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Project Manager/scrummaster Resume

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Lawrenceville, GeorgiA


  • Project Manager with extensive experience in business resilience and continuity, emergency management and development in legacy and cloud environments.
  • Expert Project Leader, with an excellent grasp on all aspects of Product and Project Management.
  • Managed Agile and DevOps projects for business partners and stakeholders in multiple service - oriented organizations.
  • Developed and maintained budgets, plans, KPI’s, schedules, estimates, and reports.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office tools: Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Microsoft 365 Jira, Confluence, SharePoint, Project, Excel, Word, Power Point, and Visio, Power Bi, Microsoft Azure
  • Highly skilled in all the Agile Methodologies and Mindsets i.e Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban etc
  • Leverage Technical Knowledge to successfully manage projects and sub-projects without interfering in the technical details.
  • Skilled in Java, C++, C#. Networking, Pascal, Corel Draw, Robotic Process Automation (RPA )Research Method, Business Management, M&A, Database Management System, MySQL, Traditional, Agile and Hybrid Project Management Methodologies, Microsoft Azure, Emotional Intelligence to de-escalate critical situation etc.


  • Microsoft office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Project)
  • Jira
  • Smartsheet
  • Clarity
  • VMware
  • Saas
  • iaas
  • Paas cloud data services
  • Sharepoint
  • Clickup etc


Confidential - Lawrenceville, Georgia

Project Manager/ScrumMaster


  • Work with IT and Business Leadership to determine IT Projects that need to be created in alignment with different Organizational Goals.
  • As an Agile coach for cross functional team, mentoring and facilitating meetings using Agile methodologies
  • As a Scrum Master for scrum and scrum of scrums team conducting Sprint ceremony with cross functional teams, worked with Product owners on prioritizing user stories and the development team on user story estimation and sizzling
  • Organize, attend, and participate in stakeholder meetings
  • Maintain tactical control of project budgets and timelines to keep teams on task and achieve schedule targets.
  • Worked in close collaboration with mainframe developers and web designers throughout a $3 million, two-year project. Played a role in the organization saving a projected $500K over three years.
  • Closely collaborate with project team members to identify and quickly address problems.
  • Track project and team member performance closely to quickly intervene in mistakes or delays.
  • Schedule and facilitated meetings between project stakeholders to discuss deliverables, schedules, and conflicts.
  • Identify and analyzed project risks and developed mitigation strategies.
  • Evaluate diverse organizational systems to identify workflow, communication, and resource utilization issues.
  • Report project cost analyses to enhance workflow and increase profits.
  • Monitor ongoing projects for adherence to prescribed timelines, suggesting operational changes where needed.
  • Track ongoing project advancement towards predefined milestones, reducing instances of missed deadlines by 50 %
  • Engage with Business and Technical teams to evaluate business requirements and provide guidance to drive functional and technical design, build and delivery of process redesign projects (RPA)
  • Manage project control book, scope, risk, issues, budget, and track status of ongoing projects encompassing server builds, application upgrades, Tech Refresh, Data center Migration etc.
  • Participated in road-mapping activities to help determine project selection
  • Coordinate development of project plan to ensure execution alignment with the overall M&A Strategy/approach.

Confidential - Suwanee, Georgia

Project Manager/System Analyst/Agile Coach


  • Supervised Systems upgrade
  • Agile coach and Scrum Master
  • Coached Cross Functional teams, Stakeholders and Product owners who were transiting from Waterfall(Predictive) to Agile(Adaptive)
  • Served as Business analyst on critical new business model implementations
  • System Analyst and Software Implementation systems
  • Handled and trained staff on hardware problems and use of basic computer applications
  • Developed server-side code for external web applications
  • Wrote unit tests to automated regression tests
  • Resolved assigned defects as they occur
  • Managed up to 30 resources with assigned duties on daily operations
  • Coded and provided support through XML, Visual Basic and SQL
  • Supervised new technologies and evaluated how they could be integrated and utilized to better serve our clients.
  • Creating user interphase on Linux and Windows using VMware
  • Data Infrastructure for sharing and consumption across our various data centers UX/UI design.
  • On Premises Application Migration to the cloud
  • Data infrastructure application migration Saas, Paas and Iaas to the cloud.
  • Used salesforce as a CRM tool for the support of sales and marketing teams globally
  • I executed a lot of Complex projects alongside Program Managers and Portfolio Managers
  • Data Security Compliance Management System
  • Security Implementations in Program and Program Management
  • Infrastructure Development and Migration


Customer Support Specialist


  • Maintained standard software environment, installed café computers including the use of Backup and Restore procedures
  • Coordinated and managed at least ten resources daily.
  • Taught basic computer applications such as Java programming, Visual Basic, Oracle, Access, Microsoft Word, Data Base Management System, and Power Point Presentation
  • Provided technical support assistant to clients
  • Assisted clients on various technical, software and hardware needs.


Sales Analyst


  • Organized, attended, and participated in stakeholder meetings
  • Determined project changes
  • Organized projects with the goal of getting projects completed on time and within budget
  • Documented and followed up on important actions and decisions from meetings
  • Supported Project Manager/Program Manager with status reporting (e.g., Collecting status from each work stream and creating first draft of status report)
  • Created a project management calendar for fulfilling each goal and objective
  • Meet with business area stakeholders and IT application owners to elicit specific requirements
  • Supported project financials, including updating spent-to-date, collecting new estimates, and generating re-forecasts.


Systems Administrator


  • Provided knowledgeable assistance in the use of software and operation of computer equipment to students, and staff who use the facility
  • Maintained standard software environment, installed café computers including the use of Backup and Restore procedures
  • Coordinated and managed at least ten resources daily.
  • Taught basic computer applications such as Java programming, Visual Basic, Oracle, Access, Microsoft Word, Data Base Management System, and Power Point Presentation

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