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Project/program Manager Resume Profile

Hanahan, Sc

Professional Experience

Over 17 years of diverse, professional experience ranging from restaurant management 2 , insurance claims administration 1 , production and manufacturing management 2 , medical and administrative IT management / project leadership 5 , and contract administrative experience 8 .


Project/Program Manager.


Under contract to the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command SPAWAR , James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center JALFHCC Project Program Support Team Lead/Consultant.The Confidential project, under the Department of Defense/Veterans Administration DoD/VA Sharing Initiative, was a 100 million joint effort to provide healthcare to active duty, retired, and veteran's populations under one roof. Records are retrieved, shared, updated, and returned regardless of the system of origin. The project phased capabilities included: Single Patient Registration SPR , Single Sign-On/Context Management, Orders Portability OP for Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Consults, and Financial Management.

  • Successfully managed the Imagine One Program Support contract to SPAWAR in support of their tasking on the overall JALFHCC Project, delivered the sustainment documentation for successful transition into sustainment status.
  • Successfully launched and integrated all project capabilities into sustainment reduced overall budget costs from 20 to 4 million.
  • Professionally consulted with SPAWAR program leadership on all project milestone capability matters to include delivery of Phase II Orders Portability-Consults and Financial Management supported the VA in successful deployment of remaining IT legacy system's capability functionality.
  • Proactively reviewed and delivered the project technical and risk documentation as senior technical editor for leadership submission, delivered all edited risk documentation on time.
  • Effectively directed delivery of VA's Project Management Accountability System PMAS documentation per development, and data-call taskings received favorable Department VA grade for continuation.
  • Proficiently conducted Quality Assurance support for cost, schedule and performance oversight via written FHCC QA Assessment Reports delivered all QA reports and client documentation deliverables.
  • Accurately reviewed all project documentation as the Senior Technical Editor by reviewing all development work products for publishing in Clearcase Review System delivery was accepted for project close-out approval.

Project Manager/Consultant.


Under contract to the Military Health System Joint Initiative Program Management Support for the JALFHCC North Chicago Initiative as Identity Management Eligibility Lead.

  • Proactively oversaw compilation of all business technical requirements documentation successfully delivered milestone deliverables for timely project launch, development and integration activities on the 50 million dollar JALFHCC effort.
  • Dynamically facilitated Joint project milestone meeting deliverables e.g., Task Launch, Preliminary / Critical Deign Reviews, Test Readiness Reviews, etc. as project task lead received Joint Leadership approval on all completed project milestone deliveries to proceed to subsequent phases.
  • Successfully delivered Phase One of the OP-Consults as a DoD capability product lead ensured seamless and timely transition into Phase II.
  • Successfully delivered Single Patient Registration SPR JALFHCC capability as a DoD contract lead delivered properly functioning Joint Graphical User Interface for SPR.
  • Consulted with DoD leadership in facilitating joint development strategy policy for large scale development procured stakeholder strategy buy-in with VA partners for development way forward.
  • Aggressively directed CAT III task level vendor activities as a CAT II program level contract manager ensured timely communication of all lower level project activities to client leadership on development.
  • Enthusiastically supported client Program Manager, advised on project development, testing deliverable status via Executive and weekly written reports communicated project status issues to client leadership.
  • Coordinated weekly IM/IT partnering meeting with Defense Manpower Data Center DMDC development teams to coordinate data sharing between DoD and VA systems accurately deployed technology to ensure successful integration of DoD and VA legacy systems.

Project Coordinator

  • Under contract to the Military Health System/ Systems Development Directorate DoD Support/Consultant.
  • Proficiently administered the duties of the lead consultant/task manager for the SD Directorate efficiently delivered daily and weekly briefing packages and data-call tasking deliverables to the Director from all department project government managers.
  • Proactively reviewed and managed the coordination of all Staffing Packages and report statuses via Online document system timely delivered all department documentation to Department policy standards.
  • Directly supported the Deputy Director for Sustainment expertly facilitated office team lead meetings and received project detailed briefs for my review and submission to the Deputy.

Project Manager/Management Analyst III

Expertly directed program activities for the Office of Management Resources Training Department for the Administration for Children and Families ACF , Department of Health and Human Services DHHS .

  • Successfully procured all training initiatives coursework for federal training requirements with 250K training budget provided necessary annual federal certification opportunities for career advancement.
  • Professionally produced, edited and conducted the annual Assistant Secretary's ACF Honor Awards Ceremony delivered a spectacularly successful ceremony attended by VIP's and dignitaries, to include the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • Effectively managed and supported all contract employees onsite to include training, IT, network and systems support services for Stanley Associates to the client sufficiently provided employment and HR services as the home office poc for Stanley.

General Motors Planner/Scheduler,

Proactively directed monthly early delivery of 100K transmission and core parts for regular and emergency production ensured delivery of daily parts orders for production w/o production delays.

  • Accurately and successfully prepared production schedules for GM's national and dealer emergency warranty repair orders with on-time shipments of 3,500 monthly orders met 1 forecasted sales deliveries of 90 or better for the product line and 2 all daily emergency orders for warranty repair work.
  • Utilized just-in-time inventory management procedures to forecast monthly part requirements successfully managed potential inventory overages to eliminate inventory production on-hand over 30 days.
  • Efficiently managed 1 million parts Bill of Materials inventory for new and current GM models maintained accurate model inventory for regular and emergency orders to shorten delivery response time.
  • Supported the HR office as an HR Generalist ensured policy compliance of employee files for certification requirements and personnel documentation completion.

Other Relevant Experience:

For the timeframe indicated, served as a sales associate for medium to high end merchandise, volunteered to install and deploy PC hard drives in support of clinical systems upgrades, and served as a state substitute teacher for K-12 system. Numerous transitions were due to being the spouse of an active duty USAF service member.

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