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Senior Business Analyst Resume Profile




  • Excellent knowledge of industry standard methodologies like Software Development Life Cycle SDLC , Iterative Software Development Life Cycle Process as per Rational Unified Process RUP , Agile methodologies SCRUM/ XP , CMM Capability Maturity Models and Rational Tools used during various phases of RUP. Experience with Eagle Star/Pace.
  • Preparing graphical depictions of use cases including state diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, use case diagrams, component-based diagrams, collateral diagrams and Entity diagrams including the business workflow.
  • Excellent Analytical skills to understand the business process and Functionality, Requirements and to translate them to system requirement specifications. Developing functional specifications for business process refinement and automation, data modeling, system Architecture, conducting feasibility studies, scope.
  • Specializes in Capital Market practice with excellent exposure in regulatory reporting, various regulation impacting financial industry such as Dodd-Frank, Enhanced Prudential Standard, Regulatory Reporting, Livingwell, CCAR, , enterprise risk assessment, trading system implementation and advisor compensation system
  • A Business Analyst/ Project Manager with over 9 year experience primarily having successfully managed and led multi-million dollar in varying capacities. Proved highly efficient in managing resources across multiple locations both on-site off-shore across various teams. Creative and aggressive person capable of thinking and proposing out of the box solutions and maintaining positive and productive team environments and with integrative thinking skills.
  • Extensive Knowledge of working with web enabled projects built on Java, HTML.
  • In Depth understanding of the AS-IS and TO-BE business processes and experience in converting these requirements into technical specifications for preparing test plans.
  • Use Case development and UML modeling using modeling tools like Rational Rose/MS Visio.
  • Excellent skills in Data Analysis, Requirement Analysis, Business Modeling and Use Case Development using UML methodology.
  • Develop User interfaces and requirements sessions. Requirements gathering, Risk Management, System Architect, Feasibility studies, Scope Documents, Requests for Proposal.
  • Conducted JAD sessions for communicating with the all Project directors and stakeholders.
  • Strong Understanding of ISO 20022, 9000 and SWIFT MT940, MT103 messaging schema.
  • Providing traceability across the project by analysis and review of project elements involved in traceability including testing artifacts, end-user support documentation and training materials.
  • Extensive Documentation Skills for use in Standardization of Testing and Programming Procedures and Guidelines.



RUP, UML, Agile, CMM, Data Modeling

Testing Tools

Mercury and Rational Quality Center, Manual Testing

Change Management Tools

Rational Clear Quest, Mercury Quality Center, Rational Requisite Pro,

Business Modeling Tools

Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio.

Version Control Systems

Rational Clear Case.

Project Management

Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, ITIL Process Framework


Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, Lotus Notes

Web Technologies

Microsoft FrontPage, Java, HTML

Operating Systems

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP



Senior Business Analyst/ Project Lead

Confidential is one of the largest foreign bank having global operations providing investment banking, asset management, and wealth management services for private, corporate, and institutional clients worldwide, as well as retail clients. The project was to study the current single counter party credit limit structure at the bank and perform gap assessment to identify high level gaps and redesign business and technical process in line with proposed rule set of Dodd Frank's Enhanced Prudential Standards and to generate various CCAR and other regulatory reports such as FRY-9C.


  • Studied as-is business process and mapped it against the proposed rule set. Performed Gap analysis to identify various gaps to make the client compliant with new regulation.
  • Documented as-is business process flows and process hierarchy for Market Risk Stress Full Revaluation, Combined Stress Testing Single Counterparty Credit Limit processes and performed GAP analysis to identify the processes impacted by Dodd Franks Enhanced Prudential Standards for Foreign Bank FBEPS
  • Designed the future state target operating model and business processes using six sigma approach for the impacted business process for Single Counterparty Credit Limit to ensure client is compliant with the proposed FBEPS regulation
  • Proposed new risk committee structure for US Intermediate Holding Company outlining the roles and responsibilities and terms of reference for risk committee and group Chief Risk Officer
  • Supported feasibility analysis study in terms of technical and economic feasibility
  • Identified the process flaws in the current system after analyzing and documenting the as-is system and recommended business process automation in the new system through the creation of the to-be system
  • Determined the functional requirements through conducting user interviews, and created the Business Requirement Document
  • Generated UML based Use Case Diagrams and Data Flow Diagrams to provide the development team with a better view of the requirements
  • Developed Target Operating Model, Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram, using Visio

Environment: MS Visio, MS Excel and MS Word, MS Project, Mercury Quality Center. Requisite Pro


Project Manager/ Process Improvement Analyst

Confidential multinational banking and financial services holding company which is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with hub quarters throughout the country.. The project involved moving from their legacy advisor compensation system to up to date version of vendor's compensation system along with complete infrastructure upgrade capable to meet the growing business needs. The project also involved redesigning business process flows to streamline and automate current manual process


  • Interacted with the SMEs and stakeholders to get a better understanding of client business processes and gather business requirements.
  • Modeling the AS-IS system and doing the complete Gap Analysis for the existing system in order to map it to the To-Be system.
  • Functional knowledge of financial services industry, commercial banking
  • Followed the UML based methods using Rational Rose/MS Visio to create: Use Cases, Activity Diagrams / State Chart Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Collaboration Diagrams.
  • Performed Feasibility Analysis, Risk Analysis and Gap Analysis on vendor/third party tools.
  • Used the Unified Change Management from Rational to track changes to multiple artifacts by versioning artifacts, associating requirements to specific change request/defects to streamline the defect/change tracking process.
  • Created requirements analysis and design phase artifacts using RequisitePro, Rational Rose and Smart Draw to create DFDs, ER diagrams, Use cases, Activity/ State chart, Sequence, Collaboration and Deployment Diagrams.
  • Managed all the requirements in RequisitePro, making requirements available to all team members.
  • Integrated RequisitePro with Clear Quest and Rose to provide all teams visibility and maintain traceability among requirements, use cases and change requests
  • Created Use-Cases and Business Use-Case Model after accessing the status and scope of the project and understanding the business processes
  • Communicated extensively with the clients and with different levels of management to identify requirements, use cases and to develop functional specifications.
  • Linked business processes to organizational objectives, perform critical path analysis, and identify opportunities for business process improvement
  • Wrote Use Cases, prepared use case diagrams using Rational Rose UML and followed Agile at every stage of the processes
  • Prepared Project plan and Scope document along with the Project Manager using MS Project to baseline deliverables, schedule tasks and assign resources.
  • Assured that all Artifacts are in compliance with corporate SDLC Policies and guidelines. .
  • Coordinated and prioritized outstanding defects and enhancement/system requests based on business requirements, allowing sufficient time frame to ensure accuracy and consider deadlines
  • Monitored client expectations and conducted user interviews.

Environment: HTML, RUP, UML, SQL,MS-Office, MS Project, MS Visio, Requisite Pro, Test Director, Data Warehousing.


Lead Business Analyst/ Project Manager

Confidential is one of the large US banks providing banking, insurance, brokerage, and investment banking services to its large customer base primarily in the east coast. The project involved making the bank compliant with the new IFRS 10 regulatory reporting and also making buffer for Legal Entity Identifier which the bank planned to implement at the later stage.


  • Studied the regulation in detail and to identify the key requirements and contents of the new regulation. Performed GAP analysis to identify the major business areas impacting the bank
  • Met with stakeholders/ SME's to gather business requirements and understand the business process
  • Worked as a liaison between developers and users and documented clear, concise detailed system requirements specification SRS documents and user documentation in accordance to guidelines and standards of a level where developers can interpret, design and develop the application with minimum guidance.
  • Supported development team in unit testing by providing the testing data
  • Helped the testing team in tracing the requirements from Requirement Testing Matrix and involved in the User Acceptance Testing
  • Performed Back end testing, performance testing and load testing via navigation and workflow of the Application. Also performed Black Box Testing, White Box Testing and Regression Testing of the application
  • Performed requirements modeling and develop analysis diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, data models, and use-case realizations using RUP tools in Agile.
  • Utilized Agile/ SCRUM and PMI methodologies to monitor steer and develop project objectives.
  • Involved in walkthroughs and meetings with development team to discuss related issues.
  • Used Rational Rose to visually determine the proper structure, key elements and optimal design for your database and to aid efficient creation of tables, stored procedures.

Environment: Agile, MS Visio, ASP, SQL, SQL server 2000, MS Office Suite, MS Project.


Business Analyst

Confidential is one of the large Investment banks in the mid-west region and has the highest number of in-house and outside distributor's financial advisors. The project involved understanding the current functionalities of Charles River Trading system and decommissioning the legacy system and merging both the entities of Long view trading system ensuring all the existing functionalities are met by new system.


  • Conducted JAD sessions with management, Subject Matter Experts, vendors, users and other stakeholders to document current as-is front to back bank operations.
  • Was involved in vendor discussion to identify functionalities that was mandatory verses good to have. Based on the discussion documented business requirement for Trade Notification Manager for LVTS system. Also performed GAP analysis and identified the functionalities that were missing in the new system.
  • Functioned as the primary liaison between the business line, operations, and the technical areas throughout the project cycle.
  • Created UML based Use Case Diagrams and Data Flow Diagrams. Developed Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram and ER Diagram using MS Visio
  • Created test plans and test cases using Mercury Quality Center
  • Simplified reporting solutions by using MS OLAP and MS Excel.
  • Performed manual front-end testing to check all functionalities of the different modules
  • Helped the testing team in tracing the requirements from Requirement Traceability Matrix and involved in the User Acceptance Testing
  • Planned and defined system requirements to Use Case, Use Case Scenario and Use Case Narrative using the UML Unified Modeling Language methodologies.
  • Created Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and ER Diagrams in MS Visio.
  • Assisted with user testing of systems, developing and maintaining quality procedures, and ensuring that appropriate documentation is in place
  • Experience creating design documentation related to system specifications including user interfaces, security and control, performance requirements and data conversion.
  • Played a key role in the planning, User Accepted Testing, and implementation of system enhancements and conversions

Environment: RUP, Windows 2000, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i , SQL server 2000, HTML, XML, MS Visio, MS Excel and MS Word. MS Project, Mercury Quality Center. Requisite Pro


Business Analyst

Confidential is one of the largest insurance companies dealing in commercial as well as personal lines of insurance. The project was to automate the claims processing systems and enhance the CRM Customer Relationship Management by providing real time monitoring for its auto insurance division.


  • Addressed all aspects of the claim processing lifecycle, starting from identifying a claim right up to closure.
  • Worked with the project manager in preparing the project plan and schedule accordingly using MS Project.
  • Researched the various steps in the lifecycle and then facilitated to construct the system in such a way that the claims could easily be identified and monitored.
  • Suggested to create entry, exit and update logs for claim applications in order to make the claim process more efficient.
  • Oversaw Process Flow Control, System Development Process and Product implementation.
  • Conducted JAD sessions for communicating with Stakeholders and Project directors.
  • Performed requirement analysis and designed USE Cases and Workflows.
  • Assisted in building a business analysis process model using Rational Rose and Visio.
  • Functioned as one of the primary liaisons between the business line, operations, and the technical areas.
  • Worked with the technical team to enhance the CRM system by documenting and testing the required enhancements.
  • Logged required technical enhancements, defects, and resolved requirement issues, in Rational Clear Quest
  • Assigned problems to appropriate software development team for fixes and resolved requirements issues
  • Authored weekly status reports for project planning
  • Checked Test Cases and developed strategies with Testing team to track and resolve defects
  • Played a key role in the planning, User Accepted Testing, and implementation of system enhancements and conversions
  • Provided key input in working with users in defining project and system requirements.

Environment: RUP, Rational RequisitePro, Rational Rose, Rational Clear Case, UML, HTML, MS Visio


Business Analyst

Confidential is one among the oldest mutual insurers in Confidential. The project involved a major uplift in client's web portal that incorporated a wide range of features for Policyholders and new customers such as online account services which include Bill paying, Checking the bill history, Changing customer profile, Ordering auto insurance ID cards, storing GAP Insurance details and Loan Provider Details and making it more user friendly for its customers to access all the information at one place.


  • Involved in the EDI process where data is electronically exchanged between and within businesses, organizations, government entities and other groups.
  • Data Models are designed and Use Cases are written that could match the Mainframe workflow environment.
  • Worked with the UI team to create the User Interface screenshots to be presented to the Business.
  • Examined, analyzed and model Test plans Use Case Model cases Test procedures based on RUP methodology.
  • Developed business requirement document BRD with project teams. Extracted, discussed, and refined business requirement from business users and team members.
  • Involved in Business Process Mapping as to see how the process should be carried out throughout the Mapping phase.
  • Developed workflows by working with each developer as to find out the current process that they are carrying out.
  • Performed GAP analysis for the modules in production, conducted feasibility study and performed impact analysis for proposed enhancements.
  • ITSM has been used as one of the process-focused and in this sense has ties and common interests with the process improvement movement and also it focuses on providing a framework to structure IT-related activities and the interactions of IT technical personnel with business customers and users.

Environment: Mainframes, COBOL, Rational Rose, Requisite Pro, RUP, UML, SQL, MS-Office, MS Project.


Junior Business Analyst

Confidential offers insurance services. Automotive insurance forms a majority Confidential Insurance's operation and revenue. It involves maintenance of its customer information, policy details, agent information, premium tariffs, vehicle information, history of their road accident, personal injury and claims settlement including self and third-party liability. This web-enabled client/server based application involves tasks like registering new policy holders by direct online-registration or through an authorized agent, periodic statement generation for premium remittance, claims processing, and disbursement of agent service charges and validation of the aforesaid activities.


  • Responsible for gathering user requirements by constantly talking to the different users-policy holders, agents and the business managers for better flexibility in the system.
  • Developed a project plan for the development and implementation of the new system.
  • Used an iterative model of software development with the team and developed artifacts after each stage of the process.
  • Authored the Business case document preparing the vision, scope and environment on the basis of business model.
  • On the basis of the business requirement document, developed detailed use cases to document the functional requirements after extensive interaction with the Project Head, Stakeholders Groups-Policy holders, agents and the technical side of the project.
  • Conducted web page mock-ups in MS Visio by creating Activity and Process Flow diagrams.
  • Extensively supported development team in online transaction processing applications.
  • Prepared a prototype for the applications for better visualization and verification of the requirements of the users.
  • Used Joint Application Development JAD sessions with management, Business User Groups, Subject Matter Experts, the IT group, users and to refine functional requirements and send final specification model to be developed and tested.
  • Closely worked with technical team on detailed test plans, test cases, and test input data.

Environment: Windows 2000, MS Visio 2003, MS Office 2003, XML, Oracle8i, JavaScript.

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