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Sr. Data Center/transformation Consulting Manager Resume


  • Data Center (DC) & Cloud Migration and Build / Network - Storage-Compute Build/Voice Infrastructure Build/PM
  • Provided critical IT management for Confidential 500 environments and government agencies, to including communications, banking / financial services.
  • Managed Cisco ACI, APIC, SDN/NFV/VNF, OpenStack, Docker cloud builds. Strategically plan for deployment staff, and managed equipment configuration on multi-billion dollar programs.
  • Provided IT direction for deployment of critical microwave, Cisco voice and data networks and Mainframes.
  • Developed, implemented and maintained IT policies, procedures / training for configuration / change organization.
  • Created budgetary proposals with ROI projections, saving millions.



Sr. Data Center/Transformation Consulting Manager


  • Managed the migration of 1700 VMWare, Linux, Windows, AIX and AS400 servers with over 600 Applications across Pord and Non-Prod into the newly built western Green Field DC for non-prod and the production DC
  • Manage the development and execution of the midrange IBM Power Edge (980) platform for AIX and AS/400 LPARS MIMIX based storage migrations from Florida to the new DC in Las Vegas
  • Managed the development of the migration strategy for our storage/backup platforms across NetApp, Data Domain and IBM V7000 platforms
  • Developed the process for the interactions between the vertical supporting the migration and consolidation effort.
  • Managed the application dependency mapping tool selection process with discovery tools to include SolarWins, RiverBed-AR11, BMC ADDM and LanSweeper
  • Managed the development of the migration requirements and move strategy for the enterprise messaging and queuing bus (MQBUS).
  • Manage the circuit transport analysis sessions to determine remote site WAN requirements and capabilities for the most efficient deployment of SD-WAN vEdges across Broadband, MPLS and Internet circuits.
  • Managed the development of the Cisco ACI Tenants for the different Tiers (Dev, QA, DR, Sand Box)
  • Manage the requirements gathering sessions with the infrastructure teams for the development of the Azure, AWS and on-prem systems in support of the applications to be migrated
  • Manage the Azure Instance and AWS VPC design for the for the non-prod environments to include Storage, Compute, Network and Security features
  • Manage the development of the Cisco ACI SDN Network, Juniper firewalls, Compute and Storage design for the green field DC build in Las Vegas
  • Manage the development of the enterprise infrastructure upgrade roadmap which leveraged the SD capabilities being built in the Data Centers which included circuit upgrades, server virtualization and migrations into the DCs and implementation of ACI Tenants to create logical separation
  • Worked out the plan for the ASR and ISR IOS upgrade to IOS-XE SD-WAN as the existing router are migrated to SD WAN.
  • Developed the build and migration schedule for the transition of the WAN network to the new SD-WAN
  • Managed the CAPEX and Expense budget items for the DC Consolidation, Infrastructure upgrade and the SD-WAN migration while providing monthly reporting on spends.
  • Managed the design sessions where the redistribution of the underlay traffic such as OSPF/BGP into OMP back to the SD-WAN controllers.
  • Worked with the architecture team to craft the SD WAN migration approach as distributed site router IOS are upgraded rebooted and the controller comes online.
  • Orchestrated the development of the storage migration strategy between NetApp and IBM v7000 storage
  • Managed the Midrange AS/400 and AIX platform migration for all the critical sales, scheduling, ordering, and messaging application across the enterprise.
  • Worked with the solution lead to develop plans for the migration of on-prem workloads to AWS and Azure
  • Managed the development of the migration strategy for SAP
  • Develop and manage Move Group Migration communications as per the developed Plan

Data Center infrastructure Program Manager

Confidential, Miami, Florida


  • Provide infrastructure Program Management support for a SDN system build into the Carnival Cruise/AWS ecosystem.
  • Managed the creation of a stable repeatable VNF/NVF solution that can be integrated in data centers within the Carnival technology ecosystem.
  • Managed the development of the user acceptance testing criteria for applications being developed by CapGemini, Xevo and other vendors for the AWS cloud deployments.
  • Managed the development of the process used to manage all third party vendors for program deliverables per SOW or Managed Service Agreement (MSA).
  • Manage the deployment of different switches, routers/VRFs, IPS/IDS, FW, Load Balancer and compute VNF instances within the ship’s data centers.
  • Manage the creation of the infrastructure environment to support 520+ servers operating as bear metal through MDFs and IDFs, running VM Clusters on ship and in Miami.
  • Manage the deployment of SDN Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) for routers, FWs and DHCP/DNS servers
  • Led the infrastructure team in creating the QA AWS Could environment with different EC2 instances, Security Groups, Classic/Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), S3 and Glacier with RDS Database backend service.
  • Managed the collection and distribution of Telemetry information via the Apache Kafka infrastructure
  • Managed the deployment of different security VNFs to include Firewalls, logging servers, load balancers and IPS/IDS.
  • Coordinate the testing of the End User Computing (EUC) applications to ensure full functionality
  • Manage the primary and secondary infrastructure upgrade for the Carnival Regal Princess on the Cisco 9600s & 9300 non-ACI NxOS platforms
  • Manage the build of the DC on SDN/NFV OpenStack cloud orchestration between AWS and a private hybrid cloud.
  • Manage the build team in developing the AWS Landing Zone/VPC, S3, RDB, Route 53 and 1GB Direct Connect Services for the QA environment from Miami
  • Manage the build out of the environment that host the EUC infrastructure platform to include VPN access, VMWare/Linux Servers, Storage, Routing, Firewall and Load balancing.
  • Worked with the Cloud Engineers to establish the AWS EC2 policy requirements for each virtual instance and criteria for Autoscaling.
  • Managed the development of the plans for the build out of the AWS.QA lower environment the mirrored production
  • Manage the function definition, evolution and implementation of NFV/VNF and SD-WAN technologies.
  • Managed the deployment of the Cisco Meraki MX250 SD-WAN ship dock terminal deployments for optimized WAN connections.
  • Managed the development of an SDN HW platform architecture around Docker and VM with a goal towards automation .
  • Detailed understanding of NFV/VNF and SD-WAN products, technologies, architectures, and vendors.
  • Worked with the compute team to build all the Docker Engines in a Swarm for the deployment of XiCMS, XiLocate and XiGangway microservices.

Confidential, Orlando, Florida

Sr. Cloud/DC PM


  • Develop project charters project requests in the intake process as part of the process for them to become sanctioned projects
  • Coordinate with stakeholders to confirm requirements and ensure they are documented
  • Completing Cost Benefit Analysis and developing Business Cases with requesting organizations
  • Develop proposed budgets and cost benefit analysis for CIO presentation and approvals
  • Manage stakeholder expectations and communication per the communication plan
  • Manage the intake requests for projects and assign priorities
  • Managed the enterprise build out of the FIS DC incorporating a combination of private and public cloud solutions (Hybrid Cloud).
  • Managed the development and deployment of the IP v4 readdressing scheme for route aggregation and address consolidation
  • Managed the design of the data center North-South and East-West traffic flow between EPGs and VLAN/Subnets
  • Manage the design and deployment of the Cisco routed solution using OSPF and BGP with MPLS transport on the NEXUS platform with a few 9500 and 9300 to provide SDN connection in the ACI fabrics..
  • Managed the planning and deployment of the Confidential Software Defined Content-addressable storage (CAS) platform for client financial clearing data archiving.
  • Manage the global migration team of SMEs, managers, PMs and QA/Validation lead that developed the migration strategy into the new data center.
  • Worked with Hitachi to develop the requirements, design and the deployment plan to connect the Cisco MDS 9000 Series to the Hitachi HDS G1500.
  • Manage the creation of the infrastructure environment to support 1800+ servers operating as bear metal, VMs and Clusters
  • Manage the design and deployment of the virtual load balancing appliances across the DC on the F5 VIPRION platform.
  • Manage the global SME team consisting of Architects, Engineers, Technicians and Testers per the schedule developed and agreed to by the team.
  • Managed the design of the SD-WAN solution consolidating different WAN technology option to produce optimum service.
  • Manage logistics for equipment orders, change controls, project plan/schedule, communications, circuit vendors and stakeholders.
  • Managed the NetApp Filer solution deployment with both Fibre Channel (DS14mk4 FC) and SATA (DS14mk2 AT) drives per filer in a Active/Active configuration.
  • Managed the build out of a SAN/NAS solution on the Confidential NAS SAN platforms
  • Managed the technical sessions for the Cisco SDN- ACI/APIC two tier architecture using Cisco 9500 in the Spine and 9300 as Leafs
  • Review ADDM/Discovery results with team and create summarized views for reporting purposes
  • Managed the design session with Confidential on the for the utility storage environment with VNX-1, VNX-2 and VPLEX.
  • Managed the development of the application migration strategy around VMWare vSphare/vCenter, VCE/Vscale, PlateSpin, RPA and others..
  • Managed the design development of three Z12 mainframe units to replace the existing Z10 units along with the coordination of external partner connections and their support to test after the migration.

Confidential, Lake Forest, IL

DC Transformation Program Manager


  • Managed the Hospira Pharmaceutical Medical Device division system transformation along with the Validation/Qualification needed to satisfy the FDA 21CFR part 11.
  • Managed the migration of stored data to the AWS Glacier along with the needed Vaults and Access Policy
  • Worked with the Quality/Compliance team to develop the processes to apply all Quality Plans, HQ, SQ, ITSOP and SFTs to the new DC validation.
  • Managed the development of the all validation standards for all consolidated equipment for R&D, QA/QC, EPA and the FDA
  • Managed the Validation Process using the IQ, OQ, PQ and DQ approach to satisfy FDA 21CFR part 11 at each stage of an environment change
  • Developed the Data Management framework for data being acquired, validated and processed in all affected data centers.
  • Manage the creation of the infrastructure environment to support 6700+ servers operating as bear metal, VMs and Clusters
  • Manage the build out of a new Audio /Visual infrastructure and migrate server from P to V in the data center for global access
  • Managed the development of the Transformation Strategy for the PROD, QA and DEV data Center environments.
  • Managed the technical sessions for the Cisco SDN- ACI/APIC two tier architecture using Cisco 9500 in the Spine and 9300 as Leafs
  • Ensured the ACI Application Network Profiles were developed for deployment in the APIC for Network, Security and Muli-Tenancy
  • Managed the development of the Real Time Telemetry data collection model for network management within the ACI Fabric
  • Manage the design, build and testing of the environment that host the EUC infrastructure platform to include VPN access, VMWare/Linux Servers, Storage, Routing, Firewall and Load balancing.
  • Worked with the engineering teams to develop the migration strategy from existing platform to the new ACI Fabric using Application Virtual Switch (AVS)
  • Drove the development of the strategy for Muli-Tenancy deployment within the Cisco ACI fabric
  • Managed the lab testing of the HP 7000 chassis SDN API compatibility with the Cisco SDN API
  • Worked with the VMWare team to define the vCenter object to APIC relationship and the Cisco VMM domains for VM creations per host
  • Manage the application and system discovery process using BMC ADDM to gather the information supporting the remediation decision process and wave migration definitions.
  • Managed the build out of the replication network across FCIPs in support of the data center consolidation to Ashburn VA.
  • Manage the design, reviews and approval of the replication solution for local replication using Data Domain and SRDF for remote replication and IBM TS4500 HD2 Model 3584-L55 with 6 x TS1060 LTO6 FC Tape Drives for long term storage.
  • Managed the vendor relationship in support of the DC build to include Confidential, Cisco, IBM, SAP, Oracle, RedHat, Wipro and TCS.
  • Manage the HSP IBM Main Frame (MF) DR move with the tightly coupled servers and testing for all the applications identified for recovery.
  • Managed the development of the design for the Main Frame (MF) DASD, Tape and replication network for the Z12 move.
  • Worked out the Main Frame z12 application testing schedule with all application owners and the MF build team to ensure full functionality before cutting to production.
  • Worked with Hitachi and IBM to develop the vendor support for the DASD, TAPE and Main Frame units
  • Managed the overall planning of the Omaha and Norcross DC consolidation in the new Ashburn DC build.
  • Developed the process to identify all qualification and validation documentation needed for all regulatory compliance (ie. GxP, SOX etc..)
  • Worked with the quality team to develop the processes to apply all Quality Plans, HQ, SQ, ITSOP and SFTs to the new DC validation.
  • Manager the build out of the storage environment to include the ExtremIO X2, VNX-1, VNX-2/VMAX/VPLEX, Data Domain(DD) and MDS SAN with logical zoning.
  • Manage the development of the SAP platform from SPARC M-Series to the T5-2 platform and an Intel hybrid
  • Managed the Cisco Nexus 7710, 7k, 5k and 2k routing and switching environment with ASA firewalls for DMZ boundary creation.
  • Managed the development and introduction of the Oracle RAC solution in the environment for increased server reliability.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Sr. Data Center Consolidation Expert


  • Developed and managed the deployment process for all the EM4000, C400, C4480 10200v BIG IP F5 platform.
  • Manage the short term storage build out of Data Domain and the long term storage solution via Tape Library along with offsite storage strategy.
  • Guided the development of the application migration strategy for over 5000 servers and 3200 applications
  • Developed DC build program cross-functional processes to facilitate the interactions between the work streams supporting the builds (ie Network, Compute vBlock, Tools/Infosec&Infoblox, Facilities, Storage and the PMO)
  • Managed the development of the move waves for the migration of tightly and loosely coupled servers and applications
  • Managed the deployment of the entire security monitoring infrastructure to include Apcons/River Bed/Blue Coat/Network Taps/Imperva/McAfee SEIM/Niksun/Avocent and more.
  • Managed the development and execution of the plan to decommission the VH DC, activate the Volo DC as the primary DC and the Meadowville DC as the backup.
  • Manage the creation of the infrastructure environment to support 8800+ servers operating as bear metal, VMs and Clusters
  • Manage the CapOne Card Services ATM infrastructure upgrade project for the separated white network.
  • Designed the HPSM and Aperture Vista change and cable management process for the equipment racking and power up, along with all the Cat-6, fiber 1, 10 and 40gig cable installs.
  • Review and realigned the DC build process across all the supporting work streams to determine floor and rack space availability from the concurrent decommissioning effort.
  • Reviewed and re-engineered the build sequence for the Volo DC, realigning all the work streams (Facilities, Network, Compute, Repication, Storage & Backup Vscale Architecture, Infosec, Shared Services and Net Tools) per the requirements of each build stage.
  • Manage the global enterprise Big-IP F5 (w/LTM,GTM & APM), Riverbed, Blue Coat and Cisco SNS appliances deployment across 6 DCs incorporating existing infrastructure into the NextGen design.
  • Coordinate and manage all the Data Center/Disaster Recovery (DR) failover and testing for Capital One’s six DCs to include the War Room management per the minute by minute plan (MBM) and host the change bridge.

Confidential, Framingham, MA

Infrastructure Program Manager


  • Build a Data Center network migration organization, establishing DC migration processes and procedure, creating metrics for progress monitoring and created the templates for the move artifacts to be created.
  • Managed the discovery process for all the Service to Service Calls behind Local F5 platforms as part of the infrastructure discovery process.
  • Developed PMO operational processes to identify execute and track project progress, budgetary spends and resources across the program.
  • Interviewed personnel and documented the As-Built processes for the Network, Database, Main Frame, Wintel, Backup/Storage, Change Management, Configuration Management and the Asset Management group in preparation to move to the Services Now interface.
  • Managed the development of all the supporting Disaster Recovery (DR) designs, upgrades and build-outs for all migrated applications and systems at SunGard.
  • Managed the upgrade of the backend POS National network from Frame-Relay to MPLS for the stores network.
  • Manage the creation of the infrastructure environment to support 6200+ servers operating as bear metal, VMs and Clusters
  • Managed the migration of the POS switched network within the stores to provide POE and LAN switching services.
  • Developed the approach methodology for introducing the ServerNow modules in the environment and created the implementation plan to accomplish the roll out.
  • Developed the interaction process between t he Data Center Migration, Discovery, Remediation, Project Management, Infrastructure (Network, Security, Storage, OS, Wintel etc) and Operations teams for deployment in ServiceNow.
  • Identify projects, guide the business case development, represent these projects to the executive steering committee for approval and funding.
  • Complete budget responsibility for migration and consolidation of the DCs for all Mainframe and Distributed systems reporting to the CIO.
  • Manage a portfolio of over 100 projects to deploy and maintain Cisco Nexus Platform, IBM z9 CPU, ASA Firewalls, F5 Big IP, Radware, Confidential ’s VNX-2, ExtremIO X1 Storage and DLm8000, HP StoreAll, IBM TSM, Infoblox, ION Servers, Isilon and Blue Coat across an MPLS Core.
  • Provide program management for approximately 1700 applications on over 2000 servers across IBM Main Frame, Wintel, AIX, LINUX, AS400 and Citrix platform.
  • Manage the operational budget of all Opex and Capex expenditures for all project that makes up the Enterprise DC Migration.
  • Developed the enterprise service request process for the VP of Infrastructure who provides DataBase, Network, Storage, Backup, Wintel, Unix OS and Project Management services for all of Confidential globally.
  • Program Management responsibility for all network builds and support activities at the Corporate Technology Center (CTC).
  • Created the CTC Network Engineering organization of over 10 engineers along with the service engagement processes.
  • Provide research guidance to understand data flows for the web based load balanced applications deemed tightly coupled with the mainframe.
  • Develop job description and SOW for needed resources to support the various move events identified.
  • Managed the development of the Move Strategy for all Distributed systems such as UNIX, LINUX and WINTEL platforms.
  • Direct the development of the Data Center core infrastructure to include the Routing/Switching platform, Tivoli Storage/TSM, Confidential SAN Storage, Vscale Architecture, NAS Storage, VM Ware, Security Infrastructure, Business Continuity planning and Disaster Recovery.
  • Provide a single point of contact to the executive committee on all activity across the program
  • Develop, report and present progress to the executive steering team
  • Negotiate vendor contracts and operating terms to ensure service levels are attained
  • Manage a staff of three Project Managers, a DC Manager and two functional managers across the program

Confidential, Boca, Fl

Sr. Enterprise Program Manager


  • Managed the program team of over 100 FTEs for the engineering, deployment and upgrades.
  • Managed the enterprise Trunk consolidation efforts from the various regions to the centralized Sonus gateways.
  • Managed the Confidential signaling re-engineering for the trunk consolidation onto the enterprise platform.
  • Assumed the responsibility for the Enterprise Voice Transformation Project to realign Cost, Schedule and Performance while minimizing and mitigating risk.
  • Managed the internal and external SS7, ISDN and SIP Trunk signaling configuration and deployment efforts between the internal switches and the carrier equipment as well as trunk signaling between internal equipment.
  • Successfully executed the IP enabling and upgrades of all Avaya PBX, the successful migration of all Nortel to Avaya PBXs and handsets.
  • Managed the definition of the enterprise OSS/BSS deployment on the Sonus platform.
  • Developed and managed the Nortel to Avaya migration plan and processes to decommission the existing Nortel Core switches in the environment.
  • Manage the ADT/Brinks/Tyco Enterprise Avaya Contact Center upgrade to 6.1 and the build out of the Enterprise Call Centers and E911 system.
  • Managed the Avaya Definity MCC switch upgrade with CLAN and IPSI hardware to support SIP call signaling
  • Developed, managed and reported on the Cost, Schedule, Budget, Performance, Risk log and develop communication artifacts to stakeholders for the Enterprise Transformation.
  • Manage the Nuance customization to accommodate the Avaya Communication Manager (CM) 6.0 being deployed in the environment.
  • Scheduled, Executed and managed week meeting to drive project execution and ensure adherence to project plan.
  • Manage the exploratory efforts ensuring that existing Nortel ICS gateways would be compatible with Avaya Communication Manager 6.0
  • Manage the integration and interoperability of the Contact Center applications (ie. SES, AES, Mastermind, Genesys, Session Manager, Mas Phone, Call Path, Modular Messaging, NICE, SimpliCTI, Micro Call, CMS, and IVRs) with Avaya CM 6.0
  • Manage the Global Enterprise Dial Plan change from a 4 digit extension to a 5 digit extension.
  • Coordinated the testing of VDNs with the new 5 digit extensions in all adjunct applications to ensure proper interoperability.
  • Managed the deployment of the Sonus (TDM-TDM, TDM-IP, IP-IP) voice Gateway on the GSX/PSX/DCI platform
  • Managed the deployment of the Sonus Element Management System on the SUN ULTRA platform for administrative and equipment management.

Confidential, McLean, VA

Program Director


  • Maintain a network of contacts and teaming partners; generate and qualify leads and develop proposals
  • Serve as Development Manager, Capture Manager and Book Boss on various proposal efforts.
  • Created and managed the MS Project Server 2007 deployment plan for the DARPA PMO
  • Developed the Integrated Master Program Plan (IMPP) in MS Project Server for a Portfolio of over 125 projects.
  • Developed the project templates to be used in the initiation of new project plans based on project types
  • Developed the project classification requirements for the global groping of projects per type, business org etc..
  • Approved the MS Project Center custom variables and values used to define the customer views
  • Managed the interim development and deployment of the program Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).
  • Managed the Resource Loading and publishing the of projects built on the Project Server
  • Standardized templates for reporting, requirements gathering and Project Operation Life Cycle execution.
  • Developed and implemented operational processes for all project managers operating in the PMO.
  • Developed the National Voice Migration plan with all critical milestones for the Enterprise Avaya infrastructure rollout.
  • Managed the development of the Avaya deployment resource list to facilitate the Avaya E911 database transition efforts.
  • Managed the development of the proposed technical solution of the Confidential Voice Admin TDM and VoIP network with approx 120 FTEs.
  • Developed the proposed regional transitional and vendor management plan to create the enterprise management of over 6000 PBX/Voice Switches and over 25 different voice vendors running SS7, SIP and H.323.
  • Program Manager responsible for the complete technical solution of the AF Confidential 2 contract valued at $24Bil
  • Manage a global team of Wyle Managers, Project Manager, Engineers and Technicians in defining a standard approach for the entire Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC) networking Infrastructure for Inter-Base and Intra-Base communication globally.
  • Managed the development of an Enterprise Remote Application Management Systems (RAMS) for all Bases Globally to use a standard set of application management tools to Administer, Manage and Monitor the proposed global virtual infrastructure.
  • Developed a standard set of operational processes, engineering process and implementation processes, to be used by all facets of the Air Force Space Command /24th AF, ACC, AFNET OPS, AFMC, MAJCOMs etc..
  • Chief Architect responsible for the development of the global standard for all OSP and ISP infrastructure to include SONET speed up to OC-192.
  • Coordinated the Enterprise Avaya solution development efforts to provide TDM, VoIP, Gateway Services, SIP Trunk Security and Regional E911 services.
  • Managed development of the integration and reuse plan of all Avaya PoE enabled IP switch, Avaya and non Avaya PBX, Handset and key station reuse.
  • Ensure support structure is adequately in place including: Configuration, Change, SLA Management, Quality Assurance and Life Cycle support structure is developed and implemented.
  • Architected the National Customer Service management organization for the FAVES contract.
  • Managed the development of the FAVES Avaya Enterprise Solution for the core and remote site with Survivability.
  • Coordinate the Avaya S8800 Server with G450 Gateway in the core with Avaya G350 Gateways at remote site to for the overall high level infrastructure.
  • Developed the cost analysis model of the TDM to SIP Trunking to provide added in-depth understanding of our migration strategy.
  • Sr. Program Manager responsible for the complete technical solution of the Confidential -II contract valued at $24Bil

Confidential, Oakton, VA

Sr. Program Manager


  • Developed program-wide operating process flow from service ordering to site deployment and acceptance for the deployment of the Confidential ’s critical network infrastructure.
  • Managed the deployment of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements, measurement and compliance strategy across the TNet program to include the measure of Latency, Jitter and Packet loss.
  • Worked with the engineering team to finalize the engineering solution for the agency’s AVPN MPLS routed backbone network.
  • Create vendor management policies for program vendors to ensure that vendors meet the program needs per our requirements.
  • Managed the Confidential -Agency engineering working sessions to finalize EIGRP, BGP, Security postures, MPLS, DMVPN, network migration strategies and logical interdependencies.
  • Implemented the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) defined in the Enterprise Architecture (EA) for all Managers, Project Managers, Engineers and Support staff working on the critical infrastructure of the US Treasury per the ITIL standard.
  • Managed the development of the program’s national security compliance solution per the NIST and FIPS security Standards.
  • Meet Treasury Department personnel on a regular basis to work program wide issues to ensure program goals are met.

Confidential, Morris Plains, NJ

Program Manager


  • Managed a Cisco VoIP and Wireless program across AMER, APAC and EMEA in a strong matrix organization.
  • Managed the engineering working sessions to finalize various HVAC and IP Telephony/VoIP solutions for Confidential .
  • Managed the build out of various MPLS and BGP sites across the Confidential global infrastructure.
  • Managed client expectations and ensure technology selections are in line with business requirements and serve as IT
  • Liaison between business units and GNS.
  • Managed the development of the 21 CFR part 11 project compliance process as applied to all of GNS projects
  • Managed the equipment validation process for all systems going into any GxP environments
  • Managed SQL database replication efforts with the aid of BCP and HA configuration files on various OS platforms Linux, Windows and Solaris.
  • Developed the move requirements for the all our SQL, Oracle, Sybase database servers within the Data Centers in the VMware ESX and GSX Internal Cloud Configuration.
  • Coordinated the ArcSight and firewall migration with the security group of all the PIX and Nokia firewalls running Check Point.
  • Managed the implementation of 10 F5 BigIP load balancers in support of the increased network traffic.
  • Managed the documentation of all CMDB entries for Confidential and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX302/ 404) compliance
  • Responsible for the development and global deployment of various global firm-wide applications for Confidential ’s regulatory and business operations including the fulfillment of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX302/ 404) requirements.
  • Managed the migration of mission critical global ERP, Project Management and CRM applications between Data Centers as of a global consolidation effort.
  • Managed the 21 CFR part 11 auditing project to ensure that as built infrastructure meet regulatory standards.
  • Managed the deployment of the STL SCADA(PLC/RLU) system in the campus Data Center for operational controls to include HVAC controls.
  • Managed the SOW/WiFi Vendor AirMagnet survey selection process for the STL campus WiFi deployment
  • Managed the global WiFi infrastructure deployment of all Confidential production, development and administration buildings
  • Developed PMI recommended PM tools (WBS, RACI, RBS, etc..) for use across the program.
  • Developed the Cost Model to determine if a traditional TDM voice would worth converting to a VoIP and at what point would the investment be profitable.
  • Defined and developed the global Release Management processes for the gNS environment.
  • Developed program reporting standards with associating templates for time, cost and quality metrics reporting.
  • Analyze project risks, costs, and benefits and make recommendations to business and technology leadership teams.
  • Act as the Release Manager for the global release management process of all OS (Linux, Windows and Solaris)
  • Perform Cost Benefit analysis to determine what projects will be funded.
  • Developed the WiFi deployment process from requirements gathering and wireless RF Spectrum Analysis to equipment deployment and operation turnover.
  • Monitor and Control cost variances within my portfolio to minimize excessive budget overruns.
  • As the Release Manager I ensured that all security vulnerabilities associated with all OS (Linux, Windows and Solaris) are addressed in every release of patches and major OS upgrade. Manage the Global deployment of Confidential ’s IP Telephony in AMER, APAC and EMEA.
  • Manage the coordination efforts for all software releases on the global gNS network.

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Program Manager


  • Developed an Enterprise Architecture (EA) for the City of NY Emergency Response Teams’ Data Center and NOC.
  • Managed the development of the ‘Concept of Operation (CONOPS)’ for the Data Center and NOC for NYC.
  • Developed the Disaster Recovery engineering council and chair the DR solutions development meetings.
  • Managed the deployment of critical and non-critical sites including bone nodes which consisted of IMCIs, Node-B, CERAGON Microwave Radios, Cisco router and LAN switches, PIX firewalls and bulk encryptors for terrestrial backhaul bulk encryption.
  • Interview departmental staff to understand existing processes with intention to document and improved these processes based on the ITIL standard.
  • Managed the development and documentation of the process to commission over 400 IP Wireless radio sites
  • Lead efforts to develop the city's system architecture for the IP Wireless solution using TD-CDMA, microwave and EIGRP/BGP for backhaul routing.
  • Validate the technical viability of the solution to provide VoIP, Video, Data and Mobile IP services throughout all 5 NYC Boroughs for all emergency response personnel.
  • Authored the System Architecture document bringing together the WAN, LAN, Telephony, SCADA (PLC/RLU), Microwave, RF Radio, Broadband IP Wireless and Data services.
  • Developed ITIL Operational processes for the Network Operation Center ie Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Configuration Management and SLA Management.
  • Developed a Disaster Recovery engineering plan for the recovery of IP Wireless voice and data services across the citywide network.
  • Designed and Developed the program-wide Site Commissioning policies and procedures for the Build-out and activation of over 490 sites for Confidential /NYC $500 Million dollar IP Wireless/VoIP contract.

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