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Program Director Resume Profile


Innovative senior manager that has overseen over 1B in domestic and international projects. Projects include advanced information technology implementations, medical equipment distribution to Africa and production, refurbishment and delivery of naval vessels to South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Information Technology projects include semantic/Big Data/Web 3.0, Battlefield-use Service Oriented Architecture SOA , and cloud computing environments. Skilled and experienced change implementer that has led a multi-organizational Lean Six Sigma project, supported Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI implementation and facilitated an enterprise-level organizational restructuring. Have successfully improved performance while reducing cost and increasing capacity. Experienced leader that has successfully collaborated across business units, professional disciplines. 18 years working experience across private industry, government and non-profits, with 14 years of experience in program management. Certified in Program Management, International Export and Logistics.

Professional Experience

Program Director


  • Customer Relationship Management Corporate Coordination
  • Interfaced with clients to understand their needs, develop requirements and define the path to success.
  • Collaborated with Human Resources, Local Directors and Competency Leads for hiring and/or placing personnel.
  • Worked with Competency Leads, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers to form and maintain complete teams.
  • Facing the end of our last sole-source contract, obtained new business and extra funding to support core projects.
  • Twice obtained extremely rare contractual exemptions.
  • Program, Portfolio Project Management
  • Implemented revised tooling and program management processes across CommIT Task Order Managers for improved oversight of funds and quantitative evaluation.
  • Continued to ensure employees and subcontractors meet contractual requirements within set cost, schedule and performance on advanced Information Technology projects.
  • Ensured advanced information technology projects successfully progressed from design, through development and test, including movement through DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process DIACAP gates.
  • Process Improvement
  • Developed Career Path Model for Business Enterprises Competency covering Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Financial Management, and Process Improvement to guide employee development.
  • Expanded Hybrid Waterfall Agile Kanban project management system to cover early Systems Engineering.
  • Coordinated process mapping of Information Assurance IA activities with core engineering and project governance.

Project Director


  • Customer Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • Interfaced with clients to understand their needs, develop requirements and define the path to success.
  • Interfaced with subcontractors and Competency Leads to ensure projects are properly staffed from beginning to end.
  • Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Designed and implemented a portfolio database connecting projects with contracts, subcontracts, contacts, funds and project management projections.
  • Ensured employees and subcontractors meet contractual requirements within set cost, schedule and performance.
  • Oversaw and tracked project execution from beginning to end.
  • Prepared and Maintained across multiple projects: Statement of Work SOW , Performance Work Statement PWS , Cost Estimates and Budgets, Plan of Action and Milestones POA M , Work Breakdown Structure WBS , Integrated Master Plan IMP , Integrated Master Schedule IMS , Project Management Plan, Standard Operating Procedures SOP , Communication Plan, Briefings, Metrics, Reports and Risk Assessments.
  • Projects include Service Oriented Architecture SOA implementations, semantic technology implementations, common data model implementations and cloud computing environment implementations.
  • Process Improvement
  • Developed a hybrid project management system connecting Kanban, Agile SCRUM and Waterfall Event and Functional methodologies to enable visibility into activities and control of the critical path to product releases. Methodology improved performance and created resource bandwidth to begin addressing high-value improvements.
  • Connected the tailored project management system with CMMI documentation, so that the project received an A rating by the SPAWAR's internal evaluation team for CMMI conformance.
  • Led the Business Enterprises Competency and develop its processes and interactions with other competencies.
  • Created training material for front-line Project Managers.
  • Roadmaps, Engineering and Test
  • Reformulated a cost-based technology roadmap for implementing research and development clouds into a capability-based technology roadmap for implementing regional and mobile cloud computing environments.
  • Developed software release processes and requirements for SOA project, and performed as Lead Systems Engineer.
  • With the Security Engineer, developed requirements for a re-usable Security as a Service that combined identity management with XACML Policy Decision Points and Policy Enforcement Points in a federated environment.
  • Developed child and derived-requirements to meet Key Performance Parameters KPPs .
  • Supported the test and evaluation of middleware leveraging the Object Management Group OMG Data-Distribution Service DDS for Real-Time Systems standard.
  • Supported the design and development of an Integrated Testing Facility.


Program Analysis and Process Improvement

  • Provided Subject Manager Expertise SME to the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance C4ISR Acquisition Engineering and Integration CAEI Department of SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic SSC-LANT in the fields of project management, program management, process improvement and project measurement, monitoring and control.
  • Assessed the utility of Navy Enterprise Resource Planning Navy ERP to support project operations, identified ERP business rules that could be changed to enhance its utility for project, program and portfolio management and created persuasive presentations advocating changes.
  • Assisted CAEI initiative to obtain Level IV assessment under version 1.2 of Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI by acting as the Measurement and Analysis M A and Quantitative Project Management QPM lead.
  • Enterprise Restructuring and Change Management
  • Provided SME expertise to CAEI in regards to SPAWAR-wide re-alignment into a Competency Aligned Organization CAO where functional departments execute work in matrixed Integrated Product Teams IPTs .
  • Developed executable organizational definitions for both the Net-Centric Engineering and Integration Competency 5.2 and the Program Management 6.0 Competency.
  • Assisted in the creation of a Career Development Models CDM for the Engineering and Program Management Competencies, as well as on the Leadership framework spanning all competencies.
  • Developed standard individual objectives to enable management to better motivate and evaluate department employees, and methodologies for cross-competency evaluation of an individual.
  • Drafted business processes and social structures for the compiling of organizational metrics, to link the data coming from its projects and operations, and its Balanced Scorecard BSC , CMMI, ISO 9001:2000, and Incentive Contracting initiatives, into an organizational picture that enables management to guide their employees and contractors.

Program Manager


International Program, Project and Portfolio Management

  • Responsible to internal senior management for the collective life-cycle performance of a high dollar value portfolio of international projects executed via Foreign Military Sales FMS Cases . Each individual project's performance was quantitatively measured against established business rules, and the overall portfolio maintained exceptionally high performance ratings that greatly exceeded the Navy FMS average.
  • Directly responsible for the individual cost, schedule and quality performance of U.S. Coast Guard USCG , Naval Research Laboratory NRL , DoD HIV/AIDS Prevention Program DHAPP Military Health Affairs MHA and other non-traditional and/or pilot FMS projects, such as the first Tri-Service C4ISR Phase 1 Assessment for a foreign ally.
  • Projects included overhaul of medium endurance cutters for Asian and South American countries, provision of new patrol boats for mid-East and African countries, and upgrading the medical infrastructure of African militaries to prevent, diagnose and treat HIV/AIDS.
  • Reviewed project proposals and developed complete project packages that define scope, schedule and budgets against the customer's goals, timeframes and constraints.
  • Ensured international sourcing of supplies from vendors, export of equipment from the U.S., transport of large vessels across the U.S., international shipment of articles and in-country delivery of the products were acceptable to stakeholders and properly executed.
  • Listened to and coordinated with financial analysts, project leads, remote teams, technology export authorities, lawyers, quality assurance professionals and customer representatives to ensure project plans are acceptable to all stakeholders and executed smoothly for the client.
  • Guest Lecturer for Navy section of DISAM Case Management Course.
  • Business Development, Management Analysis and Process Improvement
  • Grew the USCG FMS operations group from executing FMS cases as part of my Case Administering Office portfolio, to executing them as their own Case Administering Office.
  • Analyzed the impact of changes to the direct vs. indirect charging practice, developing 5-year impact analysis. Methodology used was so strong that it resulted in rapid agreement on necessary changes in our 13B operation.
  • As a designated Green Belt, developed a cradle-to-grave value stream map of U.S. Coast Guard FMS case execution, spanning 11 agencies in two separate cabinet departments. It incorporated four major methods of case execution, as well as cross-agency funding and invoicing. Out-takes include Just-Do-It fixes, Green Belt Projects, Major Change Initiatives and potential Black Belt Project.
  • Developed Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training for Command.

Country Program Director


International Portfolio Management

  • As the primary representative to foreign government purchasers, I was responsible for clarifying customer requirements, communicating the client's priorities, ensuring acceptability of transportation plans, reporting project progress and directing corrective action. Accomplishments include:
  • Engaged European and North African governments to obtain new business and coordinate project requirements.
  • Developed six warship lease agreements.

Assistant to the Development Operations Manager


Prepared forty 40 direct mail solicitations, thanked donors, maintained the donor database Raiser's Edge and designed a graphically intensive Thank You card.

Secondary Marketing Assistant


Sold previously closed mortgage loans to other financial institutions. Doubled the monthly sales goal and increased the premium Concorde received by half a point, by successfully negotiating with a partner company to change its requirements for purchasing loans.

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