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Project Manager Resume Profile



Dynamic, high performance IT related manager with background and experience in program management, project management, programming and database enterprise reporting. Demonstrable, proven ability to manage, develop and deliver highly demanding and challenging IT projects.

Background in Higher Education and Finance, in areas of analysis, process management, program management, full life-cycle project management, customer service, relationship management, and sales. Background and experience with leveraging business intelligence concepts, imaging, OCR, BPM, workflow, and logic based solutions to solve customer and internal challenges. Exceptional background with proven skills for motivation, results, and leadership.


  • Workflow
  • Business Process Management
  • .NET technologies
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Database
  • Continuous Improvement Process

Professional Experience


Project Manager

  • Management of up to 5 concurrent 1000 hour projects at multiple financial based institutions
  • Management of up to 10 FTE's per project.
  • Management of budget per project including overall budget.
  • Forecasting of resources
  • Management of invoicing and A/R reconciliation
  • Day to day management of problem resolution.
  • Provide C-level Pyramid management, and customer, with key project information, expectations, and budgetary oversight
  • Consulting duties with customers to provide guidance for solutions and direction of implementation
  • Input and collaboration on updates to overall company methodologies
  • Frequently requested to assist with sales process, customer consultations and solutions architecture


Director of Development

  • Built cohesive Development team with the ability to solve 7.5 month backlog and ongoing 25 development project list to support 450 annual growth.
  • Management of migration from a 1 server solution to private/public based industry grade network solution with multi-tiered VM and backup redundant, geo-redundant solutions.
  • Migration of managed single tiered CVS based source control to robust multi-tiered TFS solution,
  • Managed network of developers while managing third party product changes simultaneously.
  • Provide C-level management updates to key projects while maintaining priority changes key to organization growth.

Duties include: Day to day management of staffing schedules, master project list, maintaining communication with project management as well as C-level management. Duties also include responsibility for deadlines, staff success, budget management, and communication of projects with high level customers. Managing 10 developers working on various projects to support kiosk based self contained micro markets. Management of 2 offshore development teams. Maintain code bases for internet market management, product and inventory management as well as kiosk code base and information transference. Technologies include Microsoft technology stack as well as fingerprint recognition, retinal scanning, facial recognition, gender/age/personal queued advertising, multi-lingual support, global enterprise reporting.


Programmer/Business Analyst

  • Created Patient tracking system for local medical practice. Included recheck notifications, Appointment verifications, diagnosis, and chart information utilizing ASP.net, VB.net, C and Linq database models with SQL Server 2008.


Lead Programmer Analyst Architect

  • Currently implementing BOE for entire EMU campus including security, managed objects, and sdk functionality.
  • Creation of universes for auditing purposes in BOE as well as the creation of dynamic LOV's for legacy reports.
  • Project Management for CRM initiative including analysis, vendor/software selection, costing, funding and implementation planning.
  • Implementation and planning of MS Sharepoint Server integrated with MS SQL Server Reporting.
  • Consolidation of multiple servers legacy applications to a MS Virtual Server environment.
  • Automation of multiple key work-flow processes.
  • Architecture, design and coding of redesigned section-course base ERP web solution used to base key decisions on course offerings, intellectual properties, payment and instructor management.
  • Review of software products for purchase leveraging student retention, life cycle management and data drivers to accounting.
  • Creation of reports from base ERP system as well as several different proprietary and legacy systems.
  • Designed, created and implemented data retrieval from main ERP system to mainstream SQL Server based repository. This process utilized slice of time based data warehouse techniques and normalized database architecture.
  • Vice-Chair Technical Advisory Committee
  • Member AADRRT University Reporting Advisory Committee
  • Member UCEA


Part Time Commercial Pilot

  • Designed and implemented website for Mortgage Title Company that enabled on-line ordering and processing leveraging .php pages and scripts with a MySQL data back end. This website also included tools for managing user accounts, security, image files, text files, SMTP and FTP communication.
  • Designed and implemented client/server and web accessible retail returns tracking software. This application leveraged VB6, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Access 2000. This application based the merchandise returns pipeline onto a bar-code tracking system and creating daily reports using Crystal 8.5 that were delivered to multiple individuals.


Lead Programmer

  • Installed and implemented Crystal Enterprise in a Windows Server 2003 clustered environment, scheduled backups, built databases, converted reports, and converted views for Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Created custom .ASP scripts and pages for Crystal Enterprise using VB6 and .NET components to read from multiple data sources.
  • Upgraded Crystal Enterprise 8.5 to Crystal Enterprise 10.0 including databases, reports, interfaces, and custom interfaces.
  • Converted group logins to individual logins in the Crystal Enterprise Environments. Applied custom security to reporting/data pulls Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance .
  • Wrote queries to balance totals and generate data file outputs for Homeland Security OFAC Data Compliance .
  • Created custom application using VB6 and .NET components that packaged data from multiple data sources data files, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. into individual client data deliveries on a scheduled basis. Delivery formats including XML, Crystal Report, TXT, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access being delivered via FTP or SMTP.
  • Created numerous views/stored procedures in SQL Server and Oracle to support customer base internally as well as web based external reporting.
  • Converted legacy daily/weekly/monthly reports from Access 95/98/2000 to Crystal reports by using stored procedures in SQL Server and views in Oracle.
  • Wrote scripting and custom code to import data from vendors through logic layer to exclude bogus data and duplicates to data warehouse.
  • Assisted in the creation of a customer interface that accepted Calyx data files from outside customers. Interface parsed data and imported into proprietary database structure.
  • Created scripts, tables, and queries in order to generate data files for submission for the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act HMDA Compliance .
  • Created website application for on-line property title order submissions and electronic transfers to abstracting companies.
  • Created tables, reports, views, and stored procedures for handling ACH transfers for on-line banking.
  • Created web based interface for customers to key in 1003 Loan Application data and import into processing queue.
  • Assisted in the creation of an interface and back end logic which was used for generating on-line property closing documents.


Sr. Programmer

  • Managed 12 employees while overseeing the Year 2000 conversion for five automotive manufacturers to ensure Y2K compliance.
  • Managed plant floor data utilizing Excel, Crystal Reports, and Net Dynamics
  • Developed a paging system used in conjunction with the Request for Quote application for Freight



  • Wrote custom server-based FTP transfer application with security to transfer files to and from vendors to multiple locations throughout the bank from inside the DMZ and outside to the DMZ.
  • Created front end reporting interface for the accounting departments accounts receivable application
  • Created application to enable customer data mining for internal telemarketing group while making live calls.
  • Converted reports from C-Trieve to SQL Server
  • Converted SQL Server databases to Oracle

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