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Project Leader Resume Profile

Las Vegas, NV


Project Lead


  • Monitoring of application systems utilizing Appdynamics, Spectrum, and CA Cloud Monitor, plus some SQL scripts set-up to send out notifications and alerts. Systems supported are both COTS and custom-developed systems written in C /.NET and Java.
  • Monitored incident tickets and ensured that we are within SLA at all times using Remedy.
  • Coordinated the transfer of trouble tickets to problem tickets bugs and escalated to L3 Development support
  • Coordinated activities performed by the offshore team
  • Application Support for VIP Reservations, Loyalty Management Engine systems and Boomer
  • Assist in troubleshooting during Strike Team calls
  • Regular meetings with offshore team and MGM management
  • Assisted in the creation of database alerts for the Aprimo Marketing System.
  • Created Unix scripts for log analysis report for ICE
  • Ensured acquisition of KT between MGM/Vendors on supported applications and maintained documentations on sharepoint.
  • Assisted in the creation of notification and alert sql scripts for Aprimo Marketing Studio

Software Project Manager


  • Developed and maintained a project plan for the RRFS Technology replacement project using MS Project.
  • The project replaces two legacy systems with a single app that is workflow driven and is fully integrated with existing COTS
  • Established the project team composed of 2 Business Analysts, 3 Developers, 1 QA Analyst, and 1 DBA.
  • Adopted both Waterfall and Agile/Scrum SDLC methodologies
  • Prepared project budgets and presented it to the stakeholders
  • Held weekly project status updates with the stakeholders, SMEs and management.
  • Designed User Story/Use Case template for documenting data gathered during SME interviews
  • Created system specifications based on use cases and business rules.
  • Led JAD sessions with SMEs to walk-through mock-up wire-frame of screens
  • Reviewed and Approved time cards of contractors
  • Reviewed Architectural designs with the developers and business analysts prior to coding.
  • Reviewed database designs with developers and DBA prior to coding of stored procedures.
  • Established Software Development process of a small development team.
  • Implemented Software Change Control
  • Established Quality Assurance process and documentation requirements
  • Reorganized and reconfigured their JIRA bug ticketing system and added workflows to adapt to the new software development process
  • Reorganized the development team, establishing accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Currently heading a project to replace legacy systems with web based systems that are fully integrated with the PBX, Fax Servers, Docuware Document Imaging Systems, and Quickbooks Accounting systems.
  • Troubleshooting of real-time interfaces with client system
  • Troubleshooting of stored procedure bugs discovered in QA/UAT.
  • Redesign of the real-time interfaces with the client system
  • Reviewed and modified the requirements documentation for new systems and system enhancements
  • Created an Attorney Portal using Docuware a web based Document Management System utilizing workflow and tasklists.
  • Built the SSIS/ETL data migration from Legacy systems to the new SQL Server 2008 R2 database.
  • Developed Powershell scripts to automate the fetching of data from an external FTP site, parse, map, and upload data into SQL Server R2
  • Developed numerous complex stored procedures, views, functions, triggers for the new system.
  • Set-up and managed full database replication on SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Set-up and managed maintenance plans for index health and backups.
  • Developed a business rules engine that may have multiple conditions
  • Managed business analysts, architects, software developers, and QA.
  • Managed the JIRA defect log and issues.
  • Managed the ONTRACK technology replacement project from thick client to web based technologies C .net on SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Tested web services using SOAPUI

Software Quality Assurance/Development Consultant


  • Conducted regular meetings with Vendor SCC to monitor progress vs established timelines of the GEDI project
  • Conducted JAD sessions with subject matter experts to present and discuss modules and functionality
  • Conducted regular meetings with stakeholders, SMEs, and business users to update them on the status of development and testing and to clarify requirements
  • Developed and implemented Quality Assurance policies and procedures
  • Developed and implemented templates for test cases and test scripts utilizing agile methodology
  • Prepared User Acceptance Test Plans and QA Test Plans,
  • Developed test cases/scenarios for custom software developed in VB/C .NET on an Oracle 10g db backend.
  • Managed and mentored 7 .NET and VB programmers in order to ensure that appropriate pragmatic solutions to complex system functionality issues are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Managed the development and QA activities on the laboratory management system for biochem, cytogenetics, fish, and oncology
  • Supervised the Oracle Developers on the creation of database triggers, stored procedures, and functions
  • Coordinated with the Release Engineering team on production releases.
  • Reviewed and approved software versions for release into production.
  • Reviewed and approved HL7 interfaces to the client's system
  • Reviewed and approved in-house system interfaces to laboratory equipment
  • Resourced, trained and monitor the activities of off-shore QA resources
  • Conducted triage meetings to discuss priorities of issues and ensure timely resolution
  • Reviewed and tested Rule based protocols RBS Manager on workflow processes, routing, and conditions
  • Prepared Plans for data cleansing and testing strategies for quick releases / scrum cycles
  • Wrote automated SQL test scripts for testing lab test interpretations and interfaces to background processes such as automatic approval and report generation and auto-fax

Enterprise Architecture Manager


  • Overall management IT Operations and custom software development written in c / .NET platform on a SQL Server 2005 relational database.
  • Prepared Budgets for the entire IT Department
  • Developed and mentored new developers and quality assurance analysts.
  • Led the requirements gathering and system design of multiple .NET application redesign projects for foreign direct investments and accounts receivable collections
  • Integrated of external applications to in-house custom developed software
  • Preparation of custom systems development plans
  • Developed Management Reports utilizing Crystal Reports and SQL Reporting Services
  • Prepared Change management procedures and implemented version control
  • Established standard operating procedures for the IT Operations group
  • Implemented Misys Tiger and AdvantX for Healthcare facilities
  • Implemented MAS200 for Accounting Department
  • Implemented SAP r/3 for new pharmaceutical company medHealth
  • Implemented Misys EMR for Harmon Medical Center.
  • Implemented HP Blade scalable servers
  • Implemented EMC Clustered servers for high availability
  • Facilitated training sessions for users on new systems
  • Managed vendors Siemens, EMC, Laserfiche, SAP, etc
  • Prepared QA and User Acceptance Test Plans

Project Manager


  • Streamlined IT operations
  • Managed TB Consulting resources external developers - requirements gathering/development using C .NET/MSSQL
  • Managed 1 in-house DBA, and 1 programmer, and several contractors
  • Established support plans and developed IT operations manual
  • Integrated in-house custom applications to QuickBooks Financial System
  • Prepared custom systems development plans
  • Coordinated with TB Consulting external developers with regard to the requirements of the business
  • Prepared User Acceptance Test Plan for the new system
  • Preparation of Change management procedures and Source Code Control Procedures

Program Manager


  • Managed vendors and suppliers Unisys, SAIC, IBM, CA, Sybase, InfoImage
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Preparation of implementation strategies and plans
  • Preparation of periodic project status for management and lenders
  • Preparation and presentation of project profile and status to various government agencies
  • Coordination with the Project Management Committee
  • Manage and coordinate purchases and deliveries from suppliers
  • Review and approval of Custom-Developed System Architecture
  • Review and approval of Design Specifications
  • Review and approval of Fiber Optic Backbone Design
  • Review and approval of Nationwide Frame Relay Design
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Set-up and manage Help Desk Operations
  • Set-up and manage data centers and disaster recovery sites
  • Oversee site rehabilitation of DMV offices related to the IT infrastructure
  • Established an IT Support Organization for 250 remote offices.

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