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It Project Management Resume Profile



  • I am an experienced IBM i, System i, i5, iSeries and AS/400 systems professional seeking full-time or contract employment in Central NJ or East-Central PA.
  • Moreover, I am eager and committed to providing you and your company the highest level of IT employment service and professionalism so that business goals and objectives can be realized.
  • I have worked with well known and major corporations including Teva Pharmaceuticals , Tiffany and Company, Novartis Pharmaceuticals., New York State Banking Commission and Community Distributors Drug Fair Pharmacies . I have also contributed to an IBM Systems Magazine article.
  • Additionally, I have the appropriate skills, experience and work ethic with the IBM i, System i, i5, iSeries and AS/400 system platforms hardware, software, development and project management etc. that will prove beneficial to any company and IT team.
  • As a Project Leader, IT Analyst and Sr. Programmer/Analyst, I have been responsible for implementing many IBM i system and programming projects utilizing full project planning, control, systems development life cycle SDLC , systems design and validation methodologies. These positions often required leadership and management skills to invoke team-building and cross functional group collaboration between business analysts, IT analysts, programmers and contract consultants, as projects demanded.
  • Furthermore, I am a fast study and can quickly fill any job requirement gap that may be necessary as illustrated by the proven track record of diverse achievements on my resume.
  • 20 years in IT with Strong Analytical, Verbal Written Communication and Problem Solving Skills.
  • 15 years of Established IT Leadership and Supervisory roles in business software application design, integration, Q/A validation and implementation.
  • BA Degree in Business Management with a Concentration in Computer Science.
  • Experience with ERP class Financial, Order Management, Warehouse Management, Inventory, Shipping and Receiving Software Application Systems in Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution Business Environments Lawson Financials, Arthur Anderson Order Management, PKMS Warehouse Management, E3 Inventory, Varsity ShipSoft and Logistics .
  • Experience with back-end Host Integration from IBM MQ, EDI, PKMS Warehouse Management and JD Edwards ERP Software Applications.
  • Excellent Business Analysis, System Analysis and Design Skills to Transform Conceptual Business Goals and Objectives into Functional Requirements and Operational Reality.
  • Full Project Management and Systems Development Life Cycle SDLC Knowledge with Hands-On Experience Utilizing Structured Development Methodologies.
  • Experience with Automated Testing Software Packages, Quality Assurance and Business Test Case/Test Script Development, SOP Development and End User Training.
  • Experience with Automated Change Management Software and SOX Compliant SOP's to Facilitate Audit Controls.
  • Technical Knowledge and Experience with IBM i Hardware, Software, Utilities, Commands, API's, Security, Communications and Administration.
  • Technical Knowledge and Experience with IBM i 3rd Party Software Packages.
  • Technical Knowledge and Experience with Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse Tools and Applications.
  • Cognos, DB2 WebQuery Information Builders WebFOCUS , Crystal Reports, Database OLAP and ETL.
  • General Knowledge and Exposure with Open Source BI Talend Open Studio, Talend Open Profiler, BIRT .
  • Technical Knowledge and Experience with Relational and Distributive Database Design, Optimization and Modeling. Utilizing both DB2-UDB and SQL DDL, DML, Procedures, Functions, UDFs within Distributed Relational Database Architecture DRDA framework.
  • Technical Knowledge and Experience with RPGIV Free Form and Embedded SQL , ILE, SQL Scripts , TCP/IP FTP Scripts and CL Utilizing Structured Development and Testing Methodologies to facilitate software services, modularity and maintainability.
  • Technical Knowledge and Experience with Microsoft Office Tools Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Project, Visio and Power Point.
  • General Knowledge and Exposure to EDI, Cobol, Java, JDBC, JSP, VB, ASP, ODBC, PHP, Java Script, HTML, XML and Web Services.
  • At the present time, I am seeking a new challenge in IT, where my innovative talents can be applied.
  • Attached, you will find a resume which provides a comprehensive summary of my experience and accomplishments. If you can use someone with my skills and enthusiasm, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you personally to setup an interview.

BUSINESS SYSTEM PkMS Warehouse Management, Varsity ShipSoft/Logistics, AL Systems DynaPro,

APPLICATIONS: Packing/Tracking/Shipping, TL Ashford, MarkMagic, VAI S2K ERP, JD Edwards ERP, Lawson H/R, P/R, P/A, G/L, A/P Universe , BSI Tax Sys., Arthur Anderson Distribution, Pansophic, MAPICS Manufacturing, RLM Apparel, E3 Inventory, Abstract, Help Systems ROBOT, Messenger Plus, Hawkeye Pathfinder, Abstract, Esend, Mks Integrity, Mks Implementer, TurnOver Change Mgt., EDI, IBM 468x Chain Drug/Supermarket, IBM/ADS/AIG POS Polling Systems.

P/C, SERVER Websphere App. Server, HTTP Server, WDSC, RDP, RDI, Code 400 Editor Designer ,

APPLICATIONS: MQ Explorer, IBM Data Studio SQL IDE , Zend Studio ,WebFocus Dev. Studio, iSeries Access for Windows iNavigator, Visual Explain, SQL Scripts, AFP Viewer, File Transfer, 5250 Emulator, Forms Overlay Webfacing, HATS, X-Analysis, PkMS SmartInfo, IE, FireFox, QuickBooks, Toad, TurboTax, MS: Office, Project, Word, Excel, Access, Visio, Outlook, PowerPoint, SnagIt, SAP Business Objects-Crystal Reports, Cognos Impromptu, Original Software TestPlan/ TestDrive, Mecury Test Director, HP Quality Center, CA Service Desk Light PHP, Light Java, Light Java Script, Light CGI, Light EGL, Light HTML, Light XML, Light VB, Light ASP, Light Lotus Notes .

PROGRAMING/SYSTEM RPG-IV Free Form and Embedded SQL , ILE, CL, CMD, DB2-UDB, SQL Scripts ,

APPLICATIONS: Dynamic, DDL, DML, EVI, UDF, Stored Procedures etc. , Query/400, QMQ, IBM i OS API's, WebQuery, Integrated Web Services, Light COBOL, SEU, PDM, SDA, DDS, RLU, UIM, DBU, AFP-Overlay/SCS/PDF Printing, MQ, PASE, Qshell, IFS, Journaling, Commit Control, TAA and QUSRTOOLs.

OPEN SOURCE Eclipse IDE, Sun Open Office, IBM Lotus Symphony, Talend Open Studio B/I ETL ,

APPLICATIONS: Talend Open Profiler, BIRT BI Report Designer , F.R.O.G, Quantum DB, PDF Conversion Utility, Java Email DB to Excel Utility, AVG Anti-Virus, LogMeIn Remote PC.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: IBM i, i5/OS, OS/400, CPF, OCL, MS Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT, Light Unix/Sun Solaris.

COMMUNICATIONS: Integrated Web Services IWS , Stored Procedures, DRDA, DDM, TCP/IP-FTP Scripts -TELNET, HTTP, MQ, BISYNC, ASYNC, SDLC, TDLC, ICF, SNADS and SSL/Digital Certificate protocols/configurations, JDBC, ODBC, IBM/ADS/AIG 468x, Putty, IBM Data Studio, Toad.

HARDWARE: IBM i Power Systems, System i, i5, iSeries, AS/400, Sys 36 Env., Telzon RF Devices, HP PC, 468x POS Controller, ASCII 6141 Controller, 3916 Laser, HP LaserJet, Xerox Printers.



IT Project Management

  • Responsible for all new IBM i Power system development utilizing full system development life cycle SDLC , quality assurance and validation. Gathering and documenting user requirements. Accountable for all new RPGIV/ILE program development and existing system enhancements/maint. . Additional accomplishments utilizing DB2-UDB/SQL relational database and RPGIV/ILE procedures, service programs and binding directories for software services and modularity include but not limited to
  • Full Project Management and System Development Life Cycle of Commercial Labeling Tracking system utilizing DB2-UDB/SQL relational database and RPGIV/ILE with Embedded SQL to track product label design and deployment.
  • Setup and Administer WebQuery 1.1.2, database referential integrity and meta-data standards for IT and end user report/graph development. InfoAssist., Report Assist and Report Broker, graphs, stored procedures were utilized to create various drill down and compound reports. Additionally, convert and enhance existing Query400 reports to WebQuery reports.
  • Setup, Administer and Utilize Abstract IBM i system productivity tools to facilitate business application research and analysis.
  • Maintain and Enhance Automated Returns application software, database, custom processes, FTP scripts, display screens and reports.
  • Maintain and Enhance PkMS WM application software, custom processes, display screens and reports using Embedded SQL and Free Form RPGIV. Troubleshoot MQ interface procedures and errors between WM, BPEL and Oracle ERP host system.
  • Maintain and Enhance PkMS WM label formats using MarkMagic application software. Create UPS and FedEx Return shipping labels etc.

IT Project Management


  • Responsible for all new IBM i/iSeries/AS400 system development utilizing full system development life cycle SDLC , quality assurance and validation. Gathering and documenting user requirements. Accountable for all new RPGIV/ILE program development and existing system enhancements/maint. Responsible for supervising two senior application developers. Additional accomplishments utilizing DB2-UDB/SQL relational database and RPGIV/ILE procedures, service programs and binding directories for software services and modularity include but not limited to
  • Full Project Management and System Development Life Cycle of Inter-Building Warehouse Inventory Transfer system utilizing DB2-UDB/SQL relational database, DRDA and RPGIV/ILE to accommodate inventory transfers between two main warehouses to facilitate WMS order fulfillment.
  • Development of a SNDDST Email and deployment of Java Email utilities to facilitate stand-alone and application software email message and report attachment notification to end user and technical software support.
  • Development of an iSeries TCP/IP FTP file transfer utility to facilitate file data transfer between iSeries and networked servers.
  • Deployment of iSeries open source utility to convert AFP and SCS iSeries spool files to PDF format to facilitate email report distribution.
  • PKMS Supply Chain Management package interface, integration and validation with host iSeries WMS and JDE Sales Orders. Integration interfaces included invoicing, inventory and ASN JDE system application modules.
  • WMS Crystal report development and publishing utilizing PKMS Smartinfo Browser utility, interface and presentation tool incorporating KPI's, Graphs and Dashboard GUI's.
  • TL Ashford Sku ticket and Ship label design and development for WMS put-away, packing and in-line shipping print-apply to facilitate both systematic and operational WMS procedures.
  • Varsity ShipSoft/Logistics upgrade, validation and WMS interface, integration, maintenance/support. Additional integration of in-line print apply UPS Maxi-code compliant shipping label to facilitate conveyor divert and load.
  • Multi-Company Specialty Retail development, integration and maintenance.
  • Distribution Channel Consolidation development, integration and maintenance. Utilizing DB2-UDB relational database, RPGIV/ILE procedures, Embedded SQL and service programs for software services and modularity.
  • Team Member responsible for implementing the WDSC IDE and accompanying developer Start-up Instructions.
  • Team Member responsible for piloting a WebFacing project for management review.
  • Team Member responsible for planning, developing and implementing a company wide standardize testing initiative that encompassed deployment of best practices, automated software tool evaluation and IT Organizational Change recommendations.
  • AL System DynaPack, DynaTrack and DynaShip interface development, integration and validation to Sun Solaris OS utilizing Qshell AIX Interface, AIX Commands, IFS, TCP/IP-FTP and RPGIV/ILE procedures, Embedded SQL and service programs for software services and modularity.
  • Evaluated and utilized the X-Analysis re-engineering tool to document and modernize legacy COBOL and RPG WMS subsystems and programs.
  • Full Project Management and System Development Life Cycle of a WMS Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and ETL Application System utilizing DB2-UDB/SQL relational database Encoded Vector Indexing and WDSC RDI/RDP iSeries Data Modeling Perspective , DRDA, DDM, TCP/IP-FTP, RPGIV/ILE procedures, Embedded SQL and service programs for software services and modularity. Microsoft Access was utilize as the client query and presentation tool via ODBC and linked tables back to the iSeries host. Evaluate both IBM WebQuery and open source B/I tool sets for ETL, OLAP and data presentation Talend Open Studio and BIRT .
  • Full Project Management and System Development Life Cycle of a WMS Unselected Order Notification System utilizing DB2-UDB/SQL relational database, DRDA, DDM, RPGIV/ILE procedures, Embedded SQL and service programs for software services and modularity. This system identified warehouse operational bottlenecks to expedite WMS order fulfillment.


Position: IT Contract Consultant

  • Assisted and contributed to presenting order/ship data to Novartis web sight. Programmed back-end order and shipment extraction processes in RPGIV.
  • Major role in a Government Reporting AMP, Nfamp and Best Price validation project to save and recapture 70 million dollars for the company. Heavy analysis, data validation and reconciliation through the development of test business cases, test scripts and control total SQL reports. Heavy emphasis on project and time management to meet the required due date.
  • Y2K testing and validation of Novartis's Sales, Government Reporting and Distribution External Interface systems. Utilizing GMP guidelines, regression testing, business case development and test scripting.
  • Automated the cost accounting Sample Reserve month end procedures.
  • Analyze, design, program and test both EDI Order Status Form 870 and Order Tracking system modules for foreign and domestic order interface. Moreover, oversee the design and programming of the wireless Sales Rep. Pager module to which they interact. Managed one full time consultant.
  • Manage, analyze, program and implement the Pharma Net Sales Standardization System. Responsible for managing two full time consultants, user requirements, preparing technical program specifications, programming, testing and documentation.
  • Integration project to merge Sandoz and Ciba Pharmaceutical companies. Responsibilities include analysis, design, programming, testing and implementation within various business functions. Sales, Order Entry/Processing, Credit Entry/Processing and Government Reporting. Accountable managing two consultants.


Position: IT Application Programming Manager

  • Responsible for all new AS/400 system development utilizing full project management, system development life cycle, Q/A and validation. Accountable for all new RPG/400 program development, existing system enhancements, support and maintenance. Responsible for managing one programmer and training one system operator to program. Additional accomplishments utilizing AS/400 relational database and RPG/400 include
  • Developed system, programming and naming standards/procedures.
  • Developed system Backup and Recovery programs and procedures.
  • Developed company Report Distribution system.
  • Developed A/R Misc. Cash Receipt System with G/L interface.
  • Developed Store Order Wave Distribution System.
  • Developed POS Item Movement Sales Management reports inquiries.
  • Developed Substitute and Lead Item Maintenance subsystems.
  • Developed Schedule Price Maint. system to enhance item price mgt. at both the company and store levels.
  • Developed Damaged Returns Inventory system with Bar Coding/UPC scanning input interface.
  • Installed Lawson ERP Financials H/R, P/R, G/L, Universe and BSI Tax packaged software system modules. Also, installed and validated new releases of each system on an on-going basis.
  • Converted in-house P/R system to Lawson ERP P/R H/R systems. In addition, developed and modified Lawson P/R programs to tailor to company's needs.
  • Tailored ADS IBM 468x Polling System to company's needs.
  • Configure and Trouble Shoot all outside company communications.
  • Implemented AS/400 Work Management Job Priority configuration.
  • Responsible for system tuning, capacity planning, configuration, PTF maint,, operating system release and upgrade installation.

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