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Programmer Resume Profile

Professional Summary:

Senior Mainframe Software Engineer with over twenty five years of full lifecycle development experience in a broad range of business applications and technology tools, with concentration in COBOL, COBOL II, JCL, SQL, DB2, MVS, CICS, ISPF, VSAM, and File-Aid. Application examples include RMS Report Distribution, Merchant Monthend Reporting, Non Monetary Processing, Daily Settlement, Merchant Processing, Merchant ACH, Merchant Chargebacks, and Debit and Prepaid Processing. Full lifecycle responsibilities have included requirements, analyses, design, programming/coding, testing, system documentation, implementation and post-implementation 24x7 support. Additional technical experience includes MS Office, MS Project, Visio and ABC Flowcharter. Extensive experience in development and maintenance of large Mainframe databases, development and maintenance of online and batch systems, systems analysis, database design and coding. Proven ability to quickly assimilate new technologies and new environments. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to work independently and in a team environment.

Technical Summary:


MIS Packages:


  • Viasoft
  • DB2
  • CICS command level
  • Xpediter
  • VSAM
  • File-Aid
  • SAS
  • SQL
  • Elips
  • Utilities
  • JCL OS
  • Data Expert
  • Eztrieve, Easytrieve
  • CA7
  • Editors:
  • Hardware:
  • IBM 3090, 3084, 3081
  • Software:
  • IBM 4381, 4341, 360/370
  • MS Office, MS Project, Excel
  • MVS/XA
  • ABC Flowcharter
  • NCR 8500
  • z/OS
  • MS Outlook


Professional Experience:


Senior Analyst/ Programmer - Consultant

  • Part of the online team replacing current Commarea in CICS programs with Channels and Containers on the Claims Screens for the State of Missouri's Medicaid Management Information system MMIS . Project development for ICD-10 format.
  • Converted Vsam file to DB2.
  • Documented requirements


Senior Systems Engineer - Consultant ADP Level II security clearance

  • Document, enhance and maintain credentialing for Providers and Facilities servicing Veterans and Active Military.
  • Create design for new functionality, code, and test CICS/ COBOL programs using a DB2 database
  • Provide production support answering and resolving questions from users on mainframe and web applications
  • Write queries to extract data from DB2 database using Platinum and Spufi
  • Create new DB2 tables from flat files sent by 3rd party vendor



Application Architect

  • Held multiple titles from Programmer/Analyst, Development Analyst and currently an Application Architect role over tenure with First Data Resources. Full lifecycle development experience includes the analysis, design, programming, and implementation of IBM Mainframes/COBOL applications, utilizing COBOL, COBOL II, JCL, SQL, DB2, TSO/ISPF, File-Aid, and Endevor as well as many other mainframe tools and technologies.
  • Provide development support of several subsystems including RMS Report Distribution, Merchant Reporting, Non Monetary Processing, Daily Settlement, Merchant Processing, Merchant Monthend, Merchant ACH, Merchant Chargebacks, Debit and Prepaid Processing. This is a MVS environment using COBOLII, COBOL370, COBOL OS390, DB2, and VSAM programming skills with a TSO/ISPF editor, with an extensive use of MVS JCL. ENDEVOR was used for source control.
  • Responsible for analysis and design on new projects and maintenance requests, which included a major rewrite effort on the Merchant Monthend subsystem, and many smaller independent requests from FDR's client base. FDR's SDM Software Development Methodology was followed in conjunction with the in-house design template.
  • Lead technical role on programming efforts associated with the subsystems assigned to support. This included programming, unit testing, system testing, installation, production support and documentation. Use of OS390 COBOL, MVS JCL, Endevor source control, and DB2 / VSAM for testing. SME Subject Matter Expert for Merchant Monthend.
  • Query the DB2 tables using SPUFI and/or Platinum in order to research questions and design modifications to the tables, determining if new rows or columns are required.
  • Coordinate and provide training to staff, Client Services, and Clients related to all changes and system enhancements. Mentored less experienced team members. Tasked to bring these members up to speed on a fast track. This included providing presentations and the associated classes for training.
  • Produce structured COBOL code following all of the company standards. Produced all database calls using DB2 SQL and Black Box call technology to extract needed supporting information for the application development.
  • Use VSAM files to pull data for application not on DB2 tables. Ensure all error handling is up to company specifications in accordance to the design, provide the specified information with minimal interference to the continuation of the cycle while meeting all required SLA's Service Level Agreements .
  • Ensure all subsystem interfaces are accurately produced and audit trails are in place and verified using either reporting or Unitech automated balancing routines.
  • Install changes using ENDEVOR source management and INFOMAN for all turnover requirements.
  • Provide all implementation support 24/7 on installed changes to subsystems using ENDEVOR for source management and INFOMAN for all turnover requirements.
  • Provide support and guidance to conversion teams for all new clients converting onto Merchant batch sub-system.


  • Utilize CICS, COBOL, DB2 including SQL , and VSAM files in the development of new programs and enhancements to existing programs.
  • Work closely with end users in the creation of detailed design and program specifications, and user acceptance test plans. User acceptance test plans were generally implemented using rational tools.
  • Perform unit, system, and user acceptance testing. Main technologies employed included JCL, COBOL, and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Design and performed scripted testing using rational tools for large-scale conversion of data between old and new systems.
  • Layout and implementation of all JCL for job streams used to execute batch jobs.
  • Responsible for the setup and testing of transmissions to outside vendors using FTP.
  • Perform QA function on this company wide application implementation.
  • Write program to extract data from IMS database.


  • Provide analysis and coding support using COBOL II to evaluate the RMS reporting subsystem for accurately meeting client SLA's Service Level Agreements . This project identified problem areas that did not meet SLA's and then looked deeper into the process's to see if code fixes, run requirements, JCL changes were needed. The last step was to carry out the fix, test, QA, and install the changes into the appropriate cycles.
  • Participate in semi-annual disaster recovery drills as a command center programmer to follow the recovery paths as defined by each subsystem owner. Made the appropriate fixes and modifications to the process in such a way that our next exercise would not have the same issues.
  • Work Y2K code changes using File-Aid, Eztrieve, and COBOL II to identify modules that needed to be modified for date handling. Proceeded to make mass changes to COBOL II code change, test, QA, and install all of the appropriate changes off designs. Created and executed test scripts to ensure accurate results from our changes.

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