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Systems Consultant Primary Function Resume Profile


Over 29 years of IT experience functioning as an Information Systems Professional. Experience includes heavy emphasis with IBM Mainframes. Over 23 years of SDLC Methodology. Experience includes OS/MVS/ESA/OS/390, Z-OS, VTAM, ANSI COBOL II, MVS COBOL, COBOL/C, OS/COBOL, Coolgen, Telon, Micro Focus/Mainframe Express COBOL, Natural, Assembler, CICS, DB2, IMS/DC/DB, ADABAS, DATACOM, IDMS, Oracle, Tivoli, Coolgen, Telon and Micro Focus/Mainframe Express COBOL. Over twenty three years of DB2, RDBMS, Data Analysis experience. Ten years of IMS/DC/DB experience. End Client includes: SOAP/SOA, Web Services, e-business, Electronic Data Interchange, EDI , J2EE Server, Siebel Server,,SQL Server, MQSI/Websphere Application Server W/ Message Broker, JMS. Experience in Sybase and MQ Middleware Development. The last eight years functioning both as a DB2/DBA and as a Systems/Analyst supporting various applications. Role player in designing and developing large scale Back End platforms, COBOL, CICS/CICS triggers, CICS Transaction Server, MQ, IMS/TM, DB2 Connect , Front End platforms, Websphere, MB, Java/Java2, .Net, VB, ASP, HTML . Seven years using Extract Transform Load, ETL . Ten years of IMS experience. Over 15 years of Project Management and or Technical Project Team Lead. Experience in DB2 Data Architecture Design, and DB2 Environmental Support. All projects, over 25 years , made use of OS/MVS/ESA, OS/390, Z/OS, DB2, ADABAS, IMS, ISPF, TSO, CICS, JCL in a Multi Tier environment. Fifteen years of Project Management and or Technical Project Team Lead managing at least as many as ten team members Can work independently but am considered more a team player and stress Team Work . Mostly worked in a team environment, 15 different occasions , my entire career.


  • Programming Languages: COBOL, COBOL II, COBOL 390, Micro Focus COBOL/Workbench, PL/1, SAP ABAP, Assembler, BMS, DMS MVS/JCL, DOS/JCL , REXX, Clist, DB2 Stored Procedures/SQLPs, SQL, QMF, /Natural, Focus, Easytrieve DB, DL1, DL2, QMF, Access, Natural, AS/400/CL, .Net, VB, C , Java, Javascript, ASP, XML, HTML, Visual Basic. WebServices XML/SOAP and WSDL. Websphere Message Broker, JMS, and CICS Transaction Sever with e- business.
  • Databases: DB2, ADABAS, Oracle, IMS, Datacom, IDMS, XDB, VSAM, Access, MQSI, Sybase.
  • Software: CICS, IMSDB/DC/TM, VTAM, DB2/SQL, TSO, ISPF, SYSD, CMS, CA7, CA11, JES2, JCL, JECL, VSAM, Erwin, Strobe, Playback, Verify, CA-Insight, Expeditor, SQL PSQL, ESQL, Omni Sybase Middleware, MQ Series, ETL, TELON, APS, EDI Complete-STP, IEF/Coolgen,, Mainframe Express, Revolve, BMS, DMS, Fileaid, IBM Utilities, Fileaid, FTP, SMTP, Data Expert, Compare X, Librarian, Endevor, ClearCase, PVCS, SMP/E, Changeman, Tivoli, Panvalet, PVCS, Intertest, Expeditor, EDF, TMON, OMEGAMON, Visio, Compare X, CLIST, MS Project Workbench, MS Office, Visio, Rational Rose, Lotus, Siebel, Tivoli. WebServices XML/SOAP, WSDL. Websphere Message Broker, JMS, CICS Transaction Sever , e- business. DB2 Utilities, DB2I, BMC, Platinum, QMF, Candle/Omegamon, TMON, TMS, Mainview , Intune, Aptune, CA- Unicenter, RACF, ACF2. Java, JDK, and Webshere application development. GUI Development tools -Trolltech, Cientsoft, Code/FX, Dataviews, Dreamweaver,.NET.
  • Operating Systems: OS/MVS/XA, OS/MVS/ESA, Z/OS, OS/390, OS/400, DOS/VSE/SP, VM, OS/2, Windows 95/2000//NT/XP, WebService, Siebal J2EE, JMS.
  • Hardware: IBM 3090/4341, System 38/36, AS400, System I Series, i5/OS, I OS/400, and various Servers.
  • Networking: VTAM, CICS, IMS, LAN, Client, Novell, Siebal Server, SQL Server, J2EE, Server/JDBC/SQLJ, EJB, ODBC, DRDA, DB2 Connect, J2EE Server, WebSphere Application Server, TCP/IP.



DB2 SQL/PL Development.

  • Technical Project Leader responsible for tracking DB2 UDB upgrades. Overseeing the DB2 migration effort, and the upgrade of various application systems, Over 850 COBOL II/ DB2 Natural, and CICS programs .
  • Performed Quality Assurance during all phases of testing
  • Addressed Serviceability such as with enhancements to column types, and lengths, Add, Rotate or Rebalance Partitions dynamically, Adding a column to an index, Changing Partitioning and cluster of application tables, Data Partition Secondary Indexes, Faster Recovery with System Level Point In Time Recovery. Finally, improvement to DB2 utilities REORG, CHECK INDEX, LOAD/UNOAD, RUNSTATS, Auto Restart, LPL Recovery Process.
  • Addressed Version 7 to Version 8 Migration issues. Hardware and Software.
  • Developed SQL/PL as needed.
  • Perform Data modeling and Data Analysis using Erwin and ETL.

SDLC Project Methodology approached was used in all cases.

  • Modified both COBOL and PL/1, and Natural, programs, and static SQL as needed.
  • Supported IBM WebSphere MQ for Z/OS. V7
  • Performed Unit and System testing as required.

Created system Test Cases and developed Test Data Beds as required.

Supported Client .Net Development.

  • Integrated WebSphere Application Server, AS , with CICS Transaction Sever, TS , V2.
  • Support and development of WebSphere EJB Containers.
  • Installed DB2 Function MQSeries XML Extender.
  • Developed DB2 Store Procedures and UDF's.
  • Created Data Models both Logical and Physical using Erwin, Raytional and ROS..
  • Created DFD's using Visio.
  • Provided status to managements on the status, changes, Scheduling issue as it relates to resources.
  • Worked closely with other stakeholders within the IT areas such as Controllers, BA's QA, Change Management , Storage, etc.
  • Performed Cost Benefit Analysis.
  • Provided mentoring as needed for new personnel.
  • Participated in all phases using PM Tracking Systems. PM systems varied depending on the client.
  • Provided status to managements on the status, changes, Scheduling issue as it relates to resources.
  • Member of the Standards Committee.
  • Participant in QA COBOL II Program Walkthroughs, Efficiency of COBOL Code SQL .
  • Performed all phases of testing, Unit, System, Regression, Integration, Parallel, User Acceptance Testing. These were COBOL/CICS/DB2, Natural based.
  • SAP WF, IS, FI interface support
  • Addressed Version 7 to Version 8 Migration issues. Hardware and Software.
  • Addressed Enterprise Data Access, I.E. QMF, Websphere, TSO/CICS .
  • Java and Java JSP Client development as needed.
  • Assisted in Front End Enhancements, JAVA based , Websphere .Net, GUI HTML , Mid Tier, MQ, DB2 Connect changes, and Back End, Z/OS 390, CICS, DB2 , upgrades.

Hardware: IBM 3090, AS/400, VTAM, Windows Server, Websphere Application Server, J2EE Server

Software: Z-OS, i5/OS, Sun, Unix, TSO/ISPF,COBOL, COBOL II, Pl/1, Natural, CICS, Oracle, ETL, Dreamweaver, MQSI, Message Broker 6.1,DB2 Version 8.1, DB2/UDB, ADABAS, VSAM, .Net, Java 2, Application and Servlets , JMS, JDK, HTML, XML. Rational, ROSE, Visio, ClearCase, PVCS.


Senior Systems Consultant Primary Function

  • Developed CIS upgrades and enhancements using State Farms Project Monitoring System, SFDM .
  • All development support was using TSO/ISPF operating subsystem running under OS/MVS/ESA, Z/OS, and OS/400.
  • SQL Development.

Quality Assurance during Unit testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, and Parallel Testing

  • Database Support of the CIS interfaces with of Microsoft IIS 6 7.
  • Windows Server 2005 2008 Support as needed.
  • Data conversion to the target DB2 Data Base using ETL and Data Propagator.
  • Enhanced, maintained and developed DB2/COBOL II/CICS and IMS/DC/TM interface modules.
  • Enhanced, maintained and developed PL/1 programs as required.
  • Consulted with IBM on MQ/Series, WebSphere, and Mainframe debugging efforts and problems with installations and upgrades.
  • New development of the CIS Front End Client using .NET.
  • Maintained DFD's and Systems flows charts for the three-tier architecture.
  • CIS System COBOL II modules developed and maintained using the IEF/ Coolgen and Micro Focus COBOL.
  • Coordinated development and overall architecture with the Project Managers, the Mid-Tear Front End team, and the all Mainframe team members as required.
  • IMS controlled interface used a series of IMS COBOL Public Interface, Business Logic , called modules that passed control to Data Access Modules, DAMS , in order to update and retrieve, the DB2 UDB via MQ Series.
  • Responsible for developing PL/SQL along with DBA responsibilities.
  • Java application development at the Mid Tear Level, Beans and Containers .
  • Utilized MQ Series/Websphere SOAP, Front End Network and integrated with the Mainframe CIS, Z/OS, DB2, Oracle,UDB multi platform environment using JMS, CICS Transaction Server. The Front End contained Visual Basic, .NET, Java, J2EE, and WebSphere.

Perform testing for Quality Control and involver on final User Acceptance Testing.

ETL production data to the testing environment.

Duties included on call 24/7 CIS Production support.

DB2/Oracle DBA Confidential

  • DB2/RDBMS maintenance and support. Performed maintenance, DB2 design, backup and recovery, security, performance tuning and enhancements to multiple DB2 subsystems. Maintaned WMQ/Series middleware.
  • DBA Duties included - table loads, table unloads, image copies, DDL development and enhancements, performance tuning, backup and recovery, Security, Data Architecture, Data Organization.
  • Includes twenty four seven production support.
  • Supported DB2 Stored Procedures
  • QA SQL Review
  • Upgraded Encryption/Decryption subroutines to convert ASCII/EBCDIC formats.
  • Assisted in DB2 table creation, DB2 Data Modeling, Data Normalization, Entity Relationships.
  • DB2 Data Architecture and DB2 Application Design using Erwin to create Logical Models and Physical Models.

Hardware: IBM 3090, AS/400 Mid-Tear, LAN Servers, WebSphere's WAS,, J2EE, Unix, Linux, Windows,


Software: OS/MVS/ESA/Z-OS, VTAM, ANSI COBOL II COBOL 390, COBOL/C, Micro Focus COBOL- V3 and V4, SAP, PL/1, Assembler,, CICS, DB2V8.2, RDBMS, VSAM, UDB, ESQL, SQL, IMS/TM, DB2I, OS/JCL Power, EDI, BMC, QMF, Platinum, Fileaid,, Clist, REXX, Tivoli, SPUFI, DB2 utilities, ETL, MQ Series/Websphere/MQSI, WebServices XML/SOAP and WSDL. Websphere Message Broker, JMS, and CICS Transaction Sever with e- business. SSL Dreamweaver, Data Propergator, Coolgen, BMC, CA-Unicenter, Omegamon, Performance Manager, SME, PERL, Java and Java Beans, Java Scripts, .Net, VB, XML, HTML, GUI/Clientsoft, Tivoli, Visio, Erwin, Changeman, Clearcase, Rational Rose, ISPF, SPUFI, CA7, RACF, etc.


Application Development Responsibilities

  • Developed and ongoing maintenance of COBOL II, online CICS and batch CIS systems using MF COBOL.
  • QA Testing using Strobe and Playback during all phases of testing.
  • Modified/Upgraded of Natural programs.
  • Developed and maintained COBOL and SQL Stored Procedures for the CIS and the Internet Banking interface.
  • Maintained IMS/DC COBOL call modules as required by shop standards.
  • SQL Development.
  • Helped in the development and implementation of the Financial Institution Data Match, FIDM- Dead Beat Daddies owing child support , interface for the state of Pennsylvania. Table Joins up to 8 tables per COBOL II program.
  • Designed and developed GUI HTML interface screens using Trolltech and Kinesix.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the Intrader COBOL II Interface, Stocks and Investments, etc. with CIS.
  • Developed and maintained the SIS system for the Corporate Education Department.
  • Windows Server 2003 2008 Support as needed
  • Microsoft IIS 7 maintenance and support.
  • Set up Test Plan an addressed Referential Integrity Issues.
  • Data Modeling both Logical and Physical models. Entity Relationships and Data Normalization.
  • Data Modeling 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th, Normal Form.
  • ETL data conversion and data replication processes.
  • Visio Flowcharting
  • J2EE, Development using JDK.
  • .Net development and .Net support.
  • Created test plans, Test Matrix's and performed tests for all CIS projects. Included creating test scripts for unit testing and creating test matrixes, etc. for system/integration testing. Testing tools included Verify, Playback, Strobe, Omegamon, Tmon, Expeditor, Intertest, and CA-Insight.
  • Developed the COBOL II CICS interface for the, IHB, Internet Home Banking System , with the Mainframe CIS system. IHB Utilized MQ Series/Websphere Front End, .Net, VB, Network and integrated with the Mainframe CIS, Z/OS, DB2, UDB multi platform environment. Via TCP/IP.
  • Some ANSI COBOL and Assembler software was developed using Telon and Mainframe Express.

DB2 DBA Responsibilities Confidential

  • DB2 support Included daily table, maintenance, Reorgs, to the DB2 Storage Groups, DB2 table Spaces, DB2 tables. Included, upgrades and performance tuning. Much experience using Platinum BMC and Fileaid for DB2.
  • QA and SQL Review
  • Involved in DB2 Entity Relational Design, Parent, Child, One to Many, Many to Many, etc .
  • CIS DB2 /RDBMS, Data Architecture, CIS DB2 Design and Analysis. Parties included Systems, Applications, Controllers, QC and End Users.
  • DBA Duties include - table loads, table unloads, image copies, DDL development and enhancements, performance tuning, backup and recovery, Data Architecture, Data Organization, Data Consistency issues. Assist Applications Development with Table Design and Data Modeling using Erwin.
  • Developed PL/SQL as required.
  • Review Application Programmer's SQL for efficiency when accessing DB2 Tables.
  • DB2 Data Modeling, Data Normalization, Entity Relationships.
  • Created the project plan for the CIS ADBAS to DB2 conversion.
  • DB2 Data Architecture and DB2 Application Design using Erwin to create Logical Models and Physical Models.
  • Duties included on call 24/7 CIS Production support.
  • Recovery using transaction logging
  • Review Application Programmer's SQL for efficiency when accessing DB2 Tables.
  • Query/Update the CIS database and DB2 catalog using such tools as QMF, SPUFI, Platinum BMC, CA products and Fileaid for DB2.
  • Maintained/distribute Data Relational Diagrams, DRD's, for CIS application support team
  • Ongoing Support of ADABAS/Natural batch system.

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