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Project Manager Resume Profile



Over thirty years of diverse IT program and project management experience, managing the competing constraints of scope, schedule, cost, quality, human resources, risk qualitative and quantitative , procurement and customer satisfaction focusing mainly on integration, communication and stakeholder engagement and management. Extensive experience managing cross-functional and multi-vendor teams, and co-located, off-shore and virtual teams. Projects ranged in size from 6 to 200 staff and 100k to 200 million. PMP certified.

Project types include:

  • PMO formation, specification, development and management with Air Force, Confidential. Evaluation of Project Portfolio Management PPM and Requirements Definition and Management RDM tools.
  • Program management and enterprise architecture, data center infrastructure design for a web-based cloud health care big data warehouse, with high performance, high availability, high storage density servers in a shared nothing grid configuration. Designed software approach for PC, iOS and Android devices Evaluated PPM and RDM software.
  • Program management, enterprise and information architecture, and business process improvement BPI with BPMN for web-based health care initiatives using IBM System Architect for the Air Force Medical Service comprehensive medical applications with extensive HIPPA and security requirements. Worked with PMO to improve processes and decision points. Consulted with database managers for data de-identification and format preserving encryption and infrastructure data center configuration and interface with DISA fiber optic and satellite network grid.
  • Additional mainly BPI health care related projects with the Genetics Institute database performance for clinical trials , American College of Cardiology database consulting , Indian Health Service distributed processing , and National Institute on Drug Abuse program consulting .
  • Managed several projects for the Air Force Medical Service worldwide , USAID worldwide and Institute for Defense Analyses offshore using Microsoft .NET, with JScript, VB, ASP and SQL Server,
  • Finance and procurement BPI projects for USAID, New York City's IFMS, Bankers Trust bank, Federal Trade Commission FTC , Institute for Defense Analyses, and the state of Maryland Office on Aging, including custom software, and COTS software such as CGI Momentum, Peoplesoft and Deltek Costpoint.
  • More than 30 years waterfall and iterative SDLC system design, BPI, development, testing, change and quality control, implementation, integration, enhancement and training, and about four years with an agile iterative approach with offshore teams.
  • A worldwide hardware refresh for USAID, including global infrastructure and network upgrades to handle increasing bandwidth needs, virtual private networks and isolation of intranet from extranet.
  • Management of Computer Infrastructure Operations for the Institute for Defense Analysis, including conversion from VAX to Windows, network and server upgrades, enterprise Microsoft Exchange installation, establishment of a DMZ and multi-factor authentication, a virtual private network and development of a web-based Intranet with dozens of applications.
  • Participated in several e-GOV initiatives includingFederal Procurement Data System - Next Generation FPDS-NG , Federal Assistance Award Data System FAADS , Central Contractor Registration CCR subsumed by sam.gov.
  • Managed the enterprise HR and accounting integration at the Institute for Defense Analyses, using a purpose built data warehouse.
  • Managed software development, WAN system integration, LAN installation and microcomputer support at the DOT Information Resource Management Division for several DOT organizations including the FAA.
  • Senior Manager for a project to create a PMO for the EPA high performance computing division. Wrote several documents, including PMO Processes, Roles, and Responsibilities and project planning templates for Risk Management and Change Management.
  • Feasibility, alternatives analysis and make vs. buy analysis for cyber, application and database role-based security, including privacy considerations such as data de-identification and format preserving encryption.
  • Projects affecting global operations for the US Army Troop Support Agency POS application and the Air Force Medical Service Enterprise Architecture for all medical applications .
  • As a contractor to Oracle Corporation, performed management consulting for the design of a configuration management database for CAD drawings used in the USPS.
  • Also under contract to Oracle Corporation, performed database design, development and data conversion for a national mail forwarding system for USPS with 225 sites, using Oracle in a Netware LAN environment. The project included database analysis and design, and performance analysis of database schemas, several aspects of data conversion, including modification of a Windows tape-to-disk program, PRO C programs for data conversion and table population, as well as data quality control, and database read and write benchmark programs.
  • Extensive database experience with Oracle and SQL Server, including data warehouse development using a star schema Kimball approach , business intelligence BI , data analytics and reporting, performance improvement, data de-identification and format preserving encryption for HIPPA, master data management, data virtualization and conversion from one database to another. Managed data warehouse and BI projects for High Level Cloud, Air Force Medical Service, the USAID, and the Institute for Defense Analyses.
  • Grants management projects for the Department of Justice DOJ and USAID.
  • Design of a nationwide distributed processing system for the Indian Health Service.
  • Extensive experience with migration, conversion or redevelopment of legacy applications and databases from VAX or IBM mainframe systems with Ingres or other databases to Oracle or SQL Server.
  • Managed many system and internal and external web-baseddevelopment projects from concept through implementation using a federal government SDLC and/or PMBOK and/or CMMI level 3.
  • Varied experience with a variety of federal government agencies DoD OSD, IG, NCIS , US Army, US AirForce, MHS, USPS, EPA, DOJ, DOT, USAID, NOAA, HHS, NIDA, IHS, FTC, and US Coast Guard.
  • Twenty years system integration experience, including dealership agreements with Sun, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, Ingres, 3Com, and Novell.



Project Manager/Enterprise Architect

  • High performance, high storage density servers
  • Designed a prototype data center for the data warehouse:
  • Supporting mobile iOS and Android devices as well as PCs.
  • Designed for the Hadoop stack using the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub
  • With an artificial intelligence interface
  • Using spoken queries,
  • Worked on acloud startup for the next generation health care data warehouse for:
  • Big data
  • 10 gb fiber optic network
  • Build out plan for adequate capacity and performance
  • Software development approach.
  • Developed several documents for use by potential investors:
  • An overview or elevator speech
  • Developed enterprise architecture operational and financial models
  • Summary investor presentation,
  • Pro forma financial projection spreadsheet for three years,
  • A business plan.


  • Worked with a team of architects in Virginia and Texas to create an enterprise, technical and information architecture for the Confidential web-based health care applications. The architecture allows AFMS to transition from multiple vertical systems often called stovepipe systems to a single service-wide horizontal system consistent with the concept of Net Centric Warfare NCW .
  • Responsible for creating the Enterprise Information Architecture IEA and aligning it with the AFMS PMO processes and strategy, Business Enterprise Architecture BEA and Military Health Service MHS for implementation along with the Enterprise Architecture EA on the Defense Information Systems Agency DISA Global Information Grid GIG and other Air Force internal and public facing portals. Worked with MHS for planning of enterprise and information architecture in connection with the conversion to ICD-10. Managed a project to compare two Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI implementations, VTSS and AVHE. Collaborated on common enterprise architecture development and documentation with Navy and Army through SharePoint.
  • Provided support for creation of new systems and modification of dozens of existing systems through a variety of services such as updates to architecture models, systems consulting, analysis of alternatives and assistance with presentations to upper management.
  • Worked to establish policies and procedures for those seeking EA support from AFMS, including guidance for information needed to prepare Department of Defense Architecture Framework DoDAF 2.0 models, as well as checklists and other aids to assure compliance with architecture guidance.
  • Evaluated innovative technologies for the AFMS web-based business intelligence, big data and standard data warehouse using service oriented architecture SOA and an enterprise service bus ESB , including columnar databases, master data management, text mining, data virtualization, and HIPPA requirements such as format preserving encryption, and data de-identification.


Project Manager

Proposal consulting, strategy development, proposal writing, editing and review. Proposal presentation to political appointees, SES personnel and contracting officers. Work was done for federal government contractors including IBM and Unisys.

  • The transition plan from the current to the new contractor
  • The agency SDLC
  • Network operations
  • Web-based cloud computing to replace IBM mainframes
  • Virtualization techniques for web-based applications
  • Web-based Software as a service and service oriented architecture
  • BI reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and Cognos


Program Manager/Senior Member of Technical Staff

Program Manager and Reporting/Information Architect Confidential is a CMMI Level 3 certified company. Responsible for the creation of a web-based reporting and information architecture and data warehouse for the Procurement Systems Improvement Project PSIP using the USAID PMO processes and grants strategy and SDLC. Worked with the PMO to formalize project decision points. Managed the data warehouse and reporting team using both a matrix and Delphi organization on these tasks:

  • Project plan development and maintenance with MS Project. Designed an asynchronous, iterative plan to develop and implement management reports, based on the availability of data from nearly 100 locations worldwide,
  • Preparation and delivery of periodic client briefings and presentations, and weekly and monthly status reports,
  • Requirements gathering, analysis, specification and documentation, including maintenance of a requirements database, and design for master data management,
  • PSIP reporting data warehouse design and development, using Oracle 9.2,
  • ETL development, for multiple data sources, with Informatica Power Center,
  • Development of web-based reports using Crystal Reports/Crystal Enterprise 10 and 11 , and Cognos
  • Coordination of PSIP reporting with other USAID systems, including EIS Executive Information System .

Program Manager for the worldwide technology refresh and modernization program of the Confidential. The program replaces virtually all the agency's IT hardware resources and many of its software resources. The program was divided into 55 projects covering all network equipment routers, firewalls, switches headquarters and remote office servers, laptops, PDAs, printers, and VOIP. It also includes initiatives such as development of a new test lab, server consolidation, server-based computing e.g., Windows terminal services , bandwidth and encryption upgrades, disaster recovery and continuity of operations, application and email servers, remote office domain consolidation, data management, instant messaging, identity management including biometrics , Active Directory configuration, wireless computing, and telecommuting. Participated in program planning by preparing program management documents, organization plan and security plan. Senior Manager for a project to create a program management office PMO for the EPA high performance computing division. Wrote several documents, including PMO Processes, Roles, and Responsibilities and project planning templates for Risk Management and Change Management. Planned the ambitious schedule using MS Project.

  • Prepared project management documents, including project charter and plan, using MS Project.
  • Designed a real-time, store and forward, message based infrastructure architecture, considering software products such as Web Methods and JBoss,
  • Evaluation of several hardware and/or software products for data quality assessment and improvement, such as DataFlux, Ascential Software now IBM , First Logic, Cast Iron Systems application router , and Dun Bradstreet,
  • Integration of the CGI-AMS product Momentum Acquisitions.


Reporting/Information Architect and Program Manager for the analysis, design, development, training, implementation, enhancement and support for these three projects outsourced to India: and also used the Visual Studio debugger for quality control . Prepared project plans for these using MS Project. Used an agile i.e., iterative approach for the following over a four year period:

  • Complex web-based conference room reservation system, using ASP.NET,
  • Web-based classified document control system, using ASP.NET,
  • Document imaging system, with web-based Intranet document search, using Visual Basic and dtSearch for standard and forensic text search,
  • Also completed the re-design of the web-based internal Intranet Information System IIS , using .NET and SQL Server for a purpose-built data warehouse with custom master data management, and over 160 Crystal Reports from Deltek Costpoint and PeopleSoft HR databases. The IIS provides access to all internal applications, and parametric access to all reports for present and past accounting periods.

Managed the following projects:

  • Requirements and cost/benefit analysis and implementation planning for a help desk application using Remedy,
  • Requirements analysis and planning for an e-commerce application,
  • Evaluation of Microsoft Systems Management Server, Transaction Server, Proxy Server and implementation planning,
  • Performance tuning of Microsoft SQL Server,
  • Consulting with the network group for LAN modernization, including gigabit and 100 megabit routers and switches,
  • Analysis of operations in Computer Services department, with recommendations for improvement including a gigabit Ethernet backbone and 100Base-T to the desktop.

Provided internal consulting for other staff members on Crystal Reports/Crystal Enterprise, MS Office and MS Project, database performance enhancement, query design, problem solving and debugging, especially for difficult problems. Developed and maintained the most complex report, consisting of over 20,000 lines of SQL code and a data mart with many database tables.


  • An engagement with the Genetics Institute to port a data warehouse from Oracle 7.1.6 on HP Unix to Oracle 7.3.3 on Windows NT Server 4.0, using a Compaq server with 4 Pentium Pro 200 processors and a 16 GB RAID 5 array. The project included extensive performance analysis and tuning, advanced replication, porting of data loading scripts, backup and recovery plans and scripts, and preliminary analysis and conversion to Oracle 8.0.3. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • contract with the American College of Cardiology, involving: analysis of Oracle backup and recovery software sizing and performance analysis of the Oracle installation on an IBM RS/6000 and creation of a mirror database on their development and test system. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • As a sub-contractor to PRC, participated in the following two projects: A contract with the Defense Personnel Support Center DPSC , which involved an evaluation of the Windows NT configuration for six Compaq dual processor Pentium systems, including Microsoft BackOffice, converting over 2000 users from PC-NFS to Microsoft TCP/IP, and installation of the Microsoft Exchange Server and clients
  • A contract with the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia, in connection with the Shared Data Warehouse Project. The project involved: project planning, conversion from Informix to Oracle, requirements analysis, specification and database design and documentation, and mentoring of employees with respect to Oracle server and tools Developer/2000 , SQL Net, Multiprotocol Interchange, and Oracle Gateway for Informix. The environment includes HP Unix servers and Windows PC clients. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • As a contractor to Oracle Corporation, performed management consulting for the conversion of a mainframe configuration management database for CAD drawings to Oracle for the US Postal Service. The project included: evaluation of Oracle Web Server, Designer/2000 and Developer/2000 for use in development and enhancement specification of development and production hardware requirements analysis and specification, analysis of legacy systems, analysis of vertical-market packaged software, and technical evaluation of vendor proposals. The environment included mainframe computers, Windows NT Server, NetWare and OS/2 LANs, and Windows 95/ NT workstations. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Also under contract to Oracle Corporation, performed database design and data conversion for a national mail forwarding system with 225 sites, using Oracle in a Netware LAN environment. The project included database analysis and design, performance analysis of database schemas and RAID server storage, several aspects of data conversion, including modification of a Windows tape-to-disk program, PRO C programs for data conversion and table population, as well as data quality control, and database read and write benchmark programs. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Assisted with the implementation of a 911 WAN system for Arlington County Police Department. Responsibilities included installation of TCP/IP software on a VAX, testing communications with 50 other nodes, and VAX performance tuning. Besides the VAX, the network includes a variety of other computers such RS/6000, Netware PC LAN servers, and an IBM mainframe. Applications included a variety of RDBMS systems using RDB, Oracle, Btrieve, and dBase,
  • Provided LAN consulting services to IBM's Customized Operational Services COS organization, in connection with IBM's Multi-vendor LAN program. Services cover topics such as client LAN and WAN planning, logical and physical design, implementation, expansion, monitoring and network management, performance tuning, LAN inventory, problem resolution, and evaluation of RFPs. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Provided software and database consulting services for the Reese Brothers, Inc., a major charity telemarketing company, including software design, development, implementation and performance tuning. The environment included Unix based workstations from Hewlett Packard, and the Ingres RDBMS, versions 6.3 and 6.4, with 4GL and the C language. Performance tuning was particularly difficult many tables were hundreds of megabytes, and total database size was about 16 Tb. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Completed the development and implementation of prototype message standards software and database for the Joint Tactical Command, Control and Communications Agency JTC3A . Developed both U.S. and NATO versions of the prototype software using Ingres versions 6.0 - 6.2 4GL, Fortran and C languages. Delivered the NATO version to NATO headquarters in Brussels installed and tested the system on the NATO VAX 8250, and assisted with training. Designed and developed a variety of system enhancements. Improved the performance of several report programs, by reducing execution time up to 90 . Recommended design changes based upon changing requirements and observations about the baseline design. Prepared the project plan using MS project. Received a NATO commendation for the work.Contracted with the Institute for Defense Analyses IDA for the planning, design, development and implementation of the IDA Information System, in a multi-platform environment:
  • DEC VAX 6310 and 8600, with VAX/VMS,
  • Personal Computers IBM compatible and Macintosh ,
  • Ingres versions 5.0 and 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 including Star, Net, and RMS Gateway products .
  • Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Detailed project planning,
  • Design of the Information System architecture,
  • Information System concept design,
  • Evaluation of Ingres products and problem reporting,
  • Preparation of system design and development standards,
  • Design, development and implementation of a prototype Information System using Ingres embedded SQL and Ingres forms with 4GL, Fortran and C languages,
  • Design, development and implementation of a custom Timesheet System, as well as interfaces to packaged software for Personnel/Payroll and Accounting,
  • Development of utility programs for the Information System: a terminal print program, to print files on a variety of printers DEC, HP, Apple and Epson attached to terminals, or PCs using terminal emulators a secure mail program for captive users, using the VMS callable mail interface a complex cost and labor hour report
  • Management of a related project to convert all databases from Ingres Release 5 to 6.3,
  • Performance tuning of applications,
  • Requirements analysis for a comprehensive property management system.


Director of the Advanced Technology Division, which was responsible for client contracts and business development, for professional services and products in three departments: Artificial Intelligence, Technology Integration and Office Automation. Contractual responsibilities included directing the following. Design, configuration and integration of a state-of-the-art image scanning system, to convert drawings up to E size to raster and vector formats, and to link the finished drawings to an information retrieval system based on a relational database.

  • Text Ware, a full text search and retrieval system, designed to produce high performance text searches with significantly less storage overhead than other products, while operating on large text data bases in a PC local area network or Unix environment. The product also uses a consistent user interface for local and remote libraries such as Lexis and Westlaw. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • A high speed, fully automated, microfiche scanner, with an expert system designed to separate text from graphics, and convert a text image to ASCII, supporting multiple fonts. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • A contract with the Department of Transportation which included design, specification, development, implementation, maintenance and support for a network of fifteen networks. The network includes a variety of computers: over 230 PCs, MicroVAX, HP 3000, Callan Unistar, and an Amdahl mainframe, with 3270 and asynchronous interfaces to an Oracle database on a remote IBM mainframe. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • A contract with the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The project involved office automation, and information resource management in an environment with very large databases, and a wide variety of applications. Hardware included IBM and DEC mainframes, workstations e.g., Sun Microsystems and Metaphor mini- and microcomputer LANs e.g., Datapoint, IBM compatible , relational data base machines Britton-Lee and optical storage devices CD-ROM and WORM . Software applications include data base management systems, full text storage and retrieval systems, and integrated software. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Development and implementation of a large full text document storage and retrieval system for the DoD Office of the General Counsel, International Treaties. This system uses a TEMPEST certified PC LAN, with optical disk drives used for backup and file archiving, and a Sun Microsystems Unix file and print server. Custom software was developed to enhance the user interface to the text search engine. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Rapid prototype implementation for a 50,000 record Britton-Lee LAN database application, which was moved from an IBM 370 system. Prepared the ambitious, two month project plan using MS project.
  • Support and enhancement for a compiled dBase application system which uses a PC LAN, to support a legislative proposal tracking system for the DoD Office of the General Counsel. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Managed microcomputer support group activities, on site at the Department of Transportation DOT . Directed the implementation of several Novell LANs, including the training of technical staff on configuration, installation and customization. Managed software development and technical consulting for the DOT Information Resource Management Division and FAA.
  • Installation, configuration, training, support and maintenance, for a Novell Arcnet LAN, for the State of Maryland, Office on Aging. The network was designed to support all agency work processes including budget and finance using COTS software. Prepared the project plan using MS project.
  • Other responsibilities included a variety of administrative and management functions such as:
  • The design, configuration and implementation of the corporate LAN, using Novell Netware, an internal bridge to at print server, an asynchronous communications server, and a LAN gateway to a MicroVAX II and Sun Microsystems server, using TCP/IP. The 50-workstation network supports corporate applications, and software development.
  • Design and implementation of a presentation graphics center, which includes facilities for dynamic and animated presentations to large audiences. This center is supported with equipment and software such as an RGB projector, Video Show a special purpose interactive graphics processor , and graphics packages such as PictureIt, Freelance Plus, and Show Partner. The center includes desktop publishing facilities, using Aldus PageMaker and Ventura Publisher, for preparation of company newsletters, capabilities brochures, and business proposals. Peripherals include a 400 Mb optical disk, a text and image scanner, an Apple LaserWriter Plus, and a Polaroid Palette, used to produce 35mm slides.
  • Design of a full text storage and retrieval system for employee resumes. The system was designed to facilitate proposal preparation through full text search of resumes for relevance to client requirements.
  • Employee motivation, including assistance with goal setting, performing reviews, conducting informal training, and coordinating formal technical training


Major responsibilities included marketing, business and technical cost proposal preparation, and cost, schedule, and technical contract performance. Responsible for managing the following contracts .A multi-year contract with the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The project involved office automation, records management, and information resource management in an environment with large databases, and a variety of applications. Hardware applications included local area networks e.g., PC LANs and a 300 user Datapoint LAN , optical disks, laser printers, and RDBMS machines. Software applications included data base management systems, full text storage and retrieval systems, and integrated software. Prepared the project plan using MS project for the following projects:

  • Design of a nationwide Management Information System for the DoD Inspector General for Investigations, and the design of a nationwide Decision Support System for the DoD Inspector General for Auditing, both using an Oracle centralized database,
  • Design, development and implementation of a dBase system on a multi-user PC network, to support a legislative proposal tracking system for the DoD Office of the General Counsel,
  • Technology Assessments for optical disk systems, data base management systems, and integrated systems hardware and software ,
  • A systems integration study, including networking of eight systems, and addition of a text storage and retrieval system using an associative processor, artificial intelligence workstations, an intelligent gateway, executive work stations and optical disk systems,
  • Design of a full text document storage and retrieval system for the Office of the General Counsel, International Treaties.
  • The design, development, and implementation of dBase system to manage engineering drawings, for the Department of Justice DOJ , Immigration and Naturalization Service.
  • Development of a strategic plan for office automation and a LAN technology assessment for the National Marine Fisheries Service.
  • An engagement with DOJ to specify an integrated legal and management information system. Included in the effort was the development of an ADP and data communications five-year plan.
  • An office automation study for the Department of Interior, Minerals Management Service. This study was designed to evaluate alternative strategies for implementation of office automation for the entire organization, and prepare a cost/benefit analysis and pilot system specification.
  • Responsible for porting text processing and formatting software, developed in the C language on an NCR Tower, to the IBM PC. Modified the ASG Project Management System PMS , to improve performance, and support a wider variety of contract vehicles. Designed and developed a special client report for a Department of Transportation contract.
  • Managed the design, development, implementation, and installation of a PC LAN for internal use with
  • Performed an office automation requirements analysis for the Naval Air Engineering Center. Specified a PC LAN to support applications such as word processing, electronic spreadsheet, data base management, conducted a study of FAA microcomputer communications requirements, and developed asynchronous and synchronous communications standards, which were adopted.
  • Confidential
  • Major responsibilities included management, marketing, proposal preparation, review and approval, and management of systems analysis, design and development.
  • Performed a study of the microcomputer and packaged software market. Selected hardware and software for corporate applications and for development and implementation of proprietary software. Prepared a business and marketing plan for PC systems.
  • Managed a project for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA to design, develop and implement a prototype Management Information System MIS , based on a PC LAN, for the Office of Aeronautical Charting and Cartography AC C . The system was designed to replace an IBM mainframe application with a department-oriented system. Applications were developed using MDBS III, an extended CODASYL network data base management system.
  • Managed the development and specification of Data Processing Standards and Procedures for NOAA, Office of AC C. These standards and procedures were tested, improved through usage in the prototype MIS project, and adopted.


  • Project manager for the DOE Office of Computer Services and Telecommunications Management, which used IBM mainframes:
  • ADP and data communications long range plans
  • Security software installation planning study for
  • Design of an ADP systems inventory and data dictionary
  • Design and development of a direct access storage management system
  • Administration and control of user access to DOE time-sharing facilities and mass storage


  • Product manager for a proprietary library circulation control system by Plessey Systems. Responsibilities included product marketing and sales management, technical and business proposal preparation, and management of exhibitions.
  • Managed an engagement, under subcontract to Digital Communications Corporation, to design and implement a network traffic model and an interrelated cost model for the Xerox Telecommunications Network XTEN .
  • Participated in the study and specification of nationwide distributed processing WAN for the Indian Health Service, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. The system was designed to provide source data automation for a variety of administrative functions, local data processing, and communications between 30 locations and several levels in the organizational hierarchy. Wrote the 300 page SOW for the Government RFP. This distributed system eventually replaced a centralized IBM 360 mainframe.
  • Managed the design and specification of a worldwide distributed processing network for the U.S. Army Troop Support Agency. The system concept included source data automation supporting commissary stock ordering, inventory control, and management information reporting. Designed a communications network to accommodate 169 commissaries reporting to one of five regional offices, which operated on IBM or Amdahl mainframes.
  • Participated in the design of a multiple processor vessel monitoring system for the U.S. Coast Guard. The system was designed to interface with several types of automated sensor and manual inputs to monitor the progress of vessels through harbors, as an aid to managing traffic flow and preventing vessel grounding and collisions. Several candidate system architectures were specified and formally evaluated, considering such factors as cost, reliability, feasibility, modularity and maintainability.
  • Participated in a study to evaluate and improve an on-line point-of-sale POS service window automation system for the U.S. Postal Service. Recommended system retirement because of lack of management commitment.


  • Managed a study of a national drug abuse treatment reporting system, to determine system weaknesses, evaluate effectiveness, validate reported data, and recommend improvements. Recommended implementation of a star network of regional processing centers.
  • Participated in an engagement to design a management information system for the Federal Trade Commission. Managed the design of a combination on-line and batch financial system. Performed trade-off and cost/benefit analysis for five financial system alternatives, and an off-the-shelf software package based on an Oracle database.
  • Assisted with the evaluation of proposals for an automated subscription control and financial management system for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Recommended vendor selection and procurement strategy.


  • Responsibilities included general management of a company cost center and supervision of up to 20 professional staff members involved in both government and commercial business and scientific contract programming efforts.
  • Participated in the first successful implementation of a commercial Letter of Credit System for Bankers Trust Co. Managed the implementation and enhancement stages of the twenty labor year effort. The operating system and application software was developed in re-entrant assembly language for redundant minicomputer systems. The system replaced a simple automated letter writing system, which operated, on an IBM 360 mainframe.
  • Participated in the analysis of spacecraft telecommunications data for NASA and implemented a data analysis benchmark, statistical analysis and nadir calculation programs. Programs were written in Fortran for a CDC mainframe.


  • Managed company operations, including the data processing function.
  • Designed an online specification retrieval and management information system.


Participated in and managed several projects to determine electronic system-to-system interference and degradation in a deployment of transmitters and receivers. Designed and developed several statistical analysis systems, simulation systems and mathematical models to predict Interference-to-Noise Ratio and Frequency Detuning Loss for each receiver in a geographically dispersed scenario of pulsed, pulse compression and continuous wave transmitters. Programs were written in Fortran for a Univac mainframe and proprietary visual display device.

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