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Project Manager Resume Profile

Professional Experience

Project Manager

  • EA GP7200 Portal Administrator: daily support of users, testing of new applications, debugging and document management, export and compliance, file management.
  • Implementing new Standard Work for EA Portal based on lessons learned in process improvement.
  • Participates in regular system security and compliance audits.
  • Interfaces with internal and external portal users, client administrators and internal resource approvers to enable proper workflow.
  • Tracks and resolves technical and quality issues encountered by portal users.
  • Transitioned F119 web page to PW Wiki format to streamline data tracking/input processes per customer SQA requirements.
  • Developed standardized templates to automate software version updates and deliverable tracking within PW Wiki, including a graphical metrics system.
  • Completed all Teamcenter Engineering training classes required for nomenclaturist permissions.
  • Performed the software release process in the area of REA/EC change notice generation and tracking in the Teamcenter environment.
  • Supported Engineering Change process including the redlining of drawings, coordination and posting of CCB presentations, and EC approval gates.
  • Compiled and delivered software change documents to Engineering Records.
  • Generated BOM updates for programming hardware within Teamcenter Engineering.
  • Led the development of a program-wide electronic coordination memo system using passport quality processes, including: Defining design requirements for primary vendor managing ongoing requirements from multiple user groups while working with vendors in development creating and executing test plan authoring user guide training end users.
  • Created a customizable automated metrics tracking application for the Next Gen Product Family, including developing standard practices for quality assurance.
  • Collected and compiled test data wrote TIS and test reports including TIS for PW6000 and GP7000 ETOPS for GP7000 and PW6000, IMI for PW6000 .
  • Provided engineering support for both the Program Office and Systems Engineering Validation by participating in CIPT test risk analysis based on key learning test objectives while analyzing and coordinating instrumentation requirements based on cross-sections, Test Job Requests, and customer test requirements.
  • Created database and cooperated with partners, suppliers customers to track instrumentation needs such as between P W and AI as well as programming database macros to automate information flow between Measurement Center, test engineers, and SEV/Program Office.
  • Researched and wrote Operating Instructions for ground flight test, collaborating with test and program engineers for test-specific requirements as well as Pilot Lot composition and management JSF, PW6000, GP7000 V2500Select .
  • Created Flight Test Package for JSF program, extensively utilizing PWLook and Unigraphics.
  • Participated in a customer satisfaction team in developing company-wide web page standards.


  • Developed data acquisition software to collect and visualize real-time engine test data utilizing National Instruments APIs
  • Provided functionality for post-processing analysis of collected data.
  • Bug fixes and feature enhancements for legacy data acquisition tools and systems.
  • Created an automated tracking tool for instrumentation calibration reminders based on feedback from technicians.
  • Worked with solid imaging machines, hydrothermal data simulation rigs, and airflow temperature simulation systems.
  • Development of tools and web to assist in the management of access to the Engineering Outsourcing RLAN system.
  • Assisted in the desktop refresh projects to consolidate and upgrade systems resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Received two Appreciation Awards for accomplishments.

Systems and Technologies

  • Programming and scripting languages PHP, Javascript, Actionscript, MS Visual Basic, C/C , Python, Perl, CGI, Java.
  • Systems and APIs Windows, Mac, Unix, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint , NI, PW Wiki, VPACS, Teamcenter NX, TJR/TIR system, Lotus Notes, DocAccess, DDMv6, PWLook, SAP, Unigraphics, TrollTech QT, MySQL, Mathematica, Macromedia Flash and Director, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator GoLive, XML, HTML5, CSS, Final Cut Pro.

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