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Project Manager Resume Profile


Dedicated, well-organized information technology professional with over 23 years experience with the world's top provider of computer products and services. Unique background combining computer network design, implementation, and problem-solving expertise with team leadership and project management in government and the private sector. Proficient and accomplished LF in a broad range of disciplines in challenging office, data center, and industrial environments. Strengths include:

Network/Application Performance Analysis

Load Balancing

  • Network S ecurity
  • Wide Area Network Technologies
  • Local Area Network Technologies
  • Documentation and Visual Communication
  • Change, Incident, and Asset Management
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Network Manag ement
  • Vendor Management



TCP/IP, SNMP, Cisco IOS, Cisco WebNS, OPNET, CA NetQoS, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Visio, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Project, Lotus Notes, Ethereal/Wireshark, IBM SNA VTAM NCP, Tivoli NetView, IBM 3270, IBM z/OS MVS JCL TSO ISPF, IBM z/VM, C, C , HTML, XML, Linux/Unix shell utilities, perl, Microsoft VBA, REXX, Pascal, SAS


Cisco products , Nortel routers and switches , Fluke, NetScout Network General Sniffer, IBM server mainframe



  • Designed and implemented solutions to meet or exceed customer information technology requirements.
  • Regained customer satisfaction and alleviated critical situation by providing detailed network performance analysis to support worldwide rollout of a new enterprise manufacturing planning system. Independently developed proficiency in tools and processes to produce the application profiles.
  • Remediated a customer software licensing issue by designing new controlled, restricted connectivity between the customer enterprise network and an isolated high-performance engineering computing environment. Potentially serious legal issues were avoided with no expenditures.
  • Designed a secure, scalable, and highly available network infrastructure to host the worldwide consolidation of a customer's enterprise manufacturing planning system. Directed the delivery team regarding load balancing and network security aspects of the solution.
  • Surmounted cost constraints and high customer expectations to design the state-of-the-art voice/data network for new construction of a 300M corporate headquarters and technology park. Customer occupancy - over 3,200 employees - went as planned, and the network performed at or beyond expectations.
  • Overcame stringent and challenging security, performance, and delivery timeframe requirements in designing critical elements of a central data center network serving the office automation systems, and the public Internet web site, for a new department of the LF United States Government.

Project Manager

  • Enabled entry and new growth into emerging business areas by designing, procuring, and delivering high-bandwidth, high-availability, multi-provider public Internet connectivity to serve a major new web-hosting center in St Louis. Rapidly assembled and delivered all required criteria and specifications, assessed provider bids and pricing, and led vendor selection to ultimately provide optimized, scalable and on-schedule connectivity.
  • Led the project to migrate the site local area network from Token-Ring to Ethernet technology at a largeIBM St Louis facility .
  • Realized corporate business transformation goals by conducting the network separation between IBM and its former Federal Systems Division. Successfully extricated four large and several smaller sites from the IBM corporate network, while maintaining necessary retained services through accepted, secure connectivity.


  • Designed, implemented, installed , and maintain ed a wide va riety of programmable data network elements.
  • Participated i n the early-ship program for the IBM 3745 Communications Controller token-ring adapter, the first LAN adapter ever produced for this product line. Ensured all latent issues were addressed as this new technology was introduced into live production, and presented experiences and findings at the GUIDE IBM Users Conference.

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