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Scrum Master Resume

Houston, TX


  • Diligent Scrum Master with extensive experience directing scrum operations, spearheading software development projects, and drawing upon expertise on Agile methodology during duty execution.
  • Demonstrated capacity to supervise diverse teams in fast - paced environments by leveraging innovative leadership strategies.
  • Proven ability to analyze, communicate, and convey complex concepts to stakeholders across all levels of business, inclusive of Product Owners, internal teams, as well as non-technical professionals.
  • Proven history of warranting continual process and quality enhancements by proactively identifying discrepancies, risks, and areas for improvement.
  • Track record of applying team-facing approach to service delivery by supporting continual development to achieve independent functioning.


Software: Confluence * Jira * MS Office * Rally * TFS

Operating Systems: Linux * Microsoft

Agile Methodologies: Lean * Kanban * SAFe * Scrum


Confidential, Houston TX

Scrum Master


  • Nurtured collaborative environment informed by inspection, transparency, and adaption empirical approach.
  • Promoted ongoing process and quality improvement aligned with structured decision-making (SDM) policies.
  • Maintained exceptional standard of customer service delivery to ensure optimal client satisfaction.
  • Introduces best practice and procedures that has help in early completion of the project.
  • Coaches the team members via building organic and self-organizing teams, tracking the project, implementing simple methodology rules and creates project vision.
  • Help the improve the skills of team member which intends increases productivities


Scrum Master


  • Served as subject matter expert on formulation of sprints for all iterations.
  • Supported various offshore, remote, and co-located teams.
  • Facilitated training to various organizations and internal teams on agile methodology best practices, as well as on how to leverage scrum during problem-solving.
  • Venerated for ability to motivate team members, as well as provide praise and recognition for high-performance.
  • Help the team members to adopt changes, be flexible, persistence, help organize meetings for the team member and make sure all of them attend the meetings.
  • Protect the tram from outside distractors and making sure the focus on the sprint goal’
  • Have help teams become self-organized, by giving the advice and teaching they require.
  • Have motivated team members to give in their best by coaching, mentoring and encouraging them to improve their work performance by minimizing their weaknesses.
  • Have made a keen relation with team members through listing and understanding the members speak or say.
  • Have help the team to remove impediments, guide the team members in scrum practices, and protect the agents outside interferences, also ensure the sustainability of a project by taking appropriate actions.

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