Also for all project related activities above, Also was a part of the final roll out and go-live implementation activities and post go-live support including providing both functional and technical assistance in issue incident resolution. Utilized Service Center tool as the primary tracking of production issued. Provided analysis and conversion translation assistance with existing Merlin mainframe COBOL based application data in a DB2 database environment including transforming the DB2 data structures and reviewing Cobol code to determine data extraction formats to translate into the Teradata. Oracle Financial Version 11i Re-implementation, Senior Business Analysis/Project Planning Confidential Senior Business Analyst/Project Management Procurement and Financials Provide senior business analysis and project management assistance utilizing Agile methodologies on the Pinellas county Oracle Financials 11i clerk implementation project. Specifically held JAD sessions for county wide departments capture information on the AS IS current state business process documentation and analysis on the TO BE future state process model as well as Gap analysis. Directly responsible for process flow and RUP based use case documentation creation on the Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable areas within Procurement and General Ledger financials. Analysis included determining the transition requirements from the existing various operation areas use a wide variety of systems and technology including such financial systems as GEAC, Oracle, APPX, and Maximo. Provided the client with direct assistance with long term project plan and documentation standards. Provided direction planning with the internal senior project management team. Planning included providing testing approach and plan documentation. Oracle Retail Retek Suite Version 11 Change Management, Implementation Confidential Change Management Lead Provided direction, recommendations and process documentation for CM Oracle Retail code migration procedures. Coordinated and provided direction on initial build of RMS base code build into PVCS source management system. Design full application environment migration strategy and process. Oracle Retail Retek Suite Version 11 Conversion, Interfaces, CRP, Implementation Confidential DFA Client Development/Implementation Manager, Technical Specialist Partnered with Integration firm with CRP review and finalization. Developed project resource estimates, statements of work, budgetary estimates, and technical design/development project plan for DFA legacy transition. Also created development standards documentation. Created high level technical approach on conversion execution. Oracle Retail applications involved were RMS, WMS, ReSA, OPOS. Business Process Design Confidential Senior Oracle Retail Retek Allocation and Replenishment Business Analyst. Directed and designed key business processes and jointly developed overall business process documents on Allocations, Inventory Optimization and Replenishment. Worked with both internal resources as well as Accenture and Oracle integration partner resources to build a collective business process to support the organization and make best use of Oracle Retail software related to IO, RA, AIP and RMS, replenishment. Implementation/Testing/Infrastructure/Training Services Confidential Test Phase Lead/Project Management Planning/Planner/Development and Implementation Lead Retek Implementation On executive leadership team. Directed/Aided with Planning on several phases of RMS/RIB/Integration Layer and DB2 based Legacy Retail application for GAP in an Agile methodology project environment. This included test case development test scripting planning, project sub/process planning/resource planning, test execution, coordination of development problems with software implementation and defect bug corrections and code delivery. Provided technical break/fix support, RMS and RIB technical implementation assistance, troubleshooting both Retek and Legacy code problems which included a combination of COBOL, Mainframe JCL, SQL, PL/SQL, Pro C, Unix Script, Oracle Forms, Crystal Reports, Datastage ETL and ESP batch scheduling tools. . Testing phases included Conversion, Systems and Integration, Mock/Roll Out Conversions, Parallel Test, Production Roll Out, and Unit Testing. Main responsibilities are in the areas of full testing and implementation on the Legacy/MQ/WBI/RIB, Tivoli Alerts for Conversion and Integrated testing areas of the RMS product implementation as well as primary resource for the conversion roll out testing and planning. Responsible for all aspects of conversion strategy and roll out. Also provided complete support on testing/design activities with Oracle based ODS Operational Data Store for corporate reporting repository using Crystal Enterprise for web based reporting including code review and defect assessment on reporting and repository issues. Performed Phase Lead activities on Conversion, Parallel, and Mock Conversion testing phases as well as Execution and Configuration/Defect QA management duties on Integration Phase. Lead/Project Management responsibilities included high level management activities as well including daily and weekly status reporting to leadership team, project and milestone review and forecast, test team resource day to day activity direction, etc. which included the financial retail stock ledger integration/development into the Oracle 11i financial platform. Also responsible for the development of environment shakeout testing execution plans. Drove the data to day resource execution and planning activities. Also controlled all of the environment specific issues including code control and migration of code related to defects. In addition responsible for management of all open defects and driving defects to resolution, reporting of phase defects in daily cross team review status meeting, working on definition of defect processes, etc. In addition worked in a lead capacity with the Retek RMS and Crystal reports Training environment set up and logistics. These tasks included but were not limited to, Project Implementation Plan development and presentation to management, requirements development, technical environment set up and facilitation, database set up issues for Training use including mining, modeling, back up/recovery planning, data preparation to support the Training technical courseware being developed. Also assisted courseware resources on requirements from data and software application standpoint to aid with the development of the training courses. The technical environment is a combination of Oracle/RMS/RIB Retek version 10.1.1 Pre 11 release , Oracle Financials 11i, Legacy MVS/TSO, COBOL/II, DB/2, IMS, CICS, MQ Series, WBI middleware Interface Integration Layer, DataStage ETL, SEE Beyond E Gate JMS, Retek RIB, Tivoli Alerts. Use a wide variety of technical tools in providing the services for this client. Supply Chain areas encompass, Foundation Hierarchy, Items, Orders , Inventory Movement, including DC transaction EDI processes primarily 947, 861, 856, ZPT format handling, Sales, Allocations, Shipments, etc. Provided development team management on phase 2 implementation project of stock ledger financials to Oracle financials interface implementation. In lead or management roles led teams of various sizes up to 30 team members. Responsible for project budgets over 5 million dollars on different phases of testing as well as full development/implementation.

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