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Project Managers Resume Profile

Crestview, FL

Professional Summary:

  • Over 7 years of public sector experience in Child Support system.
  • Testing Unit, Integration and User Acceptance
  • Technical/Basis/Security/Architecture/Infrastructure
  • Design development of Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions Enhancements FRICE
  • Leadership and Project Management
  • Over 17 years of project management technical experience in SAP CRM, ERP - FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, WM, HR Financials, Logistics Procurement, Product Development Manufacturing, Sales Service and Human Capital Management , BI Business Intelligence Data Warehousing and Basis/SECURTIY components. Worked extensively in the following areas:
  • US citizen with Department of Defense DOD ADP-II security clearance.
  • Extensive experience in legacy systems.
  • Extensive experience in system study, Design conceptual detail , development, testing, Quality Control implementation of various business applications.


  • Excellent client-facing communications and presentation skills.
  • As Project Manager managed and successfully implemented SAP for an aerospace defense company in discrete manufacturing.
  • Lead a major technical upgrade from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2007 and BW 3.5 to BI 7.0.
  • Lead the support packs upgrade to the latest support pack release for CRM2007 and BI 7.0.
  • Pilot Lead to roll out the Child Support Enforcement Automated System CAMS to 6 different locations across the state of Florida.
  • Project management experience through the entire System Design Life Cycle SDLC of the project using the waterfall methodology from requirements to implementation.
  • Extensive experience in implementing SAP systems using the SAP's ASAP methodology.
  • Developed the Invitation to Negotiate ITN for the procurement of CAMS Phase II.
  • Worked with the state in evaluating the vendor proposals and the Best Final Offer BAFO from selected vendor s .
  • Worked with the state to develop a Corrective Action Plan CAP imposed on the CAMS vendor.
  • Involved in development and review of various project plans including Project Management Plan, Issue Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Quality Management Plan, Requirements Management Plan, Training Communications Plan, Workforce Transition Plan, Deliverable Review Acceptance Plan, Implementation Plan and Rollout Strategy.
  • Worked with the technical teams to develop and review the System Landscape Plan, Server Sizing Report, Disaster Recovery Plan, O M Transition Report, Installation and Initialization Plan and Technical Manual.
  • Based on the input provided by business process owners, business analysts, functional technical staff developed the High Level Requirements HLR for CAMS Phase II ITN.
  • Worked with SAP CRM/Basis teams to re-size the CRM landscape for the upgrade.
  • Worked with Basis to help them convert the CAMS system to Unicode compliant.
  • Worked with Basis and other functional/technical teams to develop the migration strategy for migrating objects across the SAP landscape during the upgrade as well as during the Pilot .
  • Worked closely with the Security team in the set-up of authorizations and roles.
  • Designed and developed Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Enhancements FRICE .
  • Helped in the analysis and application of OSS notes in conjunction with communication with SAP.
  • Have extensively used the Data Dictionary to create maintain new tables/fields/data elements/domains.
  • Helped in Runtime Analysis Performance Tuning by identifying and modify inefficient programs.
  • Performed code reviews and made recommendations to other members of the team.
  • Excellent debugging skills.
  • Excellent leadership and people skills.

Work Experience:


Project Manager

  • As a Project Manager for the Systems Integrator NTT Data, managed the entire project from Blue Print to Go-Live.
  • Led a team of around 20 from NTT Data plus around 30 from L3 to roll out the entire suite to the Crestview plant using the model landscape and functionality already in place for the other L3 divisions.
  • With the Integration Testing manager developed a comprehensive testing strategy for 3 Integration test cycles plus User Acceptance Testing UAT .
  • Worked with the data lead to develop and execute multiple iterations of master and transactional data conversions, thereby achieving 100 load accuracy at Go-Live.
  • Developed a detailed cut-over plan and executed it for each of the Integration test cycles, UAT and another mock cut-over prior to Go-Live.
  • As part of the PMO, managed weekly Change Control Board meetings to manage scope and change control.
  • As part of the PMO, managed risks and issues for the project.
  • Reported on a weekly basis to the Steering committee progress of the project.
  • Improved team spirit, better communications combined with strong leadership and guidance led to the most positive and successful audit of the project conducted independently by SAP.


Project Manager Expert Architect/Consultant

  • Evaluate Cost Reasonableness Study from Northrop Grumman prior to the award of the CAMS II contract.
  • Worked with the Business Process Owners to document and define the as-is processes for the CAMS functionality prior to start of CAMS Phase II.
  • While CAMS Phase I was developed using CRM BI, CAMS Phase II around 120 million would add functionality to the CRM BI components as well integrate it with ECC6.0 Financials for receipts and payments. The industry specific solution for SAP public sector Public Sector Collections Disbursements PS-CD was used. SAP Middleware was used to transfer data between CRM and ECC Financials .
  • As Project Manager was responsible for the upgrade of CAMS Phase I from SAP CRM 4.0 to CRM2007 and BW 3.5 to BI 7.0. In spite of the complexity involved in converting the User Interface UI from PCUI in CRM 4.0 to WEB UI in CRM2007, the project was able to meet all major deadlines and was successfully completed on schedule with minimal defects post go-live. Managed a team of almost a100 plus. The ability to co-ordinate and execute the expectations and tasks for each of the sub-teams played a critical factor in the success of the upgrade project. By doing the upgrade internally, within budget and on schedule we were able to save millions of dollars for the state.
  • Lead a smaller version of the upgrade for CRM 2007 from Support Pack 2 to Support Pack 7 and BI 7.0 from Netweaver 7.0 Support Pack 18 to Netweaver 7.01 Support Pack 4.
  • Lead Joint Application Design JAD sessions for technical business supporting topics. These technical business supporting requirements were over-arching requirements across the entire system such as hardware software maintainability, adaptability, archiving, performance, availability, hardware re-use, reliability, system capacity and usability . The high level requirements from the ITN were broken down to low level system requirements during the JAD sessions. SERENA was used as the Requirements Management Tool to achieve mapping, gap analysis and traceability of requirements.
  • Provide review and guidance with active participation and presentations to the Board, Steering Committee, Project Management, Risks, Issues, Workforce Transition, Security, Training and Quality.
  • Manage the expectations for deliverables design on behalf of FDOR with Deloitte on CAMS Phase II.
  • Provide guidance strategic planning direction to the FDOR executive management for CAMS Phase II.
  • Develop conversion plan, schedule and strategy for testing conversions and interfaces.
  • Develop triggering events, contingency plan and risk strategy for key risks associated with the project and also resolution criteria and resolution plan for Issues.
  • Lead FDOR functional and technical teams in reviewing the rationalization of enhancements developed by Deloitte for CAMS Phase II.
  • Lead FDOR Deloitte functional technical teams to develop functional specification templates.
  • Develop review the overall functional design functional specs Business Blueprint as well as the technical design and technical Specs for the 800 custom FRICE objects developed.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to FDOR on all SAP related issues and questions.
  • Provide review and guidance to FDOR on requirements deliverable and breaking down the high-level ITN requirements to low-level system requirements.
  • Work with the Basis teams to develop and review the CAMS System Landscape, Server Sizing Report and other Technical deliverables for the project.
  • Provide key technical and management support for Integration and User Acceptance Testing phase of the project. Helped define the test scenarios and test conditions. Test results were captured and tabulated using HP Quality Center.
  • As a key member of the Rollout Strategy deliverable, worked jointly with FDOR and Deloitte in laying out the details for the Rollout Strategy for CAMS including a detailed Cut-over plan.
  • Support, guide and work closely with the communications, training and Change Management teams to prepare the 3500 user community for upgrade, pilot and go-live.
  • Lead the project to pilot CAMS functionality CRM 2007, ECC 6.0 and BI 7.0 at 6 different sites within the state. Worked with the Business Process Owners BPO's to identify the scope as well as create a Pilot plan for the functionality that would be piloted at each of the distinct sites.


Project Management SAP Expert

  • Develop review the overall functional design functional specs Business Blueprint as well as the technical design and technical Specs for the 800 custom objects developed.
  • Work with Northrop Grumman and Florida Department of Revenue FDOR to write the 2nd phase of Child Support Enforcement Automated Management System CAMS Invitation to Negotiate ITN , including Requirements, Statement of Work SOW , Deliverables, Evaluation Methodology and Approach and Vendor Proposal Instructions.
  • Played a key role in recommending changes to the Phase I ITN to account for the SAP based system.
  • CAMS Phase II will be a SAP based system and will build upon the Phase I implemented recently.
  • Evaluated proposals received from the vendors in response to the ITN.
  • Evaluated the Best and Final Offer BAFO received from the vendor.


Sr. Consultant

  • Develop technical specifications for various Reports, Interfaces Enhancements for Procurement team.
  • Develop Enhancements, Reports Interfaces for Procurement team.
  • Develop Start Routines Update Rules for the BW team.
  • Involved in performance analysis and resolved performance issues with existing programs for the FI team.


Project Management SAP Analyst

  • Work with the Florida Department of Revenue FDOR and the implementation partner Deloitte to complete the blue printing phase of the Child Support Enforcement Automated Management System Compliance Enforcement CAMS-CE . Compliance Enforcement CE is the 1st of 3 phases that will constitute CAMS and is being developed using Customer Relationship Management CRM , Business Warehouse BW , Enterprise Portal EP , Netweaver XI and Solution Manager.
  • As part of the oversight team with Northrop Grumman, reviewed and made recommendations on various deliverable documents provided by Deloitte to FDOR.
  • Guide Deloitte and FDOR through various requirements gathering meetings on Interfaces, Conversions, Testing, Data Analysis Cleansing and Security.
  • Help in writing the quarterly Assessment Report provided by Northrop Grumman to FDOR on the progress, limitations, risks and direction of CAMS-CE project.


Sr. Consultant/Systems Analyst

  • Designed developed conversion programs using BAPI's BDC's to load Cost Centers, Profit Centers GL Accounts into SAP.
  • Involved in identifying the problems with the standard SAP provided BAPI's and worked with SAP to have these rectified.
  • Designed developed an interface from the external legacy systems to create Non PO AP related invoices in SAP.
  • Developed an interface from the external PO Vendor related invoices to SAP.
  • Designed developed a process to identify, capture, approve report on the accrual amounts for service related PO's. The process identified the open Exposure amount for Service PO's which was then forwarded to the approver via a workflow. Once approved, the process then created accrual journal entries to feed into the GL component. The entire process comprised of multiple ABAP programs, Custom Tables, Module Pools Workflow.
  • Designed developed programs using ABAP, Call Transactions IDOC's to confirm vendors as well as to extend vendors across company codes.
  • Developed user exits, BADI's, Substitution rules Validation rules for various FI components.
  • Designed developed a process to identify and send emails from SAP to Outlook to the requisitoner for posted Invoices with reference to a 2 way match PO.
  • Involved in the upgrade from 4.6C to 4.7 Enterprise .
  • Designed developed various reports including Microfilm Number Gap Report for PO Invoices, Sales Tax Consumption Report Parked Credit Memo Report.
  • Was the focal point of contact for all technical issues on the FI AP team.
  • Performed code-reviews for other members of the team and was responsible for bringing the employees up to speed in ABAP.

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