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Project Manager Resume Profile

C-Level Lean Sigma Trained Project Manager PMP

As a veteran Business Process Improvement Implementation Project Manager was responsible for conducting data collection and analysis to support process improvement projects to reduce cost and complexity across the enterprise. Drafted and reviewed project deliverables and analysis such as value-stream mapping and statistical analysis and supervised business process analysts in the project team environment. In addition to BPI project management process work, planned and participated in BPI organization building and marketing activities. Majorly interacted with senior leadership and subject matter experts to develop solutions that continually improve process performance by increasing productivity and efficiency and/or managing process demand while enhancing the customer experience. Finally as a PM contributed to projects across the client specific enterprises that were focused on reducing cost and complexity.

Professional Experience
  • Monitored and mentored members of the PMO so that the PMO could help implement and spread agile project management across the organization.
  • Implemented a project management office PMO that is engaged in and supportive of transitioning to Scrum.
  • Benchmarked reloaded data against industry standards to see how you stack up to your competitors and broadened the 'health care value circle of all parties involved
  • Drove organizational change using performance management indicators
  • Total project management of BI projects for various departments in the various client companies including marketing, finance, technology and customer service
  • Lead Client Services project manager responsible for production/implementation responsible for process development and improvement, team leadership, mentoring and workload balancing.
  • As senior level project manager responsible for implementation of technical and application projects in all life cycle environments including requirements collection and analysis, data warehouse reloading, vendor management, change control, planning, reporting and implementation.
  • Created an appropriate amount of 'agile' consistency across teams.
  • Forged consistency across teams comes from most or all teams by agreeing particular practice methodology consensus is a good idea
  • Implemented the agile PMO facilitated this by making sure good ideas spread rapidly among teams.
  • Two practices the agile teams thereby utilized were communities of practice and shared coaches.
  • Managed/implemented data warehouse full lifecycle for billion healthcare clients: Spectrum Health System/Kaiser Foundation. Directed internal management teams and IT consultancy projects for CapGemini.
  • Developed an agile PMO that developed a training program, provided coaching, selected and trained coaches and challenged existing behaviors.
  • Assisted with compliance needs to comply with standards ISO 9001, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPPA and with organization-specific rules, such as those for data security.
  • Developed agile PMO that assisted teams by making them aware of such needs, advising them on how to comply, and serving as a central clearinghouse for tips and shared knowledge on compliance and similar matters.

Assisted in establishing and collecting metrics.

  • Established a new PMO it identified and collected metrics.
  • Developed Scrum team metrics programs vs. traditional teams, proceeding cautiously.
  • As agile PMO leader collected information on how well teams were doing at delivering value.
  • Conceived, developed, directed mission for all healthcare data warehousing.
  • Additionally, advanced strategies of the business stakeholders.
  • Implemented PeopleSoft/SAP/Oracle application solutions for billing, patient HIPPA DB security.
  • IT consultant in Client/Server, Data Warehouse/Data Mart and Business Intelligence tools Oracle Hyperion
  • Utilized tools such as BI/OLAP ETL COGNOS ReportNet 1.1 Hyperion/Oracle, Query Studio, Framework Manager, Cognos Connection . Cognos decision stream experience: worked on dimensional framework, transformation models and handled slowly changing dimensions.
  • Managed entire lifecycle on all BI projects relating to healthcare 10 or more, concurrently provided budgetary oversight and direction of all six to one long projects.
  • Analysis and Report/Recommend for Design Data Mart/Data Warehousing for enhancements and alterations based upon issues discovered during business requirements
  • ETL and Data Integration. Managed design and development of mappings, transformations, sessions and workflows using Informatica to move data from heterogeneous sources to target area - while managing a team of 20 plus.
  • Ongoing assessment of business needs of stakeholders. Planned project deliverables, including developing methodologies for any/all data warehouse projects. ROI evaluated, measured.
  • Documented business information requirement - applied complete Life Cycle Development process, including but not limited to, managing largely WIPRO staff augments.
  • Data and metadata integration with Oracle and non-Oracle transactional systems, including drill-through capabilities.
  • Directed WIPRO off shore/on shore staff of legacy reengineers and prioritized staff management.
Project Manager/ Data Warehouse/BI Confidential 1998 - 2001
  • Acted as in-house technical project manager on a multi-million dollar and 100 terra-byte data warehouse program, that managed high-level confidential medical and legal insurance information company-wide complying with Fed standard and generating positive revenues HIPPA standard .
  • Managed, staffed and scheduled up to five projects simultaneously. These would involve systems' documentation, data-flow projects, data-modeling documentation Erwin , user documentation, and daily status reports.
  • Provided PM oversight to all project teams developing new applications for Oracle Hyperion databases end-user training for all staff. Additionally, interviewed and/or hired appropriately.
  • Coordinated communication between business and technology teams including upper to middle management to develop functional software - even when environment ambiguous or fast-paced new version fattened business billing cycles by 20 annually.
  • Delivered a flexible allocation platform that supported multiple cost and revenue modeling approaches, that could be combined to form custom allocation methodologies.
  • Led project development team of 20 plus.

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