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Porject Consultant Resume Profile

Objective Seeking A Secured Employment To Continually Maintain Powerful Spatial Analysis Geospatial Administration And Systems Support Skills Level Description Of My Perfect Job Geographic Information System Gis, DatabA

OBJECTIVE Seeking a secured employment to continually maintain powerful Spatial Analysis, Geospatial Administration and Systems Support skills level.

DESCRIPTION OF MY PERFECT JOB Geographic Information System GIS Database Architectural Design and Administration. Manage Hardware and Software Requirements and Implementation for the GIS. Geospatial Software Development, Customization and Deployment. Spatial Analysis and Automated Map Generation.



Porject Consultant

  • Enterprise GIS System Deployment, Property Appraisal and Tax Management System, Pipeline Route Management System, Right-of-Way Database Management System, Emergency Response Management System, Crime Pattern Monitoring System, Spatial Grid Zoning System, Consultancy, Training and Support.
  • Provided overseas technical support to the Government of Abia State, Nigeria, on their Consolidated Assets and Resources Inventory Service CARIS project to Wright Hughes Nigeria Limited. Project work includes the statewide Property Enumeration, Roads right-of-way elevation profiling, etc.
  • Developed and deployed a spatially-enabled statewide Property Location System for proximity analysis of building plan process management in the Ministry of Lands. Development components include Visual Studio vb.net, asp.net , ArcSDE spatial running on Microsoft SQL Server, embedded ArcObjects, etc.


GIS Manager

Right of Way database management systems for pipelines and roadways, Pipeline route and site selection assistance, Pipeline path and elevation profile calculation, Database administration, GIS and project management tool support.


GIS Project Consultant

  • Perform data collection, database, web development and mapping design work. Design and implement in-house web based applications for end-user data input and maintenance using ASP, ASP.NET and VB.NET. Configure and maintain ArcSDE server and ArcGIS servers and web services. Maintain 21 SQL server databases and maintenance plans. Create maps, reports and GIS database management systems for research, assessment support and presentation purposes. Provide technical support to personnel GIS use.
  • Architectural design, execution, management and methodological services in support of installing, configuring, managing the Relational Dabatase Management System RDBMS and ArcSDE components of the GIS Hosting Infrastructure and their integration with other enterprise systems. These elements include application servers, database servers, and web servers. Primary application utilization includes ESRI ArcGIS applications ArcGIS Desktop and extensions, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server .
  • Provided overseas technical support to the Asset and Resource Inventory Service ARISE and Anambra State Property and Land Use Charge APLUC project to GlobalMcKens Limited, Nigeria. Project work includes the statewide Property Enumeration, Classification and Property Tax Management System in Anambra State, Nigeria.
  • Developed and deployed a spatially-enabled web-based Property Valuation System that calculates property values land and building based on land size, property use classification and location proximity analysis using buffers. Development components includeVisual Studio vb.net, asp.net , ArcSDE spatial running on Microsoft SQL Server, embedded ArcObjects, etc.
  • Developed and deployed a Property Picture Reconciliation System and Processthat uses the 'Date-Taken' attribute of picture files to reconcile some 390,000 property pictures captured in the field work, with property information in the spatial and non-spatial database. Development components include Visual Studio vb.net , Microsoft SQL Serverdata manipulation language DML triggers on user-designed stored procedures, etc.
  • Coordinated the activities of contracting company assigned the responsibility of creating digital fishnet section-grid management system. Plan section-grid mapping by high consequence areas and schedule deliveries of digital maps to Field Coordinators for geospatial property enumeration exercise.
  • Managed the Location andData Administration Units tasked the responsibility of field data entry into the RDBMS. These units comprise some 44 Field Representatives, 10 Digital Data Entry staff, 3 GIS Specialist and 1 third-party vendor responsible for capturing property pictures with digital cameras.
  • Discussed project developments with Client and preside over weekly/monthly activity meetings with staff and management.


GIS Project Manager

  • Manage the entire GIS component of 2 major pipeline design and engineering projects. Provide leadership, direction, and oversight to ongoing project work. Accountable for data upload/download scheduleand have responsibility for data quality control plans, and other functions as related to the specific GIS component of the project requirements. Develop and participate in proposal development and client presentations, applying direct experience utilizing ESRI's suite of products.
  • Florida Gas Phase VIII: Built and managed the central RDMS repository spatial and non-spatial for 18 natural gas pipeline segments and 10 compressor stations, routing some 483.2 miles from Mississippi to Florida. Alsoserveweb-based secured access to pertinent project management, engineering and environmental datasets and maps.Development components include ArcSDE spatial running on Microsoft SQL Server, embedded ArcObjects, Microsoft Schedule and Batch File Processing, etc.
  • Keystone Mainline Pipeline and Cushing Extension: Built and managed the central RDMS repository spatial and non-spatial for 30-inch heavy crude TransCanada pipeline from the Canada border to Cushing, Oklahoma. Development components include ArcSDE spatial running on Microsoft SQL Server, embedded ArcObjects, Microsoft Schedule and Batch File Processing, etc.
  • Developed and deployed a geospatial Right-of-Way database management system to seamlessly manage records of survey permissions on tracts, tract events, issues, offers/payments, plats and deeds.Development components include Visual Studio vb.net, asp.net , ArcIMS web service, JavaScript, ArcSDE spatial running on Microsoft SQL Server, embedded ArcObjects, etc.
  • Deploy spatially-enabled design and engineering activities along pipeline routes, such as civil and environmental biological and cultural survey activities, by automating the progression of all such activities on a web-enabled mapping service. Development components include Visual Studio vb.net, asp.net , ArcIMS web service, JavaScript, ArcSDE spatial running on Microsoft SQL Server, embedded ArcObjects, etc.
  • Deployed an automated Desktop Mapping Application used for map generation process on Construction Estimate and Property Sketches. It spatially analyze geographic features on each tract/property along pipeline route, such as property size, pipeline length on property, entry/exit points, area of wetland, area of workspaces, biological and cultural component, etc.Development components include Visual Studio vb.net , Microsoft SQL Server data manipulation language DML triggers on user-designed stored procedures, embedded ArcObjects, etc.
  • Coordinate clients' GIS data submission activities to project portal. Establish process management systems for the seamless exchange of GIS data from the Spatial Database Engine SDE to all individuals and companies permitted to upload and download project data.
  • Presided over the Data Management Committee meetings on 2 design and engineering projects. The committee is saddled with the responsibility of designing standardized data collection methods, and incident report forms used to accurately collect Right-of-Way field crew activities. Also authored hours-long data presentation sessions to project owners and managers.


GIS Database Administrator and Programmer

  • Manager of the MSSQL/ArcSDE database. GIS software development, automation and customization. ArcGIS Installation and configuration.
  • Created and deployed automated processes for the ArcSDE database. Some of such maintenance processes include the ArcSDE compression, recalculating spatial extents, managing statistics for the core participating ArcSDE multi-versioned data tables, rebuilding fragmented indexes on tables, etc. Other automated processes include optimizing the ArcSDE to increase performance by monitoring context switching activities on the database server to help determine CPU equalization on the Enterprise Manager.
  • Map database backup and recovery plan for the SDE. Managed backup of the data files and transaction log. Managed transaction log shrinks, etc.
  • Managed the multi-version environment, making sure to avoid orphaning on versioned edits. Created views on spatial data and related spatial/non-spatial tables.


GIS Supervisor

  • Maintained comprehensive and technical knowledge of GIS administration techniques including internal structure, customization processes, external interfaces, and developing trends to assist in planning, and to develop and modify application programs to create and maintain a comprehensive GIS for county departments and agencies. Applications used include VisualBasic.Net, ArcXML, JavaScript, HTML.
  • Built, customized and deployedaward-winning websites and all ArcIMS sites for the county's GIS map service and supervise the installation, testing and maintenance of software applications. Maintained the central database repository for the GIS and possibly for associated departments and agencies establishes conventions, security, quality assurance and documentation data dictionary for the database management system. Administrator of the Spatial Database Engine SDE server running on Microsoft SQL Server, ArcIMS services, etc.
  • Provided staff assistance to GIS users, prepares agendas, makes presentations, and confers with technical staff from other departments and agencies. Also assisted in the development of technical and quality standards, the development of documentation and training materials, and provides for the training of user departments and agency staff in the most effective use of the system.
  • Monitoreddevelopments in the field of GIS software and applications technology, determines potential benefits for the county's system and make recommendations to ensure continuing effective development and utilization of the system.
  • Prepared a variety of written correspondence, extensive map and/or report generation based on requests from supervisors, department heads, citizens, and state/local officials, and periodic special reports regarding system status and work performed.


  • Extraction and incorporation of linear/aerial features from digital imagery e.g. LANDSAT, SPOT, Airborne SAR into Geographical Information System GIS Database using ArcInfoon the Unix platform. Effectively used Imageries for quality control of layers to determining accurate location of features.
  • Oil/Gas Fields Regioning: Delineated, vectorised and attributed Chevron and competitor oil/gas fields, creating ArcInfo region coverage for the reservoirs. Original data extracted and converted from ZMAP. ArcInfo GENERATE was used in converting tabular data with coordinate information into spatial layers.
  • GPS Surveys of Platforms And Settlements: Involved in the planning and implementation of a differential GPS survey primarily undertaken to accurately locate production platforms, flowstations, swamp well protectors and well jackets/slots. Settlements such as permanent and temporary communities located in Chevron's Niger-Delta operational area in Nigeria, are also surveyed and locations incorporated in the GIS database with ArcInfo and ArcView.
  • Environmental Baseline Study: Have actively been involved in Joint Environmental Baseline Study JEBS of the Benue Trough, Nigeria. This project, coordinated by Nigeria's Department of PetroleumResources uses Chevron's GIS facilities as its repository and involves input from all operating companies e.g. Shell, Texaco Overseas, Mobil, Chevron etc .
  • Industry-wide Lease Boundary Errors: As a member of the TECOM sub-committee on Lease Boundary Errors, I have been involved in the extensive identification of petroleum leases boundary errors/overlaps industry-wide, using GIS ArcInfo and ArcView on Unix/Windows NT platform.
  • Using ArcIMS, data from shapefiles/coverages/layers are compiled into map layers to identify existing Lease Boundary Errors. The resultant Map Configuration File ArcXML is published on the Internet and updated regularly for other TECOM sub-committee to query real-time GIS database.
  • Data Management: My responsibilities included loading shapefiles/coverages into ArcSDE layers, granting/revoking user access to SDE layers, exporting/importing SDE layers and spatially enabling and deleting attribute tables.


  • Developed and implemented a system of assigning company-wide unique identity numbers UID to existing and proposed facilities pipelines, flowlines and platforms . The unique identity number is critical to joining/linking Facilities Engineering Department database with the GIS database for relevant information retrieval, spatial analysis and map generation.
  • Pipelines Network System: Create industry-wide route system for oil/gas pipelines/flowlines. This involve scanning existing maps, querying Oracle databases, the extraction and delineation of as-built pipelines from images such as Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR imageries.
  • Built and publishedArcIMS configuration file to allow access to querying the networked feature class of the pipeline dataset etc. Data access granted for the purpose of
  • identifying proposed/existing pipelines route.
  • communicating needs for network/route modification.

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