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Solutions Architect Resume Profile


To obtai a positio as a Software or Solutions Architect that will allow me to design, develop, and support large scale enterprise systems while utilizing my communicatio skills, business acumen, and technical competencies to improve profitability or operational efficiency.

Technical skills

  • Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Cisco IOS, Cisco Catalyst OS, Brocade Fibre Channel Fabric OS
  • Languages: Java, HTML5, OO JavaScript, CSS3, SQL , C , Perl, PHP, XML, XSLT, XSD, Unix Shell Scripting C, Bash, and Kor , UML, BPMN
  • API/Frameworks: AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Node.js, Struts, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, J2C, Apache CXF, Jersey, REST Easy, Spring, Spring Data, Hibernate, JPA, JUnit, EasyMock, Cactus, Struts TestCase, JWebUnit, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager ITIM API, Service Desk API, FileNet P8 API, Lucene, SOLR, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool BIRT , Business Rules Management Systems BRMS , Spring Batch
  • Software Configuratio Management: CVS, SVN, Git, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Maven, ANT, Crucible, FishEye, Redmine, JIRA
  • Software Applications: Service Desk, VPO, Network Node Manager, TACACS , Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Rally, Oxyge XML Editor, Erwin, SOAP UI
  • IDEs and Editors: Eclipse , Spring STS, Visual Studio, Intellij IDEA, WSAD, RSA, GVIM, vi, SQL Server Management Studio, Enterprise Architect EA
  • Web/Applicatio Servers: Jetty, JBoss, nginx, WebSphere Applicatio Server WAS , WebLogic Apache-Tomcat, webMethods Integratio Server IS
  • Database Management Systems: Oracle, MySQL, DB2, SQL Server
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, SNMP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, IMAP, POP, Telnet, SSH, SSL, SOAP, RMI/iiop, LDAP


  • Received special company recognitio at Apex Clearing for architecting, designing, and developing a internal document imaging system that is used to sca and index physical documents, resulting i over 4 millio of annual savings.
  • Contributed JavaScript code to the Ope Source AngularJS project that was accepted by the Google Angular Project Team.
  • Received a author's and inventor's award at Raytheo E-Systems for writing the data/integratio layer of a applicatio using search indexing technology for a software system that was being published for a patent to the United States Government.
  • Received a special award at State Farm Insurance Companies for saving the company nearly 1 millio i unused network equipment by writing a software applicatio to traverse the enterprise network using various protocols, systems, and other technologies.
  • Received a special award at State Farm Insurance Companies for writing a enterprise applicatio that saved months of manual IT labor for decommissioning hundreds of network devices before being shipped back to the vendor.



Software Development Manager

  • Work at a startup to architect, design, and develop new business and technological capabilities to support executio and clearing business functions, for the firm, across various financial exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE, and CBOE.
  • Build new systems and support existing ones using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, OO JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Java, JEE, C , VB.NET, ASP.NET , and SQL Server running i the Cloud o Linux and Windows software platforms.
  • Perform managerial functions such as staffing, goal setting, and employee performance management including salary and bonus structures for a team of Senior Software Engineers.
  • Work with the CEO, CTO, VP of Technology, and Business Leaders to define strategies, manage Product and Sprint Backlogs for existing work streams, and present new ideas for proof of concepts that provide innovative ways for the firm to positio itself against competing firms and market conditions.
  • Provide Defect Management and Plugi Development for JIRA using core Java and third party frameworks to extend JIRA to support CRM, custom integration, and business process improvements withi and outside of the firm.
  • Provide Problem and Defect Management support for existing applications i a 24X7 environment i order to maintai optimal system availability and minimal downtime and Customer impact.
  • Work with internal business stakeholders, IT SME's, third-party vendors, and Correspondents to manage new and existing business processes and technology integratio across various business domains and technology platforms respectively.


Solutions Architect

  • Worked i face-paced environment, similar to a technology startup, to support enterprise applications for new and existing software products i the company's Revenue Enhancement product division.
  • Architected, designed, and developed applicatio service provider ASP based models for Financial Institutions FI that utilized existing Fiserv investments and infrastructure i order to maximize company profit and time-to-market of new products and solutions.
  • Designed and developed applicatio prototypes for proposed solutions that will fulfill either a business or technology need of the applicatio architecture.
  • Worked with large banking institutional Clients, Business Systems Architects BSA and Project Managers PM to transform Requirements into High Level Designs and Functional Specifications for Development, Engineering, and Infrastructure Teams across various Business Units BU withi the company.
  • Served as Performance and Capacity Management Architect i order to assess, analyze, and predict future performance of applications and systems based o the Client base, network traffic, and performance testing.
  • Served as Applicatio Architect for the Analytical Engine AE that was used for automatic underwriting of Demand Deposit Accounts DDA of large banking and FI Clients for Fiserv Banking Products.
  • Designed Service Oriented Architecture SOA using SOAP through Reactivity XML Gateway, webMethods Enterprise Service Bus ESB , webMethods Integratio Server IS , Tuxedo, WebLogic, WebSphere, Spring, and custom built applications writte i a variety of 3GL and 4GL programming languages Java, SQL, etc hosted internally as well as o remote Client Demand Deposit Account DDA and General Ledger GL financial systems.
  • Designed Batch Processes to support large two-tier architecture using banking and loa data that spans across Windows, Linux, and Mainframe systems using technologies such as NAS, Autosys, Sterling File Gateway SFG , Job Control Language JCL , SFTP, Network Data Mover NDM , and custom Extract Transform, and Load ETL processes.


Java Tech Lead

  • Worked i fast-paced environment to provide EarlyResolutio ER applicatio development, systems engineering, and software architecture consulting services to project and service teams to build new capabilities and support the existing infrastructure respectively.
  • Served as Data Architect for ER Subject Area Model SAM , Logical Model, and Physical Model i order to support various client's Extract, Transform, and Load ETL , Business Intelligence BI , Data Warehouse DW , and Data Mart DM architectures to support predictive modeling and operational intelligence decisio support systems DSS .
  • Met with large mortgage and banking institutional clients of the Financial Services Group FSG to manage expectations and customer relationships i regards to Informatio Technology IT loss mitigatio strategies for portfolios of non-performing personal mortgage loans.
  • Reverse engineered applicatio logic, business rules, and the data architecture i order to provide logical and physical data flow documentatio to the client's of the system i order to better understand how the IT Architecture impacts the Business Architecture of their mortgage loss mitigatio business.
  • Supported traditional and non-traditional Business Rules Management Systems BRMS , J2EE, WebLogic, Struts, JQuery, Web Services, EJBs, JMS Queues, DB2, Perl, Unix Shell scripts, and other technology stacks to support the Service Oriented Architecture SOA and applicatio integratio of a Software as a Service SaaS computing model.
  • Provided batch processing architectural directio and support for large 2-tier processing for mortgage data using servers and distributed applications to support data analytics and business intelligence processes.
  • Served as technical project lead provides leadership and work guidance to geographically dispersed international teams of engineers, developers, and other technical professionals from Vietnam, India, and other countries.
  • Provided 24X7 support and resolves complex problems across many servers, platforms, programming languages, and systems betwee many internal and external endpoints and services to provide high availability and optimal performance, based o client Service Level Agreements SLA .


Senior Software Lead Engineer

  • Led a team of engineers across the country for Agile/Scrum/eXtreme Programming development efforts to implement Intelligence and Informatio Systems IIS solutions.
  • Worked with internal and external customers to build SharePoint Portals for program management to encapsulate data and activities for program execution.
  • Utilized Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MOSS 2007/2010, Windows SharePoint Services WSS 3.0, .NET, C , Windows Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008 to develop end-to-end integratio with other business systems for rapid applicatio development and deployment.
  • Led design, architecture, and development activities for the creatio and integratio of business systems withi the IT enterprise.
  • Worked with senior Project Manager to define project schedules and priorities, milestones, and tasking for engineering team.
  • Worked as Deputy Project Manager to pla project schedules and lead daily standup-up meetings as Scrum Master by using ScrumWorks to manage Sprint schedules
  • Managed contractual relationships with subcontractors for IT staffing needs and project execution.


Senior Software Lead Engineer

  • Led a team of 8 engineers across the country for Agile/Scrum/eXtreme Programming development efforts to implement Intelligence and Informatio Systems IIS solutions.
  • Architected systems, applications, and services to create a Services Oriented Architecture SOA using Jersey, Apache Axis, and EJBs i order to strategically alig the Business and IT Architectures.
  • Designed, developed and tested software using Java, J2EE, Ope Source technologies, and vendor-specific products for Distributed Commo Ground Systems DCGS Army systems such as the DCGS Integratio Backbone DIB .
  • Trouble-shot application, system, and network problems throughout the deployment, configuration, and executio of various applications.
  • Worked as Project Manager to pla project schedules and lead daily standup-up meetings as Scrum Master by using ScrumWorks to manage Sprint schedules.
  • Performed employee performance reviews for employee ratings i order to determine potential salary increases.
  • Helped employees set annual goals for personal and professional development i order to better alig themselves with company goals to increase employee productivity.


Lead Developer

  • Led project teams of developers for Enterprise Applicatio development.
  • Mentored developers o the usage of the Java J2EE programming language and technologies.
  • Gave presentations o J2EE technologies and the company Enterprise Reference programming Architecture.
  • Designed, developed and tested software using the J2EE framework, Ope Source technologies, and vendor-specific products i various business areas.
  • Attended project collaboratio meetings o requirements, design, development, testing, and implementatio strategies.
  • Researched and studied new Java Technology to be used withi the Enterprise Reference Architecture.
  • Utilized WSAD and Rational Tool Suite RSA, ClearCase, and ClearQuest i order to execute the Software Development Life Cycle SDLC .


Network Technical Analyst
  • Automated, monitored, and maintained State Farm's network infrastructure using OpenView Suite Service Desk, Vantage Point Operations VP/O , and Network Node Manager , E-Health, and NetScout.
  • Used languages such as Perl, C, Unix Shell, Java, and SQL to create fast and efficient solutions to integrate various software applications, Operating Systems, and hardware devices.
  • Used HTML, JavaScript, and CGI-Perl to develop web-based applications.
  • Attended biweekly and weekly meetings for project status and unit collaboratio .
  • Researched new technologies and ideas relevant to the IT market.
  • Led projects and backed up other unit members o service requests and projects.

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