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Lead Security Consultant Resume Profile


With over 29 years of Information Technologies experience as a Project Manager, Sr. Business Analyst, Sr. Security Analyst, Lead Programmer Analyst, Operations Support Specialist, and Consultant. As part of a IT Team, performed complex and difficult technical analysis at all stages of SDLC while providing leadership and direction to IT staffed employee teams. While gathering user requirements, in order to design diagram charts of system flow to advise to users and system programmers of necessary changes based on business requirements. This included evaluation of standards, users' data processing requirements and procedures, and techniques of various business process flows and UML diagrams to determine the feasibility of converting the requirements to a complex data processing system planning and developing techniques to accomplish the conversion interpretation of results and technical analysis/improvement s on major systems and database implementations. Prepares separate project plan for each project based on business requirements, cost estimates and analyzes alternative approaches. Makes recommendations to upper management and advises the feasibility of a cost effective conversion.

Project Management Skills

  • While working with the PMO Office, develop scope of the projects from business proposals and SOW evaluation of standards and techniques of the business to determine feasibility of converting requirements to system specifications.
  • Develop project plans, implement plan, and coordinates assign resources to each task activities and conformed budgetary amount from project estimation.
  • Leads the definition of project risks, and the required mitigation approaches. Monitors project activities for the occurrence of risks and update the project plan, and takes timely action to mitigate the risk. Advises project team members and stakeholders of actions required or completed task reports.
  • Ability to prepare project dashboards and effectively communicate projects status to upper management.

System Conversions Skills

  • MAP Legacy Data to determine most efficient conversion route based on UML diagrams.
  • Planning and developing techniques to accomplish the conversion based on deployment diagram.
  • Database loads conform to business algorithms and requirements mapped structure diagram.
  • Create system manuals and user manuals for new systems developed from interaction diagram.

Sysytems/Business Analyst Skills

  • Diagram flows, round-trip engineering, code generation, reverse engineering, data model and data diagram interchange, and model transformation all interpretations of UML diagrams for system analysis.
  • Qualitative risk analysis process by using techniques such as the practical application of risk analysis PARA facilitated risk analysis process FRAP to ensure data security and system integrity and IT control objective COBIT .
  • Analyze data using simple and complex dynamic SQL queries mapped in a structure diagram.
  • Fine tuning SQL queries using EXPLAIN utilities and other object design diagram tools.
  • Data Modeling for Operational Systems conceptual, logical, physical and for Dimensional Systems and Reporting decision support - conformed dimensions with server and mainframe architecture analysis and system upgrades.
  • Data Structure Rationalization, realigning data structures of a common context into a single cohesive structure that can be navigated, and exploit different views representing the originating source structures while maintaining data normalization.


  • RDBMS: DB2, Oracle 8.x, 7.3,6.0, SYBASE Data Warehousing, ERP.
  • GUI/Server: PC SAS, Developer 2000 Forms/Reports/Graphics , Visual Basic 8.0, IBM WebSphere and MQSeries, DB2 Connect, LDAP, JAVA, CICS SYSPLEX, AS/400, AIX, MS Integration Server.
  • Languages: ABAP/SAP PL/SQL, C, C , COBOL, HTML, Windows QMF, PC/COBOL, Crystal Reports.
  • Tools MS-Office, SAS ITRM, ETL, MVS Utilites, Erwin 7, Oracle 10g, TOAD, Informatica 8, Cognos 8, RAD, UML, CA - Products, File Aid, EXPERDITER, RACF Security Utilities, ISPF/TSO, PLATNIUM, TELON, JCL.
  • O/S Mainframe Z/OS and OS/MVS, UNIX, Windows 95/NT/2000/XP/2003/2007, MS-DOS.



Delivered major projects as Project Manager on contract assigned to three major banks for IT Mainframe conversions.

1. Confidential

Converting to TSYS credit card processing from the in-house processing

  • As Project Manager I managed the mapping of data from BOA to TSYS conversion project using all MS Tools such as Project, SharePoint, Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint etc.
  • Used my PMP experience to document flowcharts and system requirements and used to demonstrate each level of difficulties of tasks and giving stakeholders internally and externally information of the conversion progress.
  • Confidential
  • Converted over 56,600,000 On-line Banking accounts from an in house developed Mainframe DB2 Authentication processing system to LDAP Authentication processing system, also migrated vital security resources from a secured mainframe app to an encrypted secured server app. Use such tools as ETL to extract and load server data.
  • Tracked the progress of the conversion using a run guide book written in excel to track all major milestones of the conversion and mainframe architecture analysis with system upgrades then updated project plan.
  • Used BMC Remedy Change Management and PAC200 approval notifications as project management tools in order to support existing mainframe systems and providing weekly feedback of all SLA based on SOW.
  • Took part in BCP Planning while maintaining BCP Certification Business Continuity Planning through SUNGARD and updated the LDRPS database for Wells Fargo disaster recovery system.
  • Used Wells Fargo Sun Setting Guide Book to decommission existing applications after data was migrated.


Planner mainframe and PC for multiple LOB services including Bank Card Department, Retail and ETO Infrastructure, and Credit card Department.

  • Leads the definition of project risks, and ensure secure authentication process and the required mitigation approaches to conform standards and compliances. Monitors project activities for the occurrence of risks, and takes timely action to mitigate the risk of exposure to sensitive data and data access.
  • Ability to prepare project dashboards and effectively communicate projects status to upper management. Transition Capacity management from IBM to Capital One and managed the process on the mainframe and server CPUSs using mainframe SAS and SAS connect on the server to load data in SAS PDB databases.
  • Created Ppt presentation of MIPs used today and forecast usage of tomorrow and beyond.
  • For mainframe architecture analysis with system upgrades, use performance tools such as RMF, SMF, SAS, MXG, MAINVIEW, STROBE, and INSIGHT, to provide CPU resource, and demand usage of LPAR weights utilization and reporting.
  • Lead the HSBC conversion for LOB databases such as Credit Card, Finance, Retail, and Digital into Capital one system on the mainframe and server databases using SAS to retrieve data and store into SAS PDB's then load into LOB Capital one databases.
  • Mapped MVS converting data in HSBC to MVS/TSO Flat files on Capital One LPARs and SAS PDBs then mapped to Capital One Databases in LOB such as Credit Cards accounts, Retail, Finance and other Line of Business LOB accounts.
  • Used SAS Connect on the server using SAS-PC ITRM to connect SAS to mainframe PDB data.
  • Delivered MVS Council report to customers with customer satisfaction and Uploaded the Presentation to Intranet.
  • Created new SAS PDB for Production HLQ.
  • Created Mainframe MVS/TSO CP Files and executed under production MVS High Level Qualifier HLQ PCP.
  • Produced MVS Council Presentations with no errors and quality work.
  • Backed up MVS/TSO Capacity data files to the shared server so data can be used by other teams.
  • Completed the automation generation of ETO Infrastructure Systems Council Report.
  • Reviewed and analyzed Server and database Exceptions for LOB Retail, Digital-IT, and ETO Infrastructure Systems for August and September 2013 and updated server databases in the process.
  • Completed requirements from customer feedback for MVS Capacity Planning Charts and graphs via changing Excel database code instructions, formulas, and macros.
  • Converted all Capacity Planning MVS Libraries PDS , JCL, SAS, PDBs, and MVS/TSO Datasets to the PCP. HLQ and changed countless JCL members and SAS programs, and executed new PCP JCL job to build August MVS CP Council Report with no errors.
  • Developed MVS Council Reports in a server environment using SAS ITRM and management feedback.
  • Developed forecast reports for future demand usage and capacity planner for all infrastructure systems.
  • Built Restart Protocol and procedures for MVS and will analyze and build a similar Restart Protocol for Server Scheduled executing jobs and updated Websphere Servers.
  • Created MVS/TSO GDG base files and SAS PDB databases to improve MVS CP processing.
  • Built MVS FTP script files in order to transmit new PCP SAS flat files to the server.
  • Created new more efficient MVS JCL for PCP processes with new PROC symbolic names.


  • Project Manager and application lead on EDI and other IT software products to convert requirements from the business requirement needs.
  • Gave 24/7 on call support for all EDI and Accounting data processing schedules on the mainframe and server.
  • Managed an offshore development team based in India and setup test plans and expected results criteria.
  • Lead projects from beginning to end from Business requirements to implementation with multiple stages of testing in the middle including system and acceptance test . Gathered business requirement from Ford Motor company which is a customer of Anixter and processed EDI needs with Vendors of Anixter to supply parts via EDI to Ford Motor Company in Europe. Develops methods, plans, and procedures with PMO to implement multiple projects. Made changes to software application code COBOL and system utility code JCL on very large projects that requires knowledge and experience in EDI in order to comply with business needs and the changing environment. Using such tool as CICS, JCL, SAS and EAZYTRIEV, ASSEMBLER, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, and Websphere Servers to analyze DB2 databases.
  • Document all processes used in order to repeat changes for different customers if similar requirements.
  • Created monthly, quarterly, and yearly Invoice and PO Reports for upper management and divisions.
  • Wrote EDI Specifications for Transactions INBOUND and OUTBOUND Partners depending if Customer Processing or Vendor Processing and depending if for format standards X12 or EDIFACT: 810/INVOIC, 832/PRICAT, 843/QUOTES, 856/DESADV ASN , 830/DELFOR, 862/DELJIT, 850/ORDERS. 860/ORDCHG, 855/ORDRSP PO acknowledgement , 865/ORDRSP PO acknowledgment change , 997, 820, 812, and other Ecommerce designs and updated COBOL and Oracle Applications and MAPs including map segments.


  • As Project Manager, Supervision of subordinate members of the project team, including the assignment of work to other technical team members and establish change control rule for moving programs from unit test to UAT/BLD test then to cycle test, then eventually to production through change control process in ENDEVOR using multiple packages. Used methodologies, plans, and procedures for estimating and budgeting thru the PMO office, including cost estimating and capital estimating and implement multiple projects using this process.
  • Managed a very large project that required government compliance to health processes from 4010 to 5010 and from IDC9 to ICD10 codes in over 500 programs on the mainframe and server program using such tool as SAS and EAZYTRIEVE, and SPUFI to read DB2 databases and to analyze programming code.
  • Modified Health Claims from EDI transactions and Global systems such as WebSphere Transformation Extender transaction files, added X12 Trading Partner setup for:
  • 837P - Healthcare Claim Professional
  • 837I - Healthcare Claim Institutional
  • 837D Healthcare Claim Dental
  • 834 - Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
  • 835 - Healthcare Claim Payment/Advice
  • 270/271 - Healthcare Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit and Information Response
  • 277/275 - Healthcare Claim Request for Additional Information and Response
  • 276/277 - Healthcare Claim Status Request and Response
  • 820 - Payroll Deducted and Other Group Premium Payment for Insurance Products
  • 278 - Healthcare Services Review - Request for Review and Response
  • Debugged existing ASSEMBLER, CICS/COBOL, SAS, EASYTRIEVE, and DB2 code in order to correct existing code to comply with new government regulations and bring old code to compliance.
  • Developed test cases and test plans and implemented the new test new plan in order test completely test and implement the code and new program. Test phases included Unit, Regression, UAT, CYCLE and preproduction testing in a parallel environment.
  • Use IBM mainframe utilities such as IEBGENER and IEBCOPY to create new dataset and to copy dataset files.


  • While on a very important Data Conversion Project, wrote new IMS, DB2, and COBOL program retrieving input from ORACLE People Soft Tables. And also converted DB2 table to flat files sent to server via FTP and loaded into ORACLE using TOAD to UNIX server box. Built load procedures to load flat files into ORACLE databases using ETL utility tools and other load tools such as TAOD, and Login to UNIX to analyze the databases and files. Oracle EDI thru Oracle gateway to purchase orders and other documents via EDI/ERP B2B.
  • Give expert knowledge to project managers on system development and system integrations on different platforms and mainframes LPARs. Updated project plans and time estimations of resources and developed test plan and test cases in all the phases of testing including regression and system testing.
  • Used mainframe SAS to generate reports from SQL databases and DB2 tables. Also used SAS with IMS databases.
  • Manage offshore development and integration planning using company policies and procedures.
  • Analyzed DB2 data using SPUFI and other DB2 tools. Wrote JCL Jobs in TSO/ISPF mainframe environment.
  • Used IBM backup utilities such as ADRDSSU Volume backup and restore for all projects dataset and databases backups and restore written in JCL. Also used other IBM mainframe utilities such as IEBGENER to create datasets, IEBCOPY for coping simple flat files on the mainframe, and IEBEDIT to change to format or profile of the dataset on the mainframe or copy entire job or jobs, including JOB statements and any associated JOBLIB statements, and JES2 or JES3 control statements.


  • As Project Manager, I negotiated project analysis and development estimations based on past projects related development requirements and customer input needed along with the business requirements. Created program specifications to be used by developers internal and external which include offshore coding development based on UML diagrams and application data flowcharts.
  • Manage an offshore development based in the Philippines and a team also based in India, I provided technical lead and business analysis support along with testing and integration planning using company policies and procedures.
  • Analyzed DB2 data using SPUFI and QUICKJOB and generated quick customer reports in SPECTRUM. Wrote JCL Jobs in TSO/ISPF mainframe environment wrote SPECTRUM programs and created spreadsheets from JCL using SPECTRUM utility.
  • Rewrote RACF security applications from security input files SMF Records using COBOL and DB2. Managed security reports and reported security access to management with policy for giving and updating privileges.


  • Created system flow chart of financial system for QL Adjudication Systems and QLR Re-processor adjustment system in order to reprocessor and correct claims bypass bypassed during the QL Adjudication process. My new program reprocessed over 3.5 million claims in new COBOL program developed to review participants claims that were bypassed during the normal QL Adjudication process and created reimbursement checks and outstanding balances notices to participants.
  • Debug ABAP/SAP program for the finacial system and corrected file sent to the mainfraim via of batch jobs.
  • Completed the expansion on existing DB2 table with new column for CLT-ID in test database up to level 30.
  • Analyzed QL Financial system programs using EXPEDITER, EAZYTRIEVE, and SYNC SORT code tool utilities.
  • Completed thee enhancement of legacy DB2 programs to meet requirements for BRT-ID expansion, created new DB2 programs to create BR5 table unload. Support Websphere file layouts to use in adjudication batch system for preprocessor and claims adjustments adjusted claim from bypass file batch system from claim adjustment module all for MED-D claims. Liaisons between upper management and Technical leads and other project managers for business requirements and technical specifications of systems required business needs.
  • Used Serena Dimensions software to safeguard all COBOL/DB2 financial programs through change management from CHANGEMAN CM development to production control via Heat Tickets. Used SAR to see and interpret production Job executions.
  • Used IBM Rational in Architecture Management to Model, design and rapidly build resilient architectures for SOA, systems and applications for claim adjudication processes from model-driven development, component testing, and static and runtime analysis activities. Improve software delivery and lifecycle traceability from requirements through deployment.
  • Also used IBM Rational in comprehensive, integrated build, change and release management products for successful software delivery of server programs and mainframe programs in the adjudication system integration which helped managed end-to-end software processes.
  • Used IBM Rational to define and manage requirements, and provide traceability and alignment with business processes as part of the full development lifecycle and linking them directly to the adjudication processing business.
  • Used IBM Rational ClearQuest Test Manager to allow users to perform test planning and test execution on new JAVA screens from mainframe CICS transaction or WEB processing from the INTRANET. Built and personalized ClearQuest framework for querying, reporting and storage. Test assets are stored in a database with access to the data through the ClearQuest Application Programming Interface.


  • As Lead Security Consultant, I negotiated mainframe and server network based data security system projects to establish company responsibility for authentication, authorization, encryption, and certificates/signatures, with TCP/IP, networking, firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, and systems security fundamentals projects.
  • Maintain user Ids and improved security access to business data by creating layered Data Architecture from mainframe DB2 data to second tier Operational Data Store ODS , and third tier Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Marts using group profiles access, user groups, and dataset profiles.
  • Responsible for creating RACF process Ids used in batch jobs and WEB access to mainframe data.
  • Analyzed business application programs written in CICS, COBOL, DB2, Assembler, JCL, and CICS programs utilizing RACF data security system tools and MS Project for project managing and QMF for data models. Analyzed Security Policies requirements to ensure compliance with all current policy and procedures. Use Visio to layout design flow.
  • CICS/TS in a SYSPLEX environment that support MQ and CICS transactions server processing.
  • Received server security request from MQ messages sent to the queue or via CICS transactions from the WEB server.
  • Interfaced between mainframe and UNIX server FTP application/AS400 based systems. Also interfaced between HR Files and LDAP authorization system and RACF ids and participated in Active Directory updates.
  • Support Websphere Message Queuing Series product WMQ , distributed application via TCP/IP address.
  • Production Support Day and Night on call for RACF production system applications.
  • As part of the Disaster Recovery Team used IBM DFSMSdss utility for mainframe host system backup and recovery functions at both the data set and volume levels to restore data saved in offsite tapes and volumes. I was lead analyst for most mainframe Restore Program which planned system test of all data restores of vital system packs during disaster recovery tests.
  • Managed DB2 SQL using QMF and DB2 utilities, created QMF stored procedures to EXEC from JCL PROCs.
  • Liaisons between upper management and Technical leads and other project managers for business requirements.
  • Securely maintained DB2/CICS programs, CICS Regions, and Starter tasks in TSO/ISPF using RACF.
  • Secured change management and used ENDEVOR to safeguard all security programs and change control.
  • Added Assembler code to existing Assembler programs for mainframe production databases updates.


  • As Project Manager, Analyzed Security Policies requirements to convert ACF2 security system programs to comply with current policy and procedures on United's five mainframe systems, Unimatic, Cosmo, General Services, Mileage Plus, and Apollo as well as Distributed Systems and Galileo's Network for United using MS PROJECT.
  • Wrote JCL jobs to execute COBOL, assembler, VSAM, EASYTRIEVE, and SAS programs accessing DB2 databases.
  • Used FileAID to view data and XPEDITOR test programs batch and online CICS programs.
  • Received security requests from MQ messages sent to the queue broker via CICS transactions from the WEB server.
  • Created new programs for reporting and data passed from system SMF records which created specific ACF2 security reports also programmed reports using SAS database for input.
  • Responsible for authentication, authorization, data sensitivity, encryption, certificates/signatures, firewalls apps.
  • Documented all work done on the system and created user manuals and documentation for users of the reports and for other programs and scheduled JCL jobs using CA7 and maintained all programs in PANVALET and used CHANGEMAN to migrate from test to production.
  • Created management reports on Visual Basic programs and GUI systems from mainframe data downloaded from an IMS system sent by FTP to the UNIX servers. ORACLE used on UNIX and Visual Basic used on WINDOWS server applications and GUI systems depending on what reports and the manager's requests.
  • Studied ITIL classes and use process in Capacity Planning, Project Planning, Development Specification, and Security.


  • Built data models and system diagrams flowcharting in order to convert legacy data IMS, DB2, flat files to server data ORACLE on a new development project using IBM DB2 utility unloads in order to unload DB2 data into unload files and load into ORACLE database on the server to create new membership database.
  • Required heavy data mapping structure diagrams, data modeling, QMF, and SPUFI inquiries.
  • Also wrote new batch COBOL programs with embedded SQL to retrieve data from DB2.
  • MQ Series to allow message CICS processing queues assigned to CICS regions. CICS transactions to allow DB2 applications to receive server data or vice versa.
  • Using CICS debugging tool such as CEDF, also online XPEDITER to resolve testing bugs and make changes accordingly on one mainframe system and used problem solving techniques to resolve test issues request from users and another mainframe system requirements.
  • Design new CICS program to retrieve message from the MQ to load data back into DB2 and VSAM files on the mainframe from the UNIX server box, which data on the UNIX box was converted from ORACLE data.
  • Created DB2 SQL Select statement with OUTER and INNER Joins to specify columns from multiple tables and UNION rows form multiple tables based on data flow diagrams and data modeling.
  • Scheduled JCL jobs using CA7 once unit and acceptance test was complete.
  • Created QMF stored procedures to interface with JCL stored PROC for management reporting.
  • ORACLE databases and file all on UNIX server box, login to UNIX and did file manipulations and cleanup using UNIX commands file transferred to UNIX and from UNIX via FTP.


  • Managed Security Policies requirements to convert ACF2/RACF security programs to TOP SECRET security system programs authentication, authorization, data sensitivity, encryption, and certificates/signatures, and firewalls apps.
  • Worked mainly on the ACF2 side to interpret current processes and ACF2 security code for updates and conversions. Some programs were written in assembler/CICS on-line programs.
  • Sent files to UNIX box via FTP secured to allow access to UNIX directories and files depending on security groups..
  • Maintained CICS programs in production CICS Regions in a TSO environment and Starter tasks region.
  • Created new EASYTRIEVE and SAS programs for the security conversions to create flat file data that and then programmed into SAS database using SAS version 8 and some DB2 database for input to reporting systems.
  • Added Assembler code to existing Assembler programs for mainframe production databases updates.
  • Documented all work done on the system and created user manuals and documentation for users of the reports and for other programs. Scheduled JCL jobs using CA7.


  • Analyzed and mapped data conversion project in order to allow newly acquired processes from another bank to process in 5/3 Bank Merchant processes conversion plans includes CA-Endeavor, Panvalet.
  • Maintained CICS programs in production CICS Regions in a TSO environment.
  • Created new COBOL 370 programs for the conversion in a mainframe environment, wrote JCL to test programs using test data created from product GDG files. Added Assembler code to existing Assembler programs for mainframe production databases updates. Converted Assembler Language programs to COBOL programs.
  • Documented all work done on the system and created user manuals and documentation for users of the reports.


  • Managed a conversion project from an Excel spreadsheet, Interacted with users of the legacy and server systems to determine the most efficient mapping of Mainframe files to server files for CIS Billing System.
  • Main job function was to Analyze and develop mainframe and SQL Server processes to convert IMS database to flat files for FTP to server boxes for ORACLE load tables ERP system PeopleSoft HR data product .
  • Wrote program specifications from user's requirements and in most cases programmed new conversion programs from specification documentation for Windows, UNIX, and Linux security requirements.
  • Wrote ACF2 and LDAP authentication procedures to Integrate AD and LDAP directory stores for authentication.
  • Also, enhance mainframe programs written in IMS, DB2, EASYTRIEVE and EASYTRIEVE PLUS, and COBOL to create flat file for download to server. Some VSAM programs need conversion, as well as JCL procedures enhancements and new development. Developed specification documentation for new SQL Server programmers to create new Visual C programs and other server programs including Visual Basic connection users.
  • Analyzed and developed specifications documentation for the new GIS system to be used in conjunction with the new CIS Billings BANNER system on the ORACLE server box. Wrote SQL code using PL/SQL to interact with ORACLE Databases and Windows 2000 Advanced Server was the server operating system used for the Billing System line-of business applications and e-commerce for scalability and reliability features, such as clustering, and most designed scenarios. Some JAVA strips development used to transfer files from server to server.
  • Developed interface and conversion programs that route data to and from the simpler EDI Electronic Data Interchange formats.

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