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Publisher Support Specialist Ii Resume Profile


  • Certified A with experience spanning 3 to 5 years crafting world-class solutions within PC hardware, system software, networking, digital media, web applications.
  • Possesses extensive experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and Linux-based distributions, drivers, updates and patches.
  • Proven effective isolation methodologies with focus on the customer with dexterity in problem solving all internal computer hardware components and peripherals.
  • 3 years of experience managing users and groups via Active Directory
  • Familiarity with storage technologies NAS and SAN.
  • 3 years of experience building, configuring and resolving RAID storage.
  • Comfortable with the Unix/Linux shell, configurations, network tools, utilities, and light BASH scripting.
  • Demonstrated competency with LAN/WAN node connectivity troubleshooting including bandwidth or latency related degradation.
  • Possesses experience identifying settings with wide-range of routers and managed switches causing communication malfunction.
  • Familiar with virtualization platforms including bare-metal and hosted hypervisor technology such as VMware ESXi, VirtualBox and KVM.
  • Ability to configure client/server machines to access network shared resources in including storage nodes, network printers.
  • Ability to build or clone images and deploy over a network along with Windows and Mac OS migration.
  • Accomplished mastery-level task management ability with active listening, troubleshooting, researching, and thorough documentation while meeting or exceeding deadlines.
  • Team facilitator and leader by training and encouraging product mastery and assertiveness along with influencing expansion of day-to-day productivity.
  • HP ProLiant Servers
  • HP Desktops Workstations
  • POS Systems Thin-Clients
  • Laptops Tablets Blackberry
  • BIOS Firmware VoIP
Systems Software
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Windows 2008 2012 Server
  • Active Directory Exchange
  • Outlook Lotus Notes
  • Mac OSX Red Hat Linux 6 / 7
  • CentOS Ubuntu Debian
  • Ethernet Fibre Channel
  • DHCP DNS Switches
  • Routers Bridges SSH
  • Firewall Proxy VPN
  • TCP/IP FTP PXE Telnet
  • Wireless 802.11 Printers
  • Apache Nginx IIS HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery
  • Light PHP XML XSLT MySQL MS Access
  • WordPress 4.x Drupal 6 / 7
  • Productivity
  • MS Office 2007 - 2013 / 360
  • Remedy Salesforce CRM
  • Configure Windows Server 2012 domain controllers with Active Directory.
  • Deployed LAMP server web hosting platform including FTP, Apache and file with CentOS.
  • Designed local area network infrastructure for TCP/IP communication including a cloud-hosted VoIP solution.
  • Built a custom 16 Terabyte, RAID 10 NAS backup server.
  • Created WordPress CMS and MySQL for online marketing presentation, e-commerce, and social networking.
Confidential Confidential Technical Support Specialist IV
  • Serve as a direct client focal point for in resolving HP product-line hardware malfunction and software related issues for systems and network administrators or field technicians. Researches and complies with product specifications and standard operating procedures for proper hardware handling and installation.
  • Accredited with the HP Trusted Advisor Customer Ambassador Award for Total Customer Experience detailing accountability, follow up, QA scores, feedback, and diagnosis accuracy.
  • Provide RAID troubleshooting along with Windows and Linux image and driver related malfunction.
  • Configured lab equipment with SSH and remote Desktop access to VPS s running multiple flavors of Windows and Linux to assist in pinpointing issues and discover secondary masked issues resulting in decreased handling time.
Confidential Confidential Publisher Support Specialist II
  • Provide front-line HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Browser support with ad presentation and tracking issues via phone, Skype, or email. Manage technical issues strategically alongside business impact, while strengthening vital aspects of effective communication of technical details to people of non-technical, varying cultures, backgrounds and experience. Utilize Active directory to configure and troubleshoot new user permissions to ensure proper user authentication and access to server resources.
  • Resolved online advertiser rich media video presentation and analytics served to live, multi-million unique visitor web site properties such as MSN, Myspace, Yahoo .
  • Identified and prevented repeating issues by orchestrating conference calls with 3rd. parties regarding browser compatibility, CMS template issues, GEO IP targeting, video formats, and cross-domain scripting.
Assisted as special projects coordinator to integrate new mobile platform to iOS. Confidential Confidential Technical Support Representative II
  • Assist as second tier support for field technicians in the diagnosis of malfunctioning laptop hardware components and retail POS systems.
  • Decreased RMA hardware replacement costs by achieving a 92 quarterly first-call resolution average.

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