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Scrum Master/ Agile Delivery Lead Resume

Wilmington, DE


  • Hardworking, respectful, enabling, tactful, resourceful, alternative, inspiring, nurturing, empathic, Disruptive, and enthusiastic Certified professional with over 7 years of hands - on experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC, Agile, and Project management.
  • Remarkable history of motivating and improving Agile teams to reach highest performance potential by removing impediments as well as implementing best practices and tools using servant leadership style and leading by example.
  • Highly experience in facilitating discussion, decision making, conflict resolution, virtual meetings and introducing new icebreakers to boost team morals
  • Infectiously positive and optimistic, embodying the art of the possible and role- modeling agile principles and value.
  • Actively engage in the agile industry by teaching a free monthly scrum class to folks in my community, attending conferences, Communities of practices, seminars, reading new agile publications, listening to agile podcast, connecting and sharing views on LinkedIn to further develop myself and community
  • Expert in supporting product owners in writing user stories and prioritizing Product Backlog Items and well verse with Enablers, portfolio epics, Capabilities, story and task Demonstrated success in acting as liaison between the product owner and scrum team, listening to scrum team feedback, facilitating meetings, managing project milestones and keeping scrum team members focused.
  • Practical experience in working in large Scale environment (SaFe), and Facilitating Estimation using Planning poker, Fibonacci and facilitating Capacity planning.
  • Skilled in working with multiple Scrum and Kanban team virtually and onsite. Attention to details, situational awareness, flexible, quick learner with a positive altitude, self-motivated and ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Articulate communicator fluent in English and French and assist in internal and external communication. Team player with proven ability to develop and maintain strong working relations at all levels and improving transparency and radiating information
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of ALM tools: Jira, Jira Align, Confluence, version one, rally and Well versed with DevOps Concepts and hands-on experience using tools like Slack, Google hangout and Skype for communication. Mural, Jam-board, Hindsight, and Idea board for Retrospective
  • Ability to make teams and organization so agile, self- organize and high performing that I might no longer be needed.
  • Experience in Azure DevOps operations production and cross - platform environment, building and deploying application by adopting DeVops best practices such as CD, CI, CI in runtime with tools like Ansible, Jenkins and managing cloud service with Azure and AWS


  • Agile Methodology
  • Servant Leadership Skills
  • Scrum Processes
  • Sprint Planning
  • Story Based Development/Project Management
  • Team Training & Leadership
  • Lean & Kanban
  • Problem Resolution
  • Innovation & Change Management
  • Pair Programming & XP
  • Lean Azure DeVops
  • Software Development/healthcare
  • TDD/agile games
  • FDD


Scrum Master/ Agile Delivery Lead

Confidential - Wilmington DE


  • Served two scrum teams and assisted one Kanban team under SAFe and ensured the core agile principle regarding collaboration, prioritization visibility and team accountability are being practiced. Coached and mentor teams, Tech leads, products on emerging agile, Lean and XP methods and the importance of implementing their values and principles.
  • Facilitate backlog refinement meeting ensuring a healthy backlog for my teams (making sure my teams have 3 weeks to 6 weeks of ready story at its backlog)
  • Review Data such as the big Six Agile matrices (Committed % stories, planned work %, Completion %, Story throughput variance, backlog health and feature cycle time) to illustrate change, delivery trends, insights and discuss actions needed after every sprint
  • Navigate from road map to plan, influencing sequencing, resolving dependencies, identifying, and mitigating risk
  • Drive estimation of work towards goals/milestone using agile techniques and mindset to create a plan and manage the plan using enterprise tools. provide transparency and communicate changes in the plan to engineering and product stakeholders while ensuring the backlog is prioritized using the Moscow privatization techniques
  • Implement data driven improvement by identify, owning and documenting dependency and risk on Jira Align then Monitor and manage dependencies/risk with other teams to ensure smooth delivery.
  • Ensure teams move stories to the right state during daily stand up and ensure the PO move features to the correct PI/ sprint to increase transparency.
  • Facilitate retrospective using tools such as Mural, Hindsight and Jam board and develop and use different icebreaker techniques like solving a puzzle, giving the clue and kahoot games to encourage collaboration, boost team morals and increase team bonding
  • Work with product owner during sprint planning to develop the sprint goal, write good user stories using INVEST, ensuring stories are vertically slice and make sure the team understands unknowns, clarify doubts, identify risk, dependency and understanding the business value of the user story
  • Ensure, all ready stories have acceptance criteria, story point, assignee and plan sprint before the team can commit to them. Determine team’s capacity with input from every team member, set up zoom meetings, planning tool (jam board, spread sheet) during PI planning.
  • Protect team from over commitment and create a safe environment for collaboration and for team members to express themselves without fear of blame, retribution or of being judge with an emphasis of healing and solving a problem.
  • Navigate from road map to plan, influencing sequencing, resolving dependencies, identifying, and mitigating risk
  • Drive estimation of work towards goals/milestone using agile techniques and mindset to create a plan and manage the plan using enterprise tools. provide transparency and communicate changes in the plan to engineering and product stakeholders while ensuring the backlog is prioritized using the Moscow privatization techniques
  • Use confluence to document my team norms, retrospective, definition of ready and done, Pi objectives, impediments, risk, dependency, teams capacity, teams confidence vote, features, sprint goals and constantly review the documentation with my team during retro to make sure the team is aligned . utilized team feedback and agile metrics from Tableau Report to Display the Jira Align - Data integrity Dashboard to identify discrepancy and work with the team to fix the discrepancy to continuously improve.
  • Set up a bi-weekly pull up meeting with my manager to discuss progress, road blockers, ideas, and areas of opportunities to constantly improve and add values to my team. Attend other teams’ ceremonies to learn and gain other techniques and ways to improve to can support my team.

Senior Scrum Master

Confidential - Washington DC


  • Facilitated scrum ceremonies like sprint review, sprint retrospectives, daily- stand -up, backlog refinement and sprint planning sessions.
  • Facilitated work allocation and management of the capacity of the team on work items ranging in complexity and size -project/Routine /production support.
  • Used confluence to document team norms and past retrospectives and experience in Azure DevOps operation and cross - platform environment
  • Initiated and facilitated Scrum community of practice (CoP) to provide support for new scrum master and supported the enterprise agile transformation need.
  • Derived decision/prioritization based on overall business value as related to work in product backlog
  • Used Jira to plan my sprints, track bugs and use the Jira report to examine my team performance, Jira Align for transparency and to distribute information with senior leadership, platforms, segments, and services.
  • Updated agile tracking system to provide transparency of product and sprint backlog and improve lean and agile practices at enterprise level to promote synchronization, alignment, and flow.
  • Involved in optimizing release management, architectural runway, and center of enablement by liaising with Team, product owner, DevOps, and AML team.
  • Assisted the RTE with PI planning and release planning activities and managed the team using scaled agile framework to deliver critical, time sensitive and artifacts required to support the program.
  • Conducted big room planning, lead and facilitate scrum of scrum (SOS)
  • Led 2 weeks’ time boxed sprints supporting several simultaneous releases in varying state of the life cycle and initiated business agility concept
  • Tracked, prepared, and deliver team metrics /sprints/release progress and communicated to team, management and program stakeholders
  • Experience in adopting DevOps best practices such as Continuous interaction, continuous Deployment, continuous integration in runtime with various tools like Ansible and managing cloud service with Azure

Scrum Master/Oracle DBA

Confidential, - Merrimack, NH


  • Facilitated the adoption of scrum and agile principles to help organization transition to an agile culture which brought about an increase in transparency, stakeholder engagement and team’s productivity.
  • Grew the maturity level of Scrum by timely analyzing maturity of Scrum and devising effective strategies. facilitated discussion, decision making, conflict resolution and the delivery of committed work goals. lead team through requirement gathering, design specification, deployment process to ensure customers business process requirements are met lead problem solving and coordination effort between various business units while working closely with the IT project manager to create, maintain product backlog and define user stories according to business values.
  • Supported and educated product owners on grooming, planning, and maintaining the product backlog
  • Using operational metrics and reports, I performed daily, weekly, and monthly review analysis of the current process.
  • Managed deliverables and timelines for all initiatives under the responsibility of the team and served as subject/product matter expert for key areas of the product line and worked with the product manager to help train customers and conduct workshops and support implementation and development as needed.
  • Developed and implemented effective strategies aligned with organizational needs by working closely with team members and making work and progress visible to the team and those out of the team
  • Use Jira align to automate transparency into capacity management and team allocation, prioritize highest value intent, making real trade of decisions and management off strategic platform road map.
  • Trained agile teams in writing good user stories and acceptance criteria in accordance with the INVEST model.

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