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System Support Specialist Resume Profile


  • Possesses more than 20 years of experience installing, maintaining, and supporting complex audiovisual and computer systems for broadcasting, education, energy, and military organizations. Expansive technical knowledge is complemented by effective interpersonal and communication skills. Capable of working independently and as a team member in fast-paced environments to meet deadlines and goals. Willing to tackle challenging issues and quick to master new responsibilities. Expertise spans:
  • Project Development/Management Software Management End-User Training/Assistance Troubleshooting
  • Systems Analysis/Installation Network/Server Administration Videoconference/Live Event Setup Backup/Disaster Recovery
  • Research/Consulting Policy/Procedure Development Process Improvement Regulatory Compliance
  • Adobe Acrobat Microsoft Server/Workstation OS Apple OSX OSX Unix Linux Microsoft Office Final Cut Pro
  • Tomcat Apache Web Server VMWare Active Directory Citrix/VPN Remote Access Tennable Nessus Security Scanner
  • Windows Software Update Server Windows Server Shavlik Updates Assembly/Basic/Java Programming


  • Prevented Watchman Broadcasting from going off air by taking immediate action upon being informed of a yearlong issue concerning low pressure/failure errors on the transmitter cooling system avoided 3K in costs for a new pump by designing and quickly implementing an 80 fix.
  • Researched, selected, ordered, and implemented Polycom teleconferencing products for Piedmont Technical College, meeting a strict deadline for system operability. Enhanced instructors' knowledge of complicated equipment via one-on-one training.
  • Saved 10K by resolving an Adlib PDF software and server compatibility issue at a Department of Energy DOE nuclear facility.
  • Played a key role in eliminating substantial travel costs by orchestrating all aspects of technical support and setup involved in webcasting offsite events for the DOE, such as the introduction of the Toyota Hydrogen Vehicle.
  • Implemented security patches for 300 servers with WSUS 3.x and Shavlik, including SQL Server patching, during a five-week period of rotating on-call support at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions SRNS .
  • Took on a server change for a SRNS customer involving a proprietary database system used for gathering critical nuclear facility operations data conducted extensive testing and exported/imported the registry keys necessary to complete the changeover.
  • Migrated a private network using Apple and Windows Clients to the SRNS network, including creating and approving a security plan as well as testing and implementing controls to measure baseline and ensure compliance.
  • Utilized Motorola cross assemblers to create diagnostic EEROM from assembly language programs, which produced cost savings for Jones Intercable by enabling computer-controlled modules to be troubleshot rather than replaced.
  • Built satellite remote controls for WJBF TV using Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter UART and converting parallel data to serial data to be safely transmitted 1,000 feet over a two-wired, shielded cable serial data returned over the same cable and was converted back to parallel data on the receiving end.



Installs, maintains, and troubleshoots television station components, including television network satellite systems, television transmitters, video/audio production systems, cameras and associated systems, and related operation-supporting computers. Serves as a backup LAN/component troubleshooter and problem solver.


System Support Specialist


Installed, maintained, scheduled, and troubleshot video conferencing systems for classrooms, consisting of VBrick, Clearone, PolyCom, HDX8000, CMA4000, RMX2000, CMA Desktop, Crestron, and Promethean control processing using MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, and high definition H.264. Administrated streaming video servers using Windows Media Services. Live streamed special events. Performed Hyper-V Core and Windows 2008 R2 Server technical support and domain administration. Installed, maintained, and supported EDISecure Retransfer ID printers and software. Provided help desk support to students and instructors.

Computer and Television Systems Engineer


Designed, installed, maintained, and supported government television production systems and computer information systems for video production use. Employed Microsoft, IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, and Tennable Nessus technologies along with Video Design Pro Vidcad software. Maintained government computer networks and security plans in compliance with DOE standards. Supported Java-based CIAC scoring tools to report and correct security issues on a monthly basis. Provided VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, and Windows 2008 R2 Server technical support and domain administration. Served as lead technical support specialist for live webcasting of offsite events/meetings. Facilitated timely restoration and eliminated system state failures during backups of customers' custom databases.

Television System Engineer


  • Installed, maintained, and troubleshot Channelmatic processor-controlled advertisement/commercial insertion systems, television video editing systems, audio editing systems, and computer MS DOS controlled supporting systems. Provided technical support for IBM compatible computers.
  • Previously served as a Television Engineer with WJBF TV Channel 6 and as a Television System Technician with the US Air Force.

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