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Project Manager Resume Profile


Over 20 years experience in information technology in diverse domains including financial services banking sector, insurance, energy, communications, and oil industry. My experience includes application production support and development, technical support, installing software products, data conversions, project requirements analysis and specifications gathering, interfacing with users, developing documentation for endusers and operational personnel, developing tests plans, implementing software into production systems, providing training for endusers and computer operations personnel. I have team leader/Project Manager and unit manager experience, and the ability to work independently or within a group. Expertise and extensive mainframe experience with Cobol, Assembler, CICS, DB2, IMS, IDMS, JCL, IBM and numerous 3rd party Utilities. I also have technical services experience in my background as a systems programmer.

Major Software Summary:

  • Operating Systems: MVS Z/os , VSE dos , and VM.
  • Languages: Mainframe COBOL and ASSEMBLER.
  • Online: CICS/BMS, IDMS/DC, IMS/DC.
  • Internet Languages: Perl, PHP, HTML, and Javascript.
  • Other: VSAM, JCL, INTERTEST, EXPEDITOR, FILEAID, EASYTRIEVE, PANVALET, CHANGEMAN, LIBRARIAN, ENDEAVOR, TSO/ISPF, ICCF, CA Products, IDCAMS, Microsoft Products WORD, EXCEL, PROJECT, ETC. . WebsphereMQSeries, Easytrieve, FTP/NDM and numerous other 3rd party Utilities and software, HP Quality Center, UNIX, SAS.

Professional experience includes the following:


  • In this assignment, I am a member of a software architecture team, responsible for the software conversion of an International Banking platform, converting from IMS/DC Cobol to CICS/BMS Cobol. This project also involved the conversion of some IMS databases to DB2, along with the software to support them.
  • Developed new CA/Scheduler interface for programs converted to CICS.
  • Participated in the design of the CICS command level architecture for the conversion of IMS/DC programs to CICS/BMS.
  • Performed conversion of IMS/DC printing MFS modules to CICS/BMS.
  • Participated in the actual coding changes and testing for more than 1,000 IMS/DC programs to CICS/BMS.
  • Participated in the development of a new DB2 menu processing system for the CICS programs.
  • Developed new CICS EXEC LINK routines that read banks deposit system databases.
  • Prepared and tested JCL for batch conversion and daily processing jobstreams, which also included Network Data Mover NDM jobs for file transmissions.

Confidential Independence Blue Cross Contract

  • Worked on a new development project for a medical claims processing system. Created software that produces benefits statements for individual subscribers, and remittances for professional facility health care providers:
  • Worked with business areas to come up with all necessary data processing requirements and specifications.
  • Performed all analysis and wrote all programming specifications and documentation.
  • Coded a total of ten new Cobol programs, using VSAM, DB2SQL and CICS.
  • Coded eight other new Cobol support and reports programs.
  • Worked with print room to develop necessary coding requirements for producing statements on a Xerox mainframe laser printer.
  • Coordinated and executed all testing with business areas and other applications that were involved in the project, using the organizations SDLC methodology.
  • Performed production implementation of project.
  • Worked on a variety of other mainframe maintenance projects and production support tickets. I also acted as project manager and team leader for three other programmers during my time with this client.


  • Worked on a credit card financial settlement application, as a team leader/project manager:
  • Prepared project plans and acted as teamleader and directed five other programmers on numerous maintenance and application enhancement projects.
  • Provided oncall support for production application processing platform.
  • Provided bug fix analysis and abend resolutions.
  • Designed various enduser report requests for production application.
  • Updated and wrote new documentation.
  • Worked on a variety of maintenance projects and new development projects using CICS, IMS, DB2 and VSAM.
  • Provided analysis and resolution for various problem tickets related to production environment.
  • Reviewed batch jobstreams and applied optimization, where needed.


  • Worked with an outside vendor Energy Services Group to install Electronic Data Interchange EDI interface facility, for an existing customer enrollment and billing system:
  • Performed the required analysis, mapping, and coding of new Cobol programs and maintenance changes to other Cobol programs and two assembler programs.
  • Made changes to existing CICS programs.
  • Wrote test plans and executed testing with outside vendor and endusers.
  • Prepared both user and operations documentation.
  • Performed production implementation tasks for the EDI.


  • Worked on various production support and new development projects for a claims processing system, owned by Prudential Insurance:
  • Enhanced existing Cobol claims system to process a variety of different transactional inputs from various corporate customers. Made changes to four assembler call routines.
  • Resolved a variety of problem tickets within the production CICS and batch software environment.
  • Produced a variety of request reports for endusers.
  • Worked with other production support staff to review production JCL to see where efficiencies can be implemented.


  • Worked on a variety of miscellaneous mainframe maintenance projects and production support tasks for a Telephone Billing System, using both Cobol and Assembler:
  • Performed requirements gathering with business areas.
  • Performed the required analysis and coding of new Cobol programs and maintenance changes to other Cobol programs, CICS programs, and changes to several assembler programs.
  • Wrote and executed test plans with endusers.
  • Implemented changes into production environment.


  • Confidential conversion projects for a total of four newly acquired banks. Specifically, this involved conversion of MAC ATM CARDS and VISA DEBIT cards to an existing IMS database/software platform:
  • Performed requirements gathering, mapping, and other analysis necessary for the conversions.
  • Wrote all programming specifications documentation.
  • Worked with DBA to create IMS database DBD/PSB's for new database required for the conversions.
  • Coded approximately twentyfive Cobol programs consisting of IMS VSAM programs and other conversion related support programs.
  • Coordinated and executed all conversion dry run testing with users various other applications.
  • Performed production implementation of all conversions.
  • Provided postconversion support for all conversions.
  • Participated in project to reissue existing MAC cards as VISA debit cards, for customers that meet specific criteria's:
  • Worked with marketing department to develop requirements and criteria for reissue.
  • Developed necessary data processing specifications.
  • Coded all programs required to perform the reissue.
  • Performed all necessary testing with user departments.
  • Executed the reissue software to complete the project.
  • Worked on maintenance project to adjust customers account array within their ATM card, based on new bank product types:
  • Worked with product marketing and endusers to produce specifications document.
  • Wrote two new IMS Cobol programs to handle the necessary changes to the customer's ATM accounts, and two other Cobol programs to handle reports.
  • Designed and wrote new Cobol program to produce automated letters for customer notifications of changes to their accounts.
  • Participated in various other production support tasks for the ATM application. Also supervised the activities of two other programmers during my time with this client.


  • Overall responsibility for development and production support for an IDMS based Customer Information System. This application utilized CICS, IDMS/DB, IDMS/DC, IDMS/ADSO, LRF, DML, Cobol, and Assembler.
  • Performed requirements gathering, analysis, design and coding for a software package to convert bank charters within the IDMS Customer Information databases. Upon completion, this new software was then used repeatedly as a conversion methodology for future conversions.
  • Designed and wrote fastoffload software that is used to extract IDMS database onto flat files. This phase of the software was then used repeatedly for other purposes as well as future charter conversions.
  • Worked on project to convert the IDMS/DC component of the Customer Information System, from OS/COBOL to COBOL/II.
  • Designed and wrote new software to handle the processing for the banks new account relationship product. This required the creation of one new IDMS/DC program, maintenance to one other IDMS/DC program, two new IDMS batch programs, and one new callable subroutine to be used by other applications.
  • Worked with DBA's to modify the existing Customer Information System to allow for the integration of new IDMS areas. This included changes to the IDMS IDD SCHEMA. And also a project to expand the size of the IDMS databases.
  • Worked with other programmers on numerous new bank conversion projects for CIF, as both an analyst and coder.
  • Worked with vendor Genesis Solutions to develop the ability to issue CICS transactions directly from within a program executing on a personal computer PC and receiving the transaction output back into the PC software.
  • Developed CICS/IDMS software to perform a wide variety of database inquiries and updates via the PC software.
  • Installed and tested ISI Bankmatch and Bankedit software.
  • Worked on project to identify collapse duplicate customer records within the CIF databases. This required the writing of 5 new Cobol programs, in addition to using several vendor products.
  • Did maintenance project to change existing IDMS/DC programs to allow for more concurrent user access. This required maintenance to four existing IDMS/DC Cobol programs and four existing assembler programs.
  • Designed and wrote various CICS/IDMS callable subroutines to be used by the banks branch automation platform software.
  • Designed and wrote software process to effectively compare the CIF database to the various applications i.e. DDA, SAVINGS, LOANS, CDs, etc , for the purpose of determining any outofbalance or missing account information.
  • During my time with this employer, I also acted as team leader for three other programmers and eventually, unit manager.


  • Primarily responsible for the conversion, maintenance, new development, and installation of software that required online processing using CICS/BMS.
  • Performed the initial installation of numerous vendor CICS and batch application software packages: For example: UCC ILS, Financial Software of America Deposits Manager, Collections software, DiscIRS, PIPsACH, and many others.
  • Installed and tested IBM Doscheck for IBM 3890 check processing.
  • Wrote numerous assembler call routines and single assembler programs for a variety of projects.
  • DOS/VSETaskmaster to MVS/XACICS conversion:
  • Worked on massive project to convert applications running on a TASKMASTER based online system to CICS/MVS. This project included the writing of more than sixty new CICS programs, requiring new screen designs using CICS/BMS, new file layouts using VSAM, and various batch programs to support the onlines, as needed.
  • Performed all analysis with endusers and design of new screen layouts.
  • Wrote all the new screen and CICS programs.
  • Coordinated all testing with endusers. Worked with CICS systems programmer to create CICS tables: PPT, FCT, and PCT . Wrote enduser documentation on how to use each new screen in a tutorial format. Implemented all applications into production CICS environment.

Installed Infobot terminal:

  • Wrote CICS programs to obtain account balance information for customer inquiries.
  • Wrote CICS programs to allow transfer of funds between various types of accounts.
  • Wrote CICS programs to obtain most recent account transactions for customer inquiries.
  • Wrote batch programs necessary to build the required interfaces for a telephone banking inquiry system.

Installed and worked on VRU Voice Response Unit :

  • Worked with enduser to develop the script and path for the VRU Voice Response Unit .
  • Coded new CICS programs to be used by the VRU to process customer balances and money transfers.
  • Participated in several BETA test's for various vendor software products.
  • Worked on project to install DAVOX terminals for use by consumer lending collections department. DAVOX terminals provide the ability to internally issue CICS transactions using data that is on the screen and issuing subsequent CICS transactions on behalf of the user.

Systems Programmer Technical Services

  • Responsible for installation and maintenance of operating system and vendor system software.
  • Worked on the initial installation of the MVS operating system, CICS, and related 3rd party systems software.
  • Provided installation and onsite support for various system software products, for example: CA Computer Associates products, etc.
  • Worked with IBM support center on numerous occasions to resolve issues with their software.
  • Applied maintenance and/or fixes to IBM and other 3rd party systems software.
  • Wrote exit routines for various systems components.
  • Provided DASD management.
  • Diagnosed system and application software abends and other failures.
  • Provided technical support to operations and applications staff. For example, help with dumps, problem determination, slowness in applications, etc.
  • Made changes to a variety of assembler subroutines, as it relates to the operating system.
  • Installed IBM 3725 communication controller and its related software. Generated NCP for communications controller.
  • Setup crossdomain resources using VTAM.
  • Installed and setup the IBM file transfer software.
  • Participated in the setup testing of disaster recovery procedures.
  • Installed numerous program development tools and application software vendor packages.
  • Installed and tested several new releases of VSEAdvanced Functions operating system and its related software components.

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