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Sr. Project Manager Resume

Farmington Hills, MI


  • 30+ years of continuous preventive - corrective maintenance work, and engineering business leadership experience, across a variety of mechatronic systems and manufacturing processes related to the production of durable goods, various consumer products (e.g. extruded & thermoformed plastics), cGMP regulated food&beverage items and associated packaging.
  • As my career has progressed, so has my understanding of how to exceed the estimated yield of a new product(s) from launch, through the PLM activity, and its planned obsolescence.
  • This is achieved by the effective application of lean methods (5S, 6Sig, etc.), and disciplined adherence to quality standards (APQP, PPAP, etc.), united in purpose; work as a single function to produce an organization able to exceed and sustain the requirements of the most demanding customer and rigorous certification (e.g. ISO/TS 16949:200x).
  • As a contributor and leader of project teams that have established programs for certification of production systems, MES platforms, and discreet operational functions: I have enjoyed the experience of guiding the transformation of a group of talented individuals into a High Value Output TeamLeadership Principles - Throughout my career, I have been guided by the principle that "Great leaders are humble servants.”
  • Accordingly, I measure my success by the growth and development of each member of the team, and collectively by how well the team performs. As a leader I seek to:
  • Seek improvement wherever it may be found.
  • Model the ethical and efficient behaviors that I expect of others.
  • Strive to help others achieve personal and professional growth.
  • Act in a transparent manner, holding myself accountable for the performance of my team and taking ownership of Confidential related issues.
  • Examine/Assess the efficiency of quality metrics, issue resolution procedures, work-flow, and delivery targets of international supplier partners for Americas/Asia markets.
  • Tasked to examine the business practices, procedures, marketing, market presence, and major customers of competing companies that have product offers similar to those of ours, and those that have other technologies that may threaten our position.
  • Performs feasibility needs study to determine project timelines; manages the analysis, project identification, design, budget, communication, and integration of project plans; develops business workflow and project design; assesses business needs, and available project budgets.
  • Evaluate efficiency and productivity of global sales/marketing/support teams in terms of profitability according to each country’s forecast
  • Participate in Plant Planning and Resource utilization as “Interim Paint Engineering Manager” providing management support to maintenance leaders in conducting PM cycles and repair activities required as part of the normal routine.
  • Establish and maintain excellent relationships with the Corporate Engineering function by facilitating effective communications for the execution of projects to modify/add capacity for new product manufacturing.
  • Manage the activities and performance of Paint Production Engineers including implementation of design changes, quality and corrosion protection activities, production and material trials, problem solving activities, various cross functional or task force teams, etc.
  • Review contractor proposals for the training of Paint Production Engineering-Maint staff on new equipment functions, path-flows, fault systems, operation and control, etc. in accordance with contractual agreement and in keeping with continuous improvement.
  • New product launch and life-cycle planning: commissioned/conducted a market study with key sales managers, global marketing managers, my senior management staff, and key design engineers for motion control modules, servo-drives, and motors for low-torque but high speed applications in various industries.
  • Design, debugged and prepared the FAT for embed certain functions that tax the PLC such as; rotary knife, cut-to-length, mark registration, etc.… enabling them to run in the motion controller independent of the PLC; which greatly reduces both scan, and function execution time.
  • As Consulting Manager I would collaborate with business management to identify opportunities for improvement that can be realized by short and/or mid-term projects utilizing internal resources and existing materials or equipment.
  • Assume responsibility for the day to day activities of the Engineering and Maintenance teams for the duration of the engagement.
  • This includes accountability for managing capital and operating budgets within the AOP; making periodic reports to executive staff.
  • Represent the Corporate PMO to Confidential stakeholders and Plant Senior Staff in Confidential matters relative to on-site project execution, making tactical decisions as necessary for efficient management and coordination of Confidential tasks required from the various sub-contractors while adhering to a strict enforcement of the project schedule as well as the allocated budget.
  • Lead the engineering team in the design of automation and motion controls for a new high speed blister-pack machine developed by an OEM partner.
  • The machine and OEM were featured in an article published by a well-known trade magazine wherein I was interviewed for comment on behalf of Confidential ’s Motion Business Unit which I led at the time.
  • Manage and provide technical support to the design/review of layout and integration of new machining/polishing of cylinder heads in a mixed part production line in a JIT (flexible/cellular) engine assembly plant.


Controls Engineering Platforms-Systems Experience: RA ControlLogix, Confidential S7 & S200, and SE TSX series PLC. Bus/Networks include Unitelway, DeviceNet, Profinet, Modbus+, and various Ethernet modules. Power monitoring systems Square D PowerLogic and Confidential 9350. GE Merlin - Genius I/O Lantronix Ethernet Communication Modules, DeviceNet, ProfiNet, Modbus Plus, and Ethernet modules. Square D PowerLogic and Confidential WinPM.Net, Panelview, Magellan Integrated Industrial PC, among others

Network Architecture: Apriso (Umbrella) FlexNet as Back-Bone, ProfiNet, Lonworks (discreet distribution) to WinPM Building and Facilities ControlsBackNet, WinPM.Net, PTC Windchill + SQL


Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI

Sr. Project Manager


  • Co-PL assigned to a Large Capital project to build a new Paint Shop in Flint MI, wherein we had the contract for Confidential conveyors with a total value to the company of $69 million.

Confidential, Tuscaloosa, AL

Site Project Leader


  • Contracted to automotive client as PM Electrical & Controls over paint shop conveyors.
  • After about 5 months, I was selected to succeed as Project Leader (Local). As such, I functioned as Owner’s Rep to manage work activities of Confidential contractors and suppliers, and tasked with the added responsibility for mechanical and structural work.

Confidential, Chattanooga, TN

Senior Project Engineer


  • Assigned to work on the conversion of Confidential S7 programs for the body shop welding cells written by the commissioning subcontractors to a program that uses the function block library in accordance with the Volkswagen Global Standard.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Plant Engineering & Maint Shift Mgr


  • Responsible for Confidential facets of new and ongoing plant expansion projects for the conveyance of material to new process lines/areas.
  • These responsibilities included management and oversight of contractor activities in coordination with production and maintenance schedules

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Sr. Project Engineer - Site Super


  • On-Site Project manager for Microsoft Data Center; responsible for critical systems monitoring and alerts, redundant power distribution, load shed schemes for critical system endurance, coordination with other contractor PMs for power outages related to planned testing and milestone achievement according to established master project schedule requirements.
  • Supervised and assisted in the configuration of the servers running the control room SCADA system (WinPM.Net by Siemens)

Confidential, Rochester, NY

District Manager


  • Managed multiple major projects for large end users from Buffalo NY to Portland ME as well as a team of engineers equally spread out.
  • Supported and negotiated service contracts for maintenance of Confidential drives and motors as well as electrical switchgear.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Engineering Project Consultant


  • Self-employed while attending school full-time. I worked by contract on various projects or troubleshooting mechatronic systems when local engineering resources were either unavailable or unable to resolve the issue.

Confidential, N. Andover, MA

Business Unit Manager


  • Responsibilities include Confidential facets of business management including P&L accounting, timely project delivery, inventory control and forecasting, parts management, as well as annual budget and forecast analysis/preparation.

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