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Technical Support Manager Resume Profile

  • An example of the above tools can be found in my work for Unitil where using a SOAP interface I designed within Websphere I passed XML scripted SQL commands to update information between the AS/400 used when clients called with issues with their power and/or gas delivery and the Microsoft SQL server 2005 used to dispatch drivers to solve these calls . Information traveled back and forth including status updates so if the customer called back they can say we are aware of your issue and a driver has been dispatched, or the driver determined you need a part and that part is in route, or your power or gas has been restored.
  • I tried to explain a very complicated process here in simple terms and briefly though I could explain it in more detail in person. My resume as you can tell is geared toward the AS/400. However my experiences are not limited to this single platform.
  • At Liberty I worked on a replatforming of an exclusive AS/400 product now being run in SQL with a brief C script which does error check prior to loading information into the DB2/400 databases.
  • At Thompson Center Arms I was placed as Team Lead to replace an outgoing manager after Smith and Wesson purchased them. My primary role was to develop a team capable of supporting the organization including Servers Windows 2003, Email, SQL , AS/400, desktops Windows and Linux , communications within the network, developing standards, installing software to bring the organization into compliance with laws like SOX Sarbaines Oxley and to foster an IT as a service organization within the user community.
  • I would love an opportunity to discuss my experience with you and how it might apply within your organization. With over 23 years in Information Systems I believe my skill set will be an asset to where ever I go. Over these years I've been asked to do many things and each time I was asked to do something I didn't know I'd inform my bosses that this was something new to me but I'll tackle it with enthusiasm and that I looked forward to the challenge. I believe nothing is impossible but sometimes to get what is needed done requires us to step outside out comfort zone and think beyond the limited box from which we view most challenges.
  • During 2011 I have done several small sideline projects supporting both GENTRAN EDi and JDE World software both on AS/400 platforms. These projects are not listed here.

Sr. Systems Analyst, Project Manager and Software Developer

  • With over 25 years of experience with IBM midrange family systems and more than 23 years on the AS/400 Model A05 to current iSeries machines. More than 23 years of experience using CL, RPG II-ILE and free and COBOL ILE to develop leading edge software for my clients.
  • Applications include but are not limited to JDEdwards World v5.3 to 8.1 and JDEdwards OneWorld B7333 8.12, EDI software Gentran/400, and other packages like MAPICS and BPCS, PkMS, Island Pacific, Mozart, and A .
  • Operating systems include OS/400 v1-v6.1 and all widows platforms from v3.1 through current Windows 7. Windows servers 2000, 2003 and 2008, Cytrix Servers. Other systems include Apple OS X and Linux.
  • Experience covering all aspects of business functions including: HR, AP, AR, GL, Fixed assets, Procurement, Order Entry and Fulfillment, Purchasing, Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing.
  • Tools used include RLU, SDA, DBU, DFU, DDS, FTP, MQ, ALDON, TurnOver, Implementor, PDM, WDSC, HawkEye, WebSphere, Crystal reports, PCL, All MS Office tools Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, SharePoint, Publisher, Outlook, OneNote , MS Visual Studio VB, C/C /C and J , SQL MS SQL server 2000-2006, AS/400 SQL, StarSQL, MySQL .
  • Solid project management skills with 20 years managing projects which includes managing budgets, installations, vendors, and personnel. I've managed projects as large as five million dollars and as many as twenty direct reports.
  • In an effort to save time I've not listed but at every assignment I managed the projects I was assigned. Many cases I managed financial and personnel resources associated with the projects. I also didn't list repeatedly RLU, SDA, excreta unless it was required by the customer as a programming standard. I also didn't highlight my COBOL, C/C skills or my HTML, PHP and web based skills as they do not readily apply to my main focus which is as developer, or project/team lead. I can however explain where and when my experiences in these areas apply when asked.



  • Responsible assisting with identifying key changes to the JDEdwards software and twenty years of enhancements for the purpose of directing an upgrade path.
  • All new programs written per JDE standards
  • All Edwards tools used to review programs, processing options and other uniquely JDE features.
  • Confidential
  • Responsible for maintaining core systems and development of new programs per approved specification.
  • All new programs written in RPG Free with embedded SQL
  • Aldon used as version management tool
  • IBM Rational Developer used for development
  • Used XML extensively for my largest project
  • IBM MQ used as well


Off-site contractor - ComputerAid

I was responsible for developing a new Over sized package payment system for contract drivers at Fedex. During this process I've mentored several contractors also assigned to this project and have taken a lead developers role with more complicated coding challenges. Including using Relation Data Base connections over multiple AS/400 platforms using embedded SQL. Provided on call support for multiple applications located on the iSeries servers throughout FedEx. Modified programs per new barcode standards for Fedex. This crossed all systems and involved changes to 100s of programs and crossed multiple teams and required coordination of upgrades at every level including: PC servers, hand scanners, distribution centers, third party venders like Neopost, and systems personnel within Fedex.

Duties with CAI

  • I support legacy systems and am responsible for maintaining and upgrading these systems including deliveries, manifests, canada and US post, Scan, Call tags and many more. I am also the on-call resource for some of these supported systems.
  • All new programs written in RPGSQL Free using Rational Developer


  • Manage programming assignments, material procurement, testing and implementation to assist Ruger in tracking weapons as the move through the manufacturing process using RPG free on the IBM AS/400.
  • All new programs written in RPG Free
  • Aldon used as version management tool


project lead/Technical support Manager

  • Manage projects assigned to me and support IT on-call using PkMS and other warehousing tools to support the business in day to day operations. Including ASN tracking, loading new rates for carriers and other support tasks like user training.
  • All new programs written in RPG Free
  • Aldon used as version management tool


Supporting IT initiatives to combine processes and improve performance allowing consolidate broker environments and better overall service to customers and brokers alike.


  • Supporting acquisition of new companies being integrated into Existing IT infrastructure through conversion of data from the two new companies into existing company databases. All work was performed using RPG Free programs to convert the data.
  • Also created a new system to send information from customer support to trucks in the field. This information created a real-time link between the technical people in the field and customer support allowing real-time answers for customer inquiries.

RPG Free

  • Several service programs created to support web interfaces.
  • WebSphere used to create real time web links between as/400 and truck mounted laptops.
  • SQL used to insert, update, and delete orders between as/400 and truck mounted laptops.
  • XML used to pass the packets of information using SOAP compliant XML structures via an FTP web interface.


Implementation/project manager

  • Leading implementation of new web services order systems
  • Using XML and other cross platform technologies to transform
  • Data as needed for distribution to various vendors.
  • RPG Free used for all programs
  • One service program created for using MQ to stream FTP orders to and from the AS/400 and a new module added to an existing service program.
  • Websphere services used to transport these streams to and from the AS/400.
  • IBM MQ services used for streaming data.
  • WDSC used for development of new programs.
  • Implementor used as software manager version tool
  • RLU and SDA used for reports and screen design.
  • Imbedded SQL used to minimize data retrieval times.
  • PCL used for all labels including box labels, bar coding and UPC labels
  • FTP was used to transport data to and from the AS/400
  • Manage work and mentor staff in training efforts.


  • Manage implementation of PkMS bridges and other cross
  • System tasks, work I had started before leaving staples.
  • PkMS was the package used.
  • RPG ILE used for all programs with some RPG Free used in repeatable subroutines.
  • Service programs created and modified to support cross platform data transition. These programs created, maintained and cleared MQ sources porting data to databases for later retrieval and translation.
  • MQ used as transport platform for data.
  • Implementor used as Software manager version tool
  • Imbedded SQL used to minimize data retrieval times.


I T Team Lead/Development Manager

  • Supporting all areas of the company including bringing
  • the IT department to Sarbanes Oxley Compliance and managing
  • day to day priorities for the IT staff.
  • MAPICS distribution and Sarbanes Oxley compliance integration.
  • All new programs written in RPG Free
  • All modified programs written in RPG ILE
  • WDSC used for all development
  • TurnOver used for Software version management tool
  • Imbedded SQL used for more flexible data retrieval
  • Gentran/400 used for EDI


Project Analyst/Sr Developer

  • Supporting PkMS and shipping distribution team
  • PkMS was the package used.
  • RPG ILE used for all programs with some RPG Free used in repeatable subroutines.
  • Service programs created and modified to support cross platform data transition. These programs created, maintained and cleared MQ sources porting data to databases for later retrieval and translation.
  • MQ used as transport platform for data.
  • Imbedded SQL used for all data retrieval


Pragmatic Consulting

  • JDE OneWorld Assisted in making JDE lean manufacturing
  • Compliant. KANBAN/BarCoding/EDI
  • Position Sr. Financial Systems Analyst
  • Duties included
  • Managing users
  • Assisting the user community and management with day to day tasks and processes
  • Developing new processes to assist the company in becoming 404 SOX compliant
  • Security of the financial systems
  • Administration of users and user rights within the financial systems
  • Creating new programs and procedures for support of implementation and SOX audits.
  • Writing technical documentation for other personnel to work from to develop programs for various company needs


  • All programs written in RPG ILE and RPG Free
  • SDA, RLU, SEU, PDM, WDSC, DBU, Hawkeye and other utilities used.
  • MS Project and Project Team heavily used to support a multiyear application development and implementation of JD Edwards to consolidate all corporate needs under a single platform.
  • SQL heavily used within new programs.
  • PCL used extensively for printing documents like manufacturing paperwork including Bills of Lading and Proofs, Purchase orders totally redesigned using PCL
  • Some client server work required MS Visual Studio to create heads up management tools and PHP and web tools for a web facing view of high level financial data.


Position Sr. Programmer Analyst

  • Duties included support for the Prism manufacturing systems and custom preocesses within the company as well as JDEdwards Financials support for office staff and corporate reporting. I also learned DataTracker a data wharehousing tool used by JacPac to track sales and other critical information required to do business in an efficient manner. I was directly responsible for all mission critical applications whenever the need arose.
  • All programs written in RPG
  • All new programs required full documentation including an MS project time line and VISIO documentation for technical visual pictures of work to be performed.
  • PCL used for packing labels on Zebra printers
  • Gentran/400 used for EDI


Programmer/analyst Programming RPG III on IBM AS/400

  • Other experience includes MAPICS/BPCS/A I have extensive JDE experience in installing and upgrading JDE modules. Had major responsibility for documenting and improving the sales order, shop floor, manufacturing, distribution modules. Major clients include Data Instruments, Honeywell Micros Switch, PC Connections, and ChemFab Corp.
  • All programs in RPG II and III
  • All tools available used like SDA, RLU, DFU


  • Consultant Programming RPG III on IBM AS/400
  • Freedom Series In house package programming
  • I was responsible for client relations, Specifacation design, and system changes.
  • All programs written in RPG III
  • Managed several client installations of varying sizes from small roll out system wide changes to major enhancements for individual clients.

Sr. Systems Analyst Programming RPG and COBOL on IBM AS/400

  • MAPICS/BPCS and custom code
  • I was directly responsible for developing client relations and
  • Directing work onsite on behalf of the client. I coordinated all work for my teams and the clients own personnel.
  • Managed several projects at multiple clients and locations
  • Supervised and performed work on AS/400 in RPG using multiple tools including PDM, SDA, RLU, DFU
  • Gentran/400 used for EDI


Sr. Analyst/Project Manager

  • Programming RPG on IBM S/36, S/38 and AS/400
  • I personally over saw the development of an enterprises wide medical billing and patient tracking system. This system was over 1 million lines of code and encompassed all of the needs of a physician's office from physician scheduling to patient scheduling, purchasing, tracking patient history and billing.
  • Programs written in RPG on AS/400 Model A15 to G10


Programmer/Analyst Programming in RPG and COBOL on an IBM S/36

  • I wrote custom programs for all aspects of the municipality including tax collectors, police and fire departments, to payroll and registry of deeds.
  • Programs written on S/36, S/38 an AS/400 A05 in RPG II

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