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Project Manager Resume Profile

Professional Summary Software:

  • BIRT, Eclipse IDE, NetBean, Visual Studio, CSS, JavaScript, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS. Java related Log4j, Junit, Ant, Ivy, Maven, JavaFX, etc. , C/C related makefile, scripting, etc , Consensus, Erwin, Toad, DBDesigner, Weblogic EJB, JMS, JSP, etc. , SAS Enterprise Miner, Pentaho, JFree Report, Mondrian OLAP server star schema, snowflake schema , Spoon Kettle , Netezza parallel server certificate, Actimize rule engine. Databases: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012, Oracle 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 , MySQL Technical Skills: Data Modeling Relational and Star/snowflake Schema. OLTP and Data warehouse , Business language complex SQL translation, SQL Server administration, web site security http to https automatic redirect, apply SSL, etc . Programming in C, C , Java, MDX, PL/SQL Oracle , T-SQL SQL Server , C .NET , Fortran, UNIX/Linux Shell Scripting K, C, t , SAS Basics . IBM Cobol/Copybook.
  • Most used and recently used programming languages: C, Java, C , SQL.
  • Most familiar OS: Unix/Linux



  • Support a rule-based logic in stored procedure system for monitoring abnormal activities. Daily work involves translating business email, verbal requests into actions with complex SQL and vice versa updating data, data investigation, special data report, etc.
  • Tracing data from IBM DB2 datasets, Cobol/Copybook, and eventually load into Oracle database.
  • Programmed a software to package large amount of data from a variety of file types and databases into files that fit the archive format to be archived. Initial the prototype was written in C , then it was written managerial decision in C /.NET, eventually it was rewritten managerial decision and fully developed in Java Eclipse, Junit, Log4j, CSS, database to XML processing, etc .
  • Web site security system work Install SSL to enable https, then automatically redirect web access of http link to https link


  • Re-design and rebuild a funding proposal about 200 principal investigator/professors, yearly about 1000 funding proposals data warehouse. The source data of the data warehouse come from eTrac system, a research proposal and funding process management system and Navision system, a research project accounting system. The data store of eTrac system is an object oriented database and both system do not have documentation for data structure. To understand the data store a database of eTrac meant to at least partially understand the way eTrac system works, and then identify the parts of the data in the system that relevant to business reports. In the data warehouse, the data from these source systems are to be loaded into a relational database, and then into a star schema database, and then be used to construct OLAP cube or to some reporting tables, directly used by users.
  • I have conducted old legacy code investigation, old reports investigation as part of requirement gathering , and data modeling both relational as well as star schema , and ETL design and coding. Extensive SQL coding have been done. The final ETL method is using SSIS packages as control modules and using SQL so complex data transformation can be done at that SQL layer to extract data.


Compability, performance, features, and TCO comparisons of SQL Server, Oracle, PosgreSQL,Cognos, MicroStrategy, Pentaho, Microsoft BI suite Client: etech, State Government, SQL Server Replication June-July 2011 Cleanup Ohio state-wide building schools and teacher survey data since year 2000 and load into a reporting schema. Main challenge in this project is that surveys and survey data date models are different from year to year and we have to load them into a database with common reporting schema. Client: 31gifts, SQL Server Replication Feb-March 2011 Extensive ETL work using SQL Server 2008 SSMS, SSIS, and stored procedures/T-SQL. There were numerous iterations from requirements Client: Ohio Department of Development ODOD, Feb 2010-Nov Extensive ETL work using SQL Server 2008 SSMS, SSIS, and stored procedures/T-SQL. There were numerous iterations from requirements to implementation, to get verifications. Client: Cardinal Health 2009 Data mining project. Used Perl to write scanner software to scan for computer language patterns in a large repository of deployed programs. Client: Ohio Department of Insurance ODI, 2008 Built Pilot Business Intelligence Solution extracted from multiple OLTP databases, transformed with extensive data cleaning, and loaded into a consolidated Data Warehouse for deployment to two data marts. Used full MS BI Suite SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, as well as stored procedures/T-SQL Client: Ohio Public Employees Retirement System OPERS Data warehouse Architect for OPERS Ohio Public Employee Retirement System developed a pilot data warehouse project for the IT department to serve as a proof of concept for future Business Intelligence Solutions. Mentored OPERS IT on data warehouse design and ETL design, using SQL Server Integration Services SSIS packages and T-SQL stored procedure in the ETL link also completed analysis requirement gathering, conducted source data investigation and designed a data mart design.

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