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Senior Project Manager Resume Profile

Quail Valley, CA


  • Successful career with expertise in the areas of project management, software testing, and Application delivery both as a consultant and manager.
  • Certified as a Project Management Professional PMP .
  • Most recent experience is as a Project Manager for United Health Group.
  • Received certificates of appreciation for leadership efforts at ADP Tax and Financial Services as well as the United States Military Entrance Processing Command.

Technical Skills:

  • Operating Systems: UNIX, AIX, OS/MVS, Windows.
  • Testing Practices: Structured Testing according to CMM, Quality Assurance Institute guidelines, and Capgemini testing methodology. White-box testing using ASG:SmartTest.
  • Databases and File Structures: DB2, Datacom/DB, Oracle, Sybase, S2K hierarchical DB, VSAM.
  • Testing Tools: WinRunner, XRunner, Test Director, Rational Robot, ClearQuest, Test Manager, Tester's Choice proprietary AMDOCS tool , Platinum Date Simulator, FileAid, FileAid/CS, SuperC, Unitech Systems Data Integrity Software, Abend-Aid, TSO/ISPF, ASG:SmartTest.
  • Programming Languages: COBOL, IBM JCL and utilities, Fortran, Basic, SAS.
  • Test Environments: Java, Websphere, C , C, PowerBuilder, Motif, Oracle forms, SQL, PCVS, AMDOCS, EDI, COBOL, CICS, Intercomm/DC, Rules Engines, Visual Basic, PC workstations, mainframe, client/server, SQL servers.
  • Other: Timeline, CA-ESTIMACS Function-point estimation , MS Project, MS Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, Lotus Notes, TSO/ISPF, LIBRARIAN, STRADIS Structured Methodology, United Development Process UDP , Application Development Repository ADR .

Professional History:


Senior Project Manager

  • Developed and introduced the ICD-10 Business Dependency Management Plan to the Program Team.
  • Developed a SharePoint Tool for tracking ICD-10 business dependencies.
  • Communicated with 10 Functional Leads and 23 Business Segment Leads to identify 800 ICD-10 business dependencies.
  • Tracked progress of ICD-10 Business Dependency resolutions. Escalated issues/risks as needed.
  • Reported as a member of Enterprise Project Management Office PMO at weekly meetings with IT Leads, Business Leads, and Senior Management.
  • For HIPAA 5010 program, tracked Performance Testing results and developed a Daily Trader Partner Testing Schedule for 23 business segments.
  • While working as a Release Manager 20 months
  • Led the implementation of Quarterly enhancements to the United Development Process UDP and Enterprise-level Application Development Repository ADR . ADR is used for storing and retrieval of documents for SOX compliance purposes.
  • Performed Release Management functions with a virtual team, resolved issues and risks, and identified lessons learned.
  • Wrote articles for publication in IT This Week enterprise-wide publication and developed email Newsbytes. The communications were instrumental in increasing attendance at Release Overview presentations from 25 attendees to over 800 attendees.
  • Moderated the Release Overview presentations and updated related Release materials.
  • While working as a Software Quality Analyst 1 year
  • Performed SQA inspections of Requirements, Design, Development and Testing artifacts for the TOPS Claims Processing Application.
  • Held meetings with Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, and Project Managers to review SQA findings.
  • Coordinated Root Cause Analysis meetings and made recommendations for process improvements.

Environment:MS Project, MS Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, United Development Process UDP , Application Development Repository ADR , Multiple Applications.


Lead Consultant

  • Provided Testing Project Management support in developing plans for the SmartConnect project, which involved replacing manually read electric meters with satellite technology.

Environment:MS Word, Lotus Notes, Electric meters, Satellite Technology


Senior Project Manager

  • Performed a Software Quality Assurance SQA organizational assessment at ADP Tax and Financial Services in San Dimas, California.
  • Developed QA Strategy for a large-scale software re-engineering project using white-box and black-box testing techniques with on-site and off-shore testers.
  • Presented Testing Strategy to ADP Vice President and ADP QA Director and won selection as vendor.
  • Managed the Testing effort. During peak Testing activities, team consisted of 10 onsite testers and 50 offshore testers.
  • Devised a QA Strategy for cleaned-up modules which led to a 10:1 productivity increase.
  • Results in Production were consistent with six sigma approach.
  • Received Certificate of Appreciation from ADP Vice President.
  • Travelled to India as part of Management orientation program.

Environment:PowerPoint, IDEAL, DB2, COBOL, ASG:SmartTest, TestDirector, Mainframe.



  • Worked on a Consultant basis for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, SBC, Washington Mutual, and AT T Wireless in the areas of Software Testing and Project Management.

Environment:ClearQuest, Rational Robot,TestManager, COBOL, CICS, DB2, Cellular Technology, Mainframe.

Confidential Software Testing Team Leader

  • Hired to lead all aspects of system and integration Test planning and execution for a start-up test team. Testing Team provided testing support for the USMEPCOM Integrated Resource System. System shares information with all branches of US Armed Services relating to Aptitude Testing, Medical Testing, and Personal information for new applicants
  • Mentored USMEPCOM testers in the use of a structured testing methodology.
  • Implemented use of Mercury Interactive XRunner automated test tool and HP Test Director.
  • Developed Defect Resolution process flow.
  • Initiated a test script review process to actively involve business representatives.
  • Developed test plans for the following projects: Centralized Relational Database CRDB Project, Enlistment Testing Program Project ETP , and Student Testing Program Project STP .
  • For the CRDB Project, this involved replacing an older hierarchical database S2K with Oracle on the mainframe and replacing most batch processes with near real-time processing.
  • Initiated requirements documents reviews to identify testability issues.
  • Used Test Director to track Test Case Coverage of 1000 Requirements.
  • Developed Test Management reports containing testing metrics which were used to re-estimate timelines and obtain funding re-approval during a critical project phase. The CRDB Project became the largest successful Development and Testing Project in the history of USMEPCOM.
  • Test Team Received Certificate of Appreciation from USMEPCOM Commander at formal ceremony for outstanding contributions and support , the first time any IT team was recognized by the Command.

Environment:MS Project, TestDirector, AIX, Oracle Forms, XRunner, Oracle/DB S2K, Visual Basic, PC Workstations, Mainframe, Client/Server.


Project Management Software Testing

  • Worked on a consultant basis in Software Testing and Project Management roles for various organizations including T-Direct, GE Employers Reinsurance, GE Capital Automotive Financial Services, First Chicago NBD/Bank One, US Cellular, Ameritech, Sears, and Norwest Mortgage.
  • Environment:WinRunner, TestDirector, DB2, COBOL, AMDOCS, Sybase, Platinum Date Simulator, Tester's Choice, Unitech software, File/Aid, PCVS, SuperC, UNIX, Java, Websphere, C , C, Powerbuilder Motif, SQL servers, PC Workstations, Client/Server.


Manager, Applications Development and Support

  • Managed maintenance, enhancement, and new development of Purchasing and Accounts Payable applications for a centralized Procurement organization.
  • Managed technical personnel during the development of the following systems: Recording of Purchases System, Purchasing Aggregation System, and Claims Tracking System.
  • Managed two ANSI X.12 Electronic Data Interchange EDI projects.
  • Replaced COBOL, INTERCOMM, and VSAM environment with IDEAL, CICS, and DATACOM Database. As a result of conversion, documented 3 to 1 increase in programmer productivity
  • Won support of user organization to fund a multi-million dollar Development project, Automated Procurement Management System APROMS . The system included new subsystems for Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, and Inbound Transportation.
  • Partnered with the Ameritech Training Manager, and introduced use of STRADIS Structured Methodology, Prokit Workbench CASE Tool and Bachman DB2 Case tool on the APROMS project.
  • Managed APROMS project during Detailed Requirements Phase and Design Phase.
  • Responsible for IT Cost Estimations. APROMS required 33 Development resources.

Environment:Timeline, STRADIS Structured Methodology, CA-ESTIMACS, EDI,COBOL, IDEAL, Datacom/DB, DB2, CICS, Intercomm/DC, Prokit Workbench CASE tool, Bachman DB2 CASE tool, OS/MVS, Mainframe.


Programmer/Analyst, Applications Development and Support

  • Hired as a Programmer/Analyst during the divestiture of AT T.
  • Responsible for Production Support of Consolidated Billing Crediting System CB C on 24 hour basis. CB C was responsible for producing Consolidated bills for Ameritech Operating Companies in the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
  • Programmer/Analyst for the Regional Invoicing System RIS .
  • Responsible for analysis and programming for the Non-stock Receipting subsystem of RIS. Promoted to Senior Programmer/Analyst and then promoted to Manager.

Environment:COBOL, IBM JCL and utilities, Fortran, Basic, SAS, OS/MVS, VSAM, Intercomm/DC, Librarian, TSO/ISPF, File/AID, Abend/AID, Mainframe.

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