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Project Manager Resume

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New City, NY


Seeking a challenging position as a Senior Software Developer / Project Manager


Over 20 years of experience as a full stack software developer. A team lead and architect for a number of successful projects. An accomplished professional with excellent track record and outstanding references. Responsible, motivated and result - oriented.


Version Control Tools: TFS, SVN, GITLab, GitHub, VSS

Databases: SQL Server (6.5+), MySQL, Oracle 8i+, MS Access

Frameworks: .NET 2.0 +, 3.5,4.5, exposure to Angular1, Angular2 and Ionic Framework

Reporting Tools: SSRS, SSIS, Crystal Reports 8-11, DevExpress Reporting Tools, Omniture/ Site Catalyst


Project Manager

Confidential, New City, NY

Environment: C#, .NET, MSSQL, SSIS


  • Managed 2 engineering teams in Russia and India.
  • Developed number of software systems for warehouse management and Amazon stores automation.
  • Developed merchandise return system for Amazon sellers
  • Maintained number of websites on DNN (DotNetNuke) platform for a client,
  • Developed number of reporting systems for warehouse management.
  • Managed a contract with Google developing number of Google Cloud Client API libraries.


Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI

Environment: C#, RestAPI, NUnit, T-SQL


  • Developed various portals and intranet websites
  • Rewrote number of software systems utilizing SOLID principles
  • Wrote number of integration test projects
  • Utilized test-driven development using NUnit
  • Architected number of connectors to port legacy written systems
  • Developed testing portal for micro-services developed using WCF and RabbitMQ


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Environment: C#, JavaScript, Classic ASP, SharePoint 2013, Angular JS


  • Developed transportation scheduling and management system (C#, JQuery)
  • Developed number of SPA (single page application) intranet projects in Angular JS
  • Converted number of websites from Classic ASP into .NET
  • Maintaining and managing SharePoint company website
  • Participated and organized client meetings and planning
  • Maintained existing legacy systems and Classic ASP websites


Confidential, New York, NY

Environment: ASP.NET (3.5-4.5), JavaScript, Adobe Web Analytics (Omniture)


  • Designed, developed and supported WK API for Analytics Implementation (JavaScript, Omniture)
  • Designed number of JavaScript based API’s to support Web Analytics requirement
  • Worked with DBA’s and .NET developers to ensure reporting data availability (.NET (3.5,4.0), SQL, JavaScript)
  • Worked as Product Manager in Agile settings and designed specifications for development teams.
  • Provided on demand reports for various marketing needs
  • Designed and provided reporting solutions to various departments (ASP.NET C# 4.5 Intranet Site).
  • Introduced number of product suggestions based on Web Analytics data.


Confidential, New York, NY

Environment: VC++ 6.0, .NET 3.5/4.0/C#, MSSQL 2008, SSIS, Classic ASP, Omniture


  • Designed, developed and supported SSO system (.NET 3.5, COM, Classic ASP)
  • Designed, developed and supported reporting system (Omniture Client side and server side implementations)
  • Designed, developed and supported Syndication system (C#, C++)
  • Supported production and QA systems (Classic ASP, C++, .NET)
  • Developed E-Commerce websites(store.eiu.com, industry.eiu.com, .NET 3.5)
  • Provided support to production, marketing and support teams, analyzing requirements, research, etc.
  • Provided reports to Marketing Team about site usage, SEO Optimization, etc. (SSRS, Omniture Site Catalyst)
  • Designed and maintained SSIS packages for Syndication process


Confidential, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Environment: C#, C++, SQL, SSRS 2005


  • Worked as part of “monetarization” team converting clicks into money by designing and developing number of browser toolbars and plug-ins for client tracking and redirections. (C++, C#, SQL)
  • Developed automated reporting solution for marketing team (SSRS)
  • Designed and developed number of Internet Explorer plug-ins and other tools
  • Participated in development of number ASP.NET applications products (.NET 3.5)
  • Designed and developed intranet website for automating and managing product builds and deployments schedule and dependencies
  • Introduced number of software development practices into the company, including use of Bugzilla, QuickBase, TD and Unit Tests.
  • Worked together with QA management to develop testing automation tools, test plans and schedules


Confidential, New York, NY

Environment: ASP.NET/C#, MSSQL 2005, MSSQL Reporting Services, DevExpress Reporting, Crystal Reports 11 Google Map API, DotNetNuke


  • Designed and developed web-based application, end-to-end from design to production deployment
  • Introduced DotNetNuke platform to the company, converted main company website and intranet website to use DNN platform
  • Developed number of VBA macros to help marketing team.
  • Introduced number of software development related practices, including using VSS, Functional Design and Technical Design, use of bug tracking software, Task management (DotProject), and QA practices.
  • Researched and analyzed number of existing SDK’s on a market that the company could use to build their product in a cost-effective manner
  • Integrated application with Google Maps API


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Environment: ASP, VB6, ASP.NET/VB.NET, VBA, T-SQL, AJAX, Crystal Reports, JavaScript, VB Script


  • Developed reporting application using Crystal Reports 10, ASP and VB6/VBA and COM
  • Modified/created various VBA macros and formulas in existing MS Office applications (MS Excel 2003, Word, VBA)
  • Maintaining existing internal ASP application for credit department (ASP, JavaScript/DHTML)
  • Developed various automated reporting solutions using VB.NET or VB6
  • Produced various one time reports using T-SQL and MS SQL2005
  • Updated existing VB6/VBA application to manage and verify data integrity in various Excel documents
  • Created online scheduling solution (DHTML JavaScript calendar, utilizing ASP.NET and AJAX technology)


Confidential, Hayward, CA

Environment: NET, VB6, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, Crystal Reports, VBA, MS ACCESS, Windows Scripting (VBScript), JavaScript


  • Designed and developed various applications for transforming data between different systems (VB6/VB.NET, VBScript)
  • Designed and developed report automation tools and Crystal Reports (ASP.NET, Crystal Reports 11, Windows Scripting, MS Excel/VBA)
  • Installed and maintained LBI web servers and applications
  • Successfully migrated Lawson 8 to Lawson 9 on Windows.
  • Worked with Process Flow, Smart Notes and Reporting modules.
  • Worked with various software companies to design and develop document automation/transfer solutions (Automated faxing, printing and notifications)


Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Environment: ASP, VB6, VBA, COM/DCOM, JavaScript


  • Support existing website for product licensing and license code generator, running on IIS 5.0 (DHTNL Java Script, ASP)
  • Modify/support existing Sales Forecasting MS Excel application for sales department.
  • Creating data transfer wizard to transfer data from existing Excel workbooks to workbooks in different format (using VB6/VBA)
  • Working on server side - modifying various VB6 COM components to enhance server performance
  • Developed web application to generate reports in MS Excel format, using Crystal Reports.
  • Design and develop PC-Based medical dictation system utilizing Philips and Microsoft multimedia APIs (VB6, VC++, COM)
  • Develop Speech Recognition application using ScanSoft Dragon SDK (VB6, VC++)
  • Design and develop IVR interface for getting medical records using regular phone system using Dialogic API and MS TAPI (VB6, VXML, ASP, .NET, some C++, MS SQL)
  • Participated in VXML 2.0 design, working with VoiceGenie team on testing and improvements necessary to implement in order to make VXML useful for medical industry
  • Implemented Vianeta internal billing system. (ASP, SQL)
  • Developed Vianeta Transcription Desktop, DHTML Word Editor and Medical Record distribution system with fax and web interfaces. (Java Script, VBScript, ASP, VB6, XML, RemoteScripting/AJAX for asynchronous database access from web page)
  • Developed testing tools to automate Dictation System testing. (VB6)
  • Used MTS/COM+ platform to design back-up system for IIS sites. (VB6, SQL)
  • Work with various software consulting groups to provide low-level drivers and components development for Computer Telephone using Dialogic analog/digital boards and fax modems (the work includes design, specification and testing).
  • Manage build/ install process for Vianeta products (InstallShield, NANT scripts, VSS)

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