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Configuration Engineer Resume


  • A career that will offer exciting and challenging opportunities, where performance will rewarded with new responsibilities in this rapidly changing and fast paced IT world.
  • Prove myself to be an asset to the organization and the team by making maximum use of the resources available
  • Having 3 Years of experience in Software Configuration Management as Configuration Engineer at Confidential . Bangalore, from Aug '10 to Till Date


Software Configuration Management Tools: IBM Rational ClearCase (Base Clearcase and UCM), MultiSite, CCRC, ClearMake, Subversion

JAZZ Tools: Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Requirements Composers

Supporting Languages and Web Languages: C, Java, Perl Script

Database: SQL Server 2000

Defect Tracking: Rational ClearQuest

Operating Systems: UNIX (Red hat Linux, Solaris)Microsoft Windows XP / 2000



Configuration Engineer


  • Install and configure Jazz Server setups
  • Installing Rational Team Concert
  • Configure and administrating the servers
  • Create project area and teams
  • User account maintenance.
  • Creating and adding users with appropriate process roles
  • Setting up RTC project as per the project requirement
  • Create a project dashboard
  • Perform customization as per request from project
  • Creating new work items and modifying the work items.
  • Responsibilities for ClearCase installation and configuration of VOBs and Views.
  • Creating the Versioned Object Base (VOB) for New Projects.
  • Troubleshooting ClearCase Daily Problems.
  • Creating Vob tags in different regions based on the projects requirements
  • Importing the Flat files and files to ClearCase VOBs.
  • Daily support to end user problems and maintaining the environment.
  • Moving VOBs from one Location to another Location.
  • Creating Meta Data Types for Development Activities.
  • Responsible for Promoting the Backup Registry Server as a Primary Registry Server in case of Primary Registry Server Failure.
  • Fixing issues during Check in/Checkout/permission and merge related problems.
  • Relocate Elements Between the Vobs.
  • Scrubbing the Versioned Object Base (VOBs)

UCM Administration



  • Pvob and Component creation.
  • Providing Clearcase Support for developers.
  • Vob Management for UCM Project.
  • View Management for UCM Project.
  • Baseline Creation for Testing and Production.
  • Deliver Baseline from Development stream to Integration stream.
  • Troubleshooting the Delivery and Rebasing of development streams.
  • Replicating the VOBs in Geographically Distributed Sites.
  • Involved in Exporting and Importing Vob Replicas.
  • Monitoring MultiSite Synchs and Troubleshooting in case of any problem.
  • Managing Mastership related issues.
  • Recovering lost packets and manually exporting the packets.
  • Installation of ClearQuest client on the Windows environment.
  • Administer ClearQuest user and group accounts.
  • Integrate ClearQuest with Rational ClearCase.
  • Designing Forms in ClearQuest. UserEndLevel Support
  • Defining Change Request Management Process (States and Action).
  • Integrated Build and release system into company wide release process with daily build and weekly release build using Clearmake utility.
  • Integrate and Build the source code and apply the BASELABEL and release to testing team.
  • Analyze and resolve the build issues & find the root cause.
  • Involve for making release notes as per the project release.

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